Best No Contract Phone Carriers

The entity the makes the connecting of our phones possible are no contract phone carriers. Phone carriers and service providers are different in some ways as a service provider cannot provide you with the phone service without the carrier to connect your phone with the phone you want to connect. Phone carriers rarely interact with the customers so they are called the ”underlying carrier”. While service providers’ job is to interact with the customers and interact with them.

And if they have any problem they can contact the service providers, rather than the phone carriers. So what is the real work of the phone carriers, by reading the word carriers we can make assumptions that it carries the phone number or in other words, the phone carriers make the phone number active, available, and live. So with the help of the phone carriers the phone actually works. so to make the phone service efficient the phone carriers and service providers have to work side by side.

So the phone carriers actually provide the requirement to make the phone service possible while service providers’ work is to communicate with the customers and make the service more efficient. So both are necessary for the phone service. There are mainly two types of phone carriers, one is phone carriers with contracts and another is the no-contract phone carriers.

In some phone carriers to enjoy the phone service customers have to sign the carrier agreement, such phone carriers are called contract phone carriers. But some phone carriers provide the service of contract-less service, which means you don’t have to sign the contract to enjoy the phone service. Not signing the contract to enjoy the phone service also means that you don’t have to commit for a longer time for the same company. And you change the company whenever you like.

How do No-Contract Phone Carriers Work

No-contract phone carriers mean you don’t have to commit to a single company or a single brand for a longer period. Companies mostly provide the phone service in the traditional way in which you have to sign the two years of the agreement and have to commit to that company. But nowadays many companies are ditching the traditional way of two years contract and starting to offer the contract less monthly plans or prepaid plans.

So if you don’t have to sign the contract full of a hassle then now you have the option of no-contract monthly plans. Due to the rise in popularity of the no-contract phone carriers, many big companies of the phone carrier industry are now rapidly bringing the service of contactless monthly plans and prepaid plans to attract more customers. And the good part of this service is that you can joy the same service and benefits of the traditional way without signing the contract and without any commitment to the single company.

Many big companies are now proving the contract less service. Among them, the very well-known name is Verizon, through its company ‘visible’ it has entered the market of the contract less phone carriers. Visible is now offering the service of unlimited data for no contract at the very small rate of $40/mo. Like Verizon, many other well-known companies are providing the service of no-contract phone service.

As the attraction of the number of customers for the contract less service is increasing, the companies entering this market are also on the rise and the price is also set to be more customer-friendly with the interest of big companies in this market. Prepaid phone service is also a good alternative for people who don’t want to sign any contract. And such prepaid services are easily available in the market, you can get a prepaid plan for $30/month from best buy which is a good alternative to the traditional way.

The 7 Best Prepaid and No-Contract Phone Carriers

There are many prepaid and no contact phone plans provided by many companies available in the market, every company try their best to attract as many customers as they can, so they try to bring the best and more affordable plans in the market. Some became successful to attract customers while some are not so fortunate. So among the many prepaid and no-contract phone plans, the top plans are:

1. Metro by T-Mobile

T-mobile is one the largest phone company providing services in many countries. T-mobile is known to the customer as the most reliable, affordable, and overall best phone company and the metro by T-mobile is not an exception. With the variety of single and family line available metro by T-mobile is well known by the customers. Metro by T-mobiles provides the best overall rates for prepaid customers across the country.

Many plans are provided by the metro by T-mobile such as a four-line unlimited plan for $120 per month, or the 2 line plan for the minimum price of $70 per month. The price is including taxes and you also get unlimited text and call in this service. you can also get the less expensive plan and also the ‘pay as you go service which allows you to pay the full price upfront.

2. Boost Mobile

Boost mobile is also known to many customers as the company that provides the best-unlimited plan across the country. Boost provides the best-unlimited plan with extra perks to the whole family. You can get unlimited text, call, and data for single-line as low as $50, and if you the service for three persons then you have to pay $110 which is a great price for the unlimited plan.

Among the many perks of the boost mobile, you can also get the mobile-optimized streaming video and the mobile hotspot data of 12GB for future use which is all included in the plan. If you want to upgrade the video quality of the streaming service provided by the boost mobile then you have to add an extra $10 to the existing price and you can get the video quality of the 1080p. which is a great option for the minimal amount of $10.

3. Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a well-known and admired company in the market, which is known for its budget-friendly plans. And if you are a regular user and don’t fancy extras and the video streaming service and looking for the budget-friendly phone carrier service then best every day: republic wireless might be the option you are looking for.

The minimum cost is $15 per month(if you choose the annual payment service) for unlimited text and call but no data. If you want to take data then you can take 1GB of data for a month for $5. as it is a contract-less prepaid plan, you can always choose among the other plans of the companies and outside of the company.

4. Go Smart Mobile

if you are looking for the basic plan that suits your needs for everyday use but also comes with a few extra perks. The beginning price for the plan is $15 per month with unlimited text, call, and also 250MB of the 3G data with the plan. And the biggest plan is $55 per month for unlimited 3G data, call and text, and an extra $10 for mobile hotspot connectivity. Another perk of the go smart mobile is it doesn’t matter whatever plan you took, you will always get the free use of Facebook at the speed of 4G.

5. T-Mobile

There are many well-known companies in the prepaid market, and competition is fierce. If you are simply looking for a prepaid service for the individual then t mobile can be your option. The beginning price is $40 per month and with this plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and the 10GB 4G lite data for a month, which is a great deal. If you want to add the hotspot connectivity to your mobile then you have to pay an extra $10.

There are many other important features of the company such as international roaming in Mexico and Canada for $5. Which makes the T-mobile one of the best-prepaid mobile.

6. AT&T Prepaid

We all know AT&T is a very well-known company in the telecommunication industry and it is also very good in the prepaid market. The best deal of AT&T starts from $25 per month which gives you unlimited calls, text, and 8 GB of fast data. If you think that you need more high-speed data then you can add more money and receive more fast internet data.

7. Verizon Wireless

Verizon is a reliable and trusted name in the mobile market, If you are looking for the best coverage plan then Verizon is a great option. Verizon plans starts from $40 per month which provides unlimited data, call, and 5GB of data which is enough for daily use. Every plan of Verizon provides free texting in 200 countries around the globe which is a great feature if you live away from the family. The cost provided by Verizon mightn’t be competitive but its coverage is way better than others.

Benefits of the No-Contract Phone Carriers

No contract phone carriers are getting more market these days and the youths are getting more attracted towards the no-contract phone carrier. Although you don’t have to sign any contract to get the service the benefits of the no-contract phone carriers are no less than the traditional phone carriers where you have to sign a contract.

While traditional way and no contract phone carriers are on the same page in many factors, there are few factors where they distinguished themselves then the traditional phone carriers.

  • Data: most of the traditional phone carriers with the two-year commitment offer unlimited data, unlimited call, and text in their baseline package. when it comes to the no-contract phone carriers most of them don’t provide unlimited data and very few of them provide the unlimited plan. Most of the companies that provide the no-contract phone carriers provide the maximum data of 5-10 GB which is still a lot for a non-contract phone carrier. That much data might be enough if you use it for web surfing, social media, emailing, etc.
  • No Extra or Hidden Cost: this is one of the most important features and advantages of the no-contract phone carriers. In the two-year contract traditional phone carriers, if it advertises $50 per month then with the hidden cost you have to pay $80 per month, but in the no-contract phone carriers the situation is different, you can prepay the amount so there would be no extra cost and you can be saved from the hidden fees that you have to pay In the traditional two-year contract phone carriers.
  • No credit check: In the case of the no-contract phone carriers, you can enjoy the service even you have a low credit score. In the case of the two-year phone carrier, you had to have a good and decent credit score. There wouldn’t be any background credit check in the context of the no-contract phone carrier but in the traditional phone carrier, there might be a background credit check on you to see your credit history.

There are other advantages of a no-contract phone carrier such as you can bring your device you don’t have to buy the device from the phone carrier this is basically the situation if you take the traditional two-year phone carriers. There are many benefits of the no-contract over the traditional 2-year contract phone carriers.

Final Words

If you have a less credit score and don’t want to commit to the same brand or company for a longer time then the prepaid contactless phone can be a great option to consider. If you ever wanted to get the best-prepaid plan for you or your family then the above article can be a great help. You can choose among the above plan that suits your need and enjoy the benefits of the plan.

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