How to Find Someone on Snapchat With Just Their Name in 2024

Finding someone when all you have is their first and last name can be tricky on Snapchat. Unlike other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat does not allow you to search for people directly by name. However, there are a few methods you can use to locate Snapchat users just by knowing their name.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover various techniques to find someone by name on Snapchat in 2024, including using the Snapchat search bar, finding them in quick add through contacts, looking through friend suggestions, and using third party apps and websites. With over 500 million snaps created per day, there is a good possibility you will be able to connect with the person you are looking for by using these methods.

Is It Possible to Find Someone on Snapchat by Name?

Yes, it is possible to find someone on Snapchat by their name, though it can be challenging. Here are a few ways to try locating someone just by using their first and last name:

  1. Use the Search Bar Open up Snapchat and tap on the magnifying glass icon at the top. Type in the full first and last name of who you are looking for. If they use their real name for their display name on Snapchat, their account may show up in the search results.
  2. Check Friend Suggestions Snapchat’s algorithms try suggesting friends for you to add, sometimes based on saved contacts or mutual friends. Open your profile and look under the “Suggestions” section to see if their name pops up there.
  3. Scan Through Snapcodes You can sometimes recognize someone just by their selfie photo rather than name alone. Go to your profile, tap the Snapcode icon and flip through selfies to visually identify the person.
  4. Use a Third-Party Contact Matching App Some apps like Swipe for Facebook or connect different social networks together through saved contacts and friend lists. So you may be able to uncover their Snapchat account if the name saves in your phone, Facebook or other platforms.

The challenge is that not everyone uses a recognizable real first and last name as their display name on Snapchat. But through friend suggestions, snapcode scans, and contact matching, it is possible to find some people through just a name. Consistently spelled accurate names produce the best search success.

Prerequisites for Finding Someone by Name on Snapchat

Before we get into the specific methods for locating Snapchat users by name, there are a few prerequisites that will aid the search process:

Have the Full Name

Having only a first name or last name will make it much more difficult to find someone’s account. If possible, obtain the full first and last name of the individual to maximize the chance that Snapchat’s algorithm recognizes the name and surfaces their account.

If you only have a first name, try guessing plausible last names like common surnames within ethnicities or combining it with cities, schools, places of employment, nicknames or interests.

Personal Connection

Finding strangers is far more difficult than people within your networks and contacts. If you have overlapped social circles, cities, schools, jobs or other personal connections, leverage these to narrow down account possibilities during your name search.

Accurate Name Spelling

As basic as it sounds, double and triple check that the name is spelled properly before beginning your search. Incorrect spellings can completely derail efforts to find someone.

Cross reference the name against other social profiles like Instagram or Facebook to confirm accuracy. If you only have a verbal name without seeing it written, clarify precise spellings.

How to Find Someone on Snapchat by Name: Step-by-step Methods

Now that we have covered some prerequisites, here are the step-by-step methods for tracking down a Snapchat account by name only:

Method 1. Search on Snapchat

The most straightforward technique is using Snapchat’s built-in search bar. Here’s how:

  • Open the Snapchat app and make sure you are on the camera page
  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the top left of the screen
  • Type the full name of the person into the search bar
  • If Snapchat recognizes the name as a user, their profile should pop up
  • Tap on their profile picture and then tap “Add Friend”

If their account does not appear, Snapchat was unable to match the name you entered to an existing user. This could be due to an inaccurate name, private account or inactive user.

Do not worry yet – there are still more options to find them…

Method 2. Search Quick Add Contacts

If the Snapchat search failed to find the user, your next option is checking Quick Add to match names of existing phone/email contacts.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the Snapchat app and tap your profile icon in the top left
  • Select the settings gear icon to access your profile options
  • Choose “Quick Add Friends” under the “My Friends” section
  • Review the list shown for any contacts that match the full name
  • If you see the name, tap “Add” to send a friend request

This allows you to cross reference names in your contacts, including emails, against people who also have Snapchat. As quick add only displays first and last names with no usernames, double check it is the person you intend to add.

