How to Unlock Boost Mobile Cell Phone

Boost Mobile is a prepaid wireless provider that offers low-cost alternatives to the major mobile phone carriers in the United States. Boost Mobile network is on Sprint, so Boost Mobile is a good option if you are looking for an affordable alternative to more established providers like Verizon or AT&T.

The company specializes mainly in providing cell phone service and mobile broadband data. Each month, you’ll need to pay a certain amount of money upfront; then, you can call Boost Mobile whenever you want and they’ll send you your allotted minutes, texts, and data. If you have questions about how Boost Mobile works or if you’re considering switching from another provider to Boost Mobile, we have all the answers you need here!

  • By unlocking the boost mobile cell phone allows you to use that phone with other different providers of service.
  • It unlocks a variety of codes that can found on different software.
  • The founder of the boost mobile is named ”Peter Adderton” who is based in Australia and founded this boost mobile in 2000, 22 years from now.
  • Many of the mobile phones that are acquired from United States wireless carriers have a lock punched for the other carrier’s network.
  • Moving to a new carrier doesn’t mean you have to discard your old phone and move to a new one, the simple way is to get your mobile phone to unlock to activate and use the challenger’s network.
  • According to the researches, if you are using the mobile phones of the boost Mobile company and you went on a trip where you cannot find any signals for that boost mobile phone then, you don’t have to go trouble yourself.
  • It is only the best way to unlock boost mobile cell phones.
  • The only thing that needs to be done is to pluck a code from boost mobile to get your phone to unlock and can easily use on different networks.
  • Boost Mobile is a subordinate of Sprint.
  • And the Phones Compatible with Boost Mobile Service is an Apple iPhone 5c, Apple iPhone 5s, Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, LG G, LG G2, LG Lotus, etc.

How to Unlock Boost Mobile Cell Phone (Easy Methods)

There are not many types of ways to unlock Boost mobile cell phone and Phones Compatible with Boost Mobile Service but some of them which are authentic and straightforward ways that can be used considered as the best way to unlock boost mobile cell phone.

There is no such easy method to unlock a Boost Mobile which can be done automatically:

  • A request by call has to be sent to Boost Mobile and a procedure with some guidelines has to be followed to get your phone to unlock through codes.
  • A call can also be made to Sprint as Boost mobile is their subordinate.
  • But it will be the best option to call the main origin of the problems faced.
  • Boost Mobile also operates with the towers of Sprint, so it can be considered that Boost Mobile works on a network of CDMA.
  • The best way to unlock boost mobile cell phone is to have a mobile phone that was originally produced by Boost Mobile after 2015 as it meets all the requirements and can easily be unlocked.
  • Use only those Phones Compatible With Boost Mobile Service.
  • Boost mobile is known as the biggest and largest company of unlocking phones and selling them in the market for reasonable rates.

1. Boost Eligibility

Boost mobile has put some guidelines and requirements which are needed and essential to get your phone to unlock.


  • The phone which needs to be unlocked should be a Domestic SIM Unlocking or DSU enabled phone.
  • If the phone is misplaced, stolen, or lost, Boost Mobile will not accept any request regarding that phone.
  • 12 months period is very essential to be active at Boost Mobile in order to get your phone unlocked.
  • Can easily unlock boost mobile cell phone which is manufactured after 2015.
  • They have ways of dealing with the problems very carefully.
  • They are responsible and can also be held accountable for the service provided.
  • Customers of Boost Mobile are not confined but unlimited which makes them provide their service perfectly.
  • Stolen or misplaced phones cannot be unlocked.
  • Eligibility requirements are a must, which makes it a tough procedure.
  • It doesn’t provide its services for free.

2. Unlocking Your Phone

Boost mobile phones also provide services to the military as they have to relocate themselves a lot which makes it harder for them to get the signals everywhere.


  • Deployment proof will be needed for the military to get their phone unlocked by the Boost Mobile.
  • They can unlock boost mobile cell phones anytime and anywhere according to the locations authorized to them.
  • They have a strong database that has access to all of their phones sold.
  • The military doesn’t have to meet Boost Mobile’s requirement of eligibility.
  • Several 2 mobile phones can be unlocked which are related to the account of the military.
  • Not much time consuming for the military.
  • Only 2 cell phones can be unlocked in a year.
  • The problem of showing the deployment proof every time as the location changes for military men.
  • Due to the military attached to them, many customers avoid using their service.

3. Current Boost Customers

If the requirements stated above are met, and you are considered as the current customer by Boost, then there is a straightforward and simple process for you to follow.


