Top 20 Best Free Phone Tracker Apps in 2024

Phone tracker apps have become increasingly popular over the past few years, allowing users to locate and track a phone from anywhere. Whether you want to monitor your child’s location, find a lost device, or keep tabs on an employee’s phone use, phone trackers provide valuable insight.

In 2024, even more advanced trackers are emerging, packed with handy features while often costing nothing to download and use. Here are the 20 best free phone tracking apps this year based on accuracy, reliability, range, and extra tools.

1. uMobix

With PC and Mac monitoring tools as well, uMobix tracks all devices in a household with screen time limits imposed centrally.

Key Features:

  • Cross-platform support covering phones, tablets and computers
  • Screen time restrictions can be scheduled or real-time
  • Detailed activity reports with filters and exports
  • Ensure kids sleep by restricting night time device access
  • Track offline usage by syncing activity whenever online

By covering more than just phones, uMobix provides a comprehensive view of total usage across all electronics in homes today. Parents allocate screen time budgets from one unified dashboard.

While more hands-on than automated options, the granular tracking and scheduling restrictions make uMobix a great choice for managing all of a child’s devices.

>> Visit uMobix Website <<

2. mSpy

For those who need more specialized tracking with greater control and monitoring, mSpy is an excellent choice. While not free, it starts at a reasonable $16.66 per month and has features geared towards employers and parents.

Key Features:

  • Track texts, calls, GPS location and browsing history
  • View content from apps like Tinder, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more
  • Set geofences for location alerts when devices enter or leave
  • Limit screen time and block websites and apps
  • Works in stealth mode without app icon visibility

mSpy stands out for capturing very detailed device usage data, including messages sent over various third-party apps. The control panel provides strong filtering tools to dig through location history, app usage logs and more.

Advanced features like capturing screenshots, live screen-viewing and remote camera access give full insight into how a phone is being used.

>> Visit mSpy Website <<

3. SpyBubblePro

SpyBubblePro lets employers track company phones while documenting activity trails to support termination decisions.

Key Features:

  • Certified geofencing compliance features
  • Detailed reporting needed for litigation actions
  • Restrict web access by categories unsuitable for work
  • Confirm remote staff actually working during shifts
  • Pricing scales to cover unlimited devices

SpyBubblePro structures data collection in an auditable way to establish evidence trails required if firing staff for policy violations. Dashboards cater to managers needing reports that stand legal scrutiny.

By supporting geofencing compliance rules out-of-the-box, SpyBubblePro also helps fleet managers validate required driving hours for regulated industries. Necessary tracking data saves manually without compromising on worker privacy rights.

>> Visit SpyBubblePro Website <<

4. Xnspy

Xnspy is a cost-effective monitoring solution for parents that still manages to pack in loads of features.

Key Features:

  • Excellent variety of social media and chat apps covered
  • Affordable basic package pricing
  • Location history shows travel patterns
  • Podcast and audio book tracking
  • Website and keyword-based restrictions

While light on fancy extras, Xnspy provides tremendous value at its low entry-level pricing. Budget-focused parents get robust text, call and social media monitoring without useless add-ons driving up costs.

Small conveniences like tracking media content also help parents spot concerning behaviors. And with geofencing plus custom restrictions, Xnspy balances tracking with flexibility based on evolving needs.

>> Visit Xnspy Website <<

5. Spyic

Spyic is a phone tracker designed for use by employers and parents, offering a wide range of tracking features and extreme stealth mode. It can dig into far more aspects of a phone’s usage than Find My Device apps, at attractive pricing.

Key Features:

  • Track texts, calls, browsing history and app usage
  • Remotely view photos and videos
  • Track VoIP apps like Facebook, WhatsApp. Kik etc.
  • Set movement boundaries and get alerts when passed
  • Works 100% invisibly in the background once installed

Like mSpy, Spyic captures very detailed digital activity on both iPhones and Android devices. The control panel displays monitoring metrics spanning device usage time, texts, GPS movements and any apps accessed.

Spyic really excels with its stealth mode that doesn’t display any app icon once installed. The tracked phone shows no signs of monitoring software running since Spyic operates entirely in the background.

Reasonable subscription plans and live demo option make Spyic a great high-powered monitoring suite for tech-savvy parents and employers.

>> Visit Spyic Website <<

6. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch packs robust phone monitoring tools with on-demand options like recording surrounding conversations.

