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How to Hack Someones Phone without them Knowing for Free

It is always important to have the knowledge to know whether your device had been hacked. Few signs of the hacked device are the device’s battery drains very faster, slow or lag in performance, high data usage, unidentified pop-ups. Using the security apps perform a security check or scanning that you if any suspicious activities are detected on your device.

Why do People Hack Someone’s Phone without their knowledge

Considering the online threats and online abuses, parents want to safeguard their children and employees want to protect their confidential data by monitoring their employees. These can be done by tracking, monitoring done by hacking.

Disadvantages of Hacking someone’s phone without their knowledge: If you hack any device there are also chances to get hack back. The target can trace you (the hacker) and hack back. You can even be behind bars if you violate the privacy policies of an individual.

How to Hack Someones Phone without them Knowing for free

Parents need to protect their children from online crimes and safeguard them from becoming online abuse victims. In an organisation, the employer needs to observe the actions of the employees to be sure of the company’s confidential data. To track and monitoring someone we can always hack in a legal way without violating their privacy policy.

If we hack any device we can: Listening to the surroundings, hear the phone calls, track the location, Monitor the social media applications and chats, access the contacts, track their internet activity, track any application’s activity, accessing the camera to click pictures remotely, access the media files and receive alerts when suspicious activities are detected.

How to Hacking Someone’s Phone without Installing any Software

Remote hacking is considered when we don’t have access to the target’s device but we need to hack and monitor the target to either protect them from some potential dangers or to keep an eye on their actions. Few times you can get the target’s device in your hands and install some hacking software but it is not always possible which makes to opt for remote hacking.

1. Bypassing a Phone Lock or Passcode

Bypassing the target lock or passcode is a bit easier when compared to other approaches. People usually shoulder surf or snoop other’s phone passwords to access it. You can memorise the lock and access the target’s device anytime. The success of this approach depends on your ability to remember. Few approaches which are commonly used to hack any device are:

2. Sniffing and Spoofing

It is the process of monitoring all the data packets which are passed in the network. Sniffers can either be hardware or software installed in systems. The process of introducing fake traffic and pretending to be someone else is called spoofing. You can opt for passive snipping. You can get into a hub that is connected to other devices via a public network. As all the machines in the hub can see the traffic passed in that particular hub you can place sniffers to passively capture and monitor the data that flows through.

In general, the usage of sniffing is legal but hackers use this approach to collect the password and other sensitive information on a network. Using this sniffing, you can access the private information of the target which includes passwords, calls, text, and many more.

3. Enumeration

Enumeration is the process of identifying vulnerabilities and exploits to use them bypass the security check. Using this process, you can establish an active connection to target the hosts to discover the potential attacks loops in the target’s system. It helps in discovering the potential loopholes for attack by establishing an active connection to the target hosts. Using Enumeration, you can hack any system to obtain the user names, machine names.

4. Web Applications Attack

Using this method, you can access the target’s device by attacking the network of any application to get sensitive information which is useful to access all other information of your target’s device.

5. Midnight Raid

It is an application to hack the texts from another device. You can hack the target’s device by sending push messages to it.

6. Control Message Attacks

The recent hacks are mostly done using the Control Message Attacks. You can send an email or message and when the target clicks on the message the software gets installs and all the data will be accessible to you.

7. Keylogging

Keylogging tools are used to track the passwords of the target. It helps to record all the keystrokes.

8. Phishing

This is the most used process to get sensitive information like usernames, passwords.

How to Hacking Android Devices by Installing an NEXSPY Application

Is an application to hack someone’s device to access all the confidential information. Using this application, you can monitor your kids’ or employees’ activities.

Major Features of NEXSPY are:

  • Monitoring the Calls: You can monitor the calls received and made from the target’s device. You can also access contacts, address lists, call logs.
  • Access to Chats: This application helps you access the messages on the target’s device. Not only the SMS but also the chats of various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram can be accessed.
  • Track the Location: Using this feature you are accessing the target’s live location in day-to-day life.
  • Monitoring Browsing Activity: When the target is your kid, you can monitor their browsing activity to keep them from irrelevant content.

This application needs to be downloaded and then you can monitor the target’s activities directly from your device. In addition to the above-mentioned features, this application offers some add ons like you can uninstall some potential applications from the target’s device when you want to protect them. You can also update their operating system and applications through your device using this application.

In NEXSPY, there is no need of rooting for many features but for some advanced access, the device needs to be rooted.

Requirements for the Usage of NEXSPY:

  • Purchase premium license of NEXSPY.
  • Install the application in the target’s device.
  • Configuration of the application in the targets’ device.

Steps for Hacking the Android Device Using the NEXSPY Application

  • Login to the NEXSPY account.
  • Download and configure the app in the target’s device once it is installed.

