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How To Mobile Number Tracker Online Free With Location

Now that the mobile is part of our daily life and has a positive as well as a negative influence, it has provided us with information about the transition as never before. In 2021, 3.5 billion smart devices are used worldwide. If you live in a world where the risk of harm is unexpected, you can have to track your current mobile location as you want your lost or stolen phone, or as you need to know what your child smartphone does and where it is, keep employers in close contact to monitor the movements of their employees and even find criminals.

You can now trace your unknown phone number not only with the latest technologies, as you frequently receive an unknown number, but also easily know the current cell number position with certain online mobile number location free tracker devices. Therefore you can get full information in this article on the highest websites to track the exact location of the mobile number on the map. You can also get information about mobile number location tracker online free of charge by using these websites.

This service is available free so that you can regularly use this service for personal security purposes or official. In fact, it protects you from anyone tricking or pranked. So you need to get back your deleted or missing telephone number with this Android Phone Data Recovery app if you lost the phone number you want online with the latest location on your computer.

How Does Phone Number Location Tracking Work?

GPS has a wonderful function that is known to far fewer people than even the phone works may not have a connection to a network. Both computers and cell phones now use GPS for phone location. The following websites and applications use GPS to map the telephone number positions. In general, they use GPS. The GPS co-orders are received and the telephone number is stored. You can then monitor any number irrespective of whether the system is offline or online.

WhatsApp and SMS are also tracked able by GPS. During your use, you can share your position with anyone. In terms of protection, it is genuinely really useful. You can easily monitor your mobile telephone location if you want to know where your child is going whether he/she is healthy or not. Such location trackers have many other services. The following options allow you to enjoy unlimited monitoring for free.

Criteria of Location Tracking Software or App

The mobile tracker may have many additional features, which in several ways ensure privacy and protection. However, you have to test if you are using a reliable tracking device. Therefore we list five main requirements for a reliable tracking app/website before turning toward the best websites and applications to gratuitously track current mobile numbers.

  • Allow the user to quickly and easily locate any telephone number or device.
  • The place for vivid tracing in real-time should be seen.
  • The history of the place is easily controllable.
  • It should be able to provide telephone number information.
  • Spam calls can be blocked quickly.

Now we’re sharing the best 10 websites and software for mobile number tracker online free with the location of the charge.

How To Mobile Number Tracker Online Free With Location

Mobile Number Tracker Online Free With Location

The Free Mobile Number Tracker Websites

Most websites provide a range of monitoring services. The specifics such as name, service provider, or location of the unknown number may be identified. Just type in the target number and press Enter. The data for that number will be shown to you. Below are some of the best websites that provide free service to track a mobile number.

1. MobileNumberTrackr.com

MobileNumberTracker.com is the most widely used website for mobile monitoring. It is one of India’s leading websites for numerical monitoring. This tracks the number through its location and also gives the name of the provider. Where you’re monitoring doesn’t matter.


  • It can also use-able to monitor the landline along with cell phone numbers for free.
  • You can use its Page Rank feature to get the list of top pages.

  • Mobiles such as Blackberry, Android, Nokia, and iPhone are compatible. It is fully free and doesn’t have charges of download.
  • This allows you to trace the numbers of phones, landlines, and automobiles. The number of tracking features of the vehicle and landline provides an additional benefit.
  • It is easy to use because the interface is appealing. It can also be used easily by a less educated user.
  • In seconds, the output is displayed.

  • Only useable for Indian mobile numbers.

2. Trace Phone Number

Trace phone number is another mobile number tracking site in our catalog. It also provides smartphone and landline number tracking services, as well as the previous one. The name of the user/owner of this target number can be obtained. You simply have to enter the number and click Enter to collect information.


  • Have an elegant, simple to use functionality.
  • Provide a search option for collecting target number information.
  • It has a phone number database that allows searching easily.

  • The results checked include the name, owner and location of the number of a network service provider.
  • A free service is offered on this website.
  • You are allowed to track your phone number along with your mobile number.
  • It provides an easy-to-use interface.

  • The replaced number, old number or new number cannot be identified on this website

3. Free Phone Tracer

It also provides monitoring of numbers. It ensures absolute data protection for its customers. Using your phone or website, you can easily monitor the target mobile number.


  • Uses McAfee for protection.
  • Unlimited tracking facilities for smartphone and landline numbers.

  • Simple to use for consumers with a clear interface.
  • It’s free of charge.

  • The use of simple and straightforward methods.

4. GPS Cell Phone Locator

The location of the target cell number is available in this GPS Cell Phone Locator with only 2 or 3 clicks. The public is free of charge online. You don’t have to pay to use its apps and don’t have to install an app.


  • Simple, Clean, and attractive user interface.
  • The technological background does not need to be.
  • It does not require application or installation.
  • Only click and begin using the browser.

  • Service 24/7 is available and accessible from anywhere.
  • Apple, Blackberry, Android, or Windows mobile devices are compatible.
  • A GPS tracking device is used.

