How To Track Someones Phone Without Them Knowing For Free?

In the world of technology, the smartphone becomes the most necessary device that everyone must have as smartphones provide many functions that allow people to live conveniently. Smartphones becoming more than a communication tool.

People can watch live TV programs, watch a live soccer match, listen to new releases music from favorite singers, entertain themselves with various types of games, use the navigator to point them traveling routes when they are traveling to place that they are not familiar with. With all functions state above, smartphones turn to be a necessary device for people.

However, with the very high technology of smartphones, the location of a device can be tracked by satellite when the device is connected to cellular or WiFi. This allows other people to know the smartphone user’s real-time location. Knowing the real-time location of the smartphone is frequently use in navigator applications, to bring the user to the destination that they pointed to in the application. Moreover, some applications show where other smartphones located.

These applications are normally used for family members or couples to see where their loved one is. Some applications required to be installed in tracker devices together with the follower’s devices, but can you track someones phone without them knowing for free? The answer is yes. There are many applications that allow you to track someone.

Why Choose Application?

In the past, you have to install the software in order to get a program. It is complicated and expensive as you have to buy software that you want from a computer or software shop. Once you get the software, you have to check whether your PC’s spec is capable enough to run the software.

There were many processes to install the program after that. It requires a lot of time to install in order to get the software that you want. Now, it is easier when you have a smartphone, you can just download an application via App Store for iOS or Play store for Android. It does not require so much time for you to download. The applications are in the form that ready to use. Hence, you do not have to go through a complicated process as before, and here are how to track a cell phone location without installing software.

How to Spy on Someone’s Phone without them Knowing for Free?

First, you have to choose the application that secretly tracks the target phone. Those applications are mostly free and provided in the App Store if you use iOS or Play Store if you use Android.

How Can I Track my Husband’s Cell Phone without Him Knowing and for Free?

You have to see whether your husband is using iOS or Android, if your husband is using iOS, you may use an easy application that has been installed to the iPhone when it first finds the iPhone. Or you can use other applications such as Spyic that track location on his phone iCloud in order to see his location. This application works secretly so; it is difficult for him to know that you are tracking.

However, if your husband uses Android, you have to install the application on his Android smartphone in order to track him. If you can install the application without him knowing, you can now track him without his knowledge as the application will secretly work in the background of the smartphone.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing for Free?

There are a lot of applications available in the App Store(iOS) or Play Store (Android) for a user to install in their smartphone by not requiring the target user to install the application. These applications track to target’s iCloud or Apple ID or secret application that runs in the target application. Now, you can track them without them knowing by using a free application.

How to Track Someones Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

  1. Spyic.
  2. Cocospy.
  3. Google Maps.
  4. Find my iPhone.
  5. Life 360.
  6. Wheres My Droid.
  7. Geo-Tracker.
  8. Glympse.
  9. Spyier Tracker.
  10. Find My Friends.

1) Spyic

This application offers you to install your devices or you can log in by using the browser instead of installing the application. It is the most popular tracking application. It shows the target devices in real-time and, shows the recent location that the target has visited.

  • Tracking the real-time location of the target devices.
  • Target device does not know themselves that they have been tracked
  • The application is provided for free.
  • Target devices do not have to install this application on their device.
  • It can be log in via smartphone and browser.
  • It requires a lot of space on your smartphone.
  • Additional fees are required if you want additional functions.

2) Cocospy

For this application, it is a spying tool that provides top-notch location tracking within meters. It is easy to use and does not require jailbreak on iOS devices. In order to use this application, there is an application offered for a smartphone to install or the user may use a PC to use it therefore, it is very convenient and reliable.

This application track the target iCloud, it can extract all information in iCloud of the target iPhone if the target user uploads any information on it. However, this application required to be installed to target smartphones if the target person uses Android.

  • It does not require a jailbreak to the phone
  • It provides to notch location tracking within meters
  • It is easy, convenient, and reliable.
  • It offers both smartphones and PC.
  • It requires a target device to install this application if the target device is Android.
  • It tracks the location by iCloud(iOS) so, if the target device does not upload anything on iCloud, the location cannot be tracked.

3) Google Maps

This navigator application can use to be tracked another target smartphone for both iPhone and Android. It is cheap and easy to use; it does not require any additional spy features on the device. The process to track someone is also very easy by just turning on the ‘Location Sharing’ tab which is on the left of the application.

