Best Cheapest Phone Plans for Two Lines

There are several wireless service providers in the united states of America, and they offer great deals and the cheapest phone plans for two. Some service providers work with the government to provide the best free plans, while some others are best for the text and calling rates. Some others are best for issuing data plans. These companies are here to provide a connection to American citizens. In this article, we have included the Cell Phone Plans Comparison Chart.

Most of the company such as AT&T and Verizon have offered plans that allow users to get cheaper plans if they chose two lines. Due to these offers, the cutthroat competition is increasing rapidly. That is why many other service providers are offering features. It is very possible that you might be seeking for Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans. All four major carriers offer unlimited mobile hotspot plans in the united states of America.

If you are looking for a cheaper 2 lines plan then there is no worry because we have included an in-depth review and user’s guide to help you. You will find information about Verizon, AT&T, cell phone plans with sprint, and many more.

10 Best Cheapest Phone Plans for Two Lines

1. Cricket Wireless

Cricket is a wireless company that is popular for launching its cheaper text and talk plans. It is a subsidiary of Network providing giant, AT&T. Its calling and wireless plans are very teacher and You will not complain about their services. There I also a plus point with service that there is no hidden service fee on a credit check. You will get very reliable connectivity because it is based on the AT&T transmitters and plans.


  • The overall price for the additional one line (total 3 lines) is $90 and you will get unlimited talk, text, and 15 GB data.
  • In case you want 20GB data then you have to pay $110 for four lines.
  • You can also get unlimited data but it is somewhat expensive. The cost of four lines and unlimited data is $100/month.
  • The main drawback of the cricket is that you can only get the data speed up to 3Mbps. However, you can opt for the 20GB plan at just $110/month. After the end of the data, the speed of your plan will be the same.

2. Verizon Wireless

Verizon is undoubtedly the best network in the Us due to its availability and unmatched reliability. It is one of the cheapest phone plans for two. It offers various cheap plans for 2-line phones. So, it is the most preferred network carrier for millions of satisfied customers. Their plans are divided into different parts:


  • Start an unlimited family plan: You will get a 4-line connection and unlimited data/month at just $140. The most impressive thing is that there are no data caps with this plan.
  • Play more family plan from Verizon: These plans come with many additional features that the user would love. In case, you are a heavy online gamer, huge fan of HD movies, and videos then this plan is created for you. You will get a 15GB allowance and free unlimited calls and texts across Canada and Mexico. You have to pay only $180/month which is very cheaper.
  • Do more plan(unlimited) from Verizon: It includes more cool and exciting features in comparison to the play more plan because you will get unlimited text, calling, and 50GB data limit, and faster speed in comparison to the play more plan. After the end of the 50Gb data, your speed will be decreased to the speed of the Play more plan.
  • Get more plan by Verizon: If you are ready to speed the $220/month then you can enjoy the get more plan which allows you to spend the 30GB hotspot data and 500GB cloud storage of Verizon additionally.

3. AT&T Mobile

When it comes to the popularity the AT&T comes just after Verizon. Their plans are divided into two parts:

Unlimited and More:

You will get unlimited data but the hotspot is not included.

  • The single-line price is $80/month.
  • Two lines the price is $145/month.
  • Three lines the price is $165/month.
  • Four lines the price is $180/month.

Unlimited and more plan:

You will get the 15Gb hotspot with high speed and HD video streaming from several companies included with this plan. The price details of this plan are given below:

  • 1 line at $90/month.
  • 2 lines cost $170 per month.
  • 3 lines cost $190/month.
  • 4 lines at $210/month.

4. Sprint Mobile

In case you are tight on budget then the sprint is the best choic3 for you because it offers great network coverage and their unlocked phones are amazing. There are mainly 3 categories valuable namely: Unlimited plus family, unlimited premium family, and unlimited basic family plan.

Plus Family Plan by Sprint:

It comes with amazing features such as a 50GB hotspot (data). Global roaming, unlimited HD video streaming, and tidal and Hulu are included with this plan.

The Price Details of this Plan are given below:

  • 1 line at $60
  • 2 line at $100
  • 3 line at $100
  • 4 line at $100

Basic Family Plan by Sprint:

  • You will get the Hulu and tidal subscription and 5 GB data in Mexico and Canada.
  • You can get the 1 line at $60.
  • 2 to 4 lines at $100.

