How to Unlock a Phone without Password

How to unlock a phone without password? It’s usual practice to secure one’s Android device with a password, PIN, fingerprint lock, or factory reset protection to lock in order to keep sensitive information safe.

However, if you’ve lost access to your Android phone because you’ve forgotten your password, pin code, or pattern lock and your screen has been shattered, you’ll be unable to access your phone or its contents no matter how many times you input the incorrect password.

How to unlock an android without a password is a question on the minds of many frustrated Android users. This article includes the finest method and tool available for unlocking an Android device.

We’ll show you five easy ways how to unlock a phone without a password;

  • Connect your Android device to a computer running Mac OS X or Windows and install DroidKit.
  • If you choose the Remove Now option, the program will set up a configuration file that will allow you to get access to your device.
  • The next step is to choose your device’s maker.
  • To delete everything from your smartphone, enter recovery mode by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Following these steps, the lock screen on your smartphone will be disabled. Hence, this is how to unlock a phone without a password.

Once you’ve successfully unlocked your phone, you may freely download any applications you choose without fear of losing any of your information. This is far more practical than the standard ADB technique, which may be challenging to implement.

The nicest thing about using DroidKit to reset your Android smartphone’s password is that you don’t have to root your device.

How to Unlock your Android Device with Ease

If you don’t know the passcode to your Android smartphone, you may still utilise the following way to get in. As opposed to ADB, DroidKit is a superior tool for bypassing password protection on Android devices. We’ve shown that DroidKit’s capabilities extend much beyond those of a simple Android phone unlocking app. No rooting of the Android device is required in order to use this app for management and issue solving.

It’s recommended that the next time you unlock your phone, you change the default password to something more memorable. You can protect your phone and its contents against theft and data loss by doing this. If you constantly losing your password and can’t get in, it’s a good idea to write it down someplace.

How to Unlock an iPhone without Password

If you don’t know how to unlock your iPhone or iPad without a password, you can be in a bind if ever an unexpected situation arises. Several things might cause you to forget your iPhone passcode, including often changing the passcode and then forgetting it; your spouse changing the password without informing you, or a mischievous toddler accidentally locking your iPhone. So then what should we do?

Normally, you wouldn’t believe what you just saw and would immediately start trying to unlock your iPhone with the passcode. Incorrect passcodes result in the message “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” being shown.

A complete restore is a sole option for regaining access to a locked iPhone. And that’s a predicament nobody wants to be in, right? Therefore, in this section, I’ll go into detail about how to unlock a phone for free.

  • The very first thing you need to do is install Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Windows version) on your PC.
  • You may sync your iPhone with a computer by using the lightning connector or a standard USB cable.
  • Dr.Fone is now installed on your iPhone, and the Unlock window will appear. To get started, tap Unlock iOS Screen.
  • To enter DFU mode, follow the on-screen prompts after the new window has shown.
  • Information about the device and its operating system may be gleaned by the tool. Basically, all you have to do is verify the data and hit the “Start” button.
  • Dr.Fone will delete your passcode when the firmware has been downloaded. To do so, choose the option to “Unlock Now” as seen in the picture. After that, you’ll be asked to verify the deletion of all data on your phone.
  • In just a few short minutes, you can bypass iOS’s lock screen and have your device reset as if it were brand new without a passcode prompt. As a result, you may bypass iTunes and attempt to repair an iPhone that has been deactivated.

Alternatively, if you don’t know your iPhone’s password, you may use Apple’s Find My feature to get access to your device. Although there are numerous positive aspects to using the Find My app, you should be aware that doing so might make you a target for fraudsters. Fichtner explains in detail how to disable Find My on an iPhone.

  • Open a browser window at icloud on your Mac and log in.
  • To use Find My, launch it.
  • Select the phone you want to unlock by clicking “All devices” in the menu bar.
  • To completely wipe your iPhone, choose the option to do so.
  • Type in your Apple ID password to verify.
  • When your iPhone is linked to a network, the procedure will start.


In certain cases, getting locked out of your iPhone may be downright terrifying. Use one of these methods to get in if you are locked out. Note that resetting your phone in this way will erase all of your data, but that recovering it is as simple as signing into iCloud with your Apple ID and password. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain a consistent schedule of iCloud backups. After being locked out of your phone, it is too late to try to unlock it.

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