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Track A Cell Phone Location Online in 2020 | Top 16 Apps

This article talks about the applications that the smartphones feature these days for the ease of the society but before going into details lets understand the basics. Firstly, what is a cell phone in technical terms, it is a phone with access to a cellular radio system so that it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network, that’s why it is also known as a mobile phone.  The world’s first cell phone was launched in 1983. Despite the phone’s large size, it was still considered to be the most portable telephone ever made. For the first time in history, a human being could call someone without the constraints of wires or portable phone holders.

Whereas the world’s first smartphone was probably released in 1993 and was known by the name IBM Simon. Compared to today’s standards, the world’s first smartphone looked pretty stupid: it was a calendar, address book, clock, notepad,  email service, QWERTY keyboard, and touchscreen all rolled into one. It even had apps! Since then the amendments in a number of fancy apps and fancy phones kept on going and various sellers attracted the customers with one or the other novel feature. A mobile phone tracking app is one such powerful app that allows identifying the location of a mobile phone, whether stationary or moving.

Mobile positioning may include location-based services that disclose the actual coordinates of a mobile phone. Mobile phone tracking is today being embraced by everyone who understands its importance. iPhone tracking system is an excellent example of the track a cell phone location online that has helped retrieve so many lost and misplaced iPhones. It is important to know that there are so many different types of mobile tracking applications out there. The challenge is, there are both genuine and fake ones hence finding one should involve proper research about the developer. As for mobile tracking, you should know that it goes beyond tracking the GPS location of your phone.

Track A Cell Phone Location Online in 2020 | Top 16 Apps

Track A Cell Phone Location Online

So, let’s see read about the track a cell phone location online 15 best mobile tracking apps that are available online in 2020

1. Wheres My Droid

Where’s My Droid is a remarkable app to track a stolen device. When deployed, it turns the ringer volume up and makes the device ring. Alternatively, the app sends the GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps.

  • GPS Flare – Location alert on low battery
  • Remotely lock device
  • Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
  • No battery drain
  • Only works as location and device activator does not give real-time security to other forms of intrusion
  • No near future updates and changes expected at this time
  • Paid premium support is not live

2. iSharing

Unlike other apps, the iSharing app not only tracks the lost device but also, the app keeps a track of family members. The app to locate the lost phone allows the user to various create groups, communicate, and monitor the real-time location of the group members.

  • Allows chatting with the group members
  • Real-time alerts
  • Safety features like panic alert
  • Works as a walkie talkie
  • Not accurate – problem with alert notifications
  • The emergency alert button is not effective enough
  • It is costly when it comes to location settings

3. Find My Device

Find My Device is a popular and efficient app. After locating the device, right from performing a factory setting to safeguarding the personal data, the tracking device application is bang on its features. Even if the device is lost in a familiar place, one can locate the device by ringing.

  • Locks the device with a custom message and contact number
  • Works even in the silent mode
  • Tracks the network and battery status
  • Displays outdoor as well as indoor maps
  • Shows error while locating a lost phone
  • It creates an infinite loop when it comes to setting up accounts
  • Terrible while locking the screen and setting up a password

4. Glympse

Glympse is another excellent app to share real-time location using GPS tracking. The user also has the option to create in-app groups for better safety and security. The one feature that sets this lost phone finder apart from other similar apps is that once the location is shared, the other person can view the map even without the installation of the Glympse app.

  • Shares location in real-time with a dynamic map
  • Directs emergency and roadside personnel
  • Provide a courtesy notice with ETA
  • Option to coordinate with friends for social gathering
  • Eats background battery
  • The upgrade is not reliable
  • It refuses to update the location at times
  • Poor design
  • Constantly hangs

5. Life 360

Due to its features and functionalities, we can call Life360 as an all-in-one location tracking app. The phone location tracker app works flawlessly on all devices; whether it’s a phone, tablet, or web. The user can keep all the near and dear ones in the loop with its location-sharing feature.

