How to Track a Cell Phone by Number for Free

In this age of privacy and confidence, track a cell phone by number for free is now an extremely controversial topic. Many people are against unreasonable monitoring, as it violates the privacy of the tracked person. But others proclaim that cell phone tracking is essential and that tracking people has been around for decades, just in different forms. Whatever side of the argument you are on, cell phone tracking by number for free is here to stay. We can use cell phone tracking to protect ourselves or hurt others.

Sometimes life gives us people in our lives who are not trustworthy. They cannot be given the benefit of the doubt and should be regarded with suspicion. We must also guard ourselves against people who wish to deceive us. This is why those who are surrounded by unsavory people must be able to track a cell phone by number for free.

If you need to track a phone in secret, please read our article How to secretly track a cell phone location for free. In this handy guide, you will learn to track the location of a mobile phone on the internet, so you can get a more accurate reading and also document the past places that the cell phone has already been without alerting anyone to what you’re doing.

As you begin to track a cell phone number for free, it is a bit confusing at first. With a little practice, you will turn into a pro and quickly track multiple numbers easily and efficiently. If you know that the cell phone you are tracking is an iPhone, then stop reading this article right now and check out How to track an iPhone by phone number.

Written primarily for tracking iPhones, you will be able to monitor an iPhone and create an archive of the iPhone’s commonly visited locations.

How to Track a Cell Phone by Number for Free

So let’s get started, and I’ll teach you how to track a cell phone by number for free!

Tracking a cell phone by number for free can be a tricky task, but with the right resources and knowledge, it is possible. Here are some tips on how to track a cell phone by number for free.

  • Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Service: Reverse phone lookup services are a great way to track a cell phone by number for free. These services allow you to enter a phone number and find out information such as the owner’s name, address, and other contact information. This is a great way to track a cell phone by number for free if you know the number but don’t have access to the physical phone.
  • Use GPS Tracking Apps: GPS tracking apps are a great way to track a cell phone by number for free. These apps allow you to remotely monitor the GPS location of a device and see where it is in real-time. You can also use these apps to remotely control the device and even track the phone’s activity and communications.
  • Use Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to track a cell phone by number for free. By using the search function on these platforms, you can find the person’s profile

What About the Law?

Before you begin firing up your laptop and gathering all the phone numbers sp you can track phone location for free by number, we need to talk about the law. Cell phone tracking has come about faster than laws are being created to regulate it. But technology has always worked faster than the government.

If you are tracking someone over state lines, then you will have to adhere to the laws of the state the cell phone is in. About half of the US has some laws dealing with privacy protections. The other half of the states have no laws whatsoever. So, find out the privacy laws in your state and follow them to the. You don’t want to do anything illegal!

The first aspect of the track a cell phone number for free is that the performance of an unpaid app is less accurate than paid apps. And you will have to sit through ads to use some of the free apps’ services. Watching ads will be another pain in your life. But since the service is free, then the adds are necessary because the website will have to make money somehow. If you are using a website and not an app, make sure to enable your adblocker.

There are several websites online that will track phone location for free by number. You can enter the phone number of the cell phone you are looking for, and the site will give you it’s history and current location. But some websites can provide you far more information based only on the cell phone number.

The details can be from just a location, all the way to the full legal name, birthdate, social security, family relations, address of residence, and so much more. The more detailed report is often from a website that doubles as a reverse phone lookup service.

Many times, the services of these cell phone location lookup sites are not free, and you will have to pay before you can receive the tracking results. The more details you want on the report to track a cell phone location online, the more likely you will have to pay.

Many sites don’t charge too much, around $2-3 for one report. Then if you want to lookup more numbers, you can then buy a larger package of searches for a discounted price. And some sites have unlimited searches for a flat fee per month.

However, many free websites and apps can give you information to tracking phone number locations for free if you are willing to go digging. But instead of money, you will have to give up your own data. Watching ads on sites and apps, or you will be asked to sign up with your email will be one form of “payment.” Signing up with your personal email will mean exposing yourself to fraud and spam.

You can also use sites that allow for a 7-day free trial, or a website that has the “first search free” special if you add in your credit card information. Be wary of all sites and don’t give your card information to any sites that have too many pop-ups.