Key Features:

  • Trigger phone to record audio discreetly
  • View all texts including encrypted messaging apps
  • Access camera stream remotely from control panel
  • Browser history inspection even in incognito mode
  • Import contacts and monitor communication

With unique tricks like stealth audio recording, Hoverwatch captures precise insights other trackers may miss. The dashboard connects rich data points into easily filtered activity reports.

However controlling audio and camera access warrants thoughtful use to avoid legal issues from excessive eavesdropping. But Hoverwatch certainly delivers extensive monitoring capabilities with extra options toggled when required.

>> Visit Hoverwatch Website <<

7. Cocospy

Focused specifically on parents, Cocospy makes monitoring iPhone and Android activities breezy with guided installation.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive step-by-step setup wizard
  • Translate foreign texts from messaging apps
  • Well-categorized dashboard filtering data easily
  • Perfect solution for less tech-savvy parents
  • Affordable pricing scaled based on features needed

Cocospy stands out by simplifying complex monitoring tools into easily digestible reports and metrics. Busy parents appreciate the user-friendly workflow when other tools overwhelm with intricate settings.

Automatic translation support further alleviates language barriers kids try exploiting to bypass oversight. For fundamental monitoring needs without superfluous features, Cocospy streamlines tracking phones.

>> Visit Cocospy Website <<

8. Eyezy

Eyezy is another sophisticated spy app enabling detailed tracking and parental control features with call recording capability.

Key Features:

  • Records phone calls and stores as audio files
  • location tracking with alerts when leaving set areas
  • Keyword alerts monitor concerning texts and activity
  • Block access to certain websites and apps
  • Remotely view photos, videos, calendars, contacts

A standout aspect of Eyezy is the ability to record live phone calls, providing verbatim transcripts of all conversations. Parents gain visibility into who exactly children are talking with.

Like competitors mSpy and FlexiSPY, Eyezy requires hands-on installation but then operates discreetly in the background gathering usage data. Reasonably priced plans make it affordable for rigorous monitoring needs.

>> Visit Eyezy Website <<

9. iKeyMonitor

Made specifically for parents monitoring children, iKeyMonitor captures nearly all iPhone and Android activity in a simple web interface.

Key Features:

  • Social media tracking even within hidden vault apps
  • Keyword alerts automatically flag threats
  • Free trial version fully featured
  • Control panel requires no installation
  • Perfect for non-tech parents

A key advantage to iKeyMonitor is how the control panel works from any browser rather than needing software installation. Within minutes parents can start tracking devices.

The dashboard also displays tracking metrics in very simple language, translating technical call and usage data into plain English. For basic safety needs without advanced restrictions, iKeyMonitor simplifies oversight.

>> Visit iKeyMonitor Website <<

10. GEOfinder

GEOfinder caters to employers tracking company-owned devices in the field, with automated reports detailing stop times.

Key Features:

  • Dashboards focused on employee hours and stops
  • Historic playback shows exact routes driven
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Geofences with custom notifications
  • Integrates with platforms like Google Workspace

For managers of mobile workforces like delivery drivers, GEOfinder provides tailor-made tracking insights like exact arrival and departure times at each destination. This ties neatly into payroll systems attributing hours worked accurately.

By generating automated activity reports rather than obligating manual inspection, GEOfinder enables set-it-and-forget-it oversight of any number of employee phones.

>> Visit GEOfinder Website <<

11. SpyStealth

SpyStealth offers advanced call recording and ambient listening features for comprehensive oversight.

Key Features:

  • Crystal-clear call recording
  • Stealth mode enables silent ambient listening
  • View photos and videos stored on device
  • Customizable dashboard importing key data
  • Use employer or guardian license options

The always-on call recording capability delivers complete transcripts of all conversations for precise monitoring. SpyStealth also lets parents toggle the microphone remotely for sneaky monitoring of surrounding conversations when questionable activity seems likely.

Robust control over dashboard customization also filters through heavy data tracking to display only the most important monitoring metrics. Advanced functionality makes SpyStealth a robust choice.

>> Visit SpyStealth Website <<

12. Mobile Tracker Free

As a dedicated tracking platform without expansive controls, Mobile Tracker Free simply shows location in real-time for free.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight passive tracking of location
  • Map interface with location pinpoints
  • Tracking history retention options
  • Affordable upgrade for geofences and alerts
  • Easy setup requiring just mobile number

For basic location tracking needs on a tight budget, Mobile Tracker Free provides live whereabouts without restricted controls or excessive data capture. Just the core essentials for safety.