Method 3. Look Through Friend Suggestions

Another place Snapchat may automatically show the person is under Suggested Friends. Here’s how to check:

  • Go to your profile page again by tapping the icon in the top left
  • Select the smiling face icon next to settings to show your friends list
  • Review the list under “Suggestions” for anyone matching the name
  • If the right person appears, tap “Add” next to their name

Snapchat leverages matching profile data and connections to recommend new friends. So if you have overlapping contacts and social circles, the algorithm may display them as a suggestion.

Method 4. View Snapcode Selfies

Sometimes matching by name alone is not enough. An additional option is visually inspecting selfies attached to snapcodes to identify someone.

Here is the process:

  • From your profile, click the Snapcode icon next to “Add Friends”
  • Review selfies and visually try to recognize the person
  • If you see someone familiar, tap their snapcode to reveal their name
  • Check if the name matches who you are searching for
  • Send a friend request by tapping “Add Friend”

By going through snapcode selfies, you may be able to match someone’s appearance rather than just name. The downside is this method requires manually clicking on each code, so works better for small friend groups versus large public accounts.

Method 5. Use Third Party Tools

If Snapchat search options fail to find the person, one last option is using third party tools that allow searching names across Snapchat to reveal accounts. Some popular apps include:

  • Snapdex – specialized people finder connecting with Snapchat
  • Swipe for Facebook – link Facebook friends to find associated Snapchat
  • – integrate your address book contacts with social media

These apps match identifiable data points across platforms like names, phones and emails to uncover linked Snapchat accounts. However, be aware they have access to profiles and contacts which raises privacy concerns for some users. Consult their security policies carefully before utilizing them.

If the individual has connected other social media apps or has contacts in common with your network, these tools may successfully uncover their account when searching directly on Snapchat fails.

How to Find Snapchat Friends – Tips

Here are some tips for finding friends on Snapchat:

  1. Use the “Add Friends” tab in Snapchat. This shows you friend suggestions based on mutual friends and contacts. Scroll through and see if anyone looks familiar.
  2. Similarly, check the “Quick Add” section which suggests friends based on connections from your phone contacts and social media friends lists.
  3. Search by name or username with the search bar. Type in either their full name or exact Snapchat username if you know it. This works best when you have exact spellings.
  4. Browse Snapcodes by tapping on your profile and selecting the Snapcode icon. This will show a giant list of snapcodes that you can tap on to reveal names. Scan through pictures to see if anyone looks familiar.
  5. Connect Snapchat to other social networks you use. Apps like Swipe for Facebook will scan your FB friend list and tell you which of those friends also has Snapchat. The app does something similar by matching your phone contacts to social media accounts.
  6. Ask your existing Snapchat friends if they have the person you are looking for added. Have them check their “My Friends” list and suggest they add you if found.
  7. Attend events, parties, gatherings where you can meet people in-person. Ask new acquaintances at social functions if they have Snapchat and ask to add each other.

The more ways you connect Snapchat to your existing social circles and contact books, the easier it will be to find more friends organically through the app’s suggestions and from simply asking people you meet.

How to Add Me on Snapchat – Tips

Here are some tips for adding someone on Snapchat:

  1. Ask them directly for their Snapchat username. This is the easiest way – just say “what’s your Snapchat?” or “can I add you on Snapchat?”
  2. Search by their name. Open Snapchat, go to the Add Friends tab, tap the search magnifying glass, and type in their full name. Their account may appear if they use their real name on Snapchat.
  3. Have them send you a snap with their username. Tell them to send you a quick chat snap with their username written physically in the snap. Their exact handle will appear at the top when you open it.
  4. Scan their Snapcode if you’re with them in-person. Have them go to their profile in Snapchat, tap their Snapcode, and show you the code on their screen. Open your Snapchat camera and scan their code to instantly add them.
  5. Find them through friend suggestions. Snapchat may suggest friends for you to add based on mutual contacts and social connections. Check the suggestion list to see if they appear.
  6. Connect Snapchat to your phone contacts with Quick Add Friends. This features pulls contacts from your phone address book and shows which have Snapchat.

