15 Best Free Phone Tracker by Number: Locate Your Lost Phone Easily

Losing a phone or worrying about family can be stressful. Every year, millions misplace their phones, and parents often need to keep tabs on kids for safety. Our guide lists the top 15 free phone trackers that make finding your device and loved ones easy.

Dive in to discover peace of mind!

Key Takeaways

  • You can use free apps like Phone Tracker By Number and GPS Family Locator & Tracker to find where your phone or family members are.
  • Truecaller not only shows who’s calling but also allows tracking of phone numbers for extra safety.
  • Online tools such as NumberGuru and Yotracker offer easy ways to track a phone’s location without installing an app.
  • Third-party apps like Mobile Number Locator give real-time, accurate locations of mobile phones using their numbers.
  • In case your phone is lost or stolen, online GPS trackers can show you exactly where it is.

Understanding Phone Tracking by Number

Phone tracking by number is a method of locating a phone’s whereabouts using its unique mobile number. It is important for ensuring the safety and security of loved ones, as well as being able to locate lost or stolen phones.

What is phone tracking by number?

Tracking a phone by its number means finding where it is. This can help you find a lost phone or know where your family members are. The tracking works using GPS that’s in most phones today; this tells you the phone’s location on a map.

Safety and security are big reasons why people track phones. Parents might want to make sure their kids are safe at school or with friends. If a phone gets lost, tracking can help get it back quickly without trouble.

Tracking can also let friends share locations with each other when they meet up.

Importance of phone tracking for safety and security

Now that we understand what phone tracking by number is, let’s delve into its importance for safety and security. Phone tracking provides a crucial tool to locate lost or stolen phones, ensuring the safety of personal data and preventing misuse.

It also offers peace of mind when it comes to keeping track of loved ones, especially children and elderly family members. In emergency situations, such as accidents or getting lost in unfamiliar areas, phone tracking can be a lifesaving feature for swiftly pinpointing a person’s location.

Additionally, in cases of fleet management or business use, phone tracking ensures the security of company assets and employees on the move. By being able to monitor live locations through GPS tracking apps, it helps safeguard against unauthorized use or potential risks faced by employees while in transit.

Best Free Phone Tracker Apps

Discover the top free phone tracker apps that can help you locate your lost phone or keep track of your loved ones. These apps offer reliable and accurate location tracking to ensure safety and security for you and your family.

Phone Tracker By Number

Find your lost phone or keep track of your loved ones with the Phone Tracker By Number app. Simply enter the mobile number and get real-time location updates using GPS technology. This user-friendly app provides accurate location tracking, ensuring safety and security for you and your family.

With its simple interface and reliable performance, Phone Tracker By Number is a must-have tool for anyone looking to stay connected and informed about their loved ones’ whereabouts.

GPS Family Locator & Tracker

GPS Family Locator & Tracker is a convenient app that helps you keep track of your loved ones’ whereabouts. This user-friendly tool allows real-time location tracking, ensuring peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

With this app, you can set up safe zones and receive alerts when family members enter or leave these designated areas.

The GPS Family Locator & Tracker also provides the option to share your own location with others and communicate via text or voice messages within the app. It’s a valuable tool for staying connected and ensuring the safety of everyone in your family circle.

Family Locator

One useful tool for tracking the location of your family members is a Family Locator app. With this app, you can easily keep track of the whereabouts of your loved ones, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

It allows you to see their real-time location on a map, set up safe zones, receive alerts when they arrive or leave specific places, and even communicate through messages all within the app.

A Family Locator helps in staying connected with family members, especially children or elderly parents. In case of an emergency or if they are unreachable by phone call, knowing their exact location provides a sense of security.

Some apps offer additional features like battery alerts so that you know when someone’s phone is running low on battery while they are out and about. By utilizing these apps responsibly, you can ensure more effective communication and better safety for everyone involved.

Truecaller App

Truecaller is a popular app that helps identify unknown numbers and block spam calls. It also has a built-in feature for number tracking, allowing users to see the location of incoming calls.

This can be useful for finding lost phones or keeping track of family members’ whereabouts. With its simple interface and powerful features, Truecaller is a handy tool for phone tracking and ensuring safety.

Moving on to “Mobile Number Tracker Pro“, another great option for locating lost phones and loved ones easily.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

Moving on from Truecaller, another highly effective tool for tracking phone numbers is Mobile Number Tracker Pro. This app provides real-time tracking with GPS location services, making it easier to locate lost phones or track the whereabouts of loved ones.

