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List Of The Best Metro PCS Phones For Sale in Stores [Updates]

Metro was established in 1994 and known as General Wireless Incorporation. It is a prepaid brand and is ranked as the fifth biggest telecommunication network all around the world. In October 2012, Metro PCS emerged with the T-Mobile USA, and the networks LTE and 4G have merged with Metro. On the day of September 24, 2018, T-Mobile announced that it would now become Metro T-Mobile. They upgraded their systems and provide an infinite number of plans with various features within the precise budget.

The reason is to remove negative norms regarding this brand. There are various features of Metro as it provides the best plans, video resolution, and network hotspot, including local and international services and many other benefits of Amazon Prime and Google One. The customer does not have to worry about the billing process. Whether you pay at the start or at the end doesn’t matter, but you get the best quality of network and service.

You can search for the cheapest plan for metro pcs and get the metro pcs phones online as they are available at reasonable prices that fit your budget. Here you can compare the prices of phones with each other and it helps you to make a decision about buying Metro PCS phones for sale in stores. The best thing about Metro is that their plans are much affordable than other competitors but they never compromise on network quality. Even the LTE network has confirmed its network quality.

When compared to other networks, it proved to be the best-prepaid network. The amazing thing is you get a lot of data in $40 that makes it the favorite of all. When the customer pays 2 monthly payments on time, he will be given a $100 prepaid MasterCard. It is an unlimited plan which fits for 2 months to be easily managed. Along with the best plans and offers, Metro has also made a house of top quality mobile phones where you can purchase online any of the cellphones at reasonable prices.

Metro PCS Phones for sale are now available in stores nearby and also you can visit online to check the phone of your choice. Although, there is a lot of variety of cell phones there are 15 Metro PCS phones for sale in stores which you must check. They offer a wide range of amazing features that everyone needs. Having a budget for purchasing a branded phone that offers all the features and functions that make everyone’s life is the first priority. So here is a list of Metro PCS phones that are in demand nowadays and with each credential,

List Of The Best Metro PCS Phones For Sale in Stores [Updates]

metro pcs phones for sale in stores

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It was released in August 2018 and it supports GSM, HSPA, and LTE technologies. It’s has a broad network range. It is 201 g in weight. This phone is still bigger but slim and smart. Galaxy has changed the trend by introducing S Pen to write innovative ideas, embark on your mission, and make your dreams come true. S Pen feature makes life much easy and flexible by just taping once and you get your work done.

It has a long-lasting battery life which matters the most. You can make your life more entertaining by making cool as well as professional videos with the Galaxy Note 9. You can follow the link below to have a detail description of Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • One of the best display
  • Battery backup
  • Improved S Pen support

  • Expensive
  • Heavy to carry
  • Unattractive backside

2. Blu Vivo XL4

Blu Vivo XL4 is one of the most diverging marques of the US. It consists of a metal design with a black and gold color. This cellphone is 6.2 inches in the display (1520 x 720) having a reasonable price with so many features. The rear camera is 13.0 megapixels with a highly focused LED flash and a 13-megapixel front camera.

This phone offers some superfluous features like Auto-focus, Touch-focus, Fingerprint sensor, Self-timer, One finger touch, Face detection, and many more that every phone does not offer. It also provides Tracking features with GPS and A-GPS. Following is the link for your understanding of BLU Vivo XL4:

Blu Vivo XL4

  • Large display
  • Long battery life
  • High-resolution front camera

  • Heavy in weight
  • Insufficient RAM problem sometimes

3. Nokia 6

Are you tired of facing battery-low problems daily? Nokia provides you the best solution to this problem by introducing android phones according to the new era. Now you can use your Nokia phone consecutively two days without being worried about its battery timing. Nokia tends to provide the best security for its users and it offers 3 years of security updates and 2 years of software upgrades to make its users stay in touch with the latest updates.

Make your photographs more professional with Nokia 6 three lenses camera that provides a focused image with high resolution. It gives you a pure display to make you feel like you are enjoying the view in real-time. Nokia 6 is now available in the metro pcs phones for sale in stores list and you can check its specifications and place your order with just one.

Nokia 6

  • Stylish metal design
  • Latest Android system
  • The good quality front camera

  • No dual-camera at the back
  • The less competitive launch price
  • Water sensitive

4. Google Pixel 3a

Google has introduced its smartphone on the 15th of October, 2019. A Google is a US company that is popular in internet-based technologies. As it is always on the top providing services in history, Google phones are also very much flexible in using a smartphone service. This phone has a 6.30-inch screen display offering wide resolution and it accepts both Nano-SIM and e-SIM. As in other phones, Google has also its sensors including Face sensor, Proximity sensor, Ambient Light sensor, etc.

Connectivity includes GPS, Wi-Fi, and data connections on both 3G and 4G SIM cards. There are many other functions available at a reasonable price. Below is the link mentioned where you find answers to your problems. On this link, prices are less than other sellers and the stock is limited. So shop online in search of google metro pcs phone.

