How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone Not Eligible for Unlock Free

You tried to unlock your MetroPCS phone and now the screen says “Unlock Failed” or something similar. As it turns out, your device is locked by MetroPCS phone and you were not eligible for an unlock free. How do you unlock MetroPCS phones not eligible for unlocking? There may be some different requirements that are preventing you from unblocking your phone.

The first is that the phone must be “eligible” to be unlocked. As explained above, some phones are not eligible because there are some restrictions involved in unlocking them.

The second requirement is that the phone must be capable of being unlocked. This is more of a technical requirement, and can also involve restrictions on using some phones overseas (such as roaming). MetroPCS does not support unlocking phones from other countries.

Your MetroPCS phone is ineligible if you have a non-MetroPCS branded phone from another carrier. If you’re trying to unlock a MetroPCS phone, but it’s not eligible for unlocking, don’t worry. We’ve got the answer for you right here.

Is it Legal to Unlock a Phone

Unlocking your phone in Canada and the United States is completely legal. If you are outside of Canada, you may need to ask your carrier for permission to unlock your smartphone.

How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone Not Eligible for Unlocking Free

Both T-Mobile and MetroPCS have made significant modifications to how eligible phones can be unlocked in recent years. Previously, an unlock code was all that was required to make an original T-Mobile or MetroPCS phone compatible with any other network carrier.

This was especially useful for those who wanted to move carriers or travel outside of the United States. Before we go on to talk about unlocking your ineligible MetroPCS, you must first take notice of the following;

  • Unlocking Eligibility: These are the mandatory requirement that must be met before you can be eligible to unlock your phone. Based on the carrier you are using; you must meet all the requirements in addition to other specified carrier conditions. Unlocking your device would enable you to use other carrier networks on your phone. So, if your phone was initially a MetroPCS, you can now use Sprint, Verizon, U.S Cellular, or other CDMA carriers.
  • MetroPCS Unlocking Eligibility: Metro doesn’t have many conditions for unlocking your phone; the most important one is that you have had active service for at least 180 days on your phone. Another condition is that the phone must be from Metro by T-Mobile (or MetroPCS). The phone must not also be blacklisted; thus, it must not be reported stolen or lost.
  • MetroPCS Approach to Device Unlocking: Once you checked all the eligibility requirements and you meet them, you can contact MetroPCS to automatically and remotely unlock your device for you. Remember that this process can take anywhere two days.

There are some instances where a device can not be unlocked remotely by MetroPCS and hence, you will receive a notification from MetroPCS within two business days if it becomes eligible, in which the steps to complete your unlocking would be provided. So, now that you know these basic things, let’s now go on to look at some of the ways you can use unlock your phone if you don’t meet the requirements mentioned above.

The safer alternative is to unlock your phone through MetroPCS customer service. If official unlocking is not an option for you because you are not eligible, you can use a third-party service. This will almost certainly be a breach of your warranty and terms of service. You can potentially fall victim to a scam if you’re not vigilant. So, to make sure you get the best free unlocking service.

Follow These Guidelines:

  • Look for an unlock free service for your phone model online or services that often cost less than $10 per phone. Look for one with the following characteristics: Sites that have physical location mentioned someplace, a Checkout system that is safe with a Policy on refunds. A site like “Scam Adviser or the Better Business Bureau” has given it a good rating.
  • Provide your IMEI number as well as your payment details. A trustworthy provider will just require your phone’s IMEI address, which may be entered into a simple web form. Enter your phone’s IMEI into the site, which may be found in your settings or beneath your battery. In some situations, you’ll also have to input your credit card or PayPal information, as well as agree to a charge.
  • Keep an eye out for the unlock code. The unlock code is usually sent right away, but you may have to wait a day or two for it to come by email. When it arrives, follow the on-screen instructions to input the code and unlock your phone permanently. Inserting a SIM card from a different network will usually require you to input the code.

Methods 1. Using Unlock-Free

Unlock-Free is a website that is completely free for unlocking phones. Whether your phone is eligible for unlock or not, at Unlock-Free you can unlock your phone for free in a matter of seconds. So, if you are looking to unlock your MetroPCS for free visit Unlock-Free and start your unlocking journey today.

Follow these steps below to unlock your ineligible phone:

  • Step 1: Select the type of service you want from Here
  • Step 2: Select the Make, Model, country, and network provider that you want your phone to be unlocked to.
  • Step 3: Make sure the form is filled in and provide your phone number. To get your IMEI number, dial *#06# on your phone. You can also check beneath the phone’s battery to see your IMEI number.
  • Step 4: You will be provided with an unlock code for your phone unlocking instructions. This is an immediate process.
  • Step 5: Follow the instructions keenly to unlock your phone

This is how to get a free unlocking service for your phone using this website. If it doesn’t work, don’t try again because most phones only let you three or five unlock tries using an unlock code.