With its user-friendly interface and accurate results, Mobile Number Tracker Pro stands out as an essential tool for maintaining safety and security through phone location tracking.

How to Track Phone Numbers Online for Free

There are several online platforms and apps that allow you to track phone numbers for free, such as Truecaller, NumberGuru, Yotracker, and Online GPS Phone Tracker. These tools can help you locate a lost phone or keep track of your loved ones’ whereabouts.


Truecaller is a widely used app that helps identify unknown numbers and block unwanted calls. It offers a phone number lookup service, allowing users to see the names of callers even if they are not saved in their contacts list.

Additionally, Truecaller provides spam call detection and blocking features to safeguard users from telemarketers and potential fraudsters. This app also enables location sharing with friends and family, adding an element of safety through real-time location tracking.

With its geolocation capabilities, Truecaller contributes to finding lost or misplaced phones by displaying the last known location on a map. By leveraging the community’s database of contact details, the app serves as an effective tool for locating loved ones or stolen devices.


NumberGuru is a helpful online tool that allows you to track phone numbers for free. With NumberGuru, you can easily find out the identity of unknown callers and get details about their location.

This app provides real-time tracking information, making it easier to locate your lost phone or keep an eye on your loved ones’ whereabouts.

Using NumberGuru simplifies the process of tracking phone numbers and ensures that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information. Whether you’re trying to locate a lost device or ensure the safety of your family members, NumberGuru offers a convenient solution for all your tracking needs.


Now, let’s talk about Yotracker. This is a user-friendly app that allows you to track the location of your loved ones and your phone in real-time. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use for locating lost or stolen phones and keeping an eye on family members.

You can also set up geofencing alerts to receive notifications when someone enters or leaves a designated area, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind. With Yotracker, you can stay connected with your family and ensure everyone’s safety at all times.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

If you’re looking to track a phone’s location in real-time, consider using an online GPS phone tracker. These apps allow you to pinpoint the exact location of a mobile device through GPS technology.

It’s especially useful for locating lost or stolen phones and ensuring the safety of loved ones by tracking their whereabouts. Many online GPS phone trackers also offer additional features such as geofencing and location history, making it easier to monitor and manage multiple devices.

One popular option for an online GPS phone tracker is the “Find My Device” feature offered by most smartphone operating systems. This built-in tool allows users to remotely locate, lock, or erase data from their device in case it goes missing.

Additionally, there are third-party apps available that provide similar functionalities with added features like real-time tracking and notification alerts. Utilizing an online GPS phone tracker can significantly enhance your ability to keep track of important devices and ensure peace of mind regarding their whereabouts.

How to Track Phone Numbers Using Third-Party Apps

Simply download and install the Mobile Number Locator app to easily track phone numbers using third-party apps. Read on to discover more free phone tracker options for locating your lost phone and loved ones effortlessly.

Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator is a user-friendly app that helps you track the location of any mobile phone number. You can easily find the live location of your loved ones or lost phones using this app.

It provides accurate and real-time tracking, making it convenient for ensuring the safety and security of your family members.

This Mobile Number Locator offers seamless GPS tracking services, helping you to locate mobile devices with precision. Whether you need to keep an eye on family members for their safety or track a lost phone, this app simplifies the process with its efficient and reliable features.


In conclusion, tracking a phone number for free is possible with various apps and online tools. Whether you want to locate your lost phone or keep an eye on your loved ones for safety, these options offer easy solutions.

By using the best free phone tracker by number, you can ensure peace of mind and quick recovery in case of any mishaps. Embrace the power of technology to stay connected and protected at all times.

With these tools at your disposal, tracking phones has never been easier or more accessible.


What is a free phone tracker by number?

A free phone tracker by number is an app that uses GPS to find your lost phone or keep track of where your family members are in real time.

Can I use these apps for tracking more than one person?

Yes, family location tracking apps let you see where all your loved ones are at once, keeping everyone safe.

Are there any mobile trackers that can help manage a fleet of vehicles?

Fleet tracking apps are made for businesses to watch over their trucks and cars on the road using mobile device tracking.

Do cell phone trackers work if the phone is turned off?

Most cell phone trackers need the lost phone to be on and have a signal for live tracking but some can show the last known location before it was turned off.

Is it legal to use spy apps for tracking someone’s location?

Using spy apps might not be legal unless you have permission from the person you want to track with the cell phone spying tool, so always check rules first.

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