How to Unlock Motorola Phone Password without Factory Reset

Do you need to find out how to unlock your Motorola phone password without factory reset? Motorola phones, like other devices, allow users to encrypt their data using a password. More likely you are to forget a password if it’s too complicated. Further, repeatedly entering the incorrect password might permanently disable your phone if you happen to forget it.

If you have forgotten the password to your Motorola phone, proceed with caution. There is a whirlwind of information on the World Wide Web that you can search through to find answers to questions like how to unlock a Motorola phone password without first conducting a factory reset.

A word of caution: do not place complete faith on the results of web searches alone while looking for information. The reason for this is that there are often several issues linked with convenience.

They may be able to take crucial data from your Motorola phone, which is another reason why the implications may be more severe than you imagine. I have collected a comprehensive and trustworthy guide that will assist you in unlock your Motorola phone password without needing a factory reset.

Please consider the following potential solutions and put into action the one that seems most applicable to your situation right now.

How to Unlock Motorola Phone Password without Factory Reset

1. Answer Google Security Questions

Your smartphone may be unlocked using the answers to the security questions you put up while setting up your Google account.

  • The “Forget Pattern” or “Forget PIN/Password” option will appear after a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts.
  • If you want to answer questions, you may tap on it and then choose that choice.
  • The Google account security questions you set up will be shown. So, please respond appropriately.
  • You may unlock Motorola by providing accurate answers to security questions.
  • Once you’ve unlocked your Motorola Moto G8, you’l be prompted to set a new password.

2. Use your Gmail Account

Here are the steps you need to do to use your Gmail account to unlock your Motorola phone.

  • The “Forget Pattern” or “Forget PIN/Password” option will appear after a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Enter your Gmail account information (username/password) to sign in.
  • A successful login will unlock your phone.

3. Use Google Find My Device

Unlocking your Motorola could be feasible with the help of Google’s Find My Device service, but doing so would cause you to lose access to all of the information saved on your phone.

  • Use the Google Find My Device app and sign in with the same Google account you already have. This is the first order of business.
  • After successfuly logging in, choose the “Erase device” option from the drop-down menu and click the “Erase all data” button.
  • The process of deleting data from your Android smartphone will begin as soon as you choose the “Erase” option, which will be shown after you have made your selection.

4. Android Data Recovery Tool

  • The first thing you need to do is download and instal the Dr. Fone software.
  • After the program has been successfuly downloaded, the next step is to launch it.
  • Use the cord with your smartphone to connect it to your computer.
  • Dr. Fone will begin analysing your mobile device.
  • Once the procedure is finished, you should now adhere to the instructions that appear on-screen in the appropriate manner.
  • Select the appropriate alternatives from those Dr.Fone, and you are finished at this point.

5. ADB Tool

If you’ve tried everything else and still can’t figure out how to unlock your Android phone without a factory reset, the ADB tool may be your last hope. This is, however, a complicated procedure. With Android Debug Bridge (ADB), you may connect your computer and mobile device. Without resorting to a complete reset, you may then erase any command from your phone, even those pertaining to passcodes. This technique will be accessible via USB debugging.

Even if you do not have a Google account, you can stil unlock your Motorola phone using the ADB program. Just folow the steps given below.

  • You may download and instal the ADB program on your PC by going to the Android Debug Bridge website (ADB). After your phone has been USB debugged, you will need to connect it to your laptop with a USB connection to use it.
  • Launch the command window, often known as the ADB Software, after your phone has been successfuly connected.
  • After you have opened the window, you will need to type the command “ADB shel rm /data/system/gesture. the key” and then hit the Enter key to carry out the action specified in the command.
  • Once this procedure is finished, you will need to restart your Motorola phone in order to continue. You will have the opportunity to set a new passcode for the phone after it has been turned on.

Remember that enabling USD debugging on your device is necessary for this method and is time-consuming.


Because Motorola phones are notoriously difficult to use, if you are here looking for information on how to unlock a Motorola phone without performing a factory reset or getting around a Motorola screen lock, you have come to the correct spot. It may be pretty aggravating when you forget your personal identification number (PIN), password, or pattern lock on your smartphone since you cannot access it on your own. However, suppose you recall the answers to the security questions associated with your Google account.

In that case, you can unlock your Motorola phone without losing your vital data if you follow the above-mentioned techniques.

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