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How To Hack Someones Phone Without Touching It: Easy Methods

There are many reasons why someones phone without touching is wanted to get the hack. Maybe you want to monitor the activities of that certain person, the websites he/she logs onto, or the important files stored on that phone. Just like getting free Metro PCs service, where free unlimited data can be obtained, there are many ways how to hack someones phone without touching it.

Some of the ways that will be discussed in this article are the use of an application or spyware where hacking can be remotely done and spying on the files can be done discreetly and the use of phone numbers to have access to the device. There is also another way to hack someones phone without touching it, and it can be done through the phone network provider. In the free Verizon cell phone service hack, the tools that are needed do not require that the phone must be rooted.

The tools mentioned in that article are already compatible with the default operating system (i.e. Android, iOS) of the device. Once the Verizon network has been already hacked, the messages and the location can be tracked. Moreover, the files that are stored inside the phone can be accessed and obtained. Hence, many ways of hack someones phone without touching it.

How to Hack Someones Phone Without Touching It (Safe Ways)

1) Spyic

From the name itself, this is a spy application that monitors the target phone activities and accesses information on that device. This app can be downloaded both from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store. One of the best propositions of this app is that it can be used even when the phone trying to spy is not rooted nor jailbroken. This can also access emails through its keylogger feature.


  • Accessible via Android Play Store and iOS App Store.
  • No need to root nor jailbreak the phone.
  • Low cost.
  • Ready-to-use application (the app will do the work for you).
  • Might need for a monthly subscription.
  • Some features may not be available (depending on the maker/developer of the app).

2) Nexspy

One of the main features of this app is that it can remotely access an iPhone. We all know that iOS is a highly-secured operating system that makes it difficult to hack. Using this app, even though the hacker does not have a strong background in hacking, the features of this app can make him/her a good hacker. Moreover, even though this is a paid app, NEXSPY offers a free trial for 3 days.


  • Can remotely access iOS.
  • Has multiple features to complete hacking.
  • Free trial for 3 days.
  • Easy to use, no need for strong hacking background.
  • Requires monthly plan to activate features.
  • Not applicable to Android operating system.

3) MxSpy

One of the best features of this app is that you can eavesdrop over the call conversation of the target phone. Once this app has been installed on the target’s phone, all his/her activities can be already tracked. You can even record the phone call with the caller ID as proof. Also, the incoming and outgoing text messages, as well as the deleted ones, can be viewed.


  • Phone call recording.
  • Social media accounts tracking.
  • Can be downloaded from Android Play Store.
  • First-time users have a free trial period.
  • After the free trial, it needs a monthly subscription.
  • Only works for Android devices.

4) Spyzie

This application is a phone-hacking app with various features. One of the most attractive propositions of this app is that it can remote access a device using its phone number. Not only can it hack the information on a phone, but it can also hack the Facebook and Line accounts of the user. The messages and call history of the phone can be even obtained.


  • Versatile features (from phone hacking to social media hacking).
  • User-friendly dashboard or interface.
  • Can track keyloggers.
  • Can view calendars, photos, and capture screenshots.
  • Expensive compared to other phone hacking apps.
  • Many information are asked to be provided before fully using the app.

5) Thetruthspy

This phone hacking application is suitable for parents who want to watch over their children and employers who want to keep an eye with his/her employees. Through this app, social media accounts, photos, videos, location, browser history, and downloaded files can be accessed.

Therefore, if you are a parent and you do not want your children to access highly explicit content on the Internet, this is an effective app for you. However, this app needs to be installed first on the device of the user to track his/her activity.


  • Social media tracker.
  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Can be downloaded using Android and iOS.
  • High price and might need for a monthly subscription.
  • Selective with devices.

6) Cloak and Dagger Technique

This method is popular in Android because its operating system is always easy to penetrate by hackers. Through downloaded apps, the spyware or malware will be planted on the phone, then hackers can finally have access to the information stored on the phone.


  • Complete control of the target phone.
  • Important information can be stolen (from passwords, PIN codes, and contact numbers to messages).
  • Spyware can be easily accessed online since the codes are already uploaded in the internet.
  • You can earn at the same time since you can attach the spyware in an application to be downloaded by the user.
  • Some spyware is being sold at higher prices.
  • Can only hack phones through an Android operating system.