However, it is easy to be caught by the target person who is tracked so, if you do not concern about your target may realize that they have been tracked, this application is one of the good answers to track someone.

  • It does not require a jailbreak to the phone.
  • The application is widely used and people are familiar with this application
  • It can be used for both iOS and Android.
  • It is free.
  • The target device knows that they have been tracked.

4) Find my iPhone

It is a free location tracking application for iPhones however, the only function of it is to track the location of the iPhone, it does not have any further function. This application normally comes with the device when you first purchase a new iPhone, the main purpose of it is to track your iPhone when you have lost it.

  • It comes with the iPhone since you first purchase the device.
  • The target device does not know that they have been tracking.
  • It is free.
  • The only function of it is to track the location.
  • It can be used for iOS only.

5) Life360

This application is widely used in many families as it will track the location of each family member and it will show all the information on one screen. The application has to be installed in the device to start tracking and tracked by others. The application allows you to hide your location if you want to. However, this location tracking application does not a secret tracking application so, it is not a good answer if you want the application to track someone without them knowing.

  • The application can tell the real-time location of the target device.
  • It also tells the previous location of the target device.
  • It tells a group of the location of target devices at one time.
  • It can be used by both iOS and Android.
  • The target device has to install this application to their phone.
  • The target device knows that they have been tracked.

6) Wheres My Droid

This application works best when you want to track your lost phone. It shows the location of the phone that has installed applications with many functions included, for example, make the phone ring or vibrate. It can even erase your data or give you a notification when someone changes a new sim card to your phone. However, if you want to track someone without them knowing, this application is not a good choice.

  • It shows the real-time location of its device.
  • It can wipe out all the data on the phone in case the phone has lost.
  • There is a notification if someone changes your phone sim card.
  • The target device has to install the application
  • The purpose of the application is to use it when you have lost the phone not to track anyone.

7) Geo-Tracker

The application seems to be a simple location application, but it does not. It comes with a statistic of your favorite location that you always go to, and you can share it with your friends. It allows you to share a route with your friends in order for them to follow. However, the application must be installed on the device and the user must be the one who shares the location with you so, it is not a good answer to be the application to track someone without them knowing.

  • It shows the real-time location.
  • It shows statistics of the favorite place that the target device usually went.
  • Real-time location can be share with friends.
  • The target device has to install this application to their phone.
  • The target device knows that they have been tracked.

8) Glympse

The application is only for Android smartphones. it is free and very easy to use. The user of the application can send their real-time location with their friend or anyone that they want, and the user can also request the real-time location of the target device.

  • It shows the real-time location.
  • A real-time location can be shared with friends.
  • It is free.
  • The location given can be expired.
  • The target device knows that they have been tracked.

9) Spyier Tracker

The application logs the GPS coordinates of a smartphone and saves it on the phone. It runs in the background and secretly saves your location. The file that has been saved can later open on a PC or laptop to use later with the tag of the location of where the files are saving from. You may know other locations if they share the location with you.

  • The application runs secretly on a smartphone background.
  • It saves GPS coordinated on the phone.
  • It can be open again by using a PC.
  • To know the target location, they have to send the location to you.
  • The target device knows that they have been tracked.

10) Find My Friends

The application allows you to know where your target person who you are tracking. There are many functions provided in this application, for example, tracking more than one person at a time, chatting with a person you are tracking, or sending help to friends when you have lost for them to send you a route. It also gives you ETA time remaining, and it helps you to make a plan for a trip.

  • It shows ETA time remaining.
  • It can track more than one person at one time.
  • It can use to send for help in the case you have lost.
  • There is no secret mode.
  • The target device knows that they have been tracked.

Characteristics of the Tracking Application

  1. It’s easy to download and install on a smartphone.
  2. It either free or paid according to its function.
  3. It tracks the real-time location of the target device.
  4. It’s ready to use, it does not require uses to do anything else more than to download it.

Best Free Phone Tracker Application

There are many applications available for smartphone users to install to their smartphone to track the target device and these are the best free phone tracker app without permission.


There are many applications available to track someone via smartphone without needing to install any software. However, if you want to track someone without them knowing, you have to choose a suitable application that does not require the target phone to install the application so that they will not know that you are tracking them. But, if you do not mind about them knowing, any location applications mostly fulfill your request.