Best Verizon Phone Deals for Existing Customers

Verizon phone deals for existing customers. Verizon Telecommunications company is based in New York City, the United States of America. It is among the world’s top telecommunication company that provides various services such as voice, data, video, and much more. The subsidiaries of Verizon are based in almost all the major states of America. Currently, it is serving as the best telecommunications corporations in the world. It is providing services in almost all parts of the world. Verizon Phone Deals existing customers are getting better every day.

This company is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. Ever since the company was founded, it has always been ranked on the top-performing company’s list in the world. The services don’t just limit to voice, data, and video but it has stretched its services in the fields of Entertainment, Technology, Information Technology, and Communication Systems as well. There are 2 things that are great about this company. It provides better network coverage and strength than its competitors. Now, you can get Verizon Phone deals for existing customers.

Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile are the biggest rivals of Verizon. However, Verizon has always managed to protect its place on the top telecommunications systems in the United States of America and major countries in the world. You will be astounded to experience the services offered by Verizon. The plans offered by Verizon are worth the amount. It may seem that you are paying a little extra amount for the plans as compared to the monthly plans of other network companies but you also get much more competitive services too, so it becomes justified.

Benefits of Verizon Phone Deals for Existing Customers

Obviously, the network coverage and network strength of Verizon is better than other networks. You might be a subscriber already or you might be thinking about availing of services from Verizon. There is something that Verizon offers better than its competitors – Assurance.

You will get assurance for all your concerns, expectations, queries, and discrepancies, resolved in a couple of moments. Verizon is capable of handling its customers better than any company. Used Verizon Phones for Sales is attracting the users big time.

  • The Messaging App : Verizon provides a messaging app that is used for sending unlimited messages all day long. Not just that, you can also send a message in different formats. It lets you send data eGift coupons that could be redeemed instantly or saved for later use. The app can be accessed from any android device. If you have a tablet, you can use it to make high-quality video calls through an advanced feature offered by Verizon. It is called Advanced Calling.
  • Online Goods : You have the option to purchase online goods up to $300 and add it with your monthly Verizon bill. This way you can borrow a worth of $300 credits in advance, in case of emergencies. Let us say you are buying online games, apps, or downloading movies and songs, you do not need to use your credit or debit card every time. Your monthly bill has a threshold of up to $300 which you can pay later. 
  • Smart Roadside Assistance : Verizon provides its subscribers with HUM App which is designed to assist the users while traveling. The user’s car will be equipped with this app. It provides notifications and alerts for crucial matters related to car maintenance, parking, and meter bill reminders, etc. The assistance is available 24/7. The service is absolutely complimentary with the Verizon monthly plans.
  • Making Savings with Verizon Discounts : The Verizon App has so many features and one of the features provides discounts on major retailers and small dinings. That is called Verizon Up Rewards. However, you will need to earn these rewards on a monthly basis. Then you will be able to enjoy the perks of these rewards. These rewards could be quite useful for people who like to make savings. You also get employee discounts on Verizon. For more details, you must visit Verizon’s official website and talk to customer care executives for additional information on Employee Discounts.
  • Secure Your Mobile Phone : VZ protect is the privilege given with every Verizon Device. It allows you to protect your phone from harmful malware, viruses, and bugs. You also have the option to insure your mobile phone with the Verizon Phone Deals For Existing Customers insurance policy. In case of any damage or repair, you have the option to replace or repair your phone.

Drawbacks of Verizon Phone Deals for Existing Customers

When it is about the quality in services, Verizon truly is one of the best and therefore, it is very hard to find flaws in the extremely well-performing networking carrier. There is only one single drawback that we can find and that is its pricing. The phones and monthly plans are both costly with Verizon.

Many people agree that Verizon network coverage and network strength are only slightly better than other network carriers but the monthly bills beg to differ in large numbers. That is the only reason why some people do not opt for Verizon Service. However, the monthly bill is justified by the excellent service provided by Verizon.

How Do We Choose Verizon Phone Deals for Existing Customers?

Choosing the best network carrier could be a little difficult but we can help you to choose the right network carrier. We can figure it out on the basis of some crucial factors that matter the most. The factors such as network coverage, network strength, online assistance, monthly plans, International plans, facilities, and stores. The quality of these factors is more or less the same as all the network carriers but if you put a closer look, you would be able to tell the differences very clearly and easily.

Based on these factors, we conducted an online and offline survey from the users. The customer reviews are the best way to find out the shortcomings, improvement areas and appreciating areas of every network carrier. Based on the data collected from the online surveys, personal observations, network testing, plan comparison and critical research we have concluded that Verizon is the top network service provider in the United States of America.

Important Things to Consider Before Availing the Verizon Service

Before you do anything, you must check out the official website of the network carriers one by one. Browse all the information about network carriers that you think are good. Check their monthly plans, phone prices, customer reviews, and service quality. Then compare these aspects one by one and finally, you can decide which is a better network carrier.

People are mainly concerned about getting the best services at an affordable price. For instance, Verizon is the best network carrier in terms of network coverage and network strength but it is much more expensive than other carriers. T-Mobile has better Data Speed than other networks. Sprint has the best network coverage area.

Therefore, you have to select what is best for you. If you are a person who gives more preference to network quality and online assistance over price, then Verizon is going to suit you best. Hence, you should be subscribing to the Verizon network carrier.

Top 5 Best Verizon Phone Deals For Existing Customers in The USA

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Verizon subscribers that are obsessed with high-tech and high-performing Verizon phones must be already aware of this extensive phone. It is currently the best Verizon phone on the market. Everyone is trying to lay their hands on this beautiful phone. It comes with astounding features that would blow your mind. There are currently 4 variants available and they come with different storage capacity, RAM, Camera Quality, and Display Size. You can choose any one of these devices as per your niche and requirements.


