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The Best Way GPS Tracking For Fleet Vehicles In 2020 Complete Guide

GPS tracking for fleet vehicles has become an essential tool for managing a company’s motor vehicles, both in terms of general operations and to prevent theft. Telematics provides essential fleet management systems such as maintenance monitoring, status reports, fuel consumption, and driver behavior. Also, the information collected can help states and federations comply, especially at the beginning of the ELDS deadline at the end of this year. Phone applications are the most common fleet tracking models in the market. Losing that gadget would affect some businesses greatly. So would you mind learning how to track a cellphone location without installing the software?

Device Application

Most fleet tracking solutions offer the same comprehensive services, based on the installation of hardware into motor vehicles to collect data. Also, you can learn how to track a car with GPS for free. This can be as simple as a plug and play device inserted into the OBD II port of the vehicle. However, some fleet management systems have more complex requirements.

The Primary Function Of These Models

It involves fleet tracking by monitoring the position of the vehicle, using GPS data to provide accurate information. It can also indicate the driving behavior of the vehicle and report undesirable behaviors, such as speed, sudden braking or excessive acceleration that could cause excessive vehicle wear or even pose a danger to pedestrians or other vehicles on the road.

Other datasets that can often be recorded, are fuel savings, time monitoring, route monitoring, delivery estimates and other aspects of commercial operations. This includes diagnostics and hours of operations with the fleet management system since the driver has to comply with the ELDS. All this information can be provided in real-time or in bursts. You can send email alerts or text messages from the vehicle in case of possible problems.

The Best Way GPS tracking for fleet vehicles

gps tracking for fleet vehicles

1. Samsara

Specifications Features

Samsara offers a unified fleet management system that goes beyond simple GPS fleet tracking. This includes dashboard camera options, wireless cooling sensors, and a document application to digitize the delivery process. The GPS fleet tracking system offers the opportunity to increase productivity and reduce fuel and labor costs, intending to optimize maintenance. To do this, it uses a variety of functions;

Samsara. (The complete digital tracking solution)

  • Real-Time traffic analysis and routes to avoid traffic jams and bottlenecks to ensure the selection of the most efficient routes.
  • Engine diagnostics are sent in real-time with code alerts for specific failures, which further automates routine inspections and also facilitates troubleshooting.
  • Samsara also offers dashboard cameras to monitor driver behavior. In addition to collecting HD video, which is automatically downloaded to the cloud, video cameras can also provide pre-configured audio alerts when dangerous conditions are detected.
  • Another feature is the ability to track the temperature around refrigerated products, which can be provided with proof of delivery, and alerts are sent if the temperature fluctuates outside the safety limits.
  • When products are delivered, documents can be scanned or digitally signed by the fleet management system. There is an option to create custom forms with drag-and-drop functionality, which simplifies automatic order processing through back-office automation.
  • In general, Samsara offers many functions for the fleet management system, which can be requested as an individual package or services. However, while this guarantees EDL compliance, make sure you can manage the work time exemptions that apply to your business. Otherwise, you might be on the losing end.

2. Advanced tracking technologies Inc.

Specifications Features

ATTI (Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc.) offers a standard GPS fleet tracking service, which monitors vehicle position, vehicle use and driver behavior, as well as fuel consumption and possible maintenance problems, to help improve productivity and efficiency.

The hardware they currently use for GPS tracking for fleet vehicles is Shadow Tracker Vision III. It is relatively easy to install, although it is not as simple as plug-and-play as some companies offer.

Advanced tracking technologies Inc. (Easy to use Mobile friendly tracking Device)

  • The software platform is easy to use and is optimized for mobile devices. The information is sent to the fleet management system every ten seconds, using the largest cellular and satellite data networks to provide national coverage.
  • There is also a feature of Geofence that allows you to designate a domain of authorized use. This can be a simple pin on the GPS map for a general area radius, or it is possible to draw specific ways to adequately understand the roads and possible deviations in case of road works. An alert will be sent if the driver moves away from this area, allowing him to be also alerted of potentially meaningless fuel consumption.
  • ATTI can also provide driver time monitoring software that allows the use of digital business cards with a remote clock. They also offer a GPS resource monitoring service, which allows you to monitor heavy equipment, trailers, bulk containers and anything that can be easily forgotten, but that can now be properly located and monitored via GPS fleet tracking.
  • In general, ATTI offers many standard features. Although the hardware they use is not the easiest to install, it is not the most difficult and their software platform is generally easy to use.

3. USFleetTRacking

Specifications Features.

USFleetTracking is a manufacturer and supplier of vehicle tracking systems and can offer different hardware options for different vehicle needs. They can provide simple “pressure” devices that do not require different cables or variants with three-wire connections. Many accessories including the following highlighted below are also available:-

USFleetTRacking. (Best for tracking with multiple hardware options.)

  • USFleetTRacking offers its cloud-based software platform, which means you don’t need to download software, just access the details and you can use it from a desktop or mobile
  • The software contains several standard functions but also includes real-time traffic and weather forecasts on the map, so difficult driving conditions can be taken into account.
  • In addition to that, it provides notifications of ignition, speed, and neutral use, as well as mileage and geofencing features. Together, they simplify resource safety, eliminate driver abuse and reduce fuel waste.
  • Although this fleet management system more hardware options to buy in advance, they all work in one of two ways: the first provides updates every 10 seconds of vehicle use and costs $ 29.95 per vehicle; the second provides updates every five seconds and costs $ 39.95 per vehicle per month.

4. Geotab

Specifications Features

Geotab offers a GPS fleet management solution focused on the key areas of productivity, safety, optimization, and fleet compliance. It provides a detailed and accurate record of the trip and allows you to distinguish different vehicle drivers by providing an NFC remote control to use. In general, it simplifies travel supervision at any time, using both real-time and historical data, while ensuring fuel efficiency and route optimization.

