How to Find Someone on Snapchat in 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 300 million daily active users. The app allows you to easily connect with friends by sending photo and video snaps that disappear after being viewed.

While Snapchat focuses on sharing quick, ephemeral moments, you may sometimes want to find longer-term connections on the platform. Whether you want to add old friends, connect with interesting people, or find contacts for your business, Snapchat has tools to help you track down specific users.

Is it Possible to Find Someone on Snapchat?

Yes, it is possible to find someone on Snapchat in a few different ways:

  1. Search for their exact Snapchat username in the app’s search bar. Usernames are unique and if you have the exact one it will bring up their profile.
  2. Look up their name or username on Snapchat friend-finder websites. Some third-party sites let you search for Snapchat users and see if a name match comes up.
  3. Browse public profiles Snapchat shows related to a name search. Type in their name and some public profiles with matching names may show up that you can browse through.
  4. Ask mutual friends if they’re connected on Snapchat. You can check mutual friends’ friend lists and see if the person you’re searching for appears.
  5. Ask the person directly for their Snapchat username or to send you a profile link to add them. This is the only foolproof way if their profile is private.

The best method is getting the exact Snapchat username for a search. But even without it, there are still ways to try finding and connecting with someone through name lookups, public listings, or mutual friends networks. With the right approach, you can probably track down a Snapchat profile.

How To Use Snapchat’s Search Tools to Find Other Users

Snapchat provides simple yet powerful search tools to help you find other users. You can quickly look up friends, brands, celebrities and more by using Snapchat’s built-in search feature.

Using the Search Bar to Find Someone

The most direct way to find another Snapchat user is to use the search bar:

  1. Open your Snapchat app and access the main camera screen.
  2. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen. This will bring up Snapchat’s search bar.
  3. Type in the exact Snapchat username or name of the account you want to find. Usernames are case sensitive.
  4. Tap the username or name of the account when it appears below the search bar. This will open the user’s public Snapchat profile.
  5. Tap ‘Add’ next to the user’s name to send a friend request or directly add them as a friend if the profile is set to public.
  6. Wait for the user to accept your friend request to begin interacting with and viewing their snaps.

The search bar allows you to find any user if you have their exact username. However, if you only know someone’s real name or info, you may need to try some additional search tactics.

Browsing Snapchat’s Public Profiles

When you search for a name without an exact username, Snapchat will try to match it with public profiles. Here is how to browse and request public profiles that match your search:

  1. Search for someone’s name or information, like “John Smith”. Do not enter an exact username.
  2. Scroll down below the search bar. You’ll see automated name suggestions for public Snapchat profiles along with profile photos.
  3. Browse through the suggested profiles. Click a profile to view the user’s public content.
  4. If you find the person you were searching for, tap ‘Add’ next to their name to send a friend request.

This method is helpful for looking up people with common names who you don’t share friends with on Snapchat. However, not everyone makes their profile public, so you may not always find who you’re looking for with this tool.

Connect with Friends of Friends to Expand Your Network

If the search bar and public profiles don’t help you track down someone, try leveraging Snapchat’s social graph to find mutual friends and connections.

Sometimes the person you want to add isn’t public or easily searchable. In that case, try connecting with friends of friends who you share connections with. Here’s how:

View Friends List of Mutual Connections

See if you share any friends on Snapchat with the person you want to find:

  1. Open your Snapchat Friends list.
  2. Scroll through your full list of friends. Look for any friends that might also know the person you’re searching for.
  3. Tap the mutual friend’s name to open their profile. Scroll down and browse their public friends list.
  4. Check if the person you want to find appears as a friend or public connection on the mutual friend’s account.

If you spot the person’s account in your mutual friend’s friends list, you can then add them by username even if their profile isn’t fully public.

Search Within Mutual Friends’ Networks

You can also directly search for non-public accounts within friends’ networks:

  1. From your Snapchat camera, tap on the search bar.
  2. Rather than searching a name, input the username of the mutual friend instead.
  3. Select your mutual friend’s name from the dropdown list.
  4. Browse their public friends list – this shows profiles connected within their friend network, increasing your chance of spotting the person you’re looking for.
  5. If you find the user you want to add, tap ‘Add’ next to their name to connect with them.

By checking the connections of your mutual friends, you can find people via social graph even if their profiles aren’t fully public or easily searchable.

Send a Username Request Link to Find Non-Public Profiles

If none of the above search methods help you identify someone’s specific Snapchat account, the last resort is having them share a profile link directly with you.