Essentially, get their exact Snapchat username somehow and manually enter it to send a friend request. Or use in-app friend suggestion tools and contact syncing.

Methods to Find Someone’s Snapchat Username

Here are some methods to find someone’s Snapchat username if you don’t know it:

  1. Ask them directly – The easiest way is to just ask the person for their exact Snapchat username.
  2. Check other social media – See if they have social media like Instagram or Twitter connected to their Snapchat. Their username may be listed in their profiles.
  3. Search by name – Go to Snapchat’s Add Friends section and type in their first and last name. Matching accounts with that name may show up.
  4. Use friend suggestion tools – Snapchat’s “Quick Add” feature pulls from your phone contacts to show you which of those contacts also has Snapchat.
  5. Ask mutual friends – See if any friends you share with that person have them added on Snapchat already. Get the username from your mutual friends.
  6. Google it – Try googling the person’s name plus “snapchat” or their name plus their city, school, etc. Their username may appear in results.
  7. Username dictionaries – Some websites have dictionary lists of Snapchat usernames you can browse through to search. But these cause privacy issues.

The best method is to directly ask the person for their exact username. But contacts, friends, and social media can also help you uncover it through mutual connections or profile links.

How to Find Someone on Snapchat Without Username

Here are the best methods for finding someone on Snapchat without their username:

  1. Search by Their Phone Number: If you have the person’s phone number, there is a chance it might be connected to their Snapchat account. Go to your Snapchat contacts and check if their number appears in your Quick Add list. This draws from your phone contacts who also use Snapchat.
  2. Search by Their Full Name: Go to your Snapchat’s Add Friends section and enter their first and last name into the search bar. If they use their real name for their public display name, their account could appear in the results. This works best if you have proper spelling of their full name.
  3. Use a Snapchat Contact Finder: Third party apps like Swipe for Facebook or connect Snapchat accounts with identified information from your other social networks and contacts. So if the individual’s name, number or email exists in your Facebook, phone contacts, or Google contacts, these apps can potentially match it with Snapchat accounts.
  4. Ask Friends Who Have Them Added: Reach out to any mutual friends you may share and ask them to check their own friends list if the person appears there. Then you can ask your mutual friend to give you the correct username.

The key is leveraging outside contact information like names, emails, and phones through Snapchat’s friend recommendation tools or third party match making apps. While more difficult without a username, it’s possible to uncover accounts through these alternative identifiers.

5 Best Snapchat Finder Tools

Here are some tips for using Snapchat finder tools to locate people:

1. Snapdex

Snapdex is one of the most well-known third party apps for finding Snapchat friends. After downloading, it will scan your contacts and friends lists on other social networks to match people with Snapchat accounts. You can also enter names manually to search and send requests.

2. Swipe for Facebook

Similar to Snapdex, Swipe for Facebook is an app that connects your Facebook friends list to Snapchat accounts. It makes it easy to see what Snapchat users match your existing FB friends. Keep in mind it requires giving API access to your data.


Rather than focus specifically on Snapchat, aggregates contacts from your email, phone, Facebook and other accounts, then enables you to cross reference and find matching profiles across dozens of different platforms including Snapchat.

4. Google Search

Believe it or not you can sometimes uncover Snapchat accounts through creative Google searching techniques. Rather than search names, search usernames, handles, unique terms with Snapchat or SC in combination with profile details like location, school names etc.

5. Snapcode Sites

Some websites aggregate public snapcodes making them searchable through a visual database or forums. This can enable you to identify someone you recognize visually rather than just by name. However, safety concerns exist around these kind of sites.

The key with Snapchat finders is to leverage as many identifying data points about a person as possible – location, school, email, contacts in common etc. Combining this with name searches gives you the best shot at tracking someone down from the minimal info you start with.