  • It is not compatible with browsers like Symbian, Firefox, etc.
  • You need to turn on the app for monitoring.

5. Online GPS Phone Tracker

The next Online GPS Phone Tracker, accessible on the internet, is given here. It can be used to show your mobile number. The address of the target phone number is also given. This supports various telecommunications networks and provides its customers with free service.


  • It uses a GPS feature to track the mobile position and access it from a distance.
  • This tracker supports operators such as Airtel, AT&T, Reliance, etc.
  • The landline number can also be tracked via their website monitoring.

  • It provides 24/7 services without holidays, and 365 days a year.
  • This program can be used by consumers without any cost.

  • Only tracks while the smartphone works actively. The stolen or turned off mobile cannot be monitored.

The Mobile Number Tracker Android Applications

You have more choices for mobile monitoring if you are an android user. You will not have to use monitoring apps since you can use the mobile app to access anything. There are several apps available and we’ll talk about 5 best Android applications here.

1. Mobile Number Locator

It is a free Android smartphone tracker app with multiple tracking features. The position on the Google Map can be retrieved.


  • The location of the mobile target with a 3D Google map can be viewed so you can have a clearly visible view.
  • In this tracking program, all global codes are available.
  • It has an authentication feature, displaying the unknown caller’s name before the call has been received.

  • To make the app work, no internet is required.
  • Even, without going into the call log, you can make a call or email. •
  • The call logs, service provider names, and location can be accessed.
  • The 3D view of Google Maps allows the smartphone user to find the exact spot.

  • Functions only in the United States, India, Canada, and Pakistan.
  • The ported mobile number cannot be identified.

2. Mobile Number Tracker

You can locate the mobile number in your local area with the Mobile Number Tracker app. Cost-free service.


  • Easy and user-friendly apps. With just a few steps, you can track numbers.
  • CDMA, GSM, and state service are being supported.
  • It has an integrated GPS feature that simplifies and clarifies the tracking process.

  • The tracking number does not depend on the service provider.
  • Just two steps to track mobile.
  • Cost-free service.

  • India should be the target number because only Indian numbers are sponsored.
  • Due to the quality, an unsatisfied client rate is high.
  • Only if the internet works can it track a number.

3. Caller ID & Number Locator

You need to use Caller ID and Number Locator if you are trying to find a combination of the name of the caller and the locations tracker. This also offers free support with other programs. By using a single app you can control the caller ID and his/her location. Two separate programs do not have to be downloaded.


  • It has an approx database. Including 12,985 cities.
  • A database of contacts makes the search process simpler.
  • It also provides a feature to block requests.
  • The caller’s name on the screen will appear.

  • To check the number location no internet is required.
  • In over 200 different countries the target number can be scanned.
  • The identity of the caller and the location of the caller can both be retrieved.
  • By this app, calls can be quickly interrupted.
  • The precise location of the caller can be accessed from Google Maps.

  • It operates for versions above 4.0 of Android only.

4. TrueCaller Phone Tracer

The most popular applications are Truecaller. The caller’s name and mobile location can be monitored globally.


  • You can block the unknown number that you don’t want to choose.
  • The image of the caller and the name will also be shown.
  • The search process is made simple and reliable by its numbers database.

  • If someone is trying to track your number, you will be informed.
  • Protect your records. You are not going to use your phonebook numbers online.
  • It also allows you to call.
  • A trustworthy technology with a high degree of satisfaction and over 220 million users.

  • To function correctly, it needs an internet connection.
  • First, you have to register to avail of its services.

5. Phone Tracker by Number

This mobile tracking software is created particularly for mobile Phones. Trace Mobile Number will help you track the mobile number’s location. Multiple mobile service providers support this program. And when the target number is monitoring, there is no question. It is also compatible with Android versions 4.0 or higher than the previous version.


  • The searched target numbers are accurately located.
  • The location of your domain can be picked off-line without an internet connection.
  • A software update is made regularly so that it provides better results.
  • From time to time, the contact database is revised.

  • You can see the name of the service provider when you dial or receive a call.
  • To use this program, you don’t need any technical or computer skills.

  • No global service offered. It is only appropriate for use in India or other neighboring countries.
  • The user is annoyed by ads in the app.

How to Find My Kids

It is particularly designed for parents for the security of their kids. Because of its remarkable features, this is also used as a mobile tracker app. This is accessible for both the IOS platform as well as Android.

Smart-watches have already been released. This helps you to track and record the noise of your beloved’s activities.


This was our guide to track the current mobile number online on the map and the list of the best websites and applications for mobile number tracking to use for online tracking. In the world of today, finding a smartphone locator on the Internet will be pretty easy. In this article are listed the top 5 cell number tracking apps and the 5 location web pages, obviously just enabling you to have an estimated phone number location and to see who owns it and the country/city in which the owner is registered.