  • Real-time location sharing
  • Option to create private groups
  • Notification for arrival and departure of private group members
  • Group chat for easy communication
  • It freezes starting battery saver is on and therefore location will be off
  • Drains battery at a massive rate
  • Updating app often turns off background restrictions

6. mLite Family phone tracker app

mLite is an app that is used for locating the family members on a map. In short, mLite is a light family control app that allows the user to connect with their loved ones round the clock.

  • Option to create Geo-Fencing
  • Check-in of the real-time GPS locations
  • Contact list monitoring
  • Option to add an alarm button
  • It subscribes automatically and amount get deducted
  • Only credit cards are acceptable
  • Not iPhone friendly

7. Track View

Find my phone- TrackView is a remarkable security cum surveillance app. Besides tracking lost devices, the free phone tracker app also allows the user to keep a close eye on sensitive installations.

  • Real-time tracking of devices
  • Supports sending messages or sound alerts
  • IPCam for Video and audio monitoring
  • Motion detection and sound detection
  • It gets downloaded on its own
  • iPhone to iPhone video option doesn’t work
  • Live tracking is faulty

8. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is another phone surveillance app that lets you track a cell phone location online the iPhone and Android phones. The app will let you access the phone’s GPS location and comes with other impressive features, as well. However, for iPhones, FamiSafe requires jailbreaking if you want advanced tracking features.

  • Real-time alerts to signs of cyberbullying, adult content, suicide or depression, etc
  • Flexible warning keywords adding
  • Suspicious photos detection
  • Option to mark geo-fencing zones
  • Cannot monitor texts
  • Cannot monitor social media apps
  • It’s complicated

9. Spyic

Spyicis a brilliant phone surveillance app that is equipped with advanced surveillance through which, the app notifies the user when the SIM card is changed. The app lets you track lost phones without rooting or jailbreaking target devices

  • Remote tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Works in stealth
  • Legit and safe
  • It doesn’t show recent text messages
  • It doesn’t show browsing history
  • Credit card fraud has been reported through Spyic

10. Cocospy

The other device tracking striking app is Cocospy. Like Spyic, Cocospy is also a phone surveillance app that lets you track your lost or stolen phone.

  • Powerful spy app being used by millions of users
  • No rooting and Jailbreaking solution
  • Works using stealth technology
  • Spy on a cell phone remotely
  • It gives time on GMT time instead of our timezone
  • Snapchat feature really doesn’t work the way the app work and you really can’t see who the messenger is.
  • When reading the text you have to click the drop-down to get from oldest to newest.
  • Location Services isn’t updated when the browser is refreshed
  • The phone only updates every 20 hours.

11. Google Maps

Google Maps is surely one of the best and most popular family location tracking apps for iPhone and Android mobiles. With a recent ‘share location’ feature added, it has become even more accurate and reliable as a tracking application. It has a user-friendly interface and plenty of options to customize the real-time location tracking requirements.

  • Real-time ETAs and traffic conditions;
  • Ride-share with real-time transit info;
  • Automatic rerouting based on live traffic;
  • Indoor maps to quickly the way and more
  • Your location information is with Google. Although rare but potentially can be misused.
  • It sometimes makes you drive through bad neighborhood or bad condition roads.
  • Your general “direction” sense is negatively impacted.
  • It won’t work well in areas where Businesses are not “Google map” literate

12. Spyzie

It offers a wide range of features such as geo-fencing, real-time location tracking of target devices, a web-based interface that you can remotely access, stealth mode, and access to your social media feeds, etc.

  • Geo-fences monitoring;
  • Call logs monitoring;
  • Employee tracking;
  • Password manager and more.
  • The basic premium plan does not have the most powerful, making the app costly.
  • Uninstalling an application from a target phone only works on Android.
  • No Free Trial available.

13. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a high-tech, easy to use tracking application for Android, Windows and Mac OS X. With a price tag of only $24.95 (1 device, personal use), the app comes packed with a slew of impressive features like instant alerts, geofencing, a web-based dashboard, and recording of text messages and calls.