To connect with a user who has a private, non-public account:

  1. Have the person go to their Snapchat profile.
  2. Ask them to tap the settings gear icon → ‘Snapcode’.
  3. They need to tap ‘Share Username’ and select the sharing method to directly send you their exact profile link.
  4. When you open the link they share, you can go straight to their profile then tap ‘Add’ to send a friend request.

Getting a username link is the only guaranteed way to identify someone’s exact, non-public Snapchat account. However, it requires them to proactively share the link from their profile screen.

Optimize Your Snapchat Profile to Help Friends Find You

Not only is it important to be able to find and identify other Snapchat users, but you also want your friends to be able to easily discover your account.

Here are some profile tips to ensure you stand out so more friends can locate and connect with you on Snapchat:

Set a Unique, Memorable Username

Your Snapchat username plays a big role helping others discover and identify your account in search.

To set a memorable username:

  • Open your profile screen → Settings gear icon → Username → Change Username
  • Set a fun, unique name that friends associate with you. Get creative!

Having an identifiable, non-generic username makes your account much easier to find in search results and suggestions.

Fill Out Your Snapchat Profile

In addition to your username, fill out other public profile details:

  • Bitmoji – Link your Bitmoji avatar to your profile so friends can easily recognize you.
  • Display Name – Display a version of your real name to look familiar to friends.
  • Snapcode – Set a custom design that friends can scan to find you.

Filling out your profile, especially with recognizable details like your Bitmoji or name, helps friends confirm they’ve found the right person when searching on Snapchat.

Set Your Profile to Public

By default, your Snapchat account only shows a limited preview to non-friends checking your profile.

You can change this by setting your account to public:

  1. Tap your profile picture → settings gear icon.
  2. Scroll down and tap next to ‘Who Can View My Story’
  3. Select ‘Everyone’ rather than ‘My Friends’.

With a fully public profile, your account appears in more search results and browse suggestions, helping new Snapchat connections discover you.

Leverage Snapchat’s Mapping Features To Connect Locally

Beyond profile searches, Snapchat’s interactive Snap Map lets you connect with other users based on location.

Snap Map shows public snaps and stories posted by Snapchatters at places near you or around the world. You can browse content by location to see what’s happening in your area.

Some ways to use Snap Maps to make local connections:

Browse Public Snaps and Stories From Your City or Neighborhood

Tap into Snap Maps and zoom into your local area. Look for public stories and snaps frequently posted from nearby neighborhoods, parks, restaurants or other community hubs.

Through the posted photos and videos, you may discover interesting people or locally relevant accounts worth connecting with.

Post Public Content To Your Own Snap Map Story

In addition to browsing other users’ public content, post your own snaps directly to your Snap Map story.

This makes your profile and recent content viewable by anyone browsing Snap Map around where you share your photos and videos.

Constantly posting local Snap Map updates makes it easier for nearby users to discover your account while exploring their areas on the map.

Scan Snapcodes Displayed On Snap Map Profiles

When you tap a profile after discovering them via Snap Map, you’ll see a Snapcode next to their username.

Snapcodes encode unique links to individual profiles. Friends and new connections can scan a Snapcode using Snapchat’s camera to automatically add that person.

Build local connections by scanning Snapcodes from profiles of Snap Map users posting interesting public content around your neighborhoods and city.

Search and Connect With Brands, Celebrities and Influencers

Snapchat isn’t just for connecting with personal friends and contacts. The app has a thriving ecosystem of brands, businesses, creators and influencers.

You can follow popular celebrity, influencer and brand accounts for entertainment updates, special content and exclusive offers delivered via Snapchat.

Here are tips for finding and connecting with favorites:

Search Specific Brand or Celebrity Usernames

There’s a good chance your favorite brands, creators and celebrities already have established Snapchat accounts.

Directly search their exact usernames in the Snapchat search bar to try to find public profiles officially associated with them.

Once you locate an official, verified account, follow it to receive snaps and stories with exclusive content.

Browse Suggested Profiles Based on Interests

Snapchat will also try to recommend relevant brand and influencer accounts:

  1. Tap the profile circle at the top left of Camera screen.
  2. Tap the sparkle icon next to ‘Add Friends’.
  3. Select interests like ‘Food’, ‘Fashion’ or ‘Comedy’.
  4. Scroll down to see Snapchat’s public profile suggestions based on those topics.
  5. Browse and follow any interesting brand or influencer profiles.

Letting Snapchat auto-suggest accounts means you can discover profiles you may have otherwise missed in search.

Check Who Your Current Friends Are Following

Your existing Snapchat connections likely follow some intriguing profiles.

Browse which brands, creators, or celebrities your own friends follow for new account recommendations worth adding yourself.

