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How To Tracking A Car By GPS – Step By Step Guideline

Knowing the value of the trucks and cars and it is kind of weird that we don’t keep an eye on them. After all, they are valuables. It also helps us to know where our loved ones are. For example, do you know where are your family members right now or where are your kids right now? There are many GPS car tracking device available that can help you know where your loved ones are right now.

Searching for how to track a car with GPS for free can give you tons and tons of results for tracking a car by GPS. For some businesses that use a truck as their main transport. They need to take note of all the truck locations. There is a GPS tracking device for trucks available now. With the increasing number of cars, the company’s manufacturing of these GPS devices has also been increased.

The market now floods with these types of devices. It sometimes becomes difficult to find the best GPS to track a car or truck. But to leave your vehicle without these devices is also a risk. In case of theft at least you would know that where your vehicle is, you can track it easily. GPS car tracking device should be installed in such a place that the naked eye could not figure it out. So that the tempering of the device is reduced. There are many best-hidden GPS trackers for cars available in the market.

The customer might get confused or get frustrated by seeing so many devices in the market. So to minimize their confusion we have put together a list of GPS car tracking device that might be helpful for the customers. The list will consist of the best tracker devices for the truck as well as cars with their features that are also mentioned so that users can easily figure them out.

Top 10 Best Tracking A Car By GPS – Reviews

1. Americaloc GL300W Tracker

Americaloc GL300W Tracker

The Americaloc GL300W is an expensive tracker, however, you won’t discover one that is better. It gives continuous following and enables you to view as long as one year of history. The attractive case enables you to conceal it truly well on your vehicle and the battery life (up to half a month) is longer than the challenge. You can set it up to caution you on development, entering/leaving zones, speeding, and different situations.


  • Build quality
  • Network coverage
  • Good capacity
  • For kids

  • Slightly hard controls
  • Takes a lot of data

2. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

A spending agreeable model, the Linxup GPS car tracking device effectively introduces in your vehicle’s OBD port and is a mainstream alternative. Beside standard following highlights, you will approach Google Maps, text-based notifications, email alarms, support following, and the sky is the limit from there. It can likewise recognize driver execution and give investigates it.


  • Easy to use
  • Notification
  • Accurate tracking

  • An issue with customer service
  • Not reliable
  • Build quality is ok

3. Automatic PRO AUT-350 OBD II Tracker

Automatic PRO AUT-350 OBD II Tracker

The Automatic PRO vehicle tracker does things a piece in an unexpected way. Rather than an ordinarily month to month charge for the following, this unit utilizes 3G information from its included (boundless) 5-year membership. It has a worked in vehicle code scanner to help decipher check motor lights and consequently cautions crisis benefits in case of an accident. Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT similarity enable you to flawlessly associate with your computerized life.


  • Free cellular service for five years
  • Accurate tracking

  • Lack of audible alerts
  • Insight provided only

4. Brickhouse Security Vehicle Tracker

Brickhouse Security Vehicle Tracker

The Brickhouse Security Trackport is a reliable constant GPS car tracking device for your vehicle or a whole armada of vehicles. Get a satellite flying picture of your vehicle in its present area with this tracker. Different highlights incorporate a frenzy catch, quick cautions, and travel reports.


  • Accurate desktop program tracking
  • Build quality

  • Geofencing not available in starting models

5. Mileage Ace WiFi M2 GPS Mileage Tracker

Mileage Ace WiFi M2 GPS Mileage Tracker

On the off chance that you are maintaining a business and you have to follow the mileage of your drivers, let the Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker take every necessary step for you. Typically, you would rely upon the driver to make mileage logs for you. In any case, to guarantee there is no human mistake, this tracker can keep an increasingly precise record of the miles driven. This will make it simpler to guarantee charge conclusions on vehicle use and the sky is the limit from there.


  • Lightweight
  • Build quality
  • Compact size

  • High data requirement
  • Not very accurate

6. MOTO Safety GPS Tracker

MOTO Safety GPS Car Tracking Devices

On the off chance that you need your tracker to put more accentuation on driver training, the MOTOsafety GPS car tracking device is a decent decision. It furnishes you with data on what your vehicle has done and when it has done it. Priding itself as a continuous adolescent driving mentor, it screens safe driving propensities and really gives report cards to help more up to date drivers to figure out how to drive better.


  • This attachment and-play module won’t expect you to sign any kind of agreement so as to get the administration running. You can drop your membership at whatever point you need.
  • The gadget accompanies incredible portable applications for you to always screen your tracker.
  • The gadget can be utilized to arrange geo-wall (virtual limits on the guide), in addition to you get an everyday driver’s report card, which you can use to mentor your youngsters to better driving propensities.

  • Even though it should take a shot at all vehicles after 1996, there have been not many protests about the item breaking down in specific vehicles. Ensure you have affirmed that the gadget deals with your vehicle and call client care on the off chance that it doesn’t.
  • The gadget is estimable as far as the highlights. Anyway, a few clients feel it is over spoken to in commercials.

7. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

Optimus 2.0 GPS Car Tracking Devices

The Optimus 2.0 is a quality vehicle GPS car tracking device that has good applications accessible for Android and iOS gadgets. At whatever point the tracker produces new information, you can utilize your versatile application to see and deal with this data. This is incredible for chronicled data reference for your vehicle. The included twin-magnet case works very well for disguise.


  • Boundless chronicled and nitty-gritty information
  • An SOS catch for crisis
  • Battery controlled
  • Committed application
  • Great client assistance

  • A few issues with geo-situating refreshes
  • Information transmission just in zones with cell inclusion
  • At some point, a sign comes up short
  • No reports on battery utilization
  • Should be reset normally

8. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini GPS Tracker

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini GPS Car Tracking Devices

If you need to discretely put a tracker in your vehicle, the Spy Tec is an incredible concealed vehicle GPS car tracking device. It shouldn’t be associated with the OBDII sequential port. This implies you can conceal the GPS beacon anyplace in the vehicle. The battery has a 2-week life expectancy so you’ll have to watch out for it. It’s a mainstream following yet the month-to-month expense is a smidgen high.


  • Long battery life
  • SOS button present

  • Costly membership
  • Depends on T-Mobile inclusion as it were
  • Updates are a little glitchy
  • Connection frill acquired independently

9. Zubie GL500C12M Teen Driver GPS Tracker

Zubie GL500C12M Teen Driver GPS Car Tracking Devices

The Zubie GL500C12M GPS beacon centers around wellbeing and preparing new drivers. It can recognize when your young person (or another driver) is going quicker than as far as possible in your general vicinity and will tell you with caution. It even informs you of potential vehicle medical issues.


  • Build quality
  • Fleet tracking system
  • Accurate

  • OBD lug with no battery backup
  • Updates take time to get installed

10. MOTO Safety 4G Real Update Time OBD Tracking Devices

MOTO Safety 4G Real Update Time OBD GPS Car Tracking Devices

Connecting straightforwardly to your vehicle’s ODB outlet with no wiring, the MOTO safety GPS car tracking device is another colossally mainstream alternative that gets rave client surveys. Offering a large number of administrations for a month to month membership, the MOTO safety piggybacks on remote 3G systems for significant serenity.

The downloadable Android and iOS cell phone applications enable clients to follow gadget area, set geofences around a school or home for adolescents, just as get a day by day driver’s report card for perceiving how your high schooler dealt with the vehicle that day. Clients will likewise discover the course replay beneficial, which enables guardians to audit adolescent driving courses for extreme speeding and unforgiving braking. With ODB bolster accessible, the MOTO safety can without much of a stretch be moved from vehicle to vehicle for a family to follow various vehicles over seven days.


  • Engine alert notification
  • Less yearly subscription
  • Curfew alert
  • Geofencing
  • Teen driving course

  • Inaccurate speed limit
  • Not sensitive to acceleration

Look into a GPS Car Tracking Device Before Purchasing it

  • GPS Tracker Cost : GPS trackers can run somewhere in the range of $25 to over $100, so it’s essential to consider what you need to spend. However, there’s something beyond the forthright cost to think about — numerous administrators charge a month-to-month expense to store your vehicle’s GPS information in the cloud. In case you’re searching for long-haul information yet would prefer not to pay month to month, it may merit paying increasingly forthright to dodge these sorts of charges.
  • GPS Tracker Extraordinary Highlight Features : If the main thing you need from your gadget is the following, your choice is most likely quite direct — yet a significant number of the choices on our rundown can do much more. From day by day driving reports and Alexa joining to diagnosing the motor issue, these models have a wide range of highlights that might be important to your needs.
  • GPS Tracker Power : The subject of battery versus connected is significant for most gadgets, and vehicle GPS trackers are no exemption. A considerable lot of these gadgets have long-haul batteries, while others associate with your vehicle. It’s imperative to think about whether you need to stress over energizing or supplanting batteries, or whether you’d like the gadget to consistently be on at whatever point your vehicle is running.

Process to Place a GPS Tracker on The Vehicle

GPS trackers (constant frameworks or GPS information lumberjacks) can be put on a vehicle in a couple of various ways. Above all else, comprehend that the best GPS trackers are presently planned as waterproof, minimized arrangements with outside attractive mounts. These structures highlights enable clients to effectively put a GPS beacon outwardly of a vehicle secretly, or conceal the GPS following framework inside the taxi of the vehicle.

Regular concealing spots for GPS trackers inside a vehicle are underneath a seat, inside the glovebox, stuffed between a seat, in the pocket behind a seat, or inside the middle reassure. Nonetheless, the most prominent spot where GPS beacons are set on autos is very the outside of the vehicle. In particular, underneath the objective vehicle. This is because GPS trackers are built with profoundly delicate interior radio wires that can pickup GPS sign reflected off the ground.

Best Place to Put the Tracker in a Car

Putting a GPS tracker underneath a vehicle is useful for incognito applications, yet leaving a GPS presented to the components and other outside factors can prompt potential issues. In this manner, individuals needing to realize where is the best spot to put a GPS tracker on a vehicle should research GPS beacons that interface with the OBDii port.

