How to Track a Cell Phone by Number for Free

Ever lost your phone or worried about where your children are? You’re not alone; millions search for ways to locate cell phones daily. Our guide will show you multiple methods to track a cell phone by its number without spending a dime, ensuring peace of mind and security.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can track a cell phone for free with apps like Find My Device for Android, Find My for iPhone, and other GPS trackers.
  • Before using any tracking tool, make sure you think about privacy and pick secure services to keep your data safe.
  • For more detail on a phone number’s owner, try free reverse phone lookup services like BeenVerified or Social Catfish.
  • To use most of these tools and see the phone’s place on a map, you need permission from the person who owns the phone.
  • There are many ways to track phones that fit different needs – whether it’s making sure family is safe or finding a lost device.

Different Methods to Track a Cell Phone for Free

You can track a cell phone for free using various methods such as phone number tracker websites, phone number tracker apps, cell phone carrier services, location sharing features on social apps, and IMEI trackers.

Each method offers different functionalities and benefits for locating a cell phone by number.

Method 1: Using a phone number tracker website

There are websites that help you track a phone location by number. These sites tap into GPS and telecom technologies to find your device’s spot on the map. To use them, just enter the phone number you’re searching for.

The site will scan databases and use satellite info to pinpoint the phone’s current place.

Make sure the website is trustworthy before you type in any numbers. Read what other users say about their experience with the service. Some of these sites might also offer extra features like download history or text message tracking.

Now let’s look at how a mobile app can be handy for finding your cell phone using its number.

Method 2: Using a phone number tracker app

Phone number tracker apps are a convenient way to track the location of a cell phone. You can use Find My Device for Android or Find My for iPhone to locate your phone in real-time using GPS technology.

Life360 and Glympse are also popular free phone tracking apps that provide accurate location information, making it easy to keep tabs on family members or friends.

FollowMee and Mobile Tracker Free offer additional features like geofencing and location history, giving you more control over tracking and monitoring cell phones. With these apps, you can ensure the safety and security of your loved ones by knowing their whereabouts at all times, whether it’s for emergency situations or simply staying connected.

Method 3: Through cell phone carrier service

Cell phone carrier service provides a built-in tracking feature for subscribers. This service allows users to locate their phones in real-time using GPS technology, which is accessible through the carrier’s website or app.

By logging into the account and accessing the designated area for phone location, users can track their devices quickly and accurately.

Next, let’s explore other methods of tracking a cell phone for free.

Method 4: Using location sharing feature on social apps

Social apps provide a location sharing feature, allowing users to share their real-time location with friends and family. With this feature, you can easily track the whereabouts of a cell phone by simply sending or accepting a location-sharing request on popular social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Snapchat.

This method offers a convenient way to keep tabs on someone’s location without needing any additional tracking apps or services.

Now let’s delve into another effective method for tracking cell phones for free – “Using IMEI tracker“.

Method 5: Using IMEI tracker

If you can’t use a location sharing feature, you can try the IMEI tracker. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique code for each mobile device. You can track your phone by its IMEI number if it’s lost or stolen.

By contacting your service provider and providing them with the IMEI number, they can help track and locate your phone.

Using the IMEI tracking method allows for precise location tracking of a cell phone. However, it’s important to note that this method typically requires cooperation from law enforcement authorities to ensure legal processes are followed.

Things to Consider Before Tracking a Cell Phone Location

Before tracking a cell phone location, it is important to consider data privacy, app ratings and reviews, as well as data safety. These factors can help ensure that the tracking process is secure and reliable.

Data privacy

Protecting your data privacy is crucial when tracking a cell phone for free. Ensure that the location tracking method you choose respects the privacy of the person being tracked and complies with data protection laws.

Always use trusted and secure location tracking services to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access or misuse.

When using any location tracker, it’s vital to review its data privacy policy and understand how your personal information will be handled. Be cautious about granting unnecessary permissions that may compromise your own or others’ data security.

App ratings and reviews

When choosing a cell phone location tracking app, it’s important to consider the app ratings and reviews. Look for apps with high ratings and positive reviews from other users. This can help ensure that the app is reliable and trustworthy in providing accurate location information while also respecting data privacy and safety concerns.

Checking the app ratings and reading user reviews can give you insights into the experiences of others who have used the app for tracking cell phone locations. Look for feedback on the accuracy of location trackingease of usedata security features, and overall performance of the app.

By paying attention to app ratings and reviews, you can make an informed decision when selecting a free cell phone locator or GPS tracker to use.

Data safety

Protecting your data is crucial when tracking a cell phone. Always ensure that the tracking method you choose respects privacy and safeguards your information. Look for apps or websites with strong security measures and positive user reviews to keep your data safe from unauthorized access.

When using location-sharing features or GPS trackers, consider the potential risks of sharing sensitive information with others. Be mindful of who can access the location data and review the app’s privacy settings to control what information is shared.