7) Using Phone Number

This technique is a complicated one because hackers need to have various tools and thorough knowledge in penetrating the phone’s information using the phone’s number. Most commonly, this technique is called hacking via SS7 vulnerability.


  • Proven and tested technique since the 1970s.
  • No need for IMEI or other account credentials to have access to phone’s information.
  • Discreet and silent access to phone’s information.
  • Phone number is all that you need.
  • Needs a comprehensive knowledge to penetrate the device.
  • Not compatible with all devices.

Different Ways To Hack A Someones Phone

Together with the advancement of technology, hacking a device has become easier. Several tutorials have already been posted on the Internet to educate first-time hackers the ways on how to hack a device. Moreover, special codes in creating spyware have already been uploaded on the Internet to be used by advanced hackers to access and obtain information from a device or a website.

Depending on your preferences, you can hack someones phone without touching using these methods. For easier comprehension.

The items listed below can be grouped into three:

  1. The phone hacking apps.
  2. Cloak and dagger technique.
  3. Hacking via phone number.

The chosen phone hacking apps are explained individually, with the best features, advantages, and disadvantages, so that you can decide what app to choose. Since smartphones now already have high levels of security, hacking phones has become more difficult. However, developers have found some ways to access someones phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can All Phones Be Hacked?

Yes. All phones can be hacked. However, each phone has its level of hacking difficulty. Some smartphones nowadays are well-encrypted that hackers need to penetrate multiple layers of protection to access the phone’s information completely. Some apps like anti-spyware or anti-malware also prevent hackers to remotely access the device.

The ease of hacking mainly depends on the type of phone-hacking technique that you will use. Some phone-hacking apps cannot penetrate a phone completely, but through the advancement of technology, hackers have already found some ways to remotely access someone’s phone.

What is the Most Effective Phone-Hacking Technique, through Phone-Hacking Apps, cloak, and dagger, or using phone numbers?

This is subjective since most of us have our levels of experience or knowledge when it comes to hacking. However, one must ensure the benefits versus the cost of the phone-hacking technique to be used. Based on the features of the phone-hacking apps available on the Internet, these apps already offer diverse hacking features-from message viewing to hacking social media account.

Also, some of them are easy to install and use, which is more convenient especially for first-time hackers who do not have wide knowledge in hacking or keylogging. Nonetheless, some hackers have already experienced them. They prefer making their spyware or codes, which help them save money. They can also make money out of that spyware by selling it to other people.

How can I be Sure that I will not Get Traced by the Owner of the Phone I am Trying to Hack?

This depends on the type of phone hacking technique you are going to do. If you want to ensure that you are silently hacking someone else’s phone, you need to check the reviews of the phone-hacking apps (if you chose to use them) or the accuracy of the spyware or codes that you will attach to the application (if you chose to go with spyware). Others say that the more expensive the phone-hacking app is, the more security it offers.

However, you have to make sure that you are completely in stealth mode whenever hacking a phone. Feel free to try phone-hacking apps with free trials to personally experience and conclude which app is the best.

Bottom Line

Every person has his/her reason why he/she wants to hack someone’s phone. For a mother who has a growing and developing child, she wants to ensure that her kids will not be exposed to explicit content especially while they are still at a very young age. For a husband/wife who has a cheating partner, he/she wants to have strong proof that his/her partner cheats on him/her. An employer who is problematic with the productivity of his employees, due to his busy schedule, cannot be personally checking on the activities of his colleagues.

Whatever reason it is, hacking is the best solution to solve the above issues. Even though hacking is always tied up with a negative connotation, some people see it as a means of guiding the people they are concerned with. Nonetheless, we all have our freedom-it is for us to choose which path to take. Due to the improvement of technology, hacking has become more accessible and easy to learn. There are available phone-hacking apps that suit every person’s goal. It is most advisable to be used by hacking beginners because all the codes or algorithms have already been set by the developer.

It is a plug-and-play means of hacking. For more advanced hackers, one option is to use a cloak and dagger technique that penetrates the operating system to have full access to the phone’s files. One can even access the device remotely by only using the target’s phone number. Just make sure that when you hack, you will not get traced and caught because that is another story you will never want to hear. Nonetheless, all the options are already on the table, you just need to pick which weapon you will use.