How to Avoid Filling Out Your Credit Card Information

If you want to use one of the better sites but you still don’t want to pay their fees, you are in luck! There are sites online that generate fake credit card numbers, dates, and CVV numbers. If you use these sites to create a fake number, you can fill in the tracking site’s form without having to put your personal credit card at risk.

If you would like to take this route, type “credit card generator” on google. If a number isn’t working and the site form isn’t accepting the false information, then choose another number generator. Generator sites might not work for every website. This seems time-consuming, but it is better than risking your own credit card information. Generator sites should be free and should not require a credit card. If you are asked for your card, do no give it to them! It could be a scam.

List of Free Apps that Track a Cell Phone Location

All of the following apps are available on Android. I am unsure if they exist on the iPhone.

  • Mobile number location – Free – find the location in realtime
  • Phone tracker by number – Free – monitors location and can investigate precious locations – become alerted when the cell in moving away from an area
  • Cell phone location tracker – Mobile locator – free – realtime tracking and can see all movements of the day on a map
  • Life360 – Free and paid options – great for monitoring families – show location history and can create a private chat with people you track.
  • You must install this app on all the phones you wish to track.

Unfortunately, free services are quite scarce and hard to find. If you can preload an app onto your phone before you lose it, then the accuracy of your phone’s location search will be more precise.

For more accurate and complete reports that inform you of the location of a number, it is best to use paid websites that are rated highly and use a credit number generator. Just be sure to remember the number, date, and CVV of the fake number in case you need to use it again.


If you are someone who loses their phone often, the ability to see the location of your phone in realtime can be a lifesaver. You won’t have to call every store and restaurant you went to, and you won’t have to scrounge up enough emergency money to buy a new phone.

The service may be free, but you’ll be saving a lot of money! Just search your phone’s number and occasionally refresh for realtime accuracy. Even if the phone is on airplane mode, all cell phones are built with a second system that pings cell phone towers occasionally to send and receive data.

Many sites have extra features where you could learn more about the cell phone number you are tracking. Watch out, as this could fall under an invasion of privacy! It may be a bit creepy to do this, especially if the person whose number you’re following doesn’t know you’re tracking them. Please be cautious and exercise restraint.

The websites can search and discover public records, car records, previous and current addresses, related family members, schools attended, and school records. Using this service might be useful if you are trying to verify if a person went to a particular school or if they once lived where they said they did.

The list goes on and on. In this modern age, it is quite eye-opening how much of our personal data is right there on the internet for anyone to buy. So it is even more important to have the skills to be able to find your or someone else’s phone if it is ever lost.

As an added precaution, always enable your password to access your phone. It’ll be one extra step to protect your data as anyone who finds your phone cannot get into it. Even the police won’t be able to access your phone! And you could also download an app that sets your phone on lockdown if you activate it. So you’ll log onto the app’s website and choose to shut down your phone so no one can erase the information on it.

Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to track a cell phone location online, but if you track other people’s phones for the wrong reason, you could get into trouble with your loved ones. No one likes to be monitored without their permission.

  • Be able to track your phone if lost.
  • If installed on someone else’s phone, you can where they are at all time.
  • Free to use.
  • Know where people are when you need them.
  • Could come in handy when you are experiencing an emergency.
  • Could save you or someone you know if a dangerous person is bothering them.
  • If the app is inaccurate, you could waste your time for hours looking for your phone.
  • Loss of trust if they discover you track them.
  • May have to watch ads or sign up with email.
  • People you are tracking may feel watched and grow to dislike you.
  • Could consume your life if you’re a jealous or suspicious person.
  • If the app is installed on the phone, then the constant use of location services will drain the battery.

Bottom Line

Track phone location for free by number is an outstanding service that will improve your life. When you can track a phone’s location for free by number, you’ll be more at ease if you lose your phone. If someone is having an emergency and you can’t find them, now you can track their phone and know their whereabouts.

There are many different services. Now the real question is, do you want to monitor someone you care about? Maybe if they were lost or if they have gone missing, then this would be an ideal time to track the location of their cell phone. But if you are monitoring someone because you want to know what they are up to at any time up the day, then I need to tell you may be violating your friend or loved one’s boundaries.

So log onto any one of the sites above and start testing the location search on your own cell phone. You’ll be amazed at the ease in which you can find the location of any cell! So long and happy locating!