How to Track a Car With GPS for Free

Track a car with GPS for free software is available in the market so you have to get one for your car. Some of the free tracks are Google maps GPS, Instamapper among others. After identifying the best GPS locator of your choice you will be required to make a registration of your deceive and the service that best suits your car specifications.

The GPS device has the website of the company that hosts these programs so you have to enter your personal details and of your cars such as your email and the car model, color among others since these services are free no payment details are required. The GPS software you chose will definitely determine the technique on how to track a car with GPS for free.

How to Track a Car with GPS for Free

The first step on how to track a car with GPS for free is by making a successful registration of your details, you will get a notification after a few minutes to confirm your details have been received and processed successfully. You will also get a message inbox with a link where you will download the GPS software on your computer. After purchasing one of these trackers then you have to install it in your car probably in a hidden place where it cannot be noticed easily.

Note some advanced Gps models of locators such as the advanced A-GPS Car which can be operated with remote control are available advanced A-GPS Car. This mode of GPS has the option of either being permanently installed in your car or just temporarily for a few days or weeks depending on the security of the place you will be. Usually, most of the car trackers have been manufactured as tiny pieces so that you can be hidden in your car seat or the steering wheel where nobody else can easily notice it to destroy it.

Once installed in the position you are feeling to be suitable for you, then you can activate it. After activation, you can now browse the website of the GPS provider company to make a few settings for your device. After these settings then you will be able to locate the exact position of your car and since the changes in the longitude and latitude of your cars are made in real-time, this means all the information about your car is updated every minute.

Customizing the settings is possible in your GPS device to show the riskiest and less risky places your car can be in and you will be instantly be receiving a notification in your email. Since these models of the GPS have unlimited location coverage, no fee is paid or any other subscriptions made. Using free GPRS services is very easy since no complex operating manuals are required. Everything is computerized.

In case you encounter any difficulty operating the device there is usually a customer care email where you can chat live with the customer care desk for further guidance. Note with the assistance of the technical team from the company your car location can be identified at any lotion of this planet at any time of the day.

Benefits of Track a Car with GPS for free

With so many activities on major United State roads and the increasing crime level in especially in the big cities, you can easily forget the exact location you parked your car. With the advancement in modern technology in the current age, most cars have been fitted with modern remotes with wireless Bluetooth connections to help you to easily locate the position of the car by making a certain sound to alert you to the position of the car.

This is helpful only at the limited area of coverage so in case the car is stolen you will need a GPRS to relocate the exact position of the car at an unlimited area of coverage. Most of the GPS locators have the same working algorithm. This means the car, personal GPS locator, or cell phone have almost the same working principles only with some minor modifications. Many satellites have been laughed to revolve around the earth’s orbit and these GPS locator devices rely on the network of various satellites to locate the exert position of the car.

The GPS locator plots the point of the best line fit. This is after about three satellites send simultaneously exert longitude and latitude where the car is at a given time. Since these satellites send the data simultaneously to the same GPS location then the direction and the speed at which the car is moving can easily be identified from the longitudes and the latitude variation with a given time.

With such capacities, GPS c have a wide range of applications in the car services such as locating a stolen car, emergency direction guidance to a lost person, guide the drivers in a remote road, or in a new place, or even determine the speed of your friend car.

Why Do You Need to Know Track a Car with GPS for free

It is a very confusing scenario to find that you cannot find your car where you left it. Maybe it has been stolen or something else happened to it like the car being taken by the city parking authority if you had parked in the wrong place. Note, in case of the car being stolen, finding it may be almost impossible since most of these thugs disassemble the car in yo pieces before selling the scrabs. One benefit of the Gps locator is that it records data up to the last location it was before going off.

All you need is to visit the GPS service providers with that specific information about that GPS. They accurately relocate the last place the car was before the GPS went off Assume you and your family have decided to make local tourism and you are using different cars, All of a sudden, you are lost and each person is driving in a different direction. Using the Gps will enable you to relocate them and how far from you they are.

This will also enable you to monitor the movement of the driver to ensure that they don’t use the car in their personal hobbies or even your kids. This is possible since once you login into the website you can see all the places your car has traveled and the current location.

How to Track a Car with a Cell Phone

Google Maps for Mobile is a very common software in many Android smartphones. The working algorithm of this software is similar to GPS providers. The major benefit of the mobile phone google map is that it does not require very many registrations to start using it. Having the best location services ensure your phone can be connected to the internet without any interruptions even in places with low network coverage.

Some android phones have more power-saving mechanisms and since you don’t want your mobile to switch off due to low power ensure you have a power backup on your phone.

How to Use The Cell Phone to Track Your Car

After confirming that everything is in order, you can hide the phone may be on top of the car ceiling or under the seat so that nobody else notices the phone. The initial step is ensuring that the mobile phone is connected to the internet. If it is a smartphone you can even switch on the wifi option but in case no wifi available use the cellular data bundles. This ensures that any location your car is can be located in real-time. Ensure that the phone is in silent mode since any ringing will are the thieves that the car is being tracked and they will definitely destroy the phone.

Switch on the Google map app on your phone and then make a few settings such as saving the id of the mobile phone from the mapping software. After this setting, your device will give you a pop notification asking you whether to start tracking and accept the offer by tapping an accept or okay button. As stated above the phone can easily switch off in case of power outages. You can connect it to the power backup or use a more advanced technique of attaching your phone to the car battery so that the tracking can be possible all the time without any disturbances.

All you need is to plug the phone charger into the car battery so that the phone is chard]ged all the time. This may require an expert to ensure that wiring is done correctly otherwise this may cause short-circuiting thus burning the whole car power system. All that is remaining now is to log in to the website you signed up for. After logging in you will see a blinking dot on the phone device and this is the indication that the google map is on. A username on it shows the owner of the car so in case anyone is found with the phone then they are not the real owners of the car.

This dot shows your location and it moves in the direction in which your car is moving. Note using mobile as your car locator is that it can provide full information if where the car has traveled for the last months since this information is backed in the phone memory. Google mapper for cell phones can provide details such as the speed and the direction the car is moving and all the stations that have stopped and the mileage the car has made for that month. Tracking your car using the mobile phone can be somehow cumbersome and this brings another technology. TrackR is a small device that can easily pair with your mobile phone.

The Tracker R is fitted in the car instead of the mobile phone since this is a relatively small device as little as a pin, no one can notice it, unlike the mobile phone. You need to pair the Tracker with your smartphone before pinning it in a place where nobody will realize it. The benefit of the TrackR is that even if the car is stolen and then dismantled by thieves they may not be able to destroy the TrackR since it is a very tiny object.

This will enable you to still track your car. Note the TrackR has a self-power system so you need not keep replacing the battery, unlike the phone. Tracking your car using the phone is more reliable since you can use monitor the location of your car in the comfort of your room since it is very flexible. No one will realize that you are tracking them since they will reassume that you are using the phone for other functions.


The risk of having your car stolen or your driver misusing your cars while you are the way is worth investing in a free GPS. In case your is lost and the GPS enables you to recover your lost car then the benefit will actually be higher than the cost you bought the GPS device. Consider having a GPS system in your car today as a means of mitigating some of these common risks that every car owner faces.

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