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What Is UICC Unlock Boost Mobile – Unlocking Process

If you are looking for hacks to unlock your Boost mobile phone, Google has landed you on the right page. This article educates you about how to UICC unlock your boost mobile. Generally, Boost mobiles don’t come locked. But, unlocking your boost mobile is essential to explore and experiment with different carriers to escape from getting stuck to one carrier for the rest of your life.

Unlocking boost mobile is absolutely free and you don’t have to pay even a single penny. However, third-party entities charge high prices to do it for you. But, this article guides you through a step-by-step process to UICC unlock your boost mobile that too for free.

What is UICC?

UICC is an abbreviated form of Universal Integrated Circuit Card. UICC is a SIM card that’s used in 3G network mobile phones and laptops. UICC SIM cards are usually associated and identified with your mobile phones. Hence, they store your phone’s contacts and establishes a reliable as well secure network connection.

This connection supports high-quality network connections and allows multi-media messaging. In addition to quality network connections, UICC offers global roaming along with additional services and appropriate applications.

UICC is the best international network provider that is compatible with all kinds of network handsets including 3G and 4G. UICC allows high-speed data transfer including transferring phone book data from one mobile to another.

UICC can be perceived as a smart card to put things into perspective. It is compatible with all telecom handsets. The only difference between conventional SIM card and UICC card is its size. Although UICC card is relatively smaller, it consists of a data storage unit, computer, software unit, and a microprocessor as well.

UICC is an advanced technology of GSM networks. GSM is the widely recognized and globally used wireless technology. More than 3 billion network subscribers use GSM in the world.

Similar to conventional SIM cards, UICC stores your personal contacts to regulate high call costs. But, unlike conventional SIM cards, UICC cards identify your mobile plans with certain wireless network providers. This optimizes the cost of calling, texting, and multimedia services a lot cheaper.

UICC also provides robust security mechanisms that keep third-parties unauthorized access at bay. This in turn helps in protecting your personal information stored in your mobile phone.

What does UICC Unlock Mean?

Smart phones are mostly UICC locked. It makes inserting or using different carriers difficult. This is done by network service providers to retain their existing customers and avoid them from hopping on to other carriers.

So, UICC unlock is used to break this barrier to freely use whichever carrier you wish to change to. However, despite unlocking your UICC, you cannot simply shift to every other network just because you have unlocked UICC. It just allows you to shift to a few other options available. But, access to all the carriers in the market is still difficult.

There are two methods of UICC unlock boost mobile. They include: MSL unlock and SIM unlock.

1. SIM unlock:

SIM unlock is the most prominently known and widely used method out of the two methods. Usually, smart phones manufactured post-2015 can be easily SIM unlocked. SIM unlock procedure is a relatively new and simple procedure. A little tweaking here and there in the programming of your mobile phone is what it all takes to SIM unlock your smart device.

Once the SIM unlock is done, you can insert and use other carriers in your smart phone. But, note that all carriers are not compatible with your device even after SIM unlocking.

2. MSL unlocking:

MSL unlock method is comparatively an age-old approach before SIM unlock method took over. While SIM unlock method tweaks the programming, MSL unlocking method removes the firmware that’s already installed on your handset. But, unlike SIM unlock method, MSL unlocking is complex. The firmware is uninstalled with the use of an MSL code. However, it requires your active participation. The MSL code must be manually entered by you.

Hence, SIM unlock method is more prevalently used as compared to MSL unlock method.

How to Unlock your UICC Boost Mobile Phone?

Now that you know what is what, let’s move onto the how part. We also know that UICC can be unlocked in two different methods. Let’s see how this works in practicality:

You may have to wait for two business days to UICC unlock your Boost Mobile. There are a few steps for you to take to ensure that the process goes uninterruptedly:

  • Do not eject your SIM card until and unless you have received the confirmation that your UICC has been unlocked.
  • Ensure that your phone’s battery doesn’t die and connected to a broadband network. Switching off your device or not connecting it to a network may interrupt the unlocking process.

Steps to unlock your UICC:

This article primarily focuses on UICC unlocking of boost handsets. Hence, the methods and steps recommended work well for Boost devices alone. Considering that you are scrolling this article to unlock your Boost device, the first and best step is to contact their customer service board directly.

Although this process may consume a bit more time, it is an effective method to get your work done:

Method 1:

  • STEP 1: Contact your Boost handset’s customer service cell. Call them or mail them about your grievance.
  • STEP 2: State or mention your concern clearly. Also, do not forget to mention the details of your handset and provide additional details that provide proofs that you are that device’s owner.
  • STEP 3: The customer service cell will inspect through your details and concerns. Once your ownership is verified, the unlocking process will begin from their end. It usually takes two business days. But it may take longer, given unpredictable and unseen circumstances.
  • STEP 4: Once the process is done, you will receive your network unlock code. The unlock code has to be entered manually by you. Once you enter the code, the unlock process finally begins.

