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How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone To iPhone – Easy Ways

How to share WiFi password from iPhone to iPhone? Wireless connections, most commonly known as WiFi, have become a very productive tool in the modern world. WiFi network allows you to simultaneously share your internet connection and plans to several other individuals and devices through radio waves. You can connect these devices through the simple mechanism of wireless hotspots that grants easy access to broadband connections.

The benefits of WiFi are endless. It gives users easy accessibility to the internet without any wiring or cables needed and allows connection to multiple devices wherever you are due to its portability. WiFi networks are usually protected by strong passwords in order to prevent unauthorized access to the internet and exposure to external malware and spyware.

It might be a hassle to have to put in a long string of letters and numbers as a password before you can connect to a WiFi network. You might also not want to reveal your iPhone’s WiFi password to other people while sharing your WiFi network. You can avoid all of that hassle because Apple has introduced a way that you can share your WiFi network from one iPhone to another without the need of inputting your WiFi password on the recipient phone.

You can also use this method to share your WiFi network with your other Apple devices like your iPad, iPod or Mac. The Apple feature ‘Share Your Wifi’ has certainly made WiFi password sharing a lot easier since its launch on iOS 11.

How can I Share WiFi Passwords from iPhone to iPhone

WiFi networks can easily be shared between iPhones through an in-built Apple feature that has been available since iOS 11. The mechanism is still the same in the newer iOS and it is a very handy feature that eliminates the hassle of inputting and sharing your WiFi password with others. The process is easy and can be done by following the detailed procedure explained in this article.

However, there are some conditions that need to be met before you can activate the sharing of WiFi password between two iPhones. These conditions are as follows:

  • iOS Version Compatibility: Both of the devices that will be involved in the WiFi password sharing must be products from Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac) and must be on an iOS version that supports WiFi password sharing feature. That is iOS 11 and above.
  • Active Connectivity: The participating devices must have both Bluetooth and WiFi networks activated. The devices must also be within range of each other. The Personal Hotspot of the devices should also be turned off before sharing your WiFi password.
  • Apple ID Requirements: Your iPhone must be signed into your iCloud using your Apple ID and the email address that you use for your Apple ID must be in the Contacts or the recipient iPhone device. You must also have their Apple ID email address saved in your Contacts as well.

How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone – Easy Ways

Once all the conditions mentioned above have been met and both iPhones are ready for the WiFi password sharing, you can begin the process of sharing the WiFi password.

  • Make sure that both phones are within range of each other and turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi of the devices.
  • On the recipient iPhone, open the Settings app and navigate to WiFi and choose the WiFi network you are trying to connect to from the drop down menu.
  • Below the password tab, you will see a statement telling you that you can connect to the WiFi network by bringing your iPhone close to the iPhone you want to connect to.
  • On the host iPhone, you will get a pop up message asking for your permission to share your WiFi password with the recipient iPhone. To grant permission, click on Share Password and the recipient iPhone will immediately have access to your WiFi network.

That is how easy it is to share your iPhone’s WiFi password with another iPhone;

If you encounter any issues during the process and you have not been able to successfully share your WiFi password with another iPhone, try the following tips to troubleshoot the phone.

  • Restart your iPhone and repeat the WiFi password sharing process.
  • Ensure that both iPhones are on the compatible iOS version i.e iOS11 and above. Your iPhone’s iOS version can be checked through Software Update in General settings.
  • Use the Forget the network feature if you’ve connected to the WiFi network before and go over the process again.
  • Reset your iPhone’s network settings. This will wipe all WiFi settings, APN & VPN settings, plus the phone’s cellular settings.

Hopefully, you will be able to successfully share your iPhone’s WiFi network password with another iPhone after using any of the tips mentioned above.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sharing your WiFi Password with Others

Sharing your WiFi password with others is a very useful and efficient feature, but it is important to know everything involved before you share your WiFi network with others. Read on to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of sharing your WiFi password with others.

Advantages of Share WiFi Password

  • Staying Connected Together: Sharing your WiFi password allows you to simultaneously share internet connection with your family and friends. It is always a very useful feature for when you have guests over that want to minimize the use of their mobile data while at your home. You must be careful who you share your WiFi password with though.
  • Business Related Usage: You might be at work and you would need to share your WiFi network with clients, your other business devices or visitors. As long as you trust the device you are sharing your password with, it can be a very useful feature.
  • Emergencies: You might find yourself in a situation where a person (family members or neighbors) would need to connect to the internet and their own network is down. By sharing your WiFi password, the person can easily gain access to your WiFi network and take care of their network emergencies without any hassle.

Disadvantages of Share WiFi Password

  • High Risk of Security Threats & Malware: Sharing your WiFi password leaves your phone vulnerable to a lot of unknowns. You can get malware from anyone, not just from an untrustworthy user. Some of your friends and families might have a phone that is infected with malwares and can easily transfer it to your device. Intruders can also use your WiFi network to gain access to a lot of information on your device.
  • Illegal Usage & Heavy Consumers: There are a lot of people that can freeload on the privilege of you sharing your WiFi password with them. The person you share your password with might use your WiFi network to inconsiderately perform illegal tasks on the internet that can be traced back to your WiFi network. There are also people that will go beyond your generosity and overuse your WiFi to exhaustion.
  • Possible Network Throttling: Sharing your WiFi network with a lot of people might reduce the strength of your connection. A slowed down service is never a good experience so you might rethink sharing your WiFi network at a time when you really need to network for something heavy.