The explanation the OBDii port is regularly portrayed as the best spot to put a GPS tracker is because this area enables a client to never stress over battery life. This is because GPS trackers connected to the OBDii port draw control legitimately from the vehicle! Also, OBDii port GPS beacons are both financially savvy and not effectively noticeable by a driver, making them perfect for private companies. GPS beacons that fitting into the OBDii port are named ongoing GPS trackers and in this way require a month to month membership expense.

Things Should Be Kept in Mind Before Installing a GPS Tracker

The most significant thing to shoulder at the top of the priority list when introducing your GPS tracker is signal quality. If it can’t get a satisfactory GPS satellite or potentially cell signal, the gadget won’t work. Most GPS sign travel through plastic, fiberglass, froth, wood, and glass, yet not every strong material, so it’s normally a decent practice to enable your GPS tracker to have a viewable pathway to the sky.

Spots like the rooftop, dashboard, or windscreen are evident decisions, however, whether you need your tracker to be unmistakable or not is the genuine decider. We should take a gander at the choices.

If You Want Hide a GPS Tracker in a Car

If you are searching for secret situations, there a couple of potential outcomes accessible:

  • Under The Vehicle : You’ve seen it in the films, however, is situating a tracker under the vehicle a smart thought? It relies upon arrangement! If you place the tracker on the metal edge of the vehicle, on either the driver or traveler side, the GPS sign will bob off the street and be perceivable by the tracker. With the right arrangement, under the vehicle is the best all-around clandestine technique for setting a tracker. It offers solid gathering and isn’t promptly noticeable.
  • Inside The Vehicle Dashboard : Without a doubt, the most undercover choice is likewise the hardest to introduce. Be that as it may, if you approach to place your tracker inside the run, it is probably not going to be found. The piece of the dashboard considers the GPS satellite sign to go through without hardly lifting a finger while concealing the tracker from view.
  • In The Vehicle Bumper : If you don’t approach the vehicle, the guard is an extraordinary method to introduce your tracker undetected. Numerous new vehicles have a layer of plastic or fiberglass covering the guard. Behind this spread, you can discover a hole to accommodate your GPS beacon inside.
  • If it’s not too much trouble note : if your vehicle has a metal guard, this arrangement won’t function as the GPS sign won’t have the option to get past.
  • Under The Vehicle Passenger Seat : The traveler seat is a straightforward and regular area for concealing a tracker since it’s anything but difficult to reach and well-covered. Be that as it may, because of the number of materials encompassing it, it’s conceivable you will get a more fragile sign.

Place a GPS Tracker If Privacy Is Not a Concern

In case you’re doing whatever it takes not to shroud your tracker, the establishment is increasingly clear, and there are a lot more conceivable outcomes for arrangement. The primary thing to search for is a reasonable viewable pathway to the sky to give you the most grounded GPS signal. This leaves a few extraordinary choices:

  • On the Dashboard or Rear Shelf : With just a glass board in the manner, this alternative offers powerful sign quality. To maintain a strategic distance from obstruction, ensure it isn’t excessively near some other area-based gadgets.
  • Cut to the Sun Visor : This decision is less obvious however simple to discover, so we don’t prescribe it as a secretive alternative. In any case, this area offers phenomenal sign transmission.
  • Joined to the Roof : This might be a cosmetically unappealing choice, however, it offers huge sign quality. Utilize an attractive box to tie down your tracker to the highest point of your vehicle. This present, it’s continually facing up to the sky. Remember that mounting in this area may improve the probability that your GPS tracker is taken!
  • Settling on Your Choice : When choosing the situation of your GPS tracker, you need to think about both permeability and sign quality. On the off chance that secretiveness isn’t your essential objective, at that point, you have much more choices.

Whatever you choose, ensure your tracker is secure, safe, and ready to identify a GPS signal. Keen on supercharging the security of your vehicle? Notwithstanding following its area, you can likewise follow what occurs in and around your vehicle with a convenient, simple-to-use car camera. A portion of these gadgets additionally offers GPS following, giving you an across-the-board apparatus for vehicle security.


GPS armada following programming understands numerous difficulties that armadas face from driver responsibility to improving efficiencies and wellbeing (both for workers and the general population). GPS is an important part of any vehicle. It does not only perform its primary task i.e. to provide the location of the vehicle but now they also have additional features such as an engine alert which tells whether the engine is in the ignition or not, the speed monitor- which tell what is the current speed of the vehicle, the speed limit monitor which tells what is the speed limit on the specific roads or the street.

It also gives alerts of the curfew if any present has an SOS feature that informs the designated authority about any mishappening that has taken place. After going through so many GPS trackers we can say that Americaloc GL300W and Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker would be an ideal choice for anyone. As these two-tracker has all the feature that is required on daily basis operations. As well as their application is available both on iOS and Android platforms for better reach to the customers. These both are economical as well. Their yearly subscription compared to others are also less.