Google Pixel 3a

  • Excellent camera
  • Compact design
  • Good battery life
  • Solid display

  • Slippery back
  • Limited stock
  • Audio quality not too good

5. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung is a versatile brand that is famous among all. Its lens is highly focused which can capture images in every mode dark, light, whether it’s a day or a night. So now you don’t have to worry about the result as it brings a clear and crisp image that brings color to your picture. As now the world is running behind slow-mo effects and they used to install different apps to make their videos slow. But this phone offers the Slowmo facility and you can make your video more epic and more attractive.

It will let you see every point of the video that once your eye didn’t capture. You can make your chats lively by sending different emojis and Gifs to another person so that you can express your mood in a better way. Samsung Galaxy S9 lets you know everything translated in real-time which you are not able to read. The story goes on and you will get to know all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Following is the link mentioned for you to get more exposure:

Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Stunning design
  • Competitive price
  • Battery and performance is satisfied
  • Speedy processor

  • The slow-mo option doesn’t offer brightness
  • Higher price
  • Slow in receiving Android updates

6. Apple iPhone 8

The core reason to buy iPhone 8 is its decent camera, flexible battery life, and its versatile design. Its size makes it easy to hold and those who can’t carry bigger phones can easily take this one. It’s an excellent smartphone with a black backside design. Although, it has some limitations that it can’t be connected to a non-IOS device still it has powerful audience support. It’s designed to make it dated with curve edges and rounded corners. iPhone has improved its rear camera and its quality is now being appreciated by the iPhone audience.

More and more people are entering into the iPhone world and they are enjoying the exciting features of this brand. To know more about this metro pcs phone, follow the mentioned link where you can have all your ambiguities to be clear and can purchase it easily with discounted prices.

Apple iPhone 8

  • Consistent display
  • Full-fledge camera
  • User-friendly

  • No memory expansion
  • Unknown weight

7. Samsung Galaxy A20

Galaxy A20 has an epic design with red, black, and blue colors that might be radiant for you. Its big screen lets you go bigger and admire everyone. It has a rear camera to capture marathon moments that your eyes can not capture easily. It’s has a ROM of 32 GB in which you can save your personal data without worrying about its storage.

It has a resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels which gives you leisure in playing games, surfing on the internet, and watching movies. Galaxy A20 contains a loudspeaker with an active noise cancellation sensor and a deliberate mic. It auto removes other noises and makes your sound clear. Its LED flashlight enables you to take outclass photos with a smooth background focusing on wider angles. Want to buy this metro pcs phone?.

Samsung Galaxy A20

  • Large display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fast and responsive fingerprint sensor

  • Comes with only 3 GB RAM
  • Non-removable battery
  • Type-C USB connectivity not available

8. Huawei P30 Lite

Huawei is an international brand that focuses on quality as well as providing customer satisfaction. The Huawei P30 Lite is a good phone with eye-grabbing features and provides a new world of beautiful dreams. When it comes to designing, it stands out in the world with other competitors. It offers a reasonable price with maximum features that everyone wishes to have.

It has a storage capacity of 128 GB which is equitable and can touch the professional slab. In the series of Huawei P30, Huawei P30 Lite is the cheapest metro pcs phone that you can buy with a number of qualities and features. To know more about this, click on the link where you can easily take an approach to it:

Huawei P30 Lite

  • Excellent design
  • Fast touch
  • Good quality selfies
  • Long-lasting battery

  • No 4k video recording
  • The 180-pixel video is not supported

9. LG Phoenix 3 M150

LG offers a good phone which is a 1.1 GH Quad-Core processor that facilitates the running of programs easily and its performance in a moderate way. It’s has a single SIM jacket that allows files to be downloaded up to 150 Mbps for Internet surfing. It has 5 MP rear camera and same at the front that relies on Auto-focus with high-resolution that endorse your memories sharply.

It is a budget-friendly phone that offers moderate features with a friendly interface. The final verdict about this phone is that this phone is highly appreciated in view of its battery timing, performance, software upgrades, and other important parameters. This phone is available on Amazon at the following link with discounted prices and specifications.

LG Phoenix 3 M150

  • Selfie friendly interface
  • Battery timing is good

  • Camera stuck
  • Unreliable display sharpness

10. Umidigi A3 Pro

This smartphone was released in 2018 with super exciting features having 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM. With its wide storage area, you can keep your files safe with no consumption issues. It possesses a 5.7-inch display screen which shows you a colorful world with a glance.