Lack of features like usage logs or restrictions makes it less useful for full monitoring. But passive location visibility works great for elderly relatives, college kids or group trips abroad.

>> Visit Mobile Tracker Free Website <<

13. Find My Device by Google

Google’s Find My Device is likely the most powerful and reliable phone tracker app available. As an offering from a major tech company, it has a wide range of features and integrates seamlessly with Android devices.

Key Features:

  • Locate your phone on a map in real-time
  • Make your phone ring even on silent
  • Remotely erase data if the phone is lost or stolen
  • See battery charge level of the device
  • Works on phones running Android 5.0+

Find My Device won’t work unless you had it enabled beforehand, but for Android users, setting it up takes seconds. Just make sure location services are switched on.

While Find My Device lacks some specialized tools seen in other tracking apps, its accuracy and responsiveness make it a top choice for most users.

14. Find My iPhone by Apple

Find My iPhone is the iOS equivalent of Google’s tracker, created specifically for iPhones, iPads and Mac devices. It has all the same basic features, with the addition of offline tracking.

Key Features:

  • Track devices when they are offline via crowdsourced location
  • Play a sound to pinpoint where a lost device is located
  • Put device in Lost Mode with custom message and phone number
  • Remotely erase device data
  • See battery life information

As you’d expect from an Apple product, Find My iPhone has an elegant interface and seems snappier compared to Google’s tracker. It also leverages iCloud to quickly locate devices logged into the same Apple ID.

The major limitation is that it only works for Apple products. But within the iOS environment, Find My iPhone is speedy, accurate and full-featured.

15. Life360

Life360 is optimized for families, providing both a tracking app and communication platform. It operates much like Find My Device and iPhone trackers, with amplified focus on groups and family circles.

Key Features:

  • Create family groups with mapped locations of each member
  • Send direct messages within family circles
  • Establish check-in policies and alerts when violated
  • Special driving features including crash detection and roadside assistance
  • Location history logging and geofence creation

The social aspects like messaging make Life360 very convenient for families. It essentially combines a phone locator, messaging app and interactive map into a central dashboard.

Advanced drivers safety features are also unique, making Life360 a great fit for households with new teen drivers. With all members appearing on the map together, it is easy to coordinate meet-ups or check where family members are.

16. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Many parental tracking tools focus solely on location, but Kaspersky Safe Kids provides extensive control over digital usage. Developed by the respected antivirus company, Kaspersky delivers a polished monitoring platform.

Key Features:

  • App usage limits and restrictions
  • Configure contacts children can communicate with
  • Schedule times when device or apps can’t be accessed
  • Kid-friendly dashboard to teach healthy digital habits
  • GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities

A unique aspect of Kaspersky Safe Kids is how it encourages children to manage device usage themselves via the kid dashboard. This teaches self-regulation habits rather than just locking down settings.

Along with elegant tools to limit app and screen time access, the parental dashboard provides tracking over texts, calls, contacts and device location.

For parents who want both automated restrictions and monitoring capabilities, Kaspersky Safe Kids strikes an excellent balance while promoting digital responsibility.

17. Norton Family Premier

From security giant Norton, Norton Family Premier has great basic phone tracking with advanced parental control tools for managing screen time.

Key Features:

  • Usage limits for apps and overall screen access
  • Block websites by category or custom URL
  • Location tracking with custom maps and alerts
  • Suspicious search monitoring for cyberbullying or self-harm
  • Works across Windows and mobile devices running iOS or Android

Like Kaspersky, Norton Family Premier emphasizes healthy digital habits for kids alongside standard tracking functions. Some unique options include monitoring all searches made and detecting potential cyberbullying activity.

The activity report tracks searches, website visits and usage metrics over time. This transparent view helps hold kids accountable rather than imposing bans outright.

For families already using Norton security, Norton Family Premier integrates seamlessly to provide tracking and effective parental supervision tools.

18. PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector is a hidden spy app for deeper tracking needs, capturing nearly all device activity including encrypted messages. With extreme stealth mode and live screen viewing, it provides comprehensive monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Capture texts and social media chats with screenshots
  • Listen to live calls and view device’s camera feed in real-time
  • Activity timeline tracking texts, searches and app usage
  • Works in fully invisible background mode
  • Web-based dashboard accessible from any browser

PhoneSpector requires more technical skill to install, but in exchange provides the most complete view into both iPhone and Android device usage. From encrypted chat apps to microphone eavesdropping, PhoneSpector literally lets parents “spy” on kids using a phone.

The vendor offers enterprise pricing with volume discounts, making PhoneSpector cost effective for businesses issuing company phones. Schools also benefit from controlling mobile devices distributed to students.

For personal tracking needs though, the extreme visibility warrants extra caution when using. Read all local laws on monitoring device usage beforehand!

19. ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control brings highly customizable monitoring tools for parents seeking balance. It delivers tracking needed for safety while teaching kids how to minimize distractions.

Key Features:

  • Reward system for achieving usage goals and limits
  • Smart location tracking with child check-in requests
  • Screen time configuration based on schedules
  • Disable messaging apps when focused time required
  • Consistent experience across Android, iOS and Windows

A big differentiator for ESET Parental Control is how it frames monitoring for both the parent and child’s benefit. Settings promote engagement rather than outright denial through earned rewards.

By consulting weekly usage reports, parents can set reasonable limits aligned to positive reinforcement. It ultimately guides kids to regulate behaviors personally rather than enabling sneaky circumvention.

The platform provides great customization ranging from location check-ins to disabling apps when homework requires focus. For health-focused households, ESET Parental Control is a top pick.

20. Boomerang

Boomerang is a free GPS tracking option made specifically for families. Without expanded parental control tools, it focuses only on location tracking enabled by persistent background operation.

Key Features:

  • Passive GPS tracking without battery drain
  • Location history and geofencing
  • Simple map interface to check current location
  • Group organization for family members
  • Affordable paid plans for added storage and alerts

As a dedicated tracker app, Boomerang provides extremely accurate location data without excessive battery usage. For basic safety needs, it delivers persistent tracking in an easy-to-use map interface.

Free use only stores a day’s worth of historical data but paid plans expand storage and alerts. Since no parental controls exist, Boomerang works best for families just wanting passive yet reliable location tracking with minimal fuss.

The major downside is lack of SMS, call and app usage visibility. But when precise GPS tracking is the sole necessity, Boomerang is quick to set up and delivers solid performance.

Key Factors When Selecting a Tracking App

With so many options, it helps to weigh a few core factors guiding phone tracker selection:

  1. Intended Use Case: Apps like Find My iPhone cater towards lost device tracing and therefore lack advanced features. Contrast this to spyware apps offering complete usage visibility for employers and guardians. Define your fundamental reason for tracking — safety, security or monitoring.
  2. Compatibility With Device Type: Ensure any app chosen works seamlessly with the target phone’s operating system. Android flexibility comes at the cost of tighter default integration. iOS meanwhile enables Apple-built apps like Find My iPhone to operate smoothly, often faster than third-party options.
  3. Location Tracking Accuracy: The best phone trackers combine GPS, WiFi and cellular signals to pinpoint devices accurately, especially when indoors. Testing several trackers in everyday environments ensures reliable tracking without big gaps in location history.
  4. Stealth Mode Capabilities: Apps requiring overt installation are easier to circumvent or uninstall. Trackers offering complete stealth operation without home screen icons or task tray visibility provide deeper insights since usage isn’t altered.
  5. Dashboards and Alert Options: Consolidated dashboards that centralize location data, usage metrics and custom alerts simplify monitoring rather than checking apps individually. Consider how often alerts are needed and if dashboard access requires payment.

By evaluating options based on these factors against personal use cases and budgets, the ideal tracker app emerges to provide both security and peace of mind.

Is it Possible App to Track a Phone for FREE?

Yes, it is possible to track a phone for free using certain apps and methods:

  1. Find My Device (Android) and Find My iPhone (iOS) are free pre-installed tracking apps from Google and Apple. They allow you to locate, ring, lock or erase a phone remotely. Limited functionality, but helpful for lost devices and good baseline tracking.
  2. Family tracking apps like Life360, GeoZilla and Glympse are free and allow you to create a group for location sharing. Great for families to keep tabs on each other. More basic features unless upgrading to paid plans.
  3. Mobile tracker apps like MobileTrackerFree, Phonelocator, and PhoneTrackApp offer certain