Note: Before entering the code and beginning the unlocking process, you should consider backing up your device’s data to iCloud. Although UICC unlock process is easy, it may sometimes snatch or remove your information. In such cases, the backed up data will ensure that your data is not completely lost and helps you retain sensitive or essential data.

Once you have finished backing up your data, you can now finally begin the process and shift to the other carrier that you wish to.

The process is a tad bit different for Android users. You will have to check your UICC unlock status your device’s system updates. This feature is usually made available in the device settings. You may have to keep checking your UICC unlock status by repeatedly refreshing your settings. Once your handset is ready for unlock, you can change to a different carrier.

Method 2:

As has been explained above, method 1 takes a couple of days or more to unlock your Boost device. But, not everyone is so patient enough. In that case, method 2 can help you.

Method 2 is simpler and faster. There are a few unlocking services like DirectUnlocks that assist you in UICC unlocking your Boost devices within just 24 hours.

Services like DirectUnlocks work extensively on different carriers. Let us see how it works:

  • STEP 1: You need to submit your and your devices basic details like IMEI number.
  • STEP 2: Make the payment.
  • STEP 3: You may have to wait for a few hours after the payment is done. Unlocking experts will send the unlock code to your mobile.
  • STEP 4: You have to enter the code in your mobile. The unlocking procedure initiates itself, once you enter the code.

What is the Boost Mobile Phone Unlock Policy?

Boost mobiles usually come with UICC unlocked mechanism. It supports only Boost carriers. But, they can be unlocked and Boost has an unlock policy in place for it.

Here are the policy features:

  • You should be an active Boost handset user.
  • You should be able to prove that you are the owner of your Boost mobile.
  • You should be able to provide authentic details of your Boost account and prove the authenticity of the documents that are furnished.
  • Have an active Boost account.
  • You should posses a mobile phone that has an international unlock.
  • You should not have applied for unlocking in the same year.
  • You cannot apply for unlocking more than two times in a year.
  • You will be considered eligible for UICC unlock only if you have not applied for the unlocking procedure more than 2 times in the same year.

What are the Solutions for Unlocking Errors?

UICC unlocking is a reliable and sure shot procedure. But, errors are bound to creep in sometimes. There is no need to panic though. Here are a few solutions to all kinds of errors that occur during unlocking procedure:

1. Unable to change UICC service provider?

Follow the below steps.

  • Go to system apps followed by settings and Apps.
  • Select the option “Silent and minimized” that can be found under notification style section. Notification style can be seen in OMADM menu.
  • Go back to OMADM menu. Make sure that system change settings are set to “not allowed.”
  • Go to Boost OMADM phone interface and ensure that system settings are set to “not allowed.”

That’s it, your problem is solved.

2. You can use only your current UICC carrier with this device:

If you have seen this message, it probably means that your device hasn’t been unlocked. You may have to use any of the above mentioned methods to get rid of this annoying text.

3. Text saying that your handset has been successfully unlocked:

This is a positive message though. Be happy that you have received it. This means that your device is successfully unlocked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Boost phones come UICC unlocked?

No. Boost phones come UICC locked like many other smart phones. Usually, Boost phones are restricted to Boost networks alone. Hence, you may have to follow the UICC unlock procedure to shift to other carriers.

Do Boost services UICC unlock devices belonging to different carriers?

No. Boost services are restricted to Boost devices alone. They are currently certified to work on their own network. Hence, you may have to contact the exact service provider.

Can unlocked Boost phone be shifted back to Boost carrier?

Boost carriers can unlock their devices. But, they are pretty unclear about shifting back to Boost carriers. If you still wish to change back to Boost carriers, you may have to go through their terms and policies.

Can I unlock my Boost device despite my device not fulfilling their unlock policies?

If your device doesn’t fit into the policy requirements of Boost, you can still choose to unlock your phone. In such cases, DISH wireless helps the users with unlocking services with MSL unlocking procedure. However, try contacting Boost customer care if you can approach this method.

What is the difference between locked and unlocked Boost devices?

Boost locked phones are determined to work on pre-set carriers alone. They are not compatible with different carriers. But, Boost unlock phones, on the other hand, are compatible with different kinds of carriers and you can shift to other carriers other than Boost carriers.


There you go! That’s a comprehensive guide to unlock your UICC locked Boost Mobile. The article has guided you through what is UICC, Boost unlock policy, to the methods of UICC unlocking your Boost device. It has also touched up on providing solutions to errors that frequently occur during this process, while also answering a few frequently asked questions.

Unlocking of Boost phone is not a complicated process at all. It’s a no sweat process. Just follow the above steps and you are good to go. It requires your minimum intervention and everything else is taken care by your professionals. Once your phone is unlocked, you can happily shift to other carriers and enjoy uninterrupted services.