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How To Find Out Personal Information About Someone For Free

On the internet, you can find a lot of information about man things. Finding people on the internet is not much difficult for people due to the unlimited resources/information present on the internet. Before accepting the fact of information, you have to ensure that the collected information is valid and useful. One of the drawbacks linked with the internet is that the entire piece of information may not be accurate.

Most of the information can be a fraud, as anything can be uploaded on the internet. You just have to find the right type of information along with the website in order to have a free insight about the people’s personal information.

Best 3 Steps to Search People Online

Step 1: Compile the information:

It is always better for you to list down the required information with you. The information comprises of name, gender, location, state, age, job (employed / unemployed) family members, married/unmarried, kids, etc. It will still provide you the results if you have limited information with you.

Step 2: Look for the appropriate website:

Open the website you want to. It can be any of the websites linked with private information about a person. Type the first name, last name, city, and state (if possible) in the search box. Once the result appears, search for the person you are looking for. You can either search with the first name or the last name.

Step 3: Look for the information that does not cost you an arm and leg:

Once all the options have appeared in front of you, look for the family web pages on the websites such as Clusty, Google, and Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr or any other. These websites will provide you with plenty of information.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Detailed information.ontent

  • Search according to the requirements.

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Helpful Websites to Find Out Personal Information About Someone for Free

How To Find Out Personal Information About Someone For Free

1. Pipl People Search

Pipl People Search is another website which is being used by many people around the world, from where they can get free information about anyone. The information obtained from this website is quite impressive. It conducts a deep search from different websites such as Sound Cloud, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Last. FM or others. Pipl not only gives you the name but also highlights the family members, address, phone numbers, and the job where you are currently employed. To avail of all these services, log in to Pipl.


  • Impressive results.
  • Collects information from multiple websites.
  • Information is freely available.

  • Sign in to get all the information.

2. Zabasearch

Zabasearch is a well-known and most widely used searching website that provides you with a lot of data. This website provides you with information from different website forums or records available online. The records include Yellow Pages, court records, voters registration information list,s or others. The website offers you to enlist the people search options according to the need. Moreover, the information is available without incurring any cost. Before reaching the paid option, you should utilize all the freely available options on this website.


  • Impressive search.
  • Plenty of information.

  • All information is not free.

3. True People Search

True people search is also a freely available website which is providing people with good and impressive results. The information result is entirely dependent on the place where you are located. The people residing in United States can effectively use this tool as it provides them with information such as name, phone numbers (new and old), locality, and the address (current and previous),


  • A lot of information about the person.
  • A great tool to use.
  • Information is genuine.
  • Free of cost.

  • Information is limited according to the locality.
  • Not used globally.

4. Been Verified

Been Verified is a website that provides you with the information for free and it has been listed as a top source on “The eBusiness Guide”. As per the Top Ten Reviews, it provides accurate information about the person. On Been Verified you can search information according to name, phone number, location, property address, or email.

You can even further narrow down the information on this website. The website also provides you with the information according to age, city, or the initial/middle name of the individual. The basic information on this website is available for free. On this website, the basic information may not be much comprehensive as compared to the other websites. Lastly, you can sign in to BeenVerified to enjoy the services.


  • Information is genuine.
  • Listed as a top website in “The eBusiness Guide”.
  • Basic information is available freely.

  • Less comprehensive information.
  • Sign in to get all the information.

5. Google Groups

Google Groups are the most effective and powerful tool for finding someone for free on the net. This forum provides you with all the basic history of the person, which includes the school/university last attended. Google Groups has more than 80 million Usenet data stored at its back end. This helps to highlight all the particulars of the person. Even the time the person was active on the internet is also updated on Google’s database.


  • Powerful tool.
  • Available for free.
  • Update information about the person.

  • Inactive profiles are created.

6. Peek You

Some of the search engines only give basic information apart from the entire information. PeekYou is known for extracting information from different social platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or others. It has always given us the needful results. Lastly, at times, it can mix the search results due to the similarity of names. PeekYou has also added a new feature to its website which is linked with the middle name initial.


  • Most widely used search engine.
  • Extract data from other social media sites.
  • Middle name feature.

  • Mix up the results due to similar names or others.
  • Data can be inaccurate.

