Best Boost Mobile Prepaid Internet Plans

DISH stated that it had completed its acquisition of Boost Mobile Prepaid Internet by paying billions. It officially got to enter the wireless telecommunication retail market that serves over nine million users who are considered to be in the DISH family. With the milestone that DISH took, they have continued to offer prepaid internet connectivity as they build their first virtual standalone network of 5G in the USA.

Previously, Boost was under the Sprint network, which was considered to be among the Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks. The new revolutionized Boost mobile prepaid internet plans can be found from as low as $45 to get 15GB of data to reduce the monthly rates than before by offering a total of six payments of $5, which need to be paid on time by customers.

The shrink in the payment plans has helped boost the number of customers who use Boost Mobile, and it also includes the offer of text and talk that’s unlimited. Previously, Boost offered a plan that gave 10GB for only $35 plus the unlimited texts and talks time, which was created back in 2014.

Most consumers need to sign up for the new plans given while using devices that are compatible with Boost. The prepaid internet gets to offer signals that are strong, fast, and cover a high percentage of network area to their current customers. With their recent promised price on plans that favorable, you need to read the article to know more about Boost plans in the United States.

Additionally, customers will get more minutes than before when they quote a purchase between the available new internet plans according to their location.

What is a Prepaid Internet

Prepaid internet involves service the internet that allows its customers to pay their credit before the data can get used. It usually comes in different options that would enable the user to make a weekly, daily, or monthly payment.

Services that Boost Mobile offers on Prepaid Internet

Customers who use Boost Mobile prepaid internet can get to relish a variety of both family and individual plans, which are accompanied by data, text, and talk that’s unlimited. Boost also offers 3G, 4G and 5G data plans, which are more expensive, and users can get to enjoy HD streaming privileges.

The Best Boost Mobile Prepaid Internet Plans

1. Individual Line Plan

3 Gigs 4G LTE, or 5G.


For $35, users can get;

  • Unlimited Talk, Data and Text
  • 4G LTE of 3GB and the user can add more
  • Allows streaming of SD video
  • The user can stream unlimited music
  • A six-month trial service of streaming Tidal premium
  • Allows addition of up to four extra lines which are priced each at $30

Unlimited Gigs

For $50 a month, users can get;

  • Unlimited (Talk/Text/Data)
  • Allows streaming of SD quality videos
  • Wi-Fi hotspot of 128GB
  • A six-month trial service of streaming Tidal premium
  • Allows addition of up to four extra lines which are priced each at $30

Boost Unlimited Plus

For $60 a month, the users can get;

  • Unlimited (Talk/Text/Data)
  • Allows streaming of videos in HD
  • Wi-Fi hotspot of 30GB
  • A six-month trial service of streaming Tidal premium
  • Allows addition of up to four extra lines which are priced each at $40

Ultimate Unlimited

For $80 a month, the users can get;

  • Unlimited (Talk/Text/Data)
  • Allows video streaming in HD
  • Prioritised customer care
  • PLUS International Connect
  • Wi-Fi hotspot of 50GB
  • There is a free subscription on streaming services to Tidal premium
  • Allows addition of up to four extra lines which are priced each at $60

2. Family Plan Options

Four Lines worth $120 for a month option

  • All the given lines get to have unlimited (Talk/Text/Data)
  • Mobile hotspot of 30GB
  • Streaming videos in HD

Fewer Lines & More Data option of 3 Lines at $100 monthly

  • All the given lines get to have unlimited (Text, Talk, and Data).
  • Mobile hotspot of 30GB
  • Streaming videos in SD

Other Features of Boost Prepaid Internet for Mobile Phones

  • Unlimited Streams of Music: Customers who use Boost Mobile will appreciate streaming their popular music from different services such as Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio without even using data.
  • Mobile Hotspot: Plans in the Boost Mobile allow users to have mobile hotspot data allotments, enabling them to connect with different devices to Wi-Fi.
  • No Hidden Fees: Boost Mobile plans have fees and taxes that get rolled into the available costs; hence, users can expect simplicity when it comes to phone bills. When they are also switching from different carriers, they can retain their original number and keep it for the Boost Mobile plan.

