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10 Best Software to Unlock Phones to Any Network

There are many different types of phone locks that can be very annoying and irritating for the users or owners of that phone. These locks can be described as the network lock, SIM lock, master lock, or carrier lock. These locks are actually the practical limitations that are constructed into CDMA and GSM cell phones by the producer of mobile phones.

In order to stop the access of phones in only limited countries, this cannot be used by any other person outside the area.

Top 10 Best Software to Unlock Phones to Any Network

1) Tenorshare

This android unlocks any android with or without a password phone. This Tenoshare android locker removes every small or big kind of security that has been put into the mobile.

  • It unblocks your phone without losing any data or putting the phone on the factory reset.
  • Eliminating every password protection applied.
  • Eliminating locks of Google(FRP) where password are not applied.
  • This software to unlock phones to any network is only compatible with Android 8.0 or more.
  • Only applicable only Android phones, and not on iPhones.

2) DoctorSIM

This is considered as the best software to unlock phones to any network. They have a simple procedure on their website which states the user to fill in the form to identify the model number, brand, mobile, current network, and location of your cell phone.

  • Remove the limitations imposed by the network.
  • Once used, you won’t have to go to any other software.
  • Their customer service is available 24/7 which can be connected via telephone, social media channels or live chat option.
  • They offer a discount for the use of this software in unlocking more than 5 phones.
  • A little time-consuming procedure for filling out the form.
  • The facility of the auto-updating of the phone is not given.
  • This software doesn’t eliminate the list of blacklisted cell phones.

3) UnlockBase

This software’s growth has been out-standing as this software has a record of unlocking more than 5 million phones located in different countries. They provide you with the easiest guidelines to follow in order to unlock your mobile phone.

  • This software provides you with the lowest price.
  • They have a policy of guarantying money back if the software doesn’t work.
  • Removes all different types of locks and restrictions.
  • Customer service is always open for users in order to get any kind of help.
  • They will even negotiate prices if less than their service price is offered somewhere.
  • Unlock base doesn’t provide their services free of charge.
  • Area or countries limitations don’t allow you to use this software everywhere.

4) TheUnlockr

The unlockr software also known as unlocking my phone as both of these software has combined to facilitate its users with the most effective unlock software.

It provides you the unlocking service of IMEI. This software to unlock phones to any network has more than 150,000 clients who have used their software and has given a remarkable review.

  • Users of iPhones, as well as Androids, can avail of this software.
  • Assist around 16,000 mobile phones worldwide.
  • Debit cards and credit cards service is also available to pay the charges for using their software.
  • Removes any type of phone which is even considered as hard to unlock.
  • You can even pay them through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • They have their own engineers and hackers who are expert in their skills.
  • Accountability is divided as per their partnership.
  • Customer service is not available 24/7.
  • Sometimes delay in getting the code.

5) UnlockUnit

This software to unlock phones to any network which is known as Unlockunit has been in the market for around or more than 7 years.

This software has unlocked more than a million mobile phones. They have consumed quite a lot of customers under their umbrella and are still advancing in the field of technology.

  • Over more than 200 countries can avail their services which are present in Asia, Europe, USA, and Australia
  • Many different mobile companies have access to this software, like AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.
  • They provide you with the knowledge of gaining access to your IMEI number.
  • It helps you out with all of your queries within seconds.
  • One minute is all it takes to unlock a GSM mobile phone.
  • It is limited to some countries.
  • Every country cannot avail their services.
  • This software charges money for their services.

6) CellUnlocker

This software allows you to find the code needed to unlock the phone for free. They are one of the top service providers people can trust.

  • This software provides you with a discount offer for their services.
  • It can be on all of the networks of GSM globally.
  • It doesn’t allow any restriction on changing the SIM.
  • The order placed by the user is updated automatically.
  • Fully supported customer service.
  • It is not free software to unlock phones to any network.
  • They need an extra amount of time in handling different kinds of phones.
  • Time –consuming procedure to be followed.

7) FreeUnlocks

If you are thinking of how to unlock a network locked phone for free, then you have to choose free unlock software. They have been in this line of business for around 10 years.

Their free unlocks software has been used for about 97,000 times in unlocking mobile phones. They don’t have any kind of complicated procedure; almost everything is the same as they are in other software.

