How to Unlock a Phone from US Cellular

In modern age society, unlock US cellular phone are one of the basic necessities of people. These cell phones are considered one of the most useful and important innovations of all time. Cell phones help people to stay connected to each other no matter where ever they live. In addition, cell phones require some specific service providers to transmit signals, these signals help you to connect to the other person even if he is on some other continents.

The cell phone has connected people just like they are a call away. Cell phones were considered to be a luxury back then but now it has become a basic need of every person. But some people still find it difficult to purchase cell phones as they are expensive. In America, different companies help you to pay for your phone, so they have locked your phone to work with that specific carrier.

This might be useful for the company, but users have to pay more for the plans offered by the company. Users can not change their service providers and they are bound to use specific services for everyday use. Moreover, users are not even allowed to use their phones outside the United States due to the restricted region limitations. So, users must purchase some clearance unlocked cell phones to use them with all service providers.

A few clients can’t buy new Cell phones every now and then, so how will they change their service carriers or how will they travel with their bolted cell phones? Well! The answer to your questions is that; even there is a chance that you can’t buy the unlocked phone you can unlock boost mobile cell phones without any help all by yourself. Users can also unlock their phones to work with different carriers.

These carriers include Sprint, AT&T, sprint Us Cellular. One must know how to unlock sprint phones?. How to unlock AT&T phones and how to unlock US cellular phones?. If you want to unlock your phone from one specific carrier, you must know different methods that are required to unlock that cell phone. Moreover, users also know the prerequisites that are required to unlock any phone.

Some of the basic methods to unlock US cellular phone and some prerequisites to these methods that must be followed.

How to Unlock a Phone from US Cellular: Unlocking Process

It is one of the most effortless techniques among all or above of all its costs you nothing. In the process of unlocking your phone make sure that you are eligible, satisfying the requirements and your record is in a “great standing” position, you can without much of a stretch unlock your phone.

So, in order to unlock your cell phone, you need to pursue the described methodology:

  • Visit the website of the required service provider.
  • Login to the account.
  • Navigate the webpages to unlock the phone tab.
  • Enter the details about your phone that are required.
  • Select the version of your phone from the drop-down list.
  • Unlock your phone by following the procedure.

Method 1: Using IEMI Number

If you want to unlock your phone from us cellular, to use it on any other network you have to break the CDMA for that. CDMA prevents your system software to accept any other connection from other service providers. In order to unlock your phone from this service provider, you just need to have your IEMI number.

This IEMI number provides you information about the software of your mobile. So that you can have complete information about your phone and you’ll know what code to apply for a specific subscription.

In order to unlock your phone you have to go through the following step:

  • Get your IEMI number which is almost 15- 17 digits long by dialing the *#06# for getting the information about the software.
  • Search for one CDMA breaker code that might be available online.
  • You will get this software at $400 and more. After purchasing this software, you have to install this software on your laptop. You have followed the instruction shown by the software itself during the installation process. Make sure that you restart your computer after installing it.
  • Now connect your device to your laptop using a cable so that you can unlock your cell phone.
  • Enter the IEMI number to your laptop when the device is being accepted by your laptop.
  • After getting the verification, the software will ask you to enter the code that has been provided to you before. After entering the code you will get a notification that your phone has been unlocked and you will be able free to use them with other service providers.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Services

If you want to unlock your phone using a third party, it is almost the same process for the phones and service providers. You have to search for a reliable third party. You have to hire a third party, to provide you code for unlocking your phone.

The most common method for unlocking a phone is that have to pay them from their website and in exchange they provide you with unlocking code through email. Sometime these third parties may be scammers and you might receive your code.

So, you must be careful before choosing the third party services. If you get a good recommendation for a third party, it will be the best way to unlock your phone.

Method 3: Using DoctorSIM

Doctor Sim is phone unlocking software that is used to unlock the phone from US cellular to other service providers. If you want to unlock your phone, you have to register yourself to their website, after registering yourself, enter the details about your carrier, your phone model and IEMI number of your devices.