Advantages of the Boost Mobile Prepaid Internet

The use of prepaid internet in the USA has several advantages that come with it to customers. Here is what you can expect when you decide to use the prepaid internet.

  • With prepaid internet, the user can be able to log in occasionally to check their email or any other thing because they don’t have to use the monthly limits that are unlimited.
  • Prepaid internet also comes in handy when the customer is using a broadband connection at home. However, they still need to have another option if the DSL Internet or cable gets lost, making access very difficult. Most of the prepaid plans can run into a year without any disconnection; hence this would be the best backup plan for any user.
  • Travelers also get to appreciate the benefits of prepaid internet. Several providers have designed offers that contain various local, national, and internal numbers that allow users to access communication and use of data anywhere they travel. Customers only need to have a line for their phone and internet access.
  • People who are experiencing problems when it comes to their credit can use prepaid internet. They can use cash instead of the standard monthly billing methods used by several internet service plans.
  •  By using prepaid internet, parents can ensure that they can control what their children do on the internet. They can restrict their usage and control the amount of cash that the children need in minutes.

Disadvantages of the Boost Mobile Prepaid Internet

Some of the common disadvantages witnessed that can be associated with the use of prepaid internet by customers include;

  • The use of prepaid internet sometimes requires it’s users to have to rely on connections that deal with dial-up methods, and this can be a bit slow when it comes to downloading any content on the web. For a standard dial-up connection, the speed capacity is about 56kbps as its maximum data on the line of a digital phone in the USA. The following means that a user will painfully experience prolonged connections, and they can’t be able to view even images or stream any music from their device. A considerable percentage of people are known to use the internet for watching online videos; hence this might be a disadvantage to them.
  • Whenever your data or minutes run out, you will need to recharge when you are using prepaid internet, or you can also buy a different card. It’s the only way to access the internet, and you will need to keep track of the remaining minutes so that you don’t get surprised about the expiration date. You can use specialized software, which will allow you to check on your prepaid internet balance as you make any internet connection. The next time you log into the software, you can view the remaining minutes that you can use to connect to the web.
  • When using prepaid internet, you can forget your access number, and it might be a problem for the user. When a user purchases a prepaid internet card, they will get to be given their access number. The user hence can lose money if they forget this particular access number.
  • Lastly, if a customer uses the internet heavily, they need something fast. Purchasing prepaid internet cards can also be a bit expensive for most users. It can only be economical only if they want to use the internet for emergencies or checking their emails if it’s more then they need other options that will suit their needs.

How Users Can Sign Up for Boost Mobile

A customer can visit any nearby Boost Mobile store or dealers that are authorised to register, or they can also go online to check on the plans that are available before they sign up.

  • Boost prepaid internet plans involve a no-contracts option which allows long terms phone commitments
  • The services offered of pay-per-month option allows the users to track their phone bill
  • Boost prepaid plans are budget-friendly with add one such as streaming of unlimited music and other services
  • At 23 GB per billing cycle of data, a user will start to experience slow network especially during busy periods or when I a crowded area
  • Boost Mobile is selective in offering services to the various phones that are compatible with its service.
  • Boost provides its services through Sprint which is not considered among the best cellphone Service providers in the USA


Boost Mobile might not be among the best carrier service providers such and Verizon or AT&T in the US. When it comes to its prepaid plan of GTA compared to the others, the customer will experience several offers that have gotten simplified in a no-contract option. The good deals are what anybody would want if they need a plan that involves unlimited data, talk, or text over fees that are averagely priced.

All the customers get to enjoy all the phone services just like those of any other users on Sprint. Boost attracts anyone who needs the plans that are customised based on a person’s need to use data rather than having to waste their cash on an exaggerated plan that they do not require. Get the Boost significant network coverage by spending less on the available network prices.

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