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How To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

Google is a worldwide search engine and the biggest of its kind. Google originally starts as an online search engine but now it has more than 50 internet services and products. Its services include google maps, google mail, etc. google map is one of the free services provided by Google and it allows you to know the map and direction of your location. Goggle map has made the life of many people easier. It is now one of the biggest web mapping sites with over a billion people using it.

It offers various services that include satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, and a 360-degree view of the streets, and also real-time traffic conditions, and also provide the route planning to travel from land, air, or water. The launch of google maps was first announced on February 8, 2005, on google blog. Since then it has come through a long and successful way and has become one of the successful programs of google. Google maps are also trying to provide new services by updating them regularly. It’s one of the exciting feature is visual positioning system or VPS.

This feature helps you to combine camera capabilities with street views. With this feature, you can easily know the name of the place and the direction of your destination. And the best part of this feature is you don’t even have to use the VR set to use this feature. you can also use google maps to find the restaurants or any other famous location around you with the help of a feature called “for you”. If ‘For You’ fails to inspire you for your next outing, the Explore tab surely wouldn’t.

In its all-new avatar, Explore has received some pretty awesome features powered by artificial intelligence. There’s a ‘Foodie’ list that will give you top dining options, a ‘Trending’ list to give you the week’s top picks, an ‘Events’ list to tell you what’s happening around you, and an ‘Activities’ list to let you know your options for the day. Google maps also have another cool feature. If you want to knowing track someones location google maps can be one the best, easy, and freeways to do so. In this article, you can easily understand how to track someone on google maps without them knowing.

How to Track Someone on Google Maps without them knowing? – Easy Ways

The most easier way to track someones location in Google Maps is with the help of a third-party app or spyware app. There are other options available too but the other option requires you to have the access to the mobile of your loved ones. Google map can be one of the most reliable methods to track the location of your loved ones. There is another messaging app available that lets you track someone on google maps without them knowing.

Google maps are a free app and available on most smartphones so it is easily accessible by anyone with a smart device. Everyone knows the basic feature of the google map that is to help you navigate to a particular place or unfamiliar location or unknown location and also helps you to avoid the traffic of the place. But not many know that google maps can also be used to track someone’s location.

Heres How you can track someone’s location on google like a pro:

  • Ensure that the device you want to track has location services turned on.
  • On the device you want to track, open the Google Maps app
  • Select the icon in the top left corner or the profile avatar on the right screen.
  • Examine the various options before selecting the location sharing icon.
  • To prepare the target device for phone tracking, tap the Get Started icon. 
  • Select the time period for which you wish to track the location of the target device. To change it, hit the plus or minus icon to raise or decrease the amount of time you want location sharing to be active. Meanwhile, there’s an option to track the target device “Until you Turn this off“. However, selecting the option means you will send the tracking link as a message to your phone.
  • After you select your contact from the target device, a pop-up might appear saying the contact isn’t associated with the Google account. You should click on OK to continue.
  • On the next screen, tap on send and send the Generated Link from the messaging app to your own device.
  • Now, anytime you want to know the current location of that person (track someone on Google maps), you should use the link.

There is mainly two option through which you can share the location from the device which you want to track or the target device. the options are

1) Sharing Location by Sending the Link

One of the processes to track the location of the target device is by sending the link from the target device.

The process that follows is:

  • Once you select your contact from the device you want to track, a pop-up icon might appear on the screen which says that the contact is not connected to the google account. Just tap ok on the screen and you will be able to proceed and good to go.
  • After following the instructions as above just tap on the send to forward the prepared link from your chosen messaging app.
  • Use the link sent from the device you want to track or the target device and from that point out you can start tracking the device you want to track.

2) Sharing the Location From Inside the Map Application

another process to track the location of the target device is by sharing the location from inside the Google Maps application.

The process that follows is:

  • You can also directly send the location of the target device from right inside google maps after that the app will forward the notification to your device from the device you want to track.
  • After the notification comes to your device you have to tap it and after tapping the notification, the maps will automatically open and show you the location of the cell phone you want to track.
  • After that, you can tap on the directions option on your device which can easily get you the direction of the location of the device you want to track.

So after you followed the above instructions you can easily track the location of your loved ones. This can be the easiest way to know the location of your relatives or family members. But not everybody uses this feature for a noble cause so the pros and cons of this feature on our daily life and our loved ones are:

  • You can track the location of the loved ones or small children.
  • In case of emergency, you can take the help of this feature to rescue your loved ones.
  • Criminals can use this feature to harm our loved ones.
  • Predators can use this feature to harass you or your loved ones.

So this feature can be both boon and curse, so we have the take the extreme precaution about who has access to the device of your loved ones and use it accordingly. And if used for a good cause this feature can protect the lives of many. So like this, we can track the location of someone on google maps without knowing them.