The IPS technology is the most advanced technology that this phone is using and there are many reasons to buy this world-class phone. It features an auto-focus function that enables the camera to apprehend lively moments and to make an album for recall. There is a huge demand for this metro pcs phone and you can get this phone online by clicking on the link below:

Umidigi A3 Pro

  • Elegant display
  • Large memory
  • Strong fingerprint sensor

  • No removable battery
  • No wireless charging

11. Xgody 6 Inch Android 8.1

Xgody introduces Android 8.1 technology which gives you fast experiences with more advanced functions. The friendly interface lets you switch between the apps smoothly and without hanging. Its display lets you play games, watch movies more clearly with a passionate environment. By using its rear and front camera one is able to take cherish moments and save it for further editing and forwarding to your closed ones.

Its front flashlight, beauty camera, auto-focus lets you enjoy and making your time memorable in your life. There is a lot of metros pcs phones available in stores and online so follow the link to have a thorough review:

Xgody 6 Inch Android 8.1

  • Friendly interface
  • Auto-focus
  • Wide display

  • 3G network reach
  • Limited RAM of 1 GB’

12. HTC U12 Plus

Don’t miss a chance to visit the link below for checking the specs of HTC U12 Plus as it came along with many improvements as compared to U11. Its camera has modified with better resolution making the phone stand out by all. U12 HTC decided to use the dual camera for more focus and it contains two sensors for high resolution and better image.

The video quality is also very amazing as it has zoom-in features and can make videos in a lavish way with HD view. The design is very cool making one feel proud to be carrying a precious thing with you to conquer the whole world with just one click.

HTC U12 Plus

  • Attractive glass
  • Mind-blowing camera quality
  • Loud and clear speaker

  • Higher price
  • Bokeh mode needs improvement

13. Moto G7 Power

This smartphone is highly affordable for those who want a phone with super exciting features at low prices. It has an incredible battery timing that allows you to perform your tasks without worrying about being a low battery. It is highly appreciated in its performance as it provides a smooth interface for using it. Its connectivity makes communication easy and it has a single SIM slot which makes the phone lighter. Moto G7 Power falls in the top 15 metros pcs phones and now available in stores and online. So visit the link to know more about this:

Moto G7 Power

  • High extensive external memory
  • Having Gorilla Glass 3 facility
  • Google lens integration

  • Video recording mode is 4K only
  • Screen sharpness is low

14. LG G4 H810

To talk with your family and around the Universe, this phone plays a vital role as it features 32 GB of internal memory that provides you a space to use any communication app to connect with the world. You are now able to enjoy the exciting camera features of LG G4 to capture your lively events by taking bright and crisp pictures. It offers reliability and functionality with a lifetime guarantee. This phone is available in stores and online in limited stock so get fast and have this exciting device to make your life more comfortable and more exciting.

LG G4 H810

  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Larger display
  • High-quality video recorder

  • Quad-Core Processor outdated
  • No USB OTG
  • Battery life needs improvement

15. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy is famous for its design as it provides you a feeling of charm and calm. Its display is unique and it stands apart from other smartphones. Samsung has made its features more advance by removing the Home screen button and make the front screen button-less for haptic results by the users. This formation is brought to make the display wider and bigger.

Now you can play games and watch movies on a bigger screen that amuses you. It has an excellent camera with a brilliant view and focuses on the image more precisely. Now, this metro pcs phone is available in-store and online with different discounts also making you more chances to buy a wireless phone to avail of the exciting features.

Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Powerful processor
  • High-quality camera result
  • Fine display

  • Poor battery life
  • Fingerprint sensor not reliable
  • S8 is fragile

So, this is the list of Metro PCS Phones for sale in stores that you can search for. They are available in-store as well as online, under every credential has a link to search it directly online and buy your favorite one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are PCS phones?

Personal Communication Service is basically a wireless service in phones in which there is a combine a mixture of features and services available in analog as well as digital phones. It provides the user with a wireless service with messaging, paging, and data service. It had a large number of reasonable plans that fit for everyone and make it easy to connect with the globe.

Why should I use Metro PCS Phone?

If you are still using cellular phone, then switch immediately to Metro PCS service as it’s a reliable medium to stay upon. It is time to decide if Metro plans are right for you.


Although, there are some negative norms about Metro PCS phones for sale in stores still this service is using by most of the people who are interested in using prepaid service with an enormous number of plans available at low rates with more proportion. Everyone thinks of its brighter future and do efforts to avail good services at possibly low rates to make their family stay connected. Metro by T-Mobile helps you in this regard and provides services from being cheaper to even cheaper rates.

If you are traveling to faraway areas and need to connect to your business streamlines as well as to your family members, this option is the best to take any prepaid plan and use your Internet to stay connected. Most prepaid companies don’t offer the latest and high-quality phones but Metro does. A person after buying a Metro PCS phone never blames himself that his money is wasted. The company provides a bundle of services and plans that the amount is surely compensated. The above mentioned top 15 Metro PSC phones are fully reliable and one can never be disappointed by his decision. So don’t waste your time and buy a new Metro PCS phone now.