How To Unlock At&t iPhone in 2020 Complete Guide

Smartphones are used all over the world, and there is no going back. We use our smartphones for everything in our lives, from banking to dating, shopping, and communication. Twenty years ago, smartphones didn’t exist at all, and now you cannot find a phone that isn’t a smartphone.

Technology is continually changing, and who knows what will come next. Maybe we will have phone chips implanted in our hands, and virtual technology will be the screen. Physical devices will be a thing of the past, and you and I will have eye implants so we can create displays wherever we go.

To have a smartphone is to have a computer in your pocket and the internet at your fingertips. They have everything we need to conduct our lives and be with our families. But a significant problem we now have with the creation of the smartphone is the security of our privacy. The smartphone goes with us wherever we go, and it sends all of our information to big smartphone companies, so they know where we have been, and they know all of our information.

This is a significant privacy problem all over the world, and no one knows how to stop it. Not even the E.U. has laws against phone companies selling their customer’s data to third party entities. The world will have to figure it out, or it could lead to privacy protests all around the world.

This is the reason why we should learn how to unlock att iPhone our phones. It will give us back our privacy and allow us to manipulate our phones; however, we see fit. We will be able to delete bloatware, which is a major contributing factor to the loss of our privacy. If you need to know more about unlocking phones and phone security, then please read our handy guide what does unlocked mean for iPhone?

How To Unlock At&t iPhone in 2020 Complete Guide

how to unlock att iphone

So far, in 2020, there are three major ways how to unlock the iPhone by at&t. One way is to do it yourself. This method is the most time consuming, and you can cause possible damage to the software on your phone if you do not know what you are doing. We suggest that you practice on an old phone you have lying around before you take the plunge and damage your phone.

The second method is to purchase a service that will unlock your iPhone for you. You could take it into the store where they will have professionals that understand what they are doing when they are unlocking a phone. This would be the better option if you had a different carrier other than at&t.

Some places specialize and only unlock iPhones, so you would be in good hands. The downside is that you will either mail your phone to them and you won’t be able to use it. Or if the service is close to you, you can take it in, and you will have it unlocked in hours. But you can’t use it until they are finished unlocking it either.


we suggest you have another phone that you can reroute calls and text to if you are going to unlock your main phone that is already in use. The last thing you want to do is miss all your phone calls and texts. Unlocking your mobile device means you can use any mobile carrier sim card, so if you see a better service deal and you would like to switch, an unlocked phone would allow you to change out sim cards without having to buy a new phone.

But this option will not be necessary for iPhone users at at&t who seek to unlock their phones. At&t has provided a third way for people to unlock their iPhones without ruining their software and their phones in the process. We will show you how to do it in the following guide.

So let’s get started! First, there are several requirements your iPhone needs to pass before it can be unlocked and still receive service. The requirements are:

  • Cannot be linked with any illegal activities
  • The entire balance is paid in full
  • not upgraded in the past three weeks.

If your iPhone passes all of these requirements, then you can proceed to the next part.

Important Note:

Also, you need to look at your service contract to see if there is a stipulation about unlocking phones. If you unlock your phone and you end up violating the agreement, you could end up paying a lot of service fees. They probably won’t warn you either, because making people pay service fees is what makes massive corporations happy!

Now, we are ready to unlock the iPhone by at&t and take back your privacy! So, you will be happy to know that at&t supports unlocked iPhones and smartphones. The company will even unlock it for you if you ask them. If you pass the requirements above, then go and enter your information to access your account.

Now, you need to fill out the request form to unlock your iPhone and then wait for the approval. It will take a few days, but please be patient. If you are approved, you will then receive instructions on what to do next.

Now you want to find out your IMEI number, so go into your settings and find the general tab and then the About tab. Here is where you will find the IMEI number. Once you have the number, click this link and enter the IMEI number and press order.

The IMEI is also known as the at&t network unlock code. Now, you have sent the request to the at&t company to unlock your phone. The unlocking should take around four days, and you can check the status of the unlock through your account for the att device unlock status. Once it is approved, make sure to sign into Itunes to have it confirmed.

Why iTunes? We Are Not Entirely Sure.

