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10 Apps to Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on Map

Mobile phone is one of the most important daily life accessories in this modern era. We cannot think of a single day without using mobile phone. But sometimes we face problems while using this important accessory. Sometimes our phone gets stolen, sometimes we get prank or threat calls and many other things can happen.

In such cases, we need to use mobile tracker to find out our or the caller’s phone location to be safe and get our phones back. Trace mobile number exact location on map is very simple and easy, so everyone can use it.

Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on Map Works

To trace mobile number exact location on map, first thing you will need is internet. Without internet connection on the expected mobile phone, the locator will not work. There are so many methods of locating trace mobile number location exact on map.

The following options are the most popular and useful ones:

1. IMEI Number

IMEI number comes with the phone box case. Follow the below mentioned steps to locate your phone with IMEI:

  • 1st, instal ‘IMEI Hunter’ or Antitheft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone Location on your various device.
  • Open the appliance and provides all the permissions to those apps on your devices.
  • Type your Phone’s IMEI variety and click on the Track choice on the market on your device. The app can offer you with the near location of your lost or stolen Device.

You can also lodge police complain and they will find your device using the IMEI number.

2. GPS

Global Positioning System or GPS provides users navigating, timing, positioning services. The following steps should be followed to trace mobile number exact location on map through GPS:

  • Open and be a part of your Google Contact ID with the main user.
  • Open the Google Maps on the device you would like to trace.
  • Click on the Location Sharing Option on the Main menu of the app.
  • Notice and click on the Add People option on the app.
  • Then, you have got to click on the Select People Option and you have got to seek out your account and have to be compelled to click on that.
  • Now, click on the Share Now option within the application of your phone

3. Tracking Live Location

Though these ways don’t seem to be 100% correct, they’ll tell you the near tower space of the mobile variety. For this, you have got to kind in signaling and notice a location free.

There are numerous websites on Google that enable you to kind in signaling and notice Location and they can directly provide you with the main points regarding the transportable variety location.

10 Best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on Map

There are so many third party app that helps to locate mobile phone on the map. Some of them are:

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is that the best caller ID & Spam block app. It helps you to spot unknown numbers, spam, or corporations calling before studying. Truecaller additionally permits you to block numbers and auto-block telemarketers and robocalls.


  • It helps you manage all of your communication
  • It permits you to pay bills from transactional SMS or check banking balance
  • Helps keep your inbox clean with automatic categorization for vital, Personal, and Spam SMS
  • This call tracking package helps you to manage all of your communication

2. FindMyDevice

Find my device could be a free phone huntsman app created by Google that permits you to trace a telephone location at no cost. This free mobile huntsman proves handy to you after you lose your android phone, tablet, Wear OS watch.


  • It is personal knowledge that’s keep in strict accordance with legislation and GDPR policies
  • You can install the app on your different devices
  • This call tracking package permits you to combine devices with one another in an exceedingly non-public network that permits you to find each moment

3. Where’sMyDroid

Where’s My Droid is an android app that permits you to stay track of your good devices. It helps you to look the phone by creating it ring/vibrate.


  • Remotely lock device, wipe South Dakota card, and phone knowledge
  • This android following app helps you to seek out a phone mistreatment GPS location
  • Offer countersign protection to stop unauthorized app changes
  • Gives notification of modified SIM card or telephone number

4. FindMyPhone

Find My iPhone & android Phone is another vital phone following tool. It’s a useful gizmo for following anyone UN agency has seasoned the strain, worry, and inconvenience related to a lost or taken device.


  • This phone huntsman free app helps you to seek out taken, lost, or missing device, whether or not it belongs to you, your spouse equivalent, or your kid
  • This free telephone huntsman permits you to stay tabs on the lost or missing device by providing real time location updates
  • Find My iPhone helps you to trace and find android tablets or an iPad
  • Supported platforms: android and IOS

5. FamilySurveyor – GPS Huntsman

Family surveyor could be a mobile device following app that provides telephone observation for fogeys. This phone huntsman app additionally alerts you once your members of the family have checked in at a location.


  • It permits you to look at the time period location of Circle Members on a private family map that is solely visible to your Circle
  • You can see the situation of taken or lost phones
  • It supported android and iPhones

6. Glympse

Glympse could be a quick, free, and easiest way to share your time period location. You’ll be able to send a Glympse to your friends and family to allow them to grasp that you simply square measure on your manner.


  • You don’t need sign-up to use Glympse
  • Share location in time period with a dynamic map
  • It runs within the background, thus does not disturb
  • This mobile app permits you to share with anyone no app needed to look at

7. PhoneHuntsman By Range

Phone huntsman by range app is a correct GPS huntsman app. It helps you to find your phones and your children. It’s designed to assist you discover location by mobile range during a very correct and quick manner.