  • 108 MP Camera
  • 40 MP Front Camera
  • 16 GB RAM
  • SnapDragon 865 Chipset
  • Up to 512 Storage

  • Equipped with Maximum Number of Functionalities.
  • Strong Firmware.
  • Great Design.
  • Compact Structure.
  • Speedy User-Interface.

  • Too Expensive.
  • Prone to Bugs.
  • Unsatisfactory Cooling-System.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Note 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Note 5G

Samsung lovers would agree that they are much more inclined towards Note Series than Smartphones. Well, this time you will be getting 2 variants in Samsung Galaxy S20 Note Series – S20 Note and S20 Note Ultra. Both the devices are capable of extra-ordinary performances and manufacturers of these devices have made sure that you will get a mind-blowing experience. The users are trying their best to avail themselves of the best plans available on Verizon.


  • 108 MP Camera
  • 10 MP Front Camera
  • 12 GB RAM
  • Storage Up to 512 GB
  • Snapdragon 865 Processor Chipset
  • Sleek Design
  • Smooth Framework
  • Cool Interface.

  • The display comes with Authentic Ultra HD like never experienced before.
  • Newly added functionalities for better user experience.

  • Fragile Hardware.
  • High Maintenance.
  • Too Expensive.

3. Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12

The moment that every Verizon Subscriber has been waiting for. The Apple iPhone 12 Series has finally arrived in the market. Of course, iPhones are meant for being impervious to bugs, viruses, and malware scenarios. The all-new Apple iPhone 12 Series comes with 4 variants – iPhone 12 Mini, Normal iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Each of the devices is specially designed for the user’s needs. There are some cool features added to the phone that would blow the minds of the user big time.


  • 3 Cameras (Time of Flight Specification) with 12 MP
  • 12 MP Front Camera
  • 6GB RAM and storage up to 512 GB.

  • TOF (Time-of-Flight) Infrared Camera.
  • Impervious to Software Bugs and Viruses.
  • Strong User-Interface.
  • Enhanced Functionalities.

  • Too Expensive.
  • High-Maintenance.
  • Fragile Body and the Interface is not User-Friendly.

4. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Although Apple has released iPhone 12 Series at this moment the fever of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has not faded yet. Currently, the device is available in 4 colors – Silver, Gold, Midnight Green, and Space Gray. You can choose any color from these options. The performance of the device is absolutely fantastic and people are still learning and testing the full capacity of this device. Therefore, the demand for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is increasing day by day. This one is among the best Verizon iPhone Deals.


  • 6.5 Inches Display Size
  • Powered with iOS 13 Version
  • 18 Hours Battery Capacity
  • Enhanced Functionalities
  • Attractive Outer Design
  • 1.6GigaHertz Processor and Storage Capacity – 64 GB (Expandable up to 512 GB)

  • Extensive User-Interface.
  • Better Design.
  • Powerful Thermal Management System.
  • Strong Hardware.

  • Complex Operations.
  • Less User-Friendly.
  • Elaborative Security Protocols.
  • Limited Authentications.

5. Google Pixel 4a 5G

Google Pixel 4a 5G

If there is one phone that can compete with famous brands like iPhone and Samsung, that will be Google Pixel. The phone is specifically designed to provide an uninterrupted, smooth, and fast user-interface system for the user. The specifications are limited but that’s is for good cause. The device has received a lot of positive reviews among the users as the security protocols of the divide is much competitive and better than other devices of the same segment.


  • 6GB RAM and 128 GB ROM
  • 12 MP Back Camera
  • 8 MP Front Camera
  • Battery Lasts up to 26 Hours
  • Powered with Android 11 Operating System

  • Subtle Features.
  • Better Voice and Data Calling System.
  • Stronger User-Interface.
  • Immune to External Bugs and Viruses.

  • Limited Functionalities.
  • Quite Expensive and High Maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Verizon Really Worth It?

Yes, Verizon is currently the top network carrier in the world. If you are concerned about getting the best network coverage and strength, then Verizon should be the ideal choice for you. Currently, Verizon is providing better coverage than Sprint.

Can You Negotiate with Verizon?

No, the prices are fixed and you won’t be able to negotiate and reduce the prices allocated for mobile phones and plans but you can always seek assistance from customer care agents to find out the plans as per your requirements. They will be more than happy to help.

How Can I Lower My Verizon Monthly Bills?

There are few things that you can try to reduce your Verizon monthly bill such as opting for a family plan, skipping the insurance, keeping your phone for longer. The best way is to talk to the sales agent. The agent will analyze your requirements and fetch the cheapest available plan that suits your needs best.

Why Is Verizon First Bill So High?

The bills of new customers are always a little higher than the existing customers. You can reduce your monthly bill by opting for old customer plans over time.

Does Verizon Have A $30 Plan?

Yes, you can avail of a prepaid plan of $30 from Verizon but the services often change from time to time with the $30 plan. You will need to consult the sales representative to get the latest update on that plan. People also ask, “where to buy Verizon Phones Cheap” or “Verizon Flip Phones” too. You can find all these pieces of information under the drop-down menu labeled as “shop.”

Final Word

Hence, we have discussed all the aspects of Verizon Telecommunications Service today. By now, you must be aware of the extensive network carrier of the United States of America – Verizon phone deals for existing customers. We recommend you to visit the official website of Verizon to get accurate information about the latest Verizon phone deals for existing customers.