Prioritize apps or services that prioritize user privacy and provide clear options for managing data sharing.

The Top 9 Location Trackers for Free

If you’re looking for the best free location tracking apps, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 options for both Android and iPhone users. These apps provide reliable and real-time GPS tracking to help you locate a cell phone by number for free.

1. Find My Device (Android)

To track a cell phone using Find My Device on Android, first ensure the target device is connected to your Google account. Then, visit from a web browser and log in.

Click on the device you want to locate, and the map will display its current location. You’ll also have options to ring the device at maximum volume, lock it remotely, or erase its data if necessary for added security.

By accessing Find My Device’s features through any web browser, you can quickly and easily pinpoint the location of an Android phone linked to your Google account. Plus, with options like locking or erasing data remotely, you can take immediate action if needed.

2. AirDroid Family Location Tracker

AirDroid Family Location Tracker is a helpful tool for keeping track of your family’s whereabouts. It allows you to see the real-time location of your family members and receive notifications when they arrive or leave certain places.

With geofencing features, you can set up safe zones and get alerts when someone enters or exits those areas. This app provides peace of mind for parents and ensures that everyone stays connected.

Now let’s move on to “Where’s My Droid” – another great Android option for tracking cell phone locations.

3. Where’s My Droid (Android)

Transitioning from AirDroid Family Location Tracker to Where’s My Droid (Android), we come across a reliable option for Android users. Where’s My Droid is an effective app that allows you to locate your lost phone quickly and easily using GPS tracking.

You can trigger the phone to ring at max volume even if it is set to silent mode. Additionally, you can access the device’s location through a web-based platform, making it convenient for locating your phone in case it gets lost or stolen.

Where’s My Droid also offers geofencing features where you get notified if the phone enters or exits a specified area. This adds an extra layer of security especially when tracking loved ones’ whereabouts or ensuring that employees stay within designated work zones.

4. Find My (iPhone)

“Find My” is an app designed by Apple to help you locate your iPhone if it gets lost or stolen. It uses GPS and Wi-Fi signals to pinpoint the device’s exact location on a map.

To use “Find My,” simply open the app on another Apple device or access it through You can then see your iPhone’s current location in real-time, as well as track its movements over the past 24 hours.

In addition to locating your device, “Find My” also allows you to remotely lock your phonedisplay a message on the screen for anyone who finds it, play a sound to help you find it nearby, and even erase all of its data if necessary for security reasons.

5. Google Maps (Android & iPhone)

Moving on from “Find My (iPhone),” another powerful tool for tracking a cell phone by number for free is Google Maps, available on both Android and iPhone. This widely-used app allows you to share your real-time location with others, making it easy to track someone’s phone using just their number.

With its accurate GPS capabilities, Google Maps can pinpoint the exact location of the device in question. Simply enter the phone number into the search bar and if location sharing is enabled, you will be able to see where the phone is at that moment.

In addition to real-time tracking, Google Maps also offers a timeline feature that shows a history of locations visited by the tracked device. It provides detailed information such as addresses visited and timestamps, offering a comprehensive view of past movements.

6. Life360 Free Cell Phone Location Tracker (Android & iPhone)

Life360 is a free cell phone location tracker available for both Android and iPhone. It lets you see the real-time location of family members on a private map, which can be helpful in emergencies or simply to keep track of loved ones.

Additionally, it offers features like alerts for when family members arrive at specific locations or driving safety reports.

If you wish to ensure the safety of your loved ones through an easy-to-use app that provides real-time location sharing and other safety features, Life360 could be a valuable tool.

7. Glympse Free Phone Location Tracker (Android & iPhone)

Glympse is a free, user-friendly phone location tracker that works on both Android and iPhone. It allows real-time location sharing with friends and family for a set period of time.

You can send a Glympse to someone via text, email, or social media, enabling them to track your mobile number’s location securely without needing to sign up for an account or download the app themselves.

With Glympse, you have control over who can see your location and for how long. The app prioritizes privacy and gives you the flexibility to stop sharing your location at any time.

Plus, it doesn’t drain your phone’s battery life excessively while it keeps you connected with others in real time.

8. FollowMee GPS Location Tracker (Android & iPhone)

Transitioning from Glympse, another useful GPS location tracker is FollowMee. This app works for both Android and iPhone devices. With FollowMee, you can easily track the location of your friends or family members in real-time using their smartphones.

It provides accurate and reliable location tracking services, allowing you to stay connected with your loved ones at all times.

FollowMee GPS Location Tracker also offers features like geofencing, which notifies you when the target device enters or exits a specific area. The app respects cell phone privacy while enabling seamless and precise mobile number tracking.

9. Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is a reliable app for tracking cell phone locations. It allows users to monitor real-time location, view location history and set up geofencing alerts. With this app, you can track the GPS location of any Android or iPhone device remotely using just the phone number.