Troubleshooting Problems Finding Someone

Despite your best efforts, sometimes you may still be unable to locate someone on Snapchat using the methods above. Here are some common reasons why searching a name does not successfully find a profile:

  1. Incorrect Name Spellings: Double check that you have the precise spelling of their full first and last names. Subtle details like additional middle names, hyphens or letter swaps can prevent name matching. Reconfirm name spellings from outside social media or documents.
  2. Non-Existent Accounts: If the person does not actually have Snapchat or deleted their account, no amount of searching will reveal them. Ask around through mutual connections to check if they still actively use Snapchat.
  3. Private or Inactive Accounts: Users can set their privacy settings to private, preventing their account from appearing in searches. Additionally, inactive ghost accounts no longer show up. Ask mutual connections whether they can still view the profile.
  4. Nicknames Rather Than Legal Names: Some individuals use nicknames, shortened names or secondary identities on their social media accounts rather than legal names. Using only official names may not return their profiles in search. Try common nicknames.
  5. Banned Snapchat Accounts: In cases of violations of Snapchat’s community guidelines through illegal or dangerous behavior, accounts can be banned and essentially hidden from friends and search tools.

If you have thoroughly searched using accurate names and the person remains elusive, they likely fall into one of the categories above preventing you finding their profile. At that point, the only option is trying to contact the person through other means for their exact Snapchat handle.

Protecting Your Own Profile When Searching by Name

While this guide focused on how to find others, you can utilize some of these tips to also avoid being located by name if that is your preference.

Here are profile settings to hide your own Snapchat profile:

  • Set your account to private under settings > privacy > ghost mode
  • Disable phone & email matching under “Quick Add Friends”
  • Turn off name sharing with other apps under connections
  • Change your display name to a nickname rather than formal name

Activating these makes it much harder for outside parties to identify your profile by name alone when browsing friend suggestions or utilizing third party matching tools.


Finding someone with only a first and last name on Snapchat can be challenging, but is possible through a few different techniques. Between leveraging Snapchat’s friend suggestions, manual snapcode browsing, and third party contact syncing apps, you have several options to aid name searches.

Be sure to confirm exact name spellings, verify active usage through connections, and try alternative nicknames if your searches fail. With over 300 million users posting over 5 billion snaps daily in 2024, there is a strong possibility someone with the right name tips is discoverable if actively using Snapchat.

Utilizing these name search tools while also customizing privacy settings allow you to find new connections while controlling who can identify your own account if you prefer to remain anonymous. With Snapchat continuing rapid expansion, look for enhanced search capabilities and friend matching algorithms soon to make finding connections even easier in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I only have their first name?

It will be much harder to find someone’s Snapchat with only a first name. Try guessing plausible last names based on details you know like ethnicity, city, school, workplace etc. You can enter multiple combinations into the Snapchat search bar to uncover their account.

What if I misspell their name?

An incorrect or misspelled name, even with one letter off, can prevent you from locating someone. Triple check the accuracy of the first and last name against social media platforms like Instagram where you can see the name they have chosen to display.

What if their account doesn’t show up in the search results?

If you entered the precisely spelled full name and their account still does not appear, they likely have you blocked, have set their account to private, use Snapchat infrequently, or are using a display name that varies from their real name. Checking with mutual connections can help deduce what the issue may be.

What are safety concerns with third party searching apps?

While some third party apps like Snapdex promise an easier way to find people by name across platforms, they require access to your personal contacts and profile information which raises privacy issues. Make sure to carefully review their terms of service and security policies before using them.

How can I make it harder to find my Snapchat if someone only knows my name?

You can set your own account to private through Ghost Mode, stop your profile from being included in Quick Add results, and disconnect name sharing with other apps in settings. Changing your display name to a nickname rather than formal first and last name provides additional protection.

What if someone has blocked me on Snapchat?

If another user has specifically chosen to block you, their account will not appear in search results and they will be unable to receive any snap or friend requests from you. For safety reasons, Snapchat does not allow ways around blocking. You would need to establish contact outside the app to request they unblock you.