7. LinkedIn

It has become quite easy for people to look for other people in their circle or in any other location. For such a search, LinkedIn is another tool. It is a super-effective tool which helps you to find people living in different localities. LinkedIn is being used as an alternative to Facebook. A lot of members are linked on this forum, from where you can search people. The information is available free of cost. This option is feasible for those who are looking for some job opportunities or are currently employed. Through LinkedIn, you can link with other people too.


  • Handy information.
  • Information is available freely.
  • Accessible at any time.
  • Detailed information about the person.

  • Useful from a job perspective only.
  • An alternate to Facebook.

8. Find People Search

Find people search also provides you with the basic information about some people. This information is helpful only when you want to know about someone. The information uploaded on this website is quite extensive and useful. People residing in the United States can opt for this facility as the information is of great use for them. On the other hand, you can also get information about the family such as sister, brother, cousin, uncle or aunt.


  • Detailed information about the person.
  • Extensive information.
  • Useful forum.
  • Gives basic information also.

  • Not internationally applicable.

9. Family Tree Now

There many websites through which you can get a lot of information about someone. For each website, the process for obtaining the information is different. The information uploaded on the website is according to the terms and conditions of the privacy laws and the policies. Once you search about a specific person, you will get the information about the address, phone number, location, relatives, etc. the Family tree now website provides you with information regarding the person’s family.


  • Information about the family.
  • Genuine information.

  • Obtaining information process is different.
  • Time-taking process.

10. Google

Google is another tool through which you can obtain information about an individual. The information on this platform is free of cost. Make sure the following points are taken into account while searching for information on Google.

  • List the person’s name in quotes.
  • Google searches information linked with the person’s full name.
  • Enlist all the information about the person.
  • Search the information about the person where he/she is working.

Google is known as the best platform for accessing information from different websites. Google even directs the person to those websites which were used in the past and do not exist now.


  • A good search engine.
  • Linked with multiple websites.
  • Information is free of cost.

  • Searches information according to criteria.
  • Displays information on the closed websites too.

11. Facebook

If you want to search about anyone on the internet but not in detail, then you can use the Facebook application. When you search for a particular person, the search bar shows you a lot of material. From that, you can look up and select the one which is needed. Apart from this, you can also use Instagram, Twitter, or other apps for this purpose. It is also a free application for tracking people. The provided information can be filtered according to the name, gender, location, country, mutual friends, college, or others.


  • Free tool.
  • Extensive information.

  • Limited information.
  • Befriend, to get more information.

12. White Pages

White pages are the most widely used website that has large data stored at its back end. It has received at least 50 million people every month. The services offered by this website are cost-effective. You do not have to sign in to the site. In order to get a detailed report about the person, use his / her full name along with the location (city, zip code, and state). You can still search if you have limited information with you. 


  • Widely used website.
  • Free of cost services.
  • Detailed information.

  • Pay to get premium services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best website to find information about someone?

Peoples Finder and White Pages are two of the best websites, where you can find information about a person, his/her phone number, address, family members, or others.

What sort of information is provided by People Search?

These search engines are designed in such a way where you can find the entire information about the person such as all the contact details, family members or relatives list, location history, assets, profiles on the social media, personal information, criminal records, and marital history.

How do the search websites obtain the data from?

The search engine websites obtain the data from different forums. The information is collected and then sent to the website in a searching format. The information I extracted from the following links: Marriage records, public records, court records, and public profiles.

How do the search websites work?

You have to provide some information to the website, to get further details about the individual. The required information may include the person’s full name, contact details, address, and location.

Can we find people for free on the internet?

Yes, there are many websites that are providing such services. They do not charge any fee against those services. They get information from different sites and provide the person accordingly.

Can we get information for the dead people?

Yes. There are some of the websites which are currently providing the results for those who are no longer alive. Some of those include Find a Grave. On this website, you can search for those who are dead or can search according to the death certificate.


You can use those tools to list down the information about the person without incurring any cost. All the basic information such as name, age, gender, location, phone number, marital history, current, and previous job history is uploaded on the websites. You can have access to these websites whenever you want to and in no need, you will get to know about the person in detail. Even these websites also provide you with information for people who are no longer alive.