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How to Stop Sharing Location without Notification

How to stop sharing location without notification? Location sharing is one iPhone’s many essential features. You can share your location with your family members or friends. It helps them to know where you are, and in case of emergencies, they can trace you. Sharing your phone’s location can help you quickly find your phone if you misplace it. Despite all these ways your location can help you, sometimes it infringes on your privacy.

You will be tone between keeping your personal life private and not letting anyone know you have decided not to turn it off. So how can you stop sharing your location without notifications to your friends or family?

Is it Possible to Switch off Location Sharing without Anyone Knowing

The answer to the question is. Yes, your phone has various simple methods and features to enable you to do whatever you wish. You can stop location sharing and reverse it without sending notifications to your friends whenever you want. A good example is Airplane mode or disabling the Find my Phone feature on your phone.

How to Stop Sharing Location without Notification

1. Turn on Your Airplane Mode

You might have encountered this feature on your phone when you don’t want disturbance from messages or calls. Airplane mode prevents access to cellular networks meaning you won’t receive or be able to make calls and receive notifications. Turning on your Airplane mode is straightforward; method one is swiping down your phone’s home screen from the top and proceeding to the control panel. Please tap on the feature with a symbol of an airplane; it will turn its color to indicate airplane mode is on.

The second method is by enabling your Airplane mode feature. Proceed to settings on your phone and turn it on by toggling the icon similar to an airplane.

2. Use Your Another iPhone

You can also switch off location sharing without notifications by using another iPhone. You can share your location using another iPhone by logging in on the two phones using your Apple ID. After logging on to both phones, use your primary phone and start the settings app.

On the Settings app, head to the iPhone profile and select the option to share my location to switch it off. On the other phone, you log in with your Apple ID, click on find my feature, and select the option, ‘Use this iPhone as My Location.’ After doing this, the other iPhone will share the location with your family and friends, not your primary iPhone. You can go anywhere without the phone sending your actual place to anyone.

3. Switch off Share My Location Option

You can also restrict or switch off this feature as another way you can keep the radar off anyone without them knowing or receiving a notification. It is one of the simplest ways to switch off sharing your place with anyone. You can use this feature by going to your phone’s settings.

Proceed to privacy and tap on it, proceed to the location services feature, and click on the share my location’ icon to switch it off. Your phone will stop sharing its location without notifying anyone. Rember this feature is not on iPhones with iOS below 8; to enjoy this feature, you need iOS 8 and above.

4. Switch off location sharing on Find my App

It is another option to keep your location private without notifications. Find My app shares your actual place with whoever you wish. Go to the find my app, proceed to the Me icon, and then search for the share my location; you can switch it off.

5. Using GPS Spoofer

Several GPS Spoofer tools are available to spoof your location, such as iToolab AnyGo. GPS Spoofer works by changing your real place to any area of your choice.

You can use a GPS Spoofer by downloading one from a trusted source and installing it on your computer. Link your device to your computer and start your GPS Spoofer tool. Select the teleport feature; for example, on the AnyGo, it is towards the upper side of your right-hand side. Options will pop up; choose the location you want and other related areas to yours. Click on one of the locations you prefer, and you are ready.

Your friends or family will only see the location you selected as your actual location.

How to Hide My Location by Using a Virtual Location

Setting up a virtual location is another option; you can stop sharing your actual place without your friends or family knowing.

You can set a virtual location in the following ways:

  • Using your computer, download your preferred virtual location tool such as Tenorshare iAnyGo.
  • Install the virtual location tool on your computer and then launch it.
  • Search for the Change Location feature and select it.
  • Unlock your iPhone, connect it to your computer and click on Enter.
  • On the search bar, enter the location you want to set as your virtual location.
  • After doing the above, proceed to the Start to Modify feature, and you are good to go.

Your iPhone will only be sharing your virtual location with your family or friends. It will not send notifications and let them know you are not sharing your location.

How to Hide the Location from your iMessage

Whenever you are sending iMessage, your receivers also receive your location. It is easy to hide the place you are or keep it a secret from your receivers through the iMessage app. On your iMessage app, select the conversations of a contact you wish to hide your location. After selecting the contact conversation, tap the Info icon on the right side and select the feature saying stop sharing location.

It will not reveal the place you are when sending an iMessage. However, by hiding your area, you will notify them that they will no longer see your location.


There are many ways you can hide and keep your location private without sending notifications. We hope the above methods will help you temporarily or permanently stop sharing your places with friends or family. We recommend you select the best that will suit your needs or reason to switch off location and keep off the radar. Your privacy is essential, and these ways can help you. However, ensuring you are safe before using the above methods is crucial. It might be a challenge for your family or friends to track you down in case of emergencies.

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