They will provide you a code to unlock your phone. To get this code you have to pay them through their website. After payment, they will send you the code via email. Use the provided code in your cell phone and your cell will be unblocked.

If you have any difficulty in unlocking your phone or following the required position, you can ask for help from their online help representative. This software unlocks your sim for good. Moreover, this software provides you a discount on unlocking more than 5 cell phones at one time.

Method 4: Using CellUnlocker.Net

If you want to unlock your US cellular phone, is the best software to do so. Cell Unlocker does not provide you code for free but they surely provide you different methods to get a free code. Moreover, they also provide you a discounted price for unlocking codes.

This a secure and easy-to-use method. This software unlocks your phone to use any carrier all over the world and it will be possible for you to change your carrier as many times as you can.

Method 5: Using Customer Care

The company allows you to unlock your phone from its website if you are prepaid of even a postpaid customer. The company has only one requirement the account must be in running position for the last 12 months.

If you want to unlock your phone you have followed a simple procedure:

  • Call the customer care center by dialing; 888-944-9400
  • Follow the instructions given by the representative and provide them with the information that is required to unlock your phone.
  • According to your device version, the representative will provide you a code that will unlock your phone.
  • Apply the unlocking code in your phone
  • Your phone is Unlocked.

Check List Before Unlocking US Cellular Device

If you want to unlock your phone you might consider some prerequisites to that. Unlocking your phone isn’t an easy task. It is a long process which might take hours and long call to customer service representor. So, it is suggested that you must not leave your carrier until or unless your phone is locked. Before unlocking the phone, you must require some important information.

You will not be able to unlock the cell phone if you do not have this information:

  • Complete information on the account holder.
  • IEMI number of their cell phones.
  • Their personal number provided by the company.
  • Social security number.
  • Their complete contract or plan with the service provider company.

If you get all this information, you will be able to unlock your phone.

How to Make sure that my Cell Phone is Unlocked or Not?

If you want to know whether your cell phone is locked or not go through some simple steps:

  • Turn off your cell phone and remove the sim card from your phone
  • Now enter a sim card from some other carriers
  • Now turn on your cell phone.
  • If your services are working fine (making a phone call or sending a message), your phone has been successfully unlocked.


Changing your phone from one carrier to another carrier is a tiring task for most of the users. Different network carriers like AT&T, Sprint, or CDMA GSM are not suitable for all the devices. You can unlock your phone using different methods, but this may lead you to some inconveniences i.e. disability of some specific features. So, you may say that unlocking if your phone depends on what device you are using.

So, in spite of unlocking your phone, you are suggested to purchase an unlocked phone all the way from a manufacturer. Purchasing a phone may be a costly step, but it can save you from the added up price of unlocking codes. Moreover, you can save a lot of money from switching to different carriers to save money by availing suitable plans from all carriers.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I unlock my US Cellular phone by the straight talk method?

Yes, you can unlock your phone with a straight talk and starter plan. You have to call the customer care to unlock your phone. The customer care representative will provide you with a code even if you have some balance due in your account.

Am I allowed to use an unlocked phone with US cellular?

Yes, if you unlock any phone regardless of the version you are able to activate any required service providers on it. The unlocking phone helps you so that you can shift to any carrier of your choice.

Why some unlock codes are expensive than others?

Prices of unlocking codes depend on the features of your phone: version, operating system, and the age of your phone. Sometime it may depend on the needs of the customers. If you are eligible for the company requirements, you may get the code for a discounted price. But if you are not eligible and still want to unlock your phone, you have to purchase it directly from the manufacturer or from third party services. In both these cases, these codes are expensive than that from the company.

How to find out that your phone is GSM or CDMA??

If your phone requires a sim card that can be transferred from one phone to another and holds all the information about your number, then your phone is a GSM device. If your phone does not require any SIM card to hold information about the carrier, your phone is a CDMA device.