How to Unlock a Sprint Phone for Free

In an era of cell phones, there are a large number of companies that are making a vast number of variety of cell phones. Among all these companies like Apple, Google, iPhone, Samsung, and etc. you manage to buy the best cell phone. According to growing demands, one must go for a better phone with large data space. You cannot buy the same model with the same characteristics again. Right?

If you do your homework right, you will know that different carriers run a promotion during the last three months of the year i.e., you will get a discount if you will transfer your network on their carrier. Moreover, these carrier companies have their own compatible cell phone companies. In America, every cell that is purchased is locked

Your carrier company does not allow you to use your cell phone out of their region. And you cannot change your service providers because your cell phone will not be compatible with any other service providers within the region or anywhere else in the world. So one must get clearance unlocked cell phones because in most cases unlocked phones work with all service providers.

Some customers are unable to purchase new cell phones at times, so how can they change their service providers or how can they travel with their locked phones? The answer to your queries is that; Even if you are unable to purchase the unlocked phone you can unlock boost mobile cell phone your phone all by yourself.

Customers can also purchase sprint compatible phones. But the main question here is what if you choose your carrier right and get the right phone even then you can’t travel to any other place or change your phone because they have locked your phone?? What if all the rights equal to the wrong destination? What will you do if you have to travel or change your phone?? First of all.

Don’t Panic! All you have to learn is how to unlock a Sprint Phone for free? Once you are able to unlock your phone, you will be able to take it anywhere in the world and you can use any service provider of your need.

How to Unlock a Sprint Phone for Free

How To Unlock A Sprint Phone For Free

There is a number of methods provided over the internet on how to unlock sprint phones? How to unlock sprint phones online? How to unlock sprint phones without an account? And whatnot. But even before unlocking your phone one must go through different unlocking scenarios.

Sprint Phone Unlocking Scenarios

Mainly there are two unlocking scenarios for sprint devices.

1. MSL Unlocking

Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) is applied to the cellphones according to which the mass-produced software is locked with the software of these phones. Some of the company’s privileged customers are provided with unlocking codes which may result in the international use of cell phones. But they will not be able to carry any other service providers.

2. SIM Unlocking

When a cell phone is SIM locked, its system works with such restricting programs that they will not allow any other SIM card to work on a particular phone. In other words, these SIM card slots are specified for sprint carriers. According to recent facts, all the phones that are launched by sprint after 2015are SIM-unlock capable; that doesn’t allow any other SIM to work in the phone even if it is successfully unlocked.

Check List Before Unlocking Sprint Device

Before unlocking your cellphone, one must go check whether the phone poses the following characteristics

  1. The cell phone is SIM unlock Capably
  2. Your SIM must be active or in working position for good 50 days or more on the sprint network.
  3. No dues are left unpaid for the device.
  4. Your account with the company must be in “good standing”.
  5. The phone must not be reported stolen or lost.

Some additional requirement must be fulfilled before unlocking a sprint especially for their prepaid customers

  • The device must be associated with an active account
  • The device must be in use for over a period of 12 months.

How to Unlock Sprint Cell Phone?

There are a large number of limitations when it comes to unlocking a sprint device regarding their phone including

  • SIM unlock–capable (No other SIM other than sprint can work in their SIM slot)
  • Forward devices (that can only be unlocked by the customer care representatives/ calling their helpline.)

A sprint device user can unlock their phone mainly by 2 ways:

  1. They can request for unblocking through live chat.
  2. Request unblock by requesting to customer care representative.

However, sprint provides some special services which are not provided by its competitor’s service provider’s i.e. Unlocking for a short span of time especially for international traveling.

How to Unblock Sprint Device Using Account?

If you want to unblock your sprint device and you possess a personal account of the sprint it won’t be an issue for you. It is one of the easiest methods among all and above all it costs you nothing. If you are eligible for fulfilling the requirements and your account is in “good standing” position, you can easily unlock your device. In order to unlock your cell phone, you have to follow the described procedure.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Redirect the webpages to the required tab.
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Select your phone from the given list
  5. From device given drop-down menu select ‘UNLOCK’ for int’l SIM.

  • Easy to follow
  • Free of Cost

  • Internet access is compulsory
  • Account needs to be in a good standing position

How to Unblock Sprint Device Using Third-Party Service?

If you want to unlock your phone, one of the most used methods that are being used for unlocking is; third party services. Unlike the previously described service, this method is not free of cost. To unblock your device you have to pay a specific amount to the third party. While looking for a third party you have to be careful, as you are paying to the right person and not any scammer or fraud.

Furthermore, before using this method one is asked to go through the terms and conditions of the sprint to avoid any inconvenience in the future. To use third party service methods following steps should be carried out.

1. Search for Third Party

The first step of the process will be looking for a third party. Now, while looking for a third party one should not be careless as large numbers of scammers are there to do their work. The third-party should be referred from some reliable source or at least tried or tested by some other person.

2. Provide IMEI Number

After finding the third party to carry out the unlocking process, visit their website. Navigate the website to unlock device section and provide the IEMI number of your device and further details that are required by the third party. This IEMI number can also be found by dialing *#06# on your phone.

3. Pay for Their Services

As we have already discussed, this unlocking service will not be free of cost. So, you have to pay the cost of the unlocking code that will be provided to you by a third party.

4. Receive the Unlock Code

Once you have paid to the third party, now you will receive an unlocking code. Depending on your third party you can receive this code right after your payment or it may take a couple of hours or might be several days.

5. Enter New SIM Card

As you have received your code for unlocking your phone, you have to turn off your phone, take out the already inserted SIM card and enter a new SIM card. Make sure the new SIM card that you are inserting is compatible with your sprint cell phone.