  • We should make a call to boost service for the customers.
  • They will provide you with an unlocking code.
  • That code just needs to insert inside your phone to unlock it.
  • SIM card is necessary for the unlocking procedure.
  • This unlocking process takes only one day.
  • Only their active customers can avail of their service in one day.
  • Their customers are very loyal to them as per their services provided.
  • SIM card is needed to get your phone unlocked.
  • An active internet connection is also needed to use its Boost Mobile service.
  • It can take 2 or 3 days to unlock boost mobile cell phone if you are not on their installment plan.

4. Non Boost Customers

Those customers or users who are not included in the boost list have to go through a little tougher scenario while unlocking their mobile phones. But it not impossible to unlock the phone from Boost even if you are not their customer.


  • They provide services even to people who have not purchased a mobile phone from Boost.
  • If the proper procedure and guidelines are not followed, they won’t unlock your phone.
  • You have to provide the last connected or associated number of your mobile phone with the Boost.
  • You can easily get your mobile phone unlocked.
  • Customer service of Boost will help you out with the procedure.
  • It is a very time-consuming procedure for the non-Boost customers.
  • If the guidelines are not followed, your phone won’t be unlocked by Boost.
  • If you don’t have a bile associated number with a boost, then you have to make a contact with that person from whom you have purchased that phone.

5. Unlock It Free

You have to provide this number on the website when requested. They also have provided the number to check the IMEI number if anybody doesn’t know about it which is *#06#.


  • It requires your phone’s modal number.
  • It also requires origin or the country sometimes.
  • Coding list can be found at their websites.
  • It gives you the opportunity of trying different types of codes while unlocking.
  • 24/7 its customer service is available.
  • Their process is very long and lengthy.
  • Unlock it free uses an active internet connection.
  • Their service is not free.

6. Trycktill

Many types of different mobile phones can be unlocked through this software. Mobiles like Panasonic, Vitel, LG, Maxon, Siemens, and AEG can easily be unlocked through this software.


  • This software also uses IMEI number to unlock mobile phones.
  • Codes will be generated for the user to input and check if their mobile can be unlocked.
  • There are specific procedures that are to be followed.
  • Trycktill is very useful for mobile phone unlocking.
  • It is free of cost and doesn’t require any charges.
  • Easy and friendly user website.
  • They don’t ask for any personal information.
  • Limited to some mobiles, cannot be used by every mobile phone.
  • Agreements are to be accepted which consumes time.

7. Nokia Free

It is a very efficient software that doesn’t require any charges, the user just has to install the App which they have introduced and people can easily unlock their phones.


  • This App doesn’t have specific conditions to be met.
  • They require the origin or country, and the modal f your phone.
  • It is free for all Nokia users.
  • They help in unlocking the phone so that the user can easily switch themselves to other networks.
  • They don’t have much time-consuming procedure to be followed.
  • This Nokia-free software cannot be used any other mobile phones.
  • Their customer service is a little late.

8. Use A Third-Party Service

If by chance you cannot use boost mobile to unlock your cell phone, then there is another option that is to be used third-party service which will help you out in unlocking your cell phone.


  • Third parties are the best option in the replacement of the Boost mobile.
  • It can help you in getting another operating network in less than a day.
  • It is available at your service 24/7.
  • They can help you out in unlocking your phone.
  • They are considered as the best unlock software for users.
  • It is not free of cost.
  • It is a short but very detailed procedure.

Why Unlock Your Phone?

The benefits of unlocking are as diverse as the spectrum itself:

  • Freedom of Choice: Break free from carrier limitations and explore plans and promotions from other providers, potentially snagging better deals or wider coverage.
  • Travel Like a Pro: Say goodbye to expensive international roaming charges! A global SIM card in your unlocked phone can save you a fortune while globetrotting.
  • Sell Your Phone for More: Unlocked phones fetch a higher price in the resale market, making your switch even more financially rewarding.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the specific methods of unlocking your Boost Mobile phone:

Method 1: The Official Route – Free Unlocking Through Boost Mobile

If you’re a loyal Boost Mobile customer who has diligently fulfilled your contractual obligations, then unlocking directly through the carrier is your smoothest path. Here’s the eligibility checklist:

  • Minimum 12 months of active service: You’ve built a solid foundation of Boost Mobile loyalty.
  • Good standing: No outstanding bills or contract breaches.
  • Phone ownership: The phone belongs to you, not under a financed contract.
  • Device compatibility: Not all Boost Mobile phones are unlockable. Check their website or contact customer service for confirmation.

If you tick all the boxes, unlocking is a breeze! Simply:

  1. Contact Boost Mobile customer service: Dial 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848) or chat online.
  2. Verify your eligibility: Provide your phone’s IMEI number (dial *#06# to find it) and account details.
  3. Request the unlock: The friendly customer service rep will process your request.

Congratulations! Within a few business days, your phone will be free to roam across new carrier horizons.