Unlimited Premium Plan by Sprint:

It includes amazon prime, Hulu, Tidal, etc. subscription. Also, you will get unlimited data in Mexico and Canada with a 100GB mobile hotspot.

  • It is a little bit expensive in comparison to the plus plan.

The Price Details of this Plan are given below:

  • A single line at $80/month
  • Two-line at $120/month
  • Three lines at $130/month
  • Four lines at $140/month

5. MetroPCS

Metro Pcs is a very affordable yet reliable service provider. That is why it is so popular among millions of satisfied users. It is one of the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything. The plans for two lines are divided into 3 parts that are $40 unlimited plan, $50 unlimited plan, and $60 unlimited plan.

The Price Details of this Plan are given below:

  • $50 unlimited plan: With this plan, you will get unlimited talk and unlimited texting facilities. You will also get data for the entire month. For one line the cost is $50 while for 4lines you have to pay $140.
  • $40 unlimited plan: This is a basic plan incursion to the prior but in just $40 you will get 40Gb data. The standard cost for four lines is $130/month.
  • $60 unlimited plan: It is the most decisive plan where you will
  • Get everything unlimited at just $150 for 4 lines: It is a super reliable and extremely stable network. You have to pay for what is advertised. There is no hidden fee. You will get an instant $5 off via paper billing.

6. T-Mobile

You will get the best rate in case you want 2 or more lines. It is one of the most popular network providers in the united states.

The price details of this plan are given below:

  • 1 line at $ 70/month
  • 2 line at $120/month
  • 3 line at $140/month
  • 4 line at $160/month

You will also get the unlimited HD streaming and hotspot for mobile with each plan.

7. US Cellular

Us cellular also offers basic plans for 2 or more plans. It also offers cheaper plans which are ideal for small business or home.

The price details of this plan are given below:

  • 1 line at $65/month
  • 2 line at $95/month
  • 3 line at $125/month
  • 4 line at $130/month

They also have the program in which you will get the $10 in case you don’t cross the 36GB limit.

8. Simple Mobile

It is the subsidiary of the T-Mobile and you will get the best affordable plans for 2 lines. You have to pay only $75/month for unlimited everything. The best thing about it is that you will get data caps free plans. Simple mobile is under T-Mobile, and it offers the best value for using 2 lines. You are only likely to pay around $75 per month for unlimited talk, text, free global roaming in a country.

9. FreedomPop

You can sign up to lines with this carrier. It offers unlimited text and calling. It the cheapest carrier because in case you want to use a 2-line plan then you have to spend only $10. There is a very reliable and stable network. It is the cheapest phone plans for one person,

10. Ting

This carrier allows its user to fully customise their plans. In case they want 4 lines then they have to pay only $84/month and they will get 2100 Minutes, 2GB Data, and 1000 SMS. It is a cheap cell phone service.

Important Factors and Features to Consider Before Choosing a Cheapest Phone Plans for Two Lines

It is very important for you to consider some factors before Choosing any 2-line plans because it will allow choosing the only plan that can fulfil your needs.

  • Network Coverage: It is one of the most important factors because your network should readily available in your area. If you are living in a rural area then you can choose from big four carriers or any area-specific service provider.
  • Your Budget: This factor is important because it will decide the amount of allotted data in the lines you choose. In case you want unlimited data then you have to pay the additional money for that. Therefore, you should always choose the plan that is under your budget.
  • Speed: The speed of the internet connection provided by the carrier is also a crucial factor. Your business and personal activities depend upon the fast speed of the internet. For smooth and effortless performance, the speed of your internet connection should be fast.
  • Reliability: Your plan should be very reliable because your important tasks and business activities depend upon the reliability of your network. Your internet should be reliable because with our consistent connection your plan will not perform well.

Bottom Line

In brief, around 60% of the population of the United States of America has access to mobile service. There are a few carriers that offer free government mobile service. On the other hand, other service providers offer monthly plans. You can easily shift from plan to another plan to save your hard money. Besides the best deal, you should also consider the availability and reliability of the desired network. Big Five carriers are more than sufficient to give you an affordable mobile network.

In case, you are seeking the cheapest and most reliable plan for 2 lines, then you should choose the carrier that can fulfil your needs and requirement.

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