  • Remain completely invisible;
  • Message tracking;
  • GPS mobile tracker;
  • Facebook, Viber & WhatsApp tracking and more
  • You have to physically access the device in order to install the software on the target devices.
  • Even though uninstallation of the software from target devices is possible remotely, but the reverse is not

14. Family Locator & Safety

This app is designed for families or other groups to know each other’s location in real-time. Not only can you see where everyone in your group is at any moment, but you also get notifications when they leave a place (such as school, work, or home), or arrive at one. You can also see all group members at a glance.

  • Panic button for emergencies.
  • Ability to create multiple groups.
  • Chat function.
  • Only available for Android

15. Find My Friends

is an iOS app that allows you and others to share your location at any given time. Those you want to share your location with must also have the app. If you have iOS 9 (or newer) on an Apple device, it’s automatically installed; if not, you can easily download the app and set it up to use on your handheld or wearable device. You can also use it on or in conjunction with Family Sharing.

  • It can be used across Apple devices.
  • Includes parental restrictions.
  • Share location with nearby (~30 feet away) friends using AirDrop.
  • Only available for iOS

16. Find My Phone Whistle

If you have a tendency to misplace your Android phone or tablet, this app is for you. Set it up so when you whistle it makes a loud noise, even if it’s currently in silent mode. Keep in mind that the app responds to all whistling (even from other people) and other high-pitched noises in the immediate environment

  • Easy setup.
  • Choose the sound you want your phone to make when you whistle for it.
  • Saves time – no more searching for the device.
  • May not work if the background has other noises

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to track a cell phone location without installing software? 

Ans. if you have an iPhone, you may head over to use the built-in feature, ‘Find My iPhone’ to find your iPhone. While this method is pretty much useful, let us tell you that this will only give you information about the current location of your phone and may not be always specific.

Unfortunately, the Android phones do not have any such built-in feature that could help find their location and would require you to download a third-party app to do the needful. Even if Android devices had a built-in feature to locate someone’s cell phone location, we can bet it wouldn’t give you exact details of someone’s location and would not be specific. To track someone’s cell phone location accurately, you would need to have a monitoring solution that not only helps you track the exact location of the cell phone but also gives you information about its location history.

This monitoring tool helps you locate someone’s cell phone with or without GPS and works for both Android and iOS.

Q. How to track a cell phone location for free with the number of the cell phone?

Ans. Track a person’s real-time location via GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks

  • Figure out the current location of a long-lost friend, old flame, or new acquaintance with just their cell phone number.
  • Locate a lost cell phone or tablet.
  • See the personal details of an anonymous caller.

Spyic is a leading parental control and phone tracking app. It has several location-tracking related features built-in. Once installed, you can use Spyic to track someone’s location in real-time. It also gives you an overview of someone’s location history.

Q. How to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

Ans. Well, the answer is short and simple- YES. There are many methods through which you can track anyone’s cell phone location very easily.

  • For iOS Target Devices

For iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, Spyic’s iOS solution requires no app installation in the target device at all!

  • For Android Target Phones

If the target device runs Andriod, Spyic for Android requires you to download the Spyic app on the target phone. However, this app always runs in stealth mode so the target user has no chance of finding out about it.

Q. How to track a sprint cell phone location for free online?

Ans. You can find the location of anyone at anytime. The following steps to be followed:

  • Sign up Sprint Mobile locator through their website
  • Once you have signed up, sign in on to website and click on “Spring Mobile Locator”
  • Track an individual or group of employees or family members by clicking on People tab and moving the pointer over the name of the person you wish to track
  • Click on enable tracking and the mobile locator will automatically locate the person every 15minutes


Thus to conclude we can say that these apps are proven useful especially for parents of today who are busy in their works so much. Mobile tracking apps are therefore helping millions of parents to keep their children on track. Also in today’s world the emergency issues can only be taken care by tracking applications. One can keep track of the employees by installing apps on company smartphones that provide more information about their online activities. So, It’s a big boon to society

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