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How To Track My Childs Phone Without Them Knowing – Tips

The advent of progressing technology and the increase in social misconducts is a reason for doubling surveillance on the actions of young children especially teenagers. Most parents are challenged with the question of how do I track my childs phone without them knowing. Many parents have enforced rules to manage social media accounts, which young people can bypass by blocking them.

The issue of trust also arises. Trust is the major pillar holding the family system together and if a breach is discovered, family wars may begin to arise. There is no need to fret. It’s not a necessity to have CIA or FBI contacts before discovering how to track your child’s phone without them knowing.

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How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing – Tips

Improved technology has created phone applications for the different operating systems, specific to each mobile device brand to rectify the problem of children’s secrecy. Is it possible to track my child’s phone without them knowing? Yes, it is. There are apps that track the phone without them knowing.

It does not matter if it’s an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, all these devices have an app to track phone without them knowing. These apps are able to give a pinpoint location on your child’s location at any given time

But, the features of these trackers are not restricted to location and it is very much possible to monitor the activity of social media accounts and even the kids browsing history on their devices by installing any of the best available tracking software on phone application stores. There are various apps that are able to work on all mobile phone operating systems and even extend to personal computers.

The following are the best apps on the Apple app store, Play Store, and Blackberry that effectively tracks your kid’s phone and phone activity without the knowledge and specific characteristic features unique to each software application.

1) Spyzie

This phone tracker has over one million users and is a highly rated security app which contains many features, absent in a variety of common tracking application. SpyZie Kid Tracker does not sorely concentrate on tracking location but tracks phone calls, messages, and a majority, if not all of social media account.

The goal of Spyzie Kid tracker is to protect your child against the dangers of the internet today and dangerous secrets kids keep from their parents. The tracking app is easily accessible from the app and through a web browser. It is safe and secure and ensures total secrecy.

2) PhoneSheriff

If you are looking to reduce restrictions on your child’s phone use and internet presence, the phone sheriff is the right app for you. The app is built in a manner to enable a parent to shut down the phone system even when in use by a child. This is perfect for instilling the discipline of internet dependency and social media image poisoning, especially in preteen young girls.

3) mSpy

Another highly rated tracking software on devices that has groundbreaking technology to reveal the inner workings of a young child’s phone to parents is mSpy. It is a globally recognized app present on all smartphone software stores, with high ratings as seen in a review from Top Tracking Apps.

In order to end the era of young people making avoidable mistakes, protecting them by monitoring their phone use and internet activity gives room for the right parental guidance.

4) MamaBear

The MamaBear app in accordance with its name enables parents to see it all at no expense or repercussion. Alongside others having other features common to tracking applications, this renowned software can detect speed limits.

If you have a teenager who just received his or her driver’s license, this app is definitely for you. No more concerns about how responsible your child is being, a simple set up on the app and you are ready to go. Alerts and prevention of accidents are enabled with MamaBear.

5) Zoemob

Zoomed kid tracker app track phone without them knowing and also brings a whole other level of protection to the table among well-established applications for the same purpose. Although there is a secrecy clause present, this app features a panic button spec.

In an environment of danger, the phone can be used as a panic button alerting appropriate family members and deploy police or help to the specific location.

6) MobileSpy

The software application available for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android users is designed towards making the spying process easy to navigate through. A large number of parents are not technologically advanced or conscious, therefore a simple platform easy to get navigate through is required. Mobile spy enables convenience and simplicity, offering background spying tech on children with their knowledge.

7) Find my Kids

Another in-depth location tracking spy software is the Geofencing on Find my kid’s application. Kids can be tracked beyond miles and alerts of crossed boundaries are sent through the app. No more lying to attend drug promoting music festivals or lying about going to the movies, Geofencing keeps your child in a safe and sound.

8) Mobistealth

With Mobi stealth, safety and monitoring moves beyond ordinary mobile phones but cuts across any other device, including personal computers and desktops. Subscribing to the Mobi stealth plan annually will ensure your children are safe from corrupting online content and bad decisions.

9) Qustodio

For parents looking for a cheap app tracker that offers general features of higher-priced ones, Custodio is the perfect option. Custodio is a free kid tracking app that aids in spying on your kid’s mobile devices and even personal computers (PC).

The generation of these spyware applications can arguably be a breach of privacy. There are solid arguments to be considered before jumping into the conclusion of mistrust towards the younger crowd. Here are the reasons why you should track your child’s phones.

Reasons Why You Should Track Your Childs Phone

1) Safety of Your Child

The first priority of every parent is the safety of their children. The internet and mobile phone system create a community where young children are exposed to damaging information and predators. Spy software will create a shield around such a negative influence on young minds.

The safety of your child is dependent on how much control you have over the knowledge of the happenings around that child. Passwords create the first layer of barrier between children and parents. Spying websites and applications are breaking down the barrier, bringing the family together as one.

2) To Discover Underlining Addiction Problems

Browser history is an essential feature of the spy software system and it creates a picture into the levels of curiosity of your child. The browser history can reveal problems like addiction to pornography, curiosity about drug intake, and online subscriptions to specific websites. In contact with this information, guidance on certain topics dangerous to the mind of children can be given appropriately.

3) Circumvent Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is a form of attack on the safety and mental stability of a child. Children go into a state of depression from the majority of these issues. Online bullies tend to create a mental state of insecurity and decreased self-worth. Keeping track of your child’s chat will give an insight to the friends and if there is a case of Cyberbullying.

Most victims are reluctant to open up about the challenges they face. With the domestic spyware system, kids are safer as parents can take the appropriate legal step if necessary and provide necessary process help is professional guidance is essential.

4) Monitor the Movement of the Child’s

The rate at which teenagers to lie about their destination in society today is skyrocketing indiscriminately. This is done to hide drug experiments, underage alcohol, or premature sexual activity.

Monitoring the geographical location of your child is a form of protection to guide your child towards always saying the truth. Movements off track could also be attempts of kidnapping and appropriate immediate knowledge of a stray off course will alert the police and put your child in safer hands.

5) Better Understanding of Child’s Challenges

Firsthand exposure to the daily struggles of your child can be an eye-opener to understanding the challenges he or she faces trying to keep up with fashion trends and defining their purpose in life. The inner thinking of young teenagers is always oblivious to their parents. With a spy software, a better understanding of the struggles of your ward is discovered.

This gives parents a clue about specific matters and concerns their children are worried about. Guidance can begin then, once the source of the problem is identified. Using an app to track the phone without them knowing, is a safety parental precaution. The rate of sexual predators and hate crimes around the globe in today’s world is the foundation for a need for domestic spyware applications.

Family first and foremost, must be a transparent society, and tracking your child’s phone brings down the barrier of passwords and pins, introducing transparency which keeps the family as one.