How to See WiFi Password on iPhone

It may be different on how to see wifi password on iPhone for youl;

  • To find your WiFi password on an iPhone, Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud and turn Keychain on.
  • On your Mac, Go to System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud and turn Keychain on.
  • Finally, Open Keychain Access, search for your WiFi network’s name, and check the box next to Show Password.

Learn More Information: How to See WiFi Password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sharing my WiFi use Mobile Data?

WiFi hotspot is what uses your mobile data when you share your internet connection with other devices. However, when you share your WiFi network with others, you are giving them access to your phone’s WiFi connection.

How to Share WiFi Password iPhone to Mac?

In order to share a Wi-Fi password from iPhone to Mac, connect your iPhone to the network you wish to share. Next, click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar on your Mac and select the same Wi-Fi network. From the Wi-Fi Password pop-up on your iPhone, tap Share Password > Done to share the password and connect your Mac.

How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to Computer?

There are two ways to share your Wi-Fi password with a different device. You can either click Share on your iPhone and then tap the name of the device you want to connect with to receive the password, or search for “share wi-fi password” or “how do i share wifi” in Google’s voice search.

How to Share WiFi Password from Mobile to Laptop?

Make sure your laptop is connected to the internet and you are logged in. From your laptop, Go to the network you would like to share and then select “hotspot.” Your phone should automatically detect the hotspot networks available on it and display them on the screen. Tap on “share password” then “done.”

Can I Transfer WiFi Password from iPhone to iPhone?

Yes, you can transfer Wi-Fi password from an iPhone to another iPhone using Bluetooth. First, make sure your phone is compatible by checking the specifications of each device on the product page. To transfer Wi-Fi password from an iPhone to another iPhone, turn off Bluetooth and.

How do I Share WiFi Passwords Between iPhones?

You’ll need to set up WiFi network password sharing in the Network settings first. Next, you’ll need to make sure both devices are connected to the same network, and that they’re both on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi setting. Then you can go into your own iPhone’s WiFi settings, select that same network, and tap on Share password.

You will then be prompted to enter in the password for the other device. Make sure it’s someone trusted.

How do you Turn on WiFi Password Sharing?

Here are the steps to turn on shared Wi-Fi. First, select your network from the list of networks in the Settings app. Then, tap on Connections and uncheck the box saying ‘WPA2 only’. Next, tap on Network & internet and then tap on Wi-Fi. Finally, tap on the cog icon next to your network’s name to view advanced options needed for setting up password sharing.

How do I Connect my WiFi to Another Phone?

Enable your Wi-Fi hotspot from your phone. Swipe down from the top of the screen. Touch and hold Hotspot . Tap WiFi to have your hotspot turn on.

Can WiFi Passwords be Shared from iPhone to an Android Device?

Yes. You can share your iPhone WiFi password with an Android device through a method different from the one discussed in this article. To do that, you need to have a QR code generator installed on the iPhone. Through the QR app, you can create a unique QR code for your WiFi password.

You can then share your iPhone’s WiFi password with an Android device by simply scanning the code on the Android using a camera app or a QR code scanner. After confirmation, the Android device will be able to use your WiFi network.

Can WiFi Passwords be Shared from an iPhone to iPad?

Yes. The method of sharing your iPhone’s password to other iPhones is applicable to iPad as well. You can use the same process because the feature is supported on all Apple devices that are operating on newer iOS models. However, the actual password won’t be shared the same way it is shared between two iPhones.

How Safe is WiFi Password Sharing on iPhones?

Of course there are risks involved in sharing your WiFi password with others. This is because you can’t control when the device that has your password will connect to it and how it will connect to it. You should only share your WiFi password to an individual you trust in order to avoid leaving your device vulnerable to security threats that might cause malware or more.

Make sure that the person you gave your password will not share the password to others without your permission.

Do I need to Download a Third Party Application on my Phone to Scan QR Codes?

No. Modern smartphones like iPhones and Android phones have in-built features that allow them to scan QR codes and interpret them without needing to download a third party app. However, to generate QR codes, you will need to download third party applications.


WiFi network has made internet connection a lot easier and it is one of the most used features in the modern world. There are WiFi networks scattered all around you and wherever you go whether – at home, library, restaurant, school, cafe, and offices. This is why sharing of WiFi passwords is also a common phenomenon. Apple has made sharing WiFi passwords between their devices very easy but a lot of people still do not know how they can share WiFi passwords from iPhone to iPhone.

There is a single in-built method that you can follow on your iPhone to do just that. This article has explained that method in deep detail so that you can easily share your iPhone’s WiFi network password with your loved ones.