  • It permits you to examine the entire location history at no cost
  • This decision following package helps you to seek out your lost or taken phone simply
  • This telephone huntsman free app helps you to seek out your kid’s precise location and provides guidance assistance on a map
  • Helps you find phone numbers free and track the present location of your telephone
  • Track and log all the visited locations

8. MobileTrackerFree

Mobile Tracker Free is a mobile phone tracking app. It helps you to access incoming and outgoing messages from Facebook and WhatsApp while not the target phone being frozen. Mobile huntsman free app additionally permits you to access messages received from Skype, Hangouts, Viber, and wire while not the phone being frozen.


  • It permits you to browse all SMS and MMS sent or received by the user of the phone
  • This Phone track app helps you to read all incoming, outgoing, and lost calls, their period
  • This free telephone tracking online helps you to look at all the images taken and pictures received by the user of the phone
  • It permits you to trace the live position of the target phone live

9. iSharing

iSharing could be a phone huntsman app that has a time period location following service. This mobile tracking app for android permits families and close friends to share their location info and communicate with one another in private.


  • Receive time period alerts once an acquaintance or children make or leave destinations
  • It permits you to guard your children and keep your children safe
  • It helps you to trace GPS Location for taken phones or lost phones
  • Turn your phone or tablet into a walkie talkie by using iSharing

10. SpyHuman

SpyHuman could be a reliable observation answer. This app provides you seamless observation facility for your target device. The vary of options offered an entire and economical observation expertise.


  • It permits you to observe your target device’s decision logs to remain up-to-date with their line activities
  • Monitor the SMS logs of all of your target device with the assistance of the SpyHuman app
  • Record the environment of your children
  • It offers effective net observation of the content
  • Supported platform: Windows, mac & android

Benefits of the Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on Map

We may think that mobile tracker is essential only in case of stealing. But there are several other benefits. Some of them are:

  • Maps & Uber/Lyft: Google Maps and lots of different apps use your location – that’s their purpose. If you switch off all location pursuit on your phone, Google Maps won’t work, and that’s a value too high for many individuals. Uber & Lyft should be able to notice you and track you to your destination. You place confidence in several apps that has to recognize your location so as to figure.
  • Emergencies: GPS pursuit is that the most reliable means for emergency responders to search out you. After you dial 911, IOS and humanoid mechanically share a device’s location with emergency services. They’re performing on creating the placement knowledge precise enough to pinpoint a particular location in a very building.
  • Lost phone: You’ll be able to track your lost phone with GPS and obtain period of time updates of its current location.
  • Locating friends: Google Maps will share your location throughout a visit. Apple Notice My Friends app enables you to share your location with friends. Facebook courier, Snapchat, and different social networking apps have similar options to assist you find friends and meet.
  • Credit cards: Monetary corporations use location knowledge to sight fraud and check that you’re gift once your MasterCard is employed.
  • Reminders and home assistant tasks: Amazon Echo and Google Assistant will perform location-based tasks – reminders to shop for yoghurt after you pull into the market car parking zone, or a routine to shut off the lights and switch down the thermostat after you leave the house.

All these works are based on locating your location on map. So the benefits cannot be neglected in order to live a smooth life.

Common Features of the Mobile Tracking Apps

Some common features of phone tracking apps are:

  • It helps you to trace the browsing history.
  • Provide accurate GPS location of the target device.
  • It permits you to trace and record phone calls.
  • Helps you to limit the movement of your kid

How to Track Your Phone for Free

With the following steps, you can track your phone for free:

  • Transfer and install any free phone trailing app from the on top of list
  • Set up the app by providing your details and permission to trace your device location
  • Then enable real-time tracking
  • Your phone can be tracked now by using the app you have installed
  • Set the permissions to the people whom you would like to offer access to your location
  • Make sure the same tracking application is put in on the device of the people  you’ve got given permission

Final Word

The use of smartphones has full-grown at a quick pace. Modern era life seems impossible without mobile phone. But considering the present growth within the crime rates, it’s become necessary for parents to keep an eye fixed on their youngsters by chase their phones.

So far, this has evidenced the simplest thanks to track each single movement of your kid, employee, student, and different idolised ones. Whether it’s for private reasons or security functions, the mobile huntsman will assist you keep an eye fixed on others through their mobiles. But the mobile tracker tool only works once the user’s mobile is connected to the internet.

This suggests you won’t be ready to trace down someone whose internet connection is off or the mobile is switched off. However, as soon as the person switches the mobile on and connects to the internet, the algorithmic program can re-start its search and find the mobile in seconds.

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