The app is simple to use and provides accurate location information quickly.

This comprehensive mobile tracker offers a range of features including SMS trackingcall recording, social media monitoring, and more. Mobile Tracker Free ensures data privacy and safety while providing essential functionalities for tracking cell phones by number for free.

Reverse Phone Lookup: How to Track a Cell Phone Number for Free

Learn how to track a cell phone number for free using reverse phone lookup services and uncover the location of any mobile device. Ready to find out more? Keep reading!

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a useful tool for tracking cell phone numbers for free. It provides accurate and up-to-date information about the owner of the phone number, including their name, location, and other contact details.

With BeenVerified, you can easily trace the location of a cell phone by number without any hassle.

This platform offers a simple and user-friendly interface, making it convenient to use for anyone looking to track a cell phone by number. Whether you need to find an old friend’s contact information or verify someone’s identity, BeenVerified provides reliable results.

Plus, its comprehensive database ensures that you get access to all relevant details related to the phone number you are searching for.

2. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is a reliable platform that allows you to track a cell phone number for free. It provides an easy and efficient way to locate a phone by number, offering accurate results without any hassle.

With PeopleLooker, you can swiftly find the location of a cell phone by simply entering the number into its search engine. This tool ensures real-time tracking and geolocation services, making it an excellent choice for those looking to track a cell phone quickly and effectively.

By using PeopleLooker’s reverse phone lookup feature, you can access detailed information about the owner of the tracked cell phone number. This includes their name, address, and other relevant details.

3. Social Catfish

Transitioning from PeopleLooker, another useful tool to track a cell phone by number for free is Social Catfish. This platform offers comprehensive reverse phone lookup services that enable users to trace the location of a cell phone without any charge.

By simply entering the phone number into the search bar, users can access detailed information about the phone’s owner and locate their device in real-time if they have enabled location sharing.

Additionally, Social Catfish provides valuable insights such as social media profiles associated with the phone number, making it an effective resource for tracking down a cell phone’s whereabouts.

4. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a useful tool for tracking a cell phone by number for free. It provides an easy and convenient way to locate the phone by entering the number. With PeopleFinders, you can access information about the owner of the phone number and potentially find their current location.

The platform offers a simple and straightforward process to perform a reverse phone lookup, allowing you to track down a cell phone number without any hassle. By using PeopleFinders, you can quickly gather essential details and track the location of a cell phone for free.

5. Spokeo

Spokeo is a popular reverse phone lookup service that allows you to track a cell phone number for free. It provides comprehensive details about the owner of the phone number, including their name, address, email, social media profiles, and more.

By entering the phone number into Spokeo’s search bar, you can quickly access information about the person associated with that number. Whether you want to track down an old friend or investigate unknown callers, Spokeo offers a user-friendly platform for locating phone numbers.

Additionally, Spokeo offers advanced search filters to refine your results and ensure accuracy. With its extensive database and easy-to-use interface, Spokeo is a valuable tool for anyone looking to track a cell phone by number for various purposes such as reconnecting with lost contacts or identifying unfamiliar calls.

6. Truecaller

Truecaller is a helpful app for identifying incoming calls and blocking spam or telemarketing calls. Simply enter the phone number into the app, and it will show you the name associated with that number.

Additionally, Truecaller lets users know if a call is spam even before they pick up.

The app also has a feature where users can search for contact information based on a person’s name or address. This can be particularly useful when trying to track down someone’s contact details using just their name or location.

7. WhitePages

WhitePages is a reliable tool for tracking a cell phone number for free. It provides detailed results when you enter the phone number, including the owner’s name, location, and other contact details.

With its user-friendly interface and extensive database, WhitePages offers an efficient way to track a cell phone without any cost.

Moreover, WhitePages also allows users to conduct reverse phone lookups with ease. This feature enables users to search for information about unknown callers or numbers, providing an added layer of security and convenience.


In conclusion, tracking a cell phone by number for free can be done using various methods and apps. It’s important to consider data privacy and safety before using any tracker. With the availability of reliable apps and websiteslocating a phone by number has become more accessible than ever.

Always ensure that you have permission from the person whose phone you want to track. Regardless of the reason for tracking, always use these tools responsibly.


1. Can I track a cell phone by number for free?

Yes, you can use free phone number tracking websites or apps to find a phone’s location by its number.

2. How does GPS phone tracker work to locate a phone?

GPS cell phone location tracking uses the phone’s built-in GPS to share its real-time spot with you.

3. What is a mobile number tracker?

A mobile number tracker is an online tool or app that lets you search and locate someone’s cell phone position using their mobile number.

4. Are there any apps to track a cell’s location for free?

Yes, there are many cell phone surveillance apps that let you track a phone location by number without paying money.

5. Will the person know if I’m using my mobile to track theirs?

Most of these services work quietly but the person might be alerted if their privacy settings are set up in certain ways.