Methods 2. Using DoctorSIM

DoctorSIM is an online unlocking website that that provides services in phone unlocking. With DoctorSim, you no longer need to worry about your MetroPCS not-mandated unlocking requirements. DoctorSim unlocks phones which are ineligible and enables them to use any network of choice.

Their services are not free but they offer up to 50% discounts on their website. If you want to keep using your old phone but it’s locked, DoctorSIM can unlock it for you. You don’t have to leave your house to get a new phone plan. You can simply follow the website’s steps to modify your phone’s current plan. You’ll be able to take advantage of special online-only offers while also saving time and money.

Follow the simple steps below to unlock your phone with Doctor SIM:

  • Step 1: Open your internet browser and go to DoctorSim official website
  • Step 2: From the homepage of the website, select the make, model, country, and network provider that your phone is locked to.
  • Step 3: Then proceed to enter your Contact details
  • Step 4: After filling the form, you will be taken to the section to the payment section to fill in your payment details and proceed to payment.
  • Step 5: After payment is received, your order will be processed and within a guaranteed delivery time, you will be sent an email with the step-by-step instructions to unlock your phone.
  • Step 6: Restart your phone after this and check to see if your phone is unlocked.

So, this is how you can unlock an ineligible MetroPCS phone with DoctorSim. If you followed all the instructions given above, then you no longer have to be worried about your phone’s ineligibility to be unlocked.

Methods 3. Using Cellunlocker

Hundreds of MetroPCS phones are unlocked every day by for customers who are traveling, selling their phone as “unlocked,” or just do not want to continue using MetroPCS service without purchasing a new phone. Cellunlocker can unlock nearly any MetroPCS handset that is currently in use.

As previously stated, we can unlock devices that MetroPCS themselves are unable to unlock, as well as models that they claim cannot be unlocked. Cellunlocker is a third-party website that provides unlocking services from different carriers to different networks.

They are made of highly trained staff and certified technicians who have over 15 years of experience in the industry, hence giving them the edge over other unlocking websites online. Cellunlocker also do business with store owners who may want to purchase bulk unlocking codes and hence special price are negotiated upon.

They also provide special remote services. is also dedicated to offering expert unbarring and IMEI cleaning services for your mobile wireless phones and tablets, allowing you to use them with many carriers. The majority of mobile devices are pre-programmed to prohibit them from being used or operated on a different cellular carrier network unless an unlock code has been acquired or obtained.

Please follow the steps below to unlock your phone with;

  • Step 1: Visit Cellunlocker and fill out the unlocking form with the proper IMEI number and model selection.
  • Step 2: Check to see whether your device needs to be unlocked by inserting a non-MetroPCS SIM and looking for a “Network locked” message.
  • Step 3: Open the app and select “Permanent Unlock” once you have been emailed that your device is “Unlocked.”
  • Step 4: Your IMEI number would now be recorded in the MetroPCS system as “Eligible” to be unlocked and will display “Approved.”
  • Step 5: Your smartphone will reboot, and you will be able to use it on other carriers that are compatible with MetroPCS.

Before you submit your order, make sure you have a “Supported Error message: Unlock Failed: this device is not eligible for unlock”

When will I be Able to Unlock my Phone

It is when you are eligible for unlocking that your phone can be unlocked. Eligibility here is when;

  • Since the device’s activation date, 180 days must have elapsed.
  • Your device must have been purchased from Metro by T-Mobile.
  • Your phone should not be blacklisted (not reported stolen or missing).

Final Words

Many individuals like traveling or are compelled to go internationally to work. For them, the issue is that a locked smartphone may not operate in some areas or may require a costly international roaming package. An unlocked smartphone allows those folks to use their phone on an overseas carrier’s network for a limited time without having to worry about anything. For the well-traveled, this might be a significant factor to consider. The good news is that smartphone manufacturers are now selling their own unlocked devices. Apple, for example, sells iPhones that are unlocked.

However, keep in mind that an unlocked phone would cost far more than the subsidised options offered with a two-year commitment. So, with this article, you can now unlock your ineligible MetroPCS phone fast and without a struggle by choosing amongst the various methods discussed. Unblocking your phone comes with a lot of good stuff. Users with unlocked phones are free of any limitations, commitments, or affiliations to any one corporation.

They have the freedom to search around for the best rates and choose any carrier. They may hop from carrier to carrier as they choose, whether they want T-Mobile discounts, Verizon quality, or the best bargains the market has to offer.

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