Add Friends Back Who Find Your Profile

While actively searching for other Snapchat users is helpful, social apps are also about reciprocity.

Some people may discover your profile first and send you a friend request. Keep an eye on Snapchat notifications to connect back with new friends.

Keep Tabs on Your Snapchat Friend Requests

Don’t ignore the friend requests tab in Snapchat. Monitor notifications for any requests from users who have found your profile.

Tap the ghost chat icon → Add Friends → tap notification number to see who’s recently added you. Review requests and tap ‘Accept’ next to any profiles you’d like to connect back with.

Check the ‘Quick Add’ Section

In addition to direct requests, your pending ‘Quick Add’ list shows:

  • Friends who added your username
  • Users with public friends lists you appear on

Tap into the Quick Add list → Accept next to any profiles you want to mutually follow back.

Reciprocating connections helps build your Snapchat network when people find your profile in searches or via mutual friends.

Avoid Spam, Bots, and Inappropriate Accounts

While building up your Snapchat friends list, you also want to protect your account’s safety. Take precautions related to spammy, fake and inappropriate accounts.

Look For Verification Checkmarks to Confirm Authenticity

Snapchat verfies celebrity, brand and public figure accounts for authenticity. Check for official blue checkmarks before following a high-profile account.

Verified badges appear next to a profile’s username and Snapcode. The blue check signify’s Snapchat has confirmed the identity behind that account.

Follow verified profiles associated with celebrities to ensure you add authentic people rather than impersonating accounts.

Watch for Suspicious Warning Signs

Some red flags to look out for when browsing Snapchat profiles:

  • No Profile Photo: Blank icon images often indicate fake or inactive accounts
  • Random Foreign Language: Bots and spammers target many countries with different languages
  • Completely Empty Profiles: No snaps, trophies, score or details suggests inauthentic users

If a profile only has a Snapcode or Bitmoji with no other identifying details, double check before connecting.

Report and Block Offensive Accounts

Snapchat has zero tolerance for accounts spreading offensive, dangerous or illegal content.

You can report inappropriate profiles or messages you encounter while searching for friends:

  1. Press and hold on the offensive message or profile.
  2. Select ‘Report’ from the action menu.
  3. Follow the steps to report the account to Snapchat for review.

Offensive accounts get banned from Snapchat if found severely violating community rules and safety policies after review. Report and block rather than engaging.

Connect Responsibly With Context and Consent

While adding new Snapchat friends, be responsible in how you connect with people:

  • Don’t Spam Friend Requests: Randomly mass-adding people as friends will get your account flagged for spam. Only send requests contextually after communicating elsewhere or obtaining consent first.
  • Consider Creators’ Preferences: Some influencer creators prefer you engage with their public content rather than requesting to be Snapchat friends. Honor their preferences.
  • Respect Personal Connections: If trying to find old friends’ accounts, first establish IRL if they actually want to connect via social media before sending requests. Don’t overstep personal boundaries without consent.

Build positive Snapchat relationships by respectfully finding and adding friends with appropriate context.

How to See Someone’s Location on Snapchat

Here are a few ways to see someone’s location on Snapchat:

Snap Map

  • Snapchat has a Map feature that shows your friends’ locations if they choose to share it.
  • To access Snap Map, go to your Snapchat camera and pinch the screen with two fingers. This will open the Map.
  • You’ll see your Bitmoji icon on the Map, as well as the Bitmojis of friends who are currently sharing their locations.
  • Tap on a friend’s Bitmoji to see their most recent Snap and approximate location.

Location Data on Snaps

  • If your friends share Snaps with location services enabled, their Snaps will show the name of the location in the bottom-left corner.
  • This will give you an indication of where they were when the Snap was taken.

Ask Them to Share Location

  • You can ask your friends directly to share their location with you. However, they’re free to decline if they don’t feel comfortable doing that.
  • On iOS, they can choose to continually share their location with specific friends for up to 8 hours. On Android, this is only possible for 2 hours.

Gives you some ideas on how to see friends’ locations on Snapchat! Do note that people have full control over their location sharing and can choose to disable it at any time.

How to Add Location on Snapchat

Here are the steps to add a location to your snaps on Snapchat:

  1. Take a snap as usual either by taking a photo or video.
  2. Before sending it, tap the paperclip icon in the vertical toolbar to go to the editing page.
  3. On the editing toolbar at the top, tap the location pin icon.
  4. This will open up the map view. You can either search for a place or move the map and tap on an area to set the location.
  5. Tap ‘My Location’ if you want your current location to be attached. This will require allowing Snapchat access to your location through your device settings.
  6. If searching, tap the name of the desired location from the list.
  7. Once selected, the location will show up on the snap. Tap ‘Send’ to share with your selected recipients.