But that’s it! You now have an unlocked iPhone! You are now free to discard all of the terrible bloatware taking up space on your phone. You can also dabble with the software if you are into that sort of thing.

Important Note:

As of 2020, No company, iPhone or Samsung, or L.G., or any smartphone company has unlocked a criminal’s phone for the police. Several times the police or the FBI have asked various phone companies to unlock the smartphones of multiple terrorists or criminals. But large corporations won’t do it. They fear it will jeopardize the relationships they have with their customers and that their customers won’t trust them.

They also fear that sales will go down because they understand that smartphones are private and vital to their customers. They are right. Many smartphone users on twitter have vowed to take their business elsewhere. If the keys to the programming of their phones were given to the FBI, the twitter customers said they fear it would lead to police searching their phones for no reason.

This is also a fear that could come true as smartphone companies have been asked numerous times by the local authorities to open the phones of those in jail. When you are in jail, you are usually in there for a small crime or awaiting court; you are not in jail for terrorist-level threats. So the risk of privacy invasion by police officers is very real and should not be taken lightly. Not by the people, the phone manufacturers, or Congress.

Let’s go over the good and bad things about having an unlocked iPhone so you can develop a better understanding of what it means to unlock a phone.

Pros and Cons of An unlocked iPhone


  • Use your iPhone with any mobile carrier
  • Able to change software if you want
  • Can delete bloatware that is permanently installed in locked phones
  • Save money and won’t have to buy a new phone when switching carriers


  • The software might be buggy if you change it
  • Due to different carriers using different mobile networks, you might not be able to use the phone anyway
  • You have to pay for the phone right then if you are planning to unlock a new iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you mean by bloatware?

Bloatware is an app or piece of software that you cannot remove from your phone and is preinstalled by the phone manufacturer. These apps are usually installed because they can create a contract with the phone maker. Apps like board games apps, Facebook, google maps and google cloud are all stuck on your iPhone whether you use them or not.

How do I delete the bloatware?

That question cannot be answered here and now. All over the internet, you will have videos and long-form blog posts dedicated to eradicating bloatware on unlocked phones. You will have to search for specific guides on the apps you wish to delete. Bloatware is everywhere, so we’re sure there will be many guides to help you out.

What are the mobile networks used by At&t, and how do I find out if I am compatible?

At&t uses three types of networks so that it will be compatible with most phones. It uses GSM, LTE, UMTS. To find out if you are compatible with at&t, check out this handy website I found for you: It’ll save you a lot of time searching on the internet.

What is an IMEI number?

The IMEI number is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number, and it is used to identify mobile devices and track them and the information they give to third parties. The number is usually fifteen digits long and can be found either in the instruction manual your phone can with, on a sticker in the battery compartment on the back of your phones, You can also text *#06# into the keypad and press call. You will then be told by a recorded voice, or it will be sent to you by text.

What is a SIM card, and what is it used for?

A SIM card is a subscriber identity module, and it is used by mobile carriers to allow customers to use their services, like calling, texting, and the internet. Without a sim card in your phone, you could not use it to communicate, and the only internet you would receive would be the free wifi from wifi hotspots.


Unlocking your phones, though it may be risky, can give you back the privacy and control you deserve as a human being. You won’t get in trouble with the phone manufacturer, but the mobile carrier might not want to sell its service to an unlocked phone. There are many other mobile carriers in the U.S. marketplace, so this should not be too big of a problem. Today we also learned that At&t is one mobile carrier that is supportive of unlocked phones and will even unlock it for you if you meet the requirements.

The power to delete bloatware and take back your privacy from app companies that are continually monitoring you will make you feel safe and give you back a sense of privacy. People need to stand up and protest that their privacy and liberties are being taken away in the name of advertising. This needs to stop, and we can be the generation to do it. If a large portion of smartphone users unlock our iPhones in the name of privacy, smartphone creators will have no choice but to respond and give in to our demands to no longer be continuously monitored.

A world in which a massive uncaring corporation knows everywhere we have been, everything we talk about, everyone we know, and uses all of that information against us in ads is not a future I want to participate in. To unlock your phone today, and we can take back our privacy one unlocked phone at a time.

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