  • It takes a few minutes to get the unlock code.
  • The capability of unlocking every different kind of brand mobile phone which includes Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Sony and etc.
  • The trial version is free of charge.
  • Nothing needs to be downloaded which consumes your storage.
  • Refundable payment if the software provided doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t pose any threat to the hardware or your cell phone.
  • It cannot unlock every mobile brand present.
  • Only it’s trial version is free.
  • Not many users have used this software.

8) DC-Unlocker

This DC-unlocker is known to the most adaptable, resourceful and flexible software having many users globally. It is also said to be the very first comprehensive and general product of unlocking phones globally.

  • This software doesn’t require your IMEI number to process.
  • This DC-Unlocker can unlock mobile phones via connected by PC.
  • It takes only 60 seconds to unlock a phone.
  • This software can be downloaded free of cost.
  • COM ports are also not necessary as the software automatically locates the device.
  • Updated codes of firmware can also be generated through this software.
  • It is a free phone unlocking software.
  • Available in every country.
  • This software needs to be downloaded on the computer which is time-devouring.
  • Possibility of software not working properly as it is free.
  • Unavailability of customer service 24/7.

9) KingoApp – KingoRoot

This software to unlock phones to any network is free unlocking software for the bootloader. This software needs to be connected to your computer, by which it will automatically download the drivers of USB on your PC.

This king root software will help you unlock the bootloader or code which sprints ahead of any system which is operating.

  • This software allows you to eliminate the codes and the carrier codes.
  • This Kingoroot software only gives access to the root-only types of Apps.
  • It lowers the burden of storage.
  • It is friendly to use the software.
  • It can be used in any part of the world without any limitations or restriction.
  • It can only be used on Android phones.
  • It has a very complex and tangled kind of process while operation.
  • This software doesn’t work for unlocking passcode, pattern, Pin or fingerprint.

10) UnlockingYourPhone

It is considerably known for its efficient working features installed inside this software to unlock phones to any network. SDWebs are the main producer of this software named as unlocking your phone. This software is also considered as the best type of unlocking mobile phone software and it has many loyal customers running after it.

It can easily be downloaded from the play store by paying via Paypal or credit card for their services rendered or provided. It mainly helps in unlocking the SIM inside the mobile phones to give their users access to using different SIM.

  • It unlocks SIM very fast and effectively.
  • This software is easy to use and runs very smoothly providing its users with the best of their services.
  • This Unlock your phone software assists almost all types of brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola and etc.
  • They have many users worldwide facilitating themselves with their services.
  • It is only made for users of Android cell phones.
  • It charges money, hence it is not free.
  • This software doesn’t have the power to unlock the fingerprint, passcode, pattern or Pin.
  • As you want to upgrade through this software, you will have to pay.
  • It unlocks only SIMs.
  • iPhone users cannot use or facilitate themselves with the features of this software to unlock phones to any network.

Why People Use These Softwares

This software is the top among all of the software which provides you with a smooth experience and the best features to unlock your phones to any network provided or given.

As more mobile phones are being launched, people ought to get those mobile phones for themselves, although in some countries, these mobile phone companies don’t even trade. So these phones come with a lock, which needs to be unlocked, then there is the need for all these unlocking software.

Which is a Software to Use

All of the mentioned software have some charges except for one or two, which people don’t want to pay, but because of their necessity, they have to buy or purchase that software. The thing that should be done in order to get the software for free is to the best buy sprint phone deals.

Which is known as the fourth biggest operator of mobile networks in the world. Sprint also provides internet service and wireless service and has more than 55 million consumers as checked last.

How Can You Unlock Phones to Any Network

These locked phones can only and practically be unlocked by different kinds of software. Whether it is an iPhone or Android, software to unlock phones to any network will solve this issue. According to the researches, it has been found that rather than Android phones, this problem of unlocking the phone occurs in iPhone.

Which is a very big problem for iPhone users, especially when you ask your relatives to bring you a phone, and it can then not be opened without unlocking it. Software to unlock phones to any network can help you a big deal in unlocking your phone.

Final Thought

Software to unlock phones to any network is the best help for the person who travels frequently. They have to change their locations and their SIMs in order to contact their relatives as well as to attend business meetings. So it is very essential to have these types of software to avoid paying high rates for the network by converting it to roaming. It costs a lot, so it is very much better to use this software.

Through using this software, the value of your mobile phones gets also increased which helps you while selling your phone, and you get almost more money than the money you spent on buying that mobile phone. This software has also been legalised throughout the world, so there is no restriction on the usage of this software and you can easily get your phone unlocked.

So if you have any kind of problem unlocking a mobile phone, then try using the software mentioned above.

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