It is one of the best ways to track the location and also google Maps is free and also greatly accessible on most smart devices. But google maps is not the only app through which we can track the location of someone without knowing there are many messaging apps through which we can track the location of someone without them knowing. One of the best messaging app to track someone without them knowing is WhatsApp.

The process to track someone from WhatsApp is:

  • First of all, you have to download WhatsApp on the device and start to chat.
  • Tap on the attach option on the bottom and choose the location option.
  • In the next step, the share option will appear there, tap on that option. But do not tap on the “send current location” otherwise you only would be able to see the current location and it doesn’t change with time.
  • After that select the time for which you want to track the target device.
  • Go to your device and open the chat of the target device in your device on which you set up location sharing.
  • Tap on the view lives location option from the location message sent to your device from the target device.
  • After all, this is done tap on the profile icon of the person you want to track on the map on your device.
  • After you tap on the profile icon, select the get directions option from your device.
  • Choose the maps app to open the location sharing on the said app, and you got other options too, you can also select from another app.
  • If you followed all the instructions correctly then you can track the location without them knowing.

How to Track Someone for Free Using the Google Maps App?

You can track anyone on Google Maps without their knowledge by using Google location sharing. The location sharing feature is located within the Google Maps app. Follow the steps below to track someone’s location on Google Maps without them knowing;

  • Open the Settings app and make sure location services are enabled.
  • On the target Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app​.
  • On the map, tap the right corner with the user’s profile picture.
  • Select Location Sharing.
  • Tap “Share Location”.
  • Tap “Until you turn this off”.
  • Select your device from those listed and tap Share.
  • A message will appear saying “XYZ can see your location”.

Unfortunately, this method requires you to have access to their phone and their passcode. The methods below will show you how to track someone without access to their phone. You are now ready to view their location.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Using Google Earth?

You can also use the Google Earth tracker method to find someone’s location. The process is very simple, just follow the steps below and you’ll easily see their location through the Google cell phone tracking system:

  • Open the browser and type in “https://google.com/latitude/” into the address bar. Press Enter.
  • Enter the device’s login information into the Google Maps tracking box.
  • Click on “Send a link to my phone”.
  • A URL will be sent to your cell phone through text message.
  • Open the URL.
  • Give Google permission to track your current position.
  • Allow Google Latitude to observe your current position by clicking “Yes” in the dialog box that appears.
  • Google Earth will display the requested location.

What Reasons to Track Someone on Google Maps?

There can be many reasons why anybody wants to track someone, perhaps you have kids or teenagers and you want to know their location all the time or perhaps you want to track the location of employees or anyone to know that they are doing or where they are in the given time.

Perhaps you want to meet somebody and precisely want to know their location so there would be no problem with meeting each other. this feature can also be useful when you are abroad or in any new places and you want to know the location of each other. you can also use the feature to track the criminals who just came out of prison to know what they are doing and to know their location.

This location tracking can be very useful in many things and can be a boon to our day-to-day activities if done correctly and in the future, if any simpler process occurs to track someone then it will be merrier for the common people. so in any case knowing how to track someone can be very useful in google maps or any other messaging apps, it is very useful in knowing them. You can easily understand how to track someone on google maps or Whatsapp by just following the instructions correctly.

How to Tracking Someone Without Them Knowing?

Sometimes we have to track someone on google maps without them knowing, as a parent you may have to track your children without them knowing. So yes there is a possibility that you can track someone without them knowing. in google maps to track someone without them knowing we have to delete the link message that we have sent from the tracking device, deleting that link won’t affect the link sent on your device.

For WhatsApp or any other messaging app, the process is quite the same you just have to select the message that you want to delete long-press that message and select delete for me and the message will be deleted from the target device and you can track someone without them knowing. But keep in mind that while long-pressing the message or link on the target device do not press delete for everyone or it will delete the message or link sent to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Legal to Track Someone Adult without them knowing?

It is usually illegal to track someone adult without their knowledge unless you are from law inforcement agencies.

Can we Track our Children’s without them knowing?

Yes, if you are the legal guardian of the children you can track them without them knowing.

Is there any App available Except Goggle Maps where we can Track people?

Yes, you can also track people from messaging apps such as Whatsapp.

Do we have to Pay any Extra fee to Track Someone from Google Maps and any other Apps?

Usually no, you don’t have to pay any money to track people from an app such as google maps and Whatsapp.

Bottom Line

At last, we should know that it is not good to track someone without them knowing in regular time but in special cases where we have to track someone without them knowing that process that has been explained above can come in handy and useful. We have provided you with detailed information about tracking someone and hope it will be useful. And also want to say you that only use the above process for the good cause and in emergency and in regular time you can track someone with their consent.