Method 2: The Independent Spirit – Third-Party Unlocking Services

Not quite a year-long Boost veteran? Or maybe your specific phone model isn’t eligible for the official unlocking program? Fear not, independent unlocking services have your back. However, tread carefully:

  • Research thoroughly: Choose reputable unlocking providers with transparent pricing and positive customer reviews. Avoid shady websites with vague guarantees.
  • Know your phone’s model and carrier: Different unlocking methods exist for different phones and carriers. Ensure the service provider can handle your specific needs.
  • Backup your data: Unlocking processes can sometimes wipe your phone clean. Back up your precious data before embarking on this journey.

Once you’ve chosen a trustworthy provider, the process usually involves:

  1. Providing your phone’s IMEI number and model information.
  2. Making a payment to cover the unlocking fee. Costs vary depending on the service and phone model.
  3. Receiving an unlock code: Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a unique code to unlock your phone.
  4. Following the provider’s specific instructions: Each service may have a slightly different unlocking procedure. Follow the provided instructions carefully to avoid any hiccups.

Bonus Tip: Check online forums and communities dedicated to your specific phone model for detailed unlocking guides and recommendations for trusted providers.

Why Choose These Methods of Unlocking?

  • These above-mentioned methods are the best solution for your problem of unlocking the mobile phone and suggesting you Phones Compatible With Boost Mobile Service,
  • This software not only unlocks Android phones but also the iPhone.
  • The most compatible in iPhone mobiles is to unlock boost mobile iPhone 6.
  • This software helps you out to save you from paying money for different kinds of networks.
  • Many mobile companies don’t support this software of unlocking phones except for their own, and LG is one of them, so it is tough for LG users to unlock their mobile phones if they are blocked somewhere, or any incident happens.


Users should use this software to get rid of the annoying and irritating policies stated by their mobile phone companies. This process has been legalized all over the world for the betterment of the environment and society. Millions of people are crazy about this software, as this software has been helping thousands of people worldwide.

Rest assured, if you have this above-mentioned software, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Thinking of how to unlock boost mobile LG phone and unlock boost mobile iPhone 6 can be converted into reality from your mind. Unlocking phones for military use is the most useful thing for the country as well as the people of the country. It can help the military of the country to relocate to any of the new locations where they can easily contact their commander and can easily complete their mission without any problem.

The very main key point to be told is about the difference between the CDMA and GSM. Phones Compatible with Boost Mobile Service is also a CDMA that uses those types of digital numbers which is pre-installed inside the mobile phone and doesn’t require any other source. And the second GSM network which majorly relies on the SIM to choose different types of users.

According to the researches and the review and comments of the people, the end answer was that GSM networks are those networks that can easily use as removing the SIM card is not a hard thing to do. Any of the devices that are compatible with the mobile phones of AT&T and T-Mobile can very much easily be used almost both of the networks of GSM and CDMA.

In my point of view, if you are having these problems of unlocking mobile phones then information regarding the above-mentioned software is the absolute answer to your problems. So do use these unlocking software for your life to become easy regardless of their some cons, these unlocking software can be really helpful and can help you big time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is unlocking a phone?

Unlocking a phone means removing the carrier lock, which allows you to use the phone with any compatible carrier. This can be useful if you want to switch carriers, travel abroad, or sell your phone.

Is it legal to unlock a Boost Mobile phone?

Yes, it is legal to unlock a Boost Mobile phone as long as you meet the carrier’s unlocking policy. Boost Mobile will unlock your phone for free if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a current Boost Mobile customer in good standing for at least 12 months.
  • Your phone is not financed or under a contract.
  • You have paid off any early termination fees.

How much does it cost to unlock a Boost Mobile phone?

If you do not meet the requirements for free unlocking, Boost Mobile may charge you a fee to unlock your phone. The fee will vary depending on the type of phone you have and how long you have been a Boost Mobile customer.

How do I know if my Boost Mobile phone is eligible for unlocking?

You can check Boost Mobile’s unlocking policy on their website or by calling customer service.

How do I unlock my Boost Mobile phone?

There are two ways to unlock your Boost Mobile phone:

  • Contact Boost Mobile customer service. You can call Boost Mobile customer service at 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848) or chat with them online.
  • Use a third-party unlocking service. There are many third-party companies that offer to unlock phones for a fee. However, it is important to choose a reputable company, as there are many scams out there.

What do I need to unlock my Boost Mobile phone?

You will need to provide your phone’s IMEI number to Boost Mobile or the third-party unlocking service. You can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your phone.

How long does it take to unlock a Boost Mobile phone?

It usually takes a few days to unlock a Boost Mobile phone. However, it may take longer if you use a third-party unlocking service.

What happens if I try to unlock my Boost Mobile phone without authorization?

If you try to unlock your Boost Mobile phone without authorization, you may damage your phone or void your warranty.