The name of the location will now be visible in the bottom left corner when viewing the snap. Keep in mind recipients can swipe up to see the snap’s location pinpointed on a map.

You can remove the location by going back to the edit page and tapping the pin icon to deselect it before sending. I hope this helps you understand how to add locations to your snaps!

How to Use Snapchat Live Location

Here are the details on how to use Snapchat’s Live Location sharing feature:

  1. Open a chat with the friend you want to share live location with
  2. In the chat, tap the ➕ icon and select ‘Share Live Location’
  3. Choose how long you want to share your location – 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours (iOS only – Android has a 2 hour limit)
  4. Confirm sharing your Live Location when prompted
  5. Your friend will now see your real-time location updated on the Snap Map. They can open Snap Map by pinching the Camera screen.
  6. Tap ‘Stop Sharing Live Location’ whenever you want to end the location stream early.

Things to note:

  • You both must have location sharing enabled in Snapchat’s settings to use Live Location.
  • Your friend can screenshot or save your location if they choose.
  • Live Location gets disabled automatically after the chosen duration.
  • You can only share Live Location with accepted Snapchat friends, not just anyone.

Live Location allows real-time tracking for a set duration. It gives friends your constant updated location for coordinating meetups or staying in sync on the go.

How Accurate is Snapchat Location

Snapchat’s location accuracy can vary depending on the method used to share or view a location. Here’s a breakdown:

Snap Map Locations:

  • Locations shown on Snap Map are approximate. They update every few hours when the app is open.
  • Snap Map relies on GPS, WiFi and mobile networks to estimate locations. Accuracy can be within several city blocks.

Shared Locations from Snaps:

  • If added via the paperclip icon when sending a Snap, locations tend to be more precise within a couple blocks.
  • The snap uses GPS to pinpoint your spot when you take and share the photo or video.

Live Locations:

  • Live Locations shared in chat use GPS and data networks to accurately track real-time movements.
  • Precision is often within a couple meters, updating every minute or so.
  • Of Snapchat’s location features, Live sharing is the most accurate for viewing real-time spots.

Snap Map shows approximate recent locations, Snap locations use accurate point-in-time GPS, and Live Locations enable precise real-time tracking. Accuracy ranges from approximate to very precise depending on the tool. Hope this clears up how Snapchat determines locations!

How does Live Location Work on Snapchat

Here are the key details on how Snapchat’s Live Location sharing feature works:

  1. Enable Location Services
  • For Live Location to work, both you and your friends need to have location access enabled for Snapchat in phone settings.
  1. Activate Live Location Sharing
  • Open a Snapchat chat → Tap the ➕ icon → Select ‘Share Live Location’.
  1. Select Duration Time
  • Choose how long you want to share live location – either 15 mins, 1 hour or 2 hours (8 hours for iOS).
  1. Share Real-Time Location
  • Snapchat taps into your device’s GPS and internet data to transmit ongoing latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Your real-time location is then streamed in the chat via Snap Maps for the chosen duration.
  1. View Friend’s Live Location
  • Friends can view your live location updates by opening Snap Map and zooming in.
  • They can track your movements for the duration selected.
  1. Stop Sharing
  • You can stop broadcasting your Live Location earlier by tapping ‘Stop Sharing Location’ in chat.
  • After chosen duration, sharing automatically expires.

Live Location leverages GPS and mobile data to share real-time maps tracking between friends. It enables temporary location sharing without giving full access to third-party apps.

What is Live Location on Snapchat

Snapchat’s Live Location feature allows you to share your real-time location with friends for a designated period of time. Here are some key details about Live Location on Snapchat:

  • It enables temporary location streaming in the app – you can choose to share your Live Location for either 15 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours per snap (8 hours for iOS).
  • Your real-time location is updated in the chat using Snap Map. Friends can open Snap Map to see your movements and location pinpoint.
  • It leverages your device’s GPS and data connection to transmit ongoing latitude and longitude as you move. This allows accurate tracking rather than approximate places.
  • You remain in control – Live Location sharing automatically ends after the set timeframe. You can also stop broadcasting your location at any time.
  • It only shares your location within Snapchat. You give no location access to external apps when using Live Location.
  • You can only use it with accepted Snapchat friends. Strangers unable to view your location without permission.

Live Location gives Snapchat friends temporary access to view your accurate, real-time location for coordinating meetups, travel tracking or just staying in sync on the go. It gives control back to you after a defined duration.

