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How To Unlock Samsung Washer Machine? – Unlocking Process

How to unlock Samsung washer machine? Your Samsung won’t unlock, and you need to get your clothes out of it before they get mildew? You might be thinking of changing the lid after you have made so many attempts to open it. Take heart; it is not a big issue; you can fix it yourself.

This problem is not only common with the Samsung washers; the other washers also have the same problem; for some, it is even worse. This article is here for you.

What Causes Samsung Washers Machine to Not Unlock?

It is a common question that people ask why their washers won’t unlock. Though it rarely happens to Samsung, it does happen sometimes. This challenge can be a result of many reasons;

Here are the most common causes:

  • The machine has not completely drained.
  • The Broken handle of the washer.
  • The Door is Very Hot: After complete washing, the door may not open because it is very hot to avoid injuries. Wait for it to cool down.
  • The Child Lock: Even though there is no washing in the machine, the child lock may prevent the door from opening.
  • A Metallic Door Switch: Due to heating, if the switch on the front of the loading washing machine is metallic, the door will not open after washing.

How to Unlock Samsung Washer Machine? – Unlocking Process

1) Check on the Child Lock to See if it is Engaged

In many models of Samsung washers, the child lock usually locks the door to prevent children from accessing the hardware of the washer. It is optimized to prevent children from getting hurt as they open the washer. If the child lock is engaged, it will prevent access to all buttons except the power button.

The children cannot be able to change the pre-set. Hold the spin together with the soil level button for about six seconds to unlock it, and the lock will unlock.

2) Ensure That the Washing is Complete

The Samsung washing machine will not unlock; there is still water in the drum. It is usually caused by faulty drainage of the washer. You should first look into the washer to see whether there is water inside. If there is water, you have to drain the water manually by opening the washer. Look for the emergency drain. For the front loader machines, it is usually located on the front side at the bottom of the machine.

To drain the machine, place a tray, a shallow tray in front of the washer, then you posh or pull the bottom panel to open it. There is a hose with a cap; you just pull off the cap and drain the water into the tray. After all, the water is out, open the screws that lock the debris filter beside the hose and remove the dirt that had caused the blockage on the filter. This will prevent future blockage.

3) Ensure that the Door Handle Assembly is not Broken

This could be another reason the washer is not unlocking. A broken door handle is floppy or loose, which could be why it is not opening. For a broken handle, you do not have a choice other than to replace it. The most likely part of the handle to break is the plastic molding, which is a result of the use of excessive force to try to open the door when it is locked shut.

To replace the handle, you must first disconnect the door from the machine by unscrewing the two screws connecting the door to the machine. You then have to separate the two parts of the door to be able to remove the handle by unscrewing and using a flat screwdriver to separate the two parts.

After separating the two parts, remove the rear, and you will have the handle exposed. Remove the springs, pull out the damaged handle, and replace it with the new handle. Make sure that you resemble the springs and everything as it was.

4) The Door Latch

The door latch refers to the lid of the Samsung washing machine. If the door latch is broken, the cover of the washer will be so tight, and you cannot be able to open the washer to remove your clothes. In such a case, you must remove the machine’s door by unscrewing the two screws at the hedges and repairing the door.

5) Power Outrage

When there is a power outage, there is a possibility that the machine for washing will freeze even when the power is back. First, ensure that the fuse is not spoilt and that the plugs of the machine are well fixed in the socket.

6) An Electrical Lock

If you have an electrical lock, click on the pause button and allow it eight minutes to open. When the washing cycle is on, the machine cannot unlock for safety purposes. You have first to pose the rotation and give it time to cool for it to open.

How Do You Reset A Samsung Washer Machine?

In the real sense, there is nothing like resetting a Samsung washer machine; what most people call resetting the washer is to power cycle it. Remove the machine from the power supply or switch off the power at the circuit breaker. You then wait about 5 minutes for the electrical charges in the washer to clear out. You then plug it back or turn on the power supply at the circuit breaker. However, resetting can only be used to resolve the minor issue.

In some cases, the problem can cause great malfunction, which requires troubleshooting.

Finding Problem with the Samsung Washer Machine Locking Issue

If the door of the Samsung washer machine won’t open, there is a problem with the drainage system. You have to manually drain the water for the door to open. To be able to drain the water manually, you have to open the hose and place a bucket or a sink near it.

If that manual drainage does not fix the problem, then the door is the problem. Unscrew the door’s top part, remove the dispenser, and release the lock from the inside. If the problem persists, replace the whole door.

How to Open Samsung Washing Machine Door When Locked?

Suppose the machine spends more than 5 minutes without opening the door. In that case, you can apply the emergency boot by unplugging the machine for about half an hour. The system will reset. If the drum has remaining water, you can use the spin mode to get rid of it. Suppose the unlock is due to blockage of the water. In that case, you will have to drain the water manually using the emergency drainage at the bottom of the washer.

You can also use the emergency string at the bottom to open the door. A slight pull of the string will automatically open the door.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Tell if Washer Machine Suspension Rods are Bad?

If you notice shaking and vibrating in your washer, it is important to inspect the suspension rods. They are found in the cabinet beneath the drum. You visually inspect them by looking for possible damages of wear and tear.

How can I Close a Samsung Washer?

A lock is essential for your safety and those living with you, especially the children. To engage the lock, you push in and retain the signal button together with the soil button for more than three seconds, which will activate the child lock.

How can I Switch off the Lock for My Washing Machine (Samsung)?

To bypass the Samsung washing machine door lock, you push in and hold both the soil level and spin dial simultaneously for about six seconds, and the lights will be turned off.

Does Every Samsung Washer Machine Lock?

Samsung washers machine have special attention to the safety of their customer. They ensure they have equipped each of their washers with an automatic lock. However, their washers are carefully manufactured with safe electronic circuits that are hard to malfunction. If there is damage to the washer, it will not open for your safety.

How Long do Samsung Washers Machine Last?

The average time for a Samsung washing machine is estimated to be 11 years. However, this will depend on various factors such as frequency of use, care, and maintenance of the owner and the model. Some Samsung washers last even to twenty years in use.

How do you Reset a Samsung Washer Machine?

The basic way of resetting your Samsung washer is by powering it off, giving it a break of about 5 minutes, and powering it back on.

Disabling the Lid Lock on a Maytag Washer Machine?

To bypass the lid lock on the Maytag washer, you must first turn off the machine and unplug it from the power supply. Unscrew the tabs or the screws that hold the top horizontal panel. After removing the panel, locate the lid lock switch, push it back down, and plug in the machine.

How to Manually Unlock a Kenmore Front Load Washing Machine?

You long-press the lock control for about five seconds until the lock control disappears from the display. It will already have unlocked the control panel. Press the pause button to stop the cleaning, then the power button 3 times, and spin if there is still water. The water will be drained, and you can open the door safely.

Does a Washing Machine Need a Dedicated Circuit?

Both the washer and the dryer need a dedicated circuit. For a washer, it needs a 20A dedicated circuit, and no other outlet should be on that circuit.

How Much does it Cost to Replace the Bearings in a Washing Machine?

A common challenge with these machines is the wearing out of the bearings that hold the drum that rotates the clothes. Depending on various factors, a bearing repair may range between $ 100 to $ 600.


An unlocking door is a common challenge among the washers, and it should not scare you. Many of the unlocking door challenges are minor, and you can resolve them by yourself without replacing rid of taking them to an expert for repairs.