Geotab also focuses on driver safety and provides risk and safety scores based on several aspects of driver behavior, this includes:

Geotab (Geo-tracking fleet management.)

  • From the use of a seat belt to acceleration and the degree of safety through the turn and use of the device after the hour.
  • Actual speeds can also be tracked on limited speed routes to ensure compliance with the rules of the road. All of this can be used to prevent avoidable accidents and compensation claims.
  • In case of a real accident, alerts are sent and a backup memory system can provide detailed information about the driver’s behavior before the accident.
  • Geotab also offers customization options, which allow you to define and modify custom rules so that all drivers and routes are not treated equally when conditions are very different. The same goes for data reports, which allow you to deepen the data with the analysis.
  • In general, Geotab provides one of the most complete feature sets of the companies listed here and the service complies with ELDS. However, they are underrated on the Better Business Bureau page

5. GPS Trackit

Specifications Features.

GPS Trackit offers GPS tracking and fleet management software that provides real-time vehicle tracking, various reports, alerts for theft or unauthorized movement, charge temperature monitoring, FMCSA compliance and tracking. Followed by any mobile platform solution.

The software uses Google Maps to control vehicle locations and geofences, with the ability to display vehicle routes and travel history, as well as provide additional traffic information for current trips. Therefore;

GPS Trackit (Best GPS tracking and reporting solution)

  • You can focus on a specific vehicle or view all vehicle positions at the same time.
  • Detailed reports are also available, which can use sets of vehicle usage data and driver behavior to provide a better understanding of the improved planning and operations. This includes EDLS compliance data available to drivers.
  • This also applies to the temperature of the load, with the possibility of monitoring different areas of a truck, which can be particularly useful for mixed loads and to ensure the conformity of food transport.
  • GPS Trackit also tracks GPS resources, so you know where all your heavy equipment is if you can receive a burglary alert and recover your loss if necessary.
  • In general, GPS Trackit is another complete solution that covers all the main bases, with some additional features at the top. However, times their products fail to function properly and when you call for help, they will give you all the promises you want to hear but offer no actual solutions.

Other software solutions for GPS tracking for fleet vehicles.

Recent advances in technology, not only GPS tracking but also cloud software development, indicate that a large number of vendors do not offer GPS fleet tracking solutions. Here we will discuss some additional companies that are capable in this area and deserve to be considered:

6. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect offers a complete fleet management system, with a range of customizable software solutions that offer a variety of signaling and reporting options.

Verizon Connect

  • The service also allows the monitoring of resources, in addition to the administration of services on the site, as well as automated compliance with HOS, ELD, DVIR, among others.
  • It is updated after 90 seconds most of the time.
  • The desktop version is much easier to use than the phone.

7. Nextraq

Nextraq offers more than just monitoring vehicles and resources, including GPS, compliance and mobile workforce management.


  • Automatic driver assignment dispatch and routing.
  • Programming besides the usual fleet monitoring solutions.
  • Also, there is a dashboard option to save driving records.
  • NexTraq has negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau page. This, however, does not mean that the company does not provide good service to its customers, but must be taken into account.

8. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman focuses on the fleet management system that aims to reduce operating costs while improving driver safety, in addition to the usual fleet monitoring service platform.

Teletrac Navman

  • The site administration software reduces the rental costs of the system.
  • The driver’s safety analysis can be generated through telematic, dashcam and reference reports.
  • Teletrac Navman has posed questionable reviews with Better Business Bureau

9. Azuga Fleet

Azuga Fleet is another important fleet management system solution that covers all the main bases of the fleet and resource monitoring, telematics and fleet security.

Azuga Fleet

  • Offer drivers’ rewards, whereby the software can easily evaluate and offer one-click rewards for good driving practices,
  • Aims at encouraging employees to behave positively and achieve their goals.
  • The only trouble with this model is the lag time when installing a new device before it shows up in their online system.

10. Spy Tec GPS

Spy Tec is the best GPS tracking for a fleet vehicle for you, especially if you are looking for an accurate vehicle-tracking gadget or

The tracker enables you to access the tracking data for up to one year. To ensure accuracy, the GPS car tracker continuously pings the GPS after every few seconds.

Spy Tec GPS

  • The device gives an update of the location data every five minutes. The tracker alerts you if your car leaves a certain predefined area. This feature works well with company vans that have predefined routes.
  • You also get the speed information from the tracking device. Parents can use this feature to know whether their teenage children are driving safely.
  • Companies can tell when their vehicle has been at the same location for so long through the inactivity alert feature. If by any chance vehicle is stolen, you can get information on the location of the device using Google Maps.
  • Spy Tec GPS is a good option, however, there are other trackers in the market offering more features and a more attractive service plan pricing.

Why you should consider GPS tracking for fleet vehicles

Fleet tracking assists businesses in making their vehicles much more efficient by reducing excess in speeding, idling, or unauthorized usage. With optimized routes, a business can greatly improve schedules and decrease the costs of fuel. Speeding and idling both waste fuel. However, with GPS tracking, alerts, and maps, it will easily show a fleet manager those employees who speed and where they are speeding.

Unnecessary wastes of fuel such as speeding and idling can be greatly reduced by regulating the total number of minutes that a driver is permitted to idle. This significantly decreases business costs due to fuel expenses. With fleet tracking, businesses are provided the unique opportunity to even notify drivers with alerts instantly.

With the benefits of a fleet tracking system, you also will receive the chance to completely optimize every route. It will assist you in determining whether a trip has been wasteful as well as specific routing that can assign advanced routes to your vehicles. Proactive and intuitive technology is a must for the vehicles in your fleet.

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