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How To Find A iPhone That Is Offline – Step By Step Guideline

In case you want to find the exact location of your iPhone offline, which was either lost or stolen, then with the use of some apps, you can do that very easily. In case you find my iPhone, the feature is enabled in your settings app of your iPhone.

You can find your current location by phone number free with the use of finding my iPhone features even if it is switched off or offline. But if this feature was not enabled then what will you do. If you are in this situation then here is good news for you that you can track your iPhone even it is dead.

It is obvious to be panicked when your iPhone is lost or stolen. However, you can still find your mobile without data, internet, and a calling facility. In this article, we will cover all the necessary information, tips, and tricks to help you to find your precious phone with the use of finding my app and cloud. There are many phone tracking software and apps by type in the phone number and find location free.

Here are golden tips for you before following our tip and it is that never try to recover your iPhone only by yourself in case it was stolen. Just contact the local authority. We have included an in-depth review and user’s guide to help you find your iPhone. But before getting started let’s find out some interesting and useful facts about the iPhone.

How to Find an iPhone That is Offline – Guideline

how to find a iphone that is offline

1. Enable the Important Feature to Find My iPhone in Your iPhone Before Getting Lost:

This feature is very helpful for finding lost phones because it is developed and designed by Apple itself. With the help of this app, you can track your iPhone remotely with the use of a cloud account.

In case, this feature is enabled on your phone then you can easily track the location of the map and also remote or lock it through the laptop, computer, and tablet. Even if your iPhone is switched off, you can always track the last location of your iPhone.

Here are some important steps to enable the “find my iPhone” feature on your iPhone, Take a look:

  • Step one: Open the settings and open the cloud by inserting your apple id.
  • Step two: Enter the iCloud.
  • Step three: Switch on the feature “Find my iPhone” and also switch on the send the last location.

Keep in mind that “find my app” should be installed on another device to successfully track down the targeted device. You can easily download and install find my iPhone from the app store. By inserting the Password and apple id you can track the location of your switched off iPhone.

If you are wondering how to find a iPhone that is offline? Then you can use this method.

2. iCloud

You can get your lost iCloud by using the iCloud. There are some steps that will allow you to track the lost device.

Here are some important steps to use cloud feature on your iPhone, Take a look:

  • Step one: Insert your apple id into the cloud.
  • Step two: Choose your iOS devices and enter find my iPhone.
  • Step three: Chose the desired phone to erase iPhone, lost mode, and play sound.

Ring your iPhone by using an iCloud until you find your device. You can make your device vibrate. This will allow you to find your misplaced device.

The lost mode function will allow you to delete all the data on your iOS devices and you will allow you to message the iPhone on the display.

3. Family Sharing

This app is created and developed by Apple and it allows you to share the family iCloud. You can download the additional content and track the location from the other’s apple id very easily. You can share the location of the iPhone with i-cloud with other iPhones via another device.

If you want to know how to find a iPhone that is offline stolen, just read this article carefully.

Here are some important steps to use the family sharing feature on your iPhone, Take a look:

  • Step One: Open the setting and click on the iCloud.
  • Step two: click on set up family sharing.
  • Step three: Click to get started and confirm that you accept to be a family organizer.
  • Step four: Just follow the further instructions.

4. Track With Google Map Timeline

It is designed and developed by Google and it will allow you to track the manage history information. In case, location history of the iOS device then you can track iOS remotely.

Here are some important steps to use google map feature in your iPhone, Take a look:

  • Step One: start the google map application.
  • Step two: click on the menu and go to the settings.
  • Step three: click on personal content.
  • Step four: find the location history settings.
  • Step five: switch on the location service.

5. Ring Your Device

In case, your device is not online, you can find it by ringing. When you will reach near the iOS phone while ringing. It will help you to find your iPhone quickly. In case you are wondering, how to find a iPhone that is offline last known location.

6. Social Media

Connect to your claim media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Share your post about the stolen or lost phone. Hopefully, you will find any whereabout because in case anyone forms your contact will find the location of your device. They will let you know.

7. Report to Local Law Enforcement

In case you cannot find it then you should report it to law enforcement. If your phone is stolen then you should not try to recover it. They may ask your serial number and IMEI and help you to track your phone safely in case it is stolen.

8. Contacting Service Providers

After trying all these methods in case, you cannot find your device then you should report to your service providers. They can disable the phone number, data, text, calls, and other important data. Your personal information will be safe until you reactivate your account.

9. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

It is a very well design tracking application that is very popular among iPhone users. Also, so it is now available for Android users. You can easily install Mobile Number Tracker Pro in your mobile from Play Store or iTunes.

This app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate which helps people to trace the number very easily from all over the world. You can also check STD code ISD codes in this app. If you want the ultimate tracking app then this app is designed for you. Just download it and enjoy the seamless performance of this app. However, you need a fast internet connection for tracking purposes.

10. Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the most popular location finder apps available in the app stores. With the use of this app, you can track not only location but also be other crucial information about the cell phone. The Truecaller app is compatible with Android and iOS mobiles.

It is a very versatile application that can be used for various purposes such as security, safety, tracking of the location of the number, finding the name and other information about the owner of the mobile number. You can also block spam numbers if you want to do so with the use of this app. It is an ideal app that can be used to reply the genuine calls instead of malicious and phishing calls.

11. Spyzie

It is a useful app for both parental control and security. It can track any device remotely without even hacking them. It not only allows you to trace cell phones from another device by getting access to the GPS of the phone but also helps you to track a phone remotely and monitor the Private data of the phone. It can also record contact lists, internet use, and instant text messages.

What are the criteria for Location Tracking Apps and Software for the iPhone?

It is very important for you to check whether these tracking apps are reliable or not, before choosing them as an advanced security solution. Tracking apps and software are equipped with many features that will help you out to ensure security and safety.

In this part, we will explain some important criteria which tracker software or application should contain

  1. It must indicate the real-time location of the targeted mobile number.
  2. It must allow the user to get the location of any mobile number fast ineffectively.
  3. It should show the location history of any mobile number.
  4. It should provide detailed information about mobile numbers.
  5. It should be enough capable of blocking wrong and spam numbers.

There are also many additional features that a mobile tracker app or software should possess. The majority of the software and apps come with web filtering and geofencing functionalities. Nowadays some software is offering child tracking for smart parenting. This software comes with many functionalities such as controlling and blocking other devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I find the last location of my iPhone?

Answer: Well, it is possible that you can track the location of your iPhone by using the iCloud and family sharing feature. However, find y iPhone features should be reenabled on your phone.

Q: What does it mean when it says your iPhone is offline?

Answer: When we say that your iPhone is offline it simply means that your iPhone is not connected to the internet and GPS. There is also no or limited calling network. If your iPhone is offline then you can still track your phone by following some tips.

Bottom Line

In brief, there are several methods that can help you to find your lost or stolen iPhone device. You can use apps such as find my iPhone or family sharing to track your device. Google maps and other tracking software are also very good and effective.

In case your device is lost then it is possible that you could be worried and tensed. There is no need to worry because you can easily track the exact location of the phone with these apps. You can follow the given tips and methods to find your iOS device.

These methods are super easy to follow and free of cost. You will find that these methods and apps are super effective too.