When does Snapchat Update your Location

Snapchat updates a user’s location under a few different circumstances:

  1. When the Snapchat app is opened – Snapchat checks the device’s location services and updates the user’s general location as shown on the Snap Map. This happens every time the app is launched.
  2. When sending a Snap with location attached – Adding a location sticker or pin to a Snap means Snapchat will access the device’s location at the very moment the Snap is sent. This shows exactly where the Snap was taken.
  3. When using filters geotagged to locations – If using a geofilter for a specific venue, city or event, Snapchat checks the location to unlock and apply that filter.
  4. When sharing Live Location in chat – With Live Location sharing, Snapchat continually requests updated GPS data from the device to share real-time location. It updates every minute or so until sharing is stopped.
  5. When battery saving is disabled – There is a Battery Saving setting that pauses location checks and updates unless the app is actively used. Turning this off means Snapchat updates location more frequently.

Snapchat checks and updates location at minimum every time the app is opened, and more frequently when actively sharing location. Users can control some location tracking behavior via privacy settings.

How do you Know if Someone is Active on Snapchat

Here are a few ways to know if someone is active on Snapchat:

  1. Check their Snapscore – Your Snapscore is a number that increases every time you send or receive a Snap. If a friend’s Snapscore is continually increasing, it means they are actively using Snapchat.
  2. Look for frequent geofilters – If you see your friend posting Stories with changing geofilters all the time, it’s a sign they are snapping regularly from different locations.
  3. See if they have a Snapstreak – Snapstreaks show the number of days in a row you’ve snapped with each other. If the number keeps going up daily, you know they are actively snapping that person.
  4. See if their Bitmoji updates – On Snap Map and chat, your Bitmoji reflects what you’re currently doing if you’ve linked the app. If it switches activities frequently, they are likely active.
  5. Check when they last posted a Story – If the timestamp shows something recent like within the last few hours, chances are high they are currently using Snapchat.

Check Snapscores, Snapstreaks, Bitmoji updates, geofilters and Stories to gauge whether someone seems actively on Snapchat or not. Consistent changes indicate they are likely on it daily.

How to See Someone’s Friends on Snapchat

Here are a few ways to see someone’s friends on Snapchat:

  1. Ask them to show you their friends list
  • You can directly ask the person to show you who they are friends with on Snapchat. However, they can choose not to show you.
  1. Check their public Snapchat profile
  • If someone has made their friends list public, you can see their friends by:
  • Tapping on their profile Bitmoji > Friends icon > See All
  • This lets you browse their full friends list
  1. See friends in group stories
  • If you and a Snapchat friend are both viewing a Group Story, you can tap to see which friends are also watching. This shows some of their connections.
  1. See friends commenting on their stories
  • Open one of their stories and swipe up to view comments. If their settings allow it, comments by their Snapchat friends will be visible.

However, without their consent, there is no complete method to uncover all friends of a Snapchat user. Their friend list remains private unless they choose to reveal it. I would recommend asking politely to view it if you want to see their connections.

What does Live Location Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat’s Live Location feature allows you to temporarily share your real-time location with friends. Here’s an explanation of what Live Location means on Snapchat:

What It Is:

  • A way to broadcast ongoing location updates within Snapchat for a set duration (15 mins to 2 hours)
  • Uses your device’s GPS and internet data to transmit current latitude/longitude
  • Friends can view movements & pinpoint location by opening Snap Map

How It Works:

  • You activate it by choosing “Share Live Location” from a Snapchat chat
  • Select how long you want to share (15/60/120 minutes)
  • Friends access your real-time location by opening Snap Map in the app
  • They can track your location for the duration you set

Why It’s Used:

  • Keep friends updated on your location when coordinating meetups
  • Share your trip progress when traveling
  • Quick way to broadcast location without using external apps

Snapchat’s Live Location means temporarily sharing constant map access and tracking within Snapchat for real-time coordination. It expires automatically, giving control back to you versus staying permanently shared.


Finding specific people is crucial for building meaningful Snapchat connections amidst the platform’s hundreds of millions of users.

Snapchat’s highly engaged, close-knit community culture rewards those who take the time to search for and thoughtfully add friends.

The tools and techniques covered in this guide provide a strong starting point for discovering profiles on Snapchat. Tap into search features, social graphs, maps and verified accounts to uncover friends old and new.

Remember to also optimize your own profile’s visibility, watch for incoming requests, and connect responsibly.

By actively leveraging Snapchat’s friend-finding functionality, you can break through the noise and forge authentic bonds across the ephemeral messaging app.

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