Configuration Steps for a Rooted Device (target’s device):

  • Disable the security setting from the settings,
  • From the settings, enable the “Unknown source installation” option,
  • Disable google play store notifications from the app notifications,

Configuration Steps for the Non-rooted Device (target’s device):

  • Open dmw. bz from the target device’s browser,
  • On the website, please click the check box which states you are a user with a valid license.
  • Download the application by clicking on the Android symbol.
  • After completing the download process, install the application.
  • From the settings. turn-on “Device Administration”, to enable the hacking for non-rooted devices.
  • Allow the battery optimisation from the next screen to make the application run in the background without terminating it.
  • Turn on “Sync device” and enter the license which you received after purchase.
  • Click on “Yes” when you are prompted to hide the application and allow it to work in stealth mode.

How to Hacking iOS Device Using NEXSPY

Using the NEXSPY application you can also hack any iOS device. To use this application on the iOS device you need to jailbreak them.

Requirements to use the application on iOS:

  • Purchase license of NEXSPY.
  • Download and install the application on an iOS device after performing the jailbreaking.

Steps for Hacking the iOS Device Using the NEXSPY Application

  • Open the alternate app store for jailbroken iOS devices – Cydia.
  • Click on the sources.
  • Search for the ‘Edit’ option on the upper corner, right side, and click ‘Edit’.
  • Click on ‘Add’.
  • Enter https://ios.dmw.cc in the prompt and click on ‘Add Source’.
  • Click on ‘Return to Cydia’
  • Click ‘ios.dmw.cc’ from the displayed list.
  • Access the option named ‘utility’.
  • Click ‘System core’, ‘install’ and then click on ‘confirm’.
  • Click on ‘Restart springboard’.
  • The target device will be restarted.
  • After restarting the license activation page will be displayed in which you need to enter the purchased license key to activate the NEXSPY application in the target’s device.
  • You will be getting a prompt about the application visibility click on ‘No’.
  • Click ‘Configure’ and turn off the visibility.

After installing a configuration of the application on the iOS device, enter the login credentials to enter the portal to monitor and track the target from the NEXSPY portal.

Other Applications to Hack the Target’s Device

1. mSpy

It is an iPhone hacking application. Using this app, you can get access to messages, calls, chat history, emails, location, contacts, files, etc. There are also few advanced features which include keylogging, updating the installed apps, blocking the applications.

To use this device, the target device needs to be rooted. But the fact is this application also works on non-rooted devices but with limited features.

Steps to use the mSpy application:

  • Choose any of the available subscriptions and purchase it.
  • Installing the application on the target’s device.
  • Login to your mSpy control panel and start monitoring the target.

2. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY’s Android Monitoring Application works on both Android and iOS devices. This application is undetected and is mostly used to monitor the family. If the target’s device work on Android the rooting is optional but rooting allows you access more information from the target’s device. Till iOS 9.1, the jailbreaking of iOS devices is not required.

This application allows you to access GPS information, media, calls, chats, and applications information. After the installation, this app works in invisible mode and accesses the target’s phone. You can keep an eye on the target anytime and from anywhere using this application.

These can be done by following:

  • Purchase the license.
  • Activate the target phone.
  • All the data gets captured.
  • View the data on your web account. This flow goes on.

Some functionalities of this application, are:

  • Listening to the surroundings.
  • Able to hear the phone calls.
  • Tracking the location.
  • Monitoring the chat applications.
  • Access to the contacts.
  • Internet activity tracking.
  • Application activity tracking.
  • Capturing using the camera remotely.
  • Access to the media files.
  • Getting alerts when suspicious activity is found.


XnSpy is a spyware application that is used to read the target’s text messages from another device. The remote tracking and monitoring of the target android devices can be done using this XnSpy phone spy application. XnSpy applications provide Android and iOS tracking functionalities. To use this application, you need to root or jailbreak the Android or iOS devices.

4. AutoForward

OTA link (over-the-air) is the new feature of this application. This app helps me in creating a clone of the target’s device.

Steps to follow:

  • Download the application.
  • Get the license key to activate it.
  • Enter the number of the target’s mobile.
  • There you go, you will have the entire information like calls, texts, GPS, and all other details of the target within no time.

Even the deleted chats can be retrieved using this application.

How to Hacking an Android Device

The monitoring and tracking of Android devices are a bit difficult if even if they work with many cloud storages. But using the technology, there is always a possibility to perform the actions. You can simply share the link as an SMS or email and when the target clicks on it, the app gets automatically installed on his/her device. You need to share an SMS or email containing the hacking software which gets installed as soon as the targets open it.

You will be prompted when whenever the target receives the call and will also get access to all the targets information. Important feature of FamiSafe Android Monitoring Application is you can monitor multiple devices with only one license that is no need to purchases separate licenses in case of monitoring more than one device.

The application named Hoverwatch has two versions names family version and personal version. The family version allows you to access up to 5 devices. After comparing the different spyware applications, the most advantageous feature is to install the spy application without rooting the device.


The smartphone users are approximately 748 million, with the number of smartphones which may exceed 1.5 billion users by 2040. More than 2000 complaints are logged in the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre per day on average. As per FBI, the online crimes increased by 70%. It took almost seven years for the FBI to get 1 million complaints but in just 14 months the next million complaints were logged.

By considering all the facts we need to hack our kids’ or employees’ devices ethically without violating their privacy to create a safe environment and protect them from online abuses or threats. The applications made this work of parents to always monitor their kids, employers monitor their employees easily in an ethical way.

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