Unlock Your Device

After inserting a new SIM, turn ON your cell phone. As you will turn it on, you will be asked to enter the unlock code. Enter the provided code and your phone will be unlocked and you will be able to use different service providers in your cell phone other than a sprint.


  • Customer reliable
  • Commonly used method

  • Cost Expensive
  • Lack of Security

How to Unlock Sprint Device offline, Without Using Account?

If you are unable to access your sprint account, is it possible to unblock your device? Yes.

In order to unlock your device, you have to purchase an unlocking code from its representative. By applying this code, you can unlock your device and you can use your device using other service providers. You can purchase this code from the sprint representative by following the steps described below.

  1. Call the customer representative of sprint dialing the customer care helpline (888-211-5727).
  2. Guide the representative according to your needs. Tell them to provide you the code for an unblocking the device.
  3. Provide details of your sprint account.
  4. Pay for the unblocking code.
  5. The representative will release your unlocking code.
  6. Direct the phone menu of the item list from the phone and further direct it towards the settings i.e. Menu > settings.
  7. Search for options and advanced settings on the phone and look out for option SIM. When you find SIM or SIM card press that and enter the alphabets MEP while holding the key alt and then press 2 to complete the step. Options>SIM>MEP
  8. When the whole process is completed, enter the given unlock code. Once you will enter the unlock code your device will be unblocked. This device is now available for international use. Furthermore, this can also be used for local use along with different service providers.

  • Internet accessibility is not compulsory
  • Secure Method

  • Expensive for customer
  • Excessive customer engagement
  • Customer understanding is difficult

A similar procedure can be followed to unlock different sprint phones. However, some phones may require a little different method to unlock them.

Some of the methods to unlock different phones are described below.

How to Unlock Sprint Blackberry?

Unlocking sprint blackberry is a little different from other sprint devices. This change is caused due to differences in their manual and settings. To unlock a sprint blackberry following steps are carried out.

  1. After starting your contract with sprint, wait for 90 days trial. After 90 days of use Sprint Company usually provides unblock code to its blackberry users.
  2. Once you have the code to unlock your device, go to phone settings, and then navigate your phone to SIM. Settings > SIM.
  3. After selecting SIM from the settings type MEPD while holding the shift key, you can see five categories i.e.
  • SIM
  • Network
  • Network Subset
  • Service Providers
  • Corporate
  1. As you are still holding the shift key, you have to press MEP2 to carry out the process.
  2. After entering MEP2, your phone will ask you to insert the code. Your phone will be unlocked as soon as you enter the required code.

Precaution: Remember that entering the wrong code may lead to major faults or alter the device to such an extent that no one will be able to fix it apart from the company itself.


  • Cost-Effective
  • Secure Method

  • Excessive customer engagement
  • Customer understanding is difficult
  • Limited to the specific model
  • A wrong code may result in a fatal virus.

How to Unlock Sprint iPhone?

To unlock a sprint iPhone you have to check the manufacturing date of your iPhone. If your iPhone has been manufactured before February 2015, you will be able to unlock your phone according to the guidelines provided by the customer care representative. If you purchased your phone after February 2015, your phone will be unlocked domestically (within the US).

To unlock an iPhone both domestically and internationally you have to do 2 things:

  1. Unlock your phone both domestically and internationally
  2. Generate separate request to customer care representative for both international and domestic unlocking of your device. After unlocking, make sure that your cell phone works with all service providers outside your region.
  3. To unlock iPhone both domestically and Internationally one must complete the basic requirements to unlock iPhone described earlier in this topic i.e. (Check List before Unlocking Sprint Device)

iPhones can also be unlocked using the third-party service method. The Sprint allows the iPhone 5 device to be unlocked internationally for GSM carriers outside the United States. However, iPhone 4 and lesser versions cannot be unlocked. Moreover, iphone5 and its further generations are compatible with other carriers like Verizon or CDMA network outside the United States when unlocked.

Any iPhone will be blacklisted if reported stolen or lost within US premises. Blacklisted iPhones might work on other service providers; in countries that don’t share the same database as of the United States. It won’t be any difficult to start your phone after unlocking, as you have to restart your device after inserting a new sim card. When the device is restarted follow the instructions on the screen and you are all good to conquer the world.


  • Other service providers can be used internationally
  • iPhone from generation 5th and onwards can work accordingly with other service providers outside the US.

  • Generating separate request for domestic and international unlocking
  • iPhones from 4th generation and backward cannot be unlocked

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: If I Lease a Sprint Phone, Will the Phone be Repaired or Replaced if Damaged?

A: Yes, the phone will be replaced or repaired if you have completed the “Sprint Complete” while purchasing the phone on lease. Sprint complete will cost you $9 per month.
This agreement will help you claim:

  • Repair in case of damage.
  • New phone in case of theft.
  • 24/7 claims.
  • Data backups.

Q: Will Sprint Unlock a Sprint Phone if I Was Never a Customer?

A: Such actions can be carried out using third party services under certain circumstances.

Q: How Can I Unlock My Sprint Prepaid Phone?

A: Yes, if a prepaid subscriber makes any such request to unlock his cellphone in one year of service the company will unlock his cell phone.


A number of previous sprint users found it hard to change their service providers and get along with other carrier networks. These new network carriers like Verizon and CDMA are not compatible with all sprint devices even if they are unlocked. Services like AT&T GMS can be carried out by different sprint devices like iPhone or LTE available devices. This unlocking of sprint features may lead to the inability of a specific feature of your device. So, to summarize we can say that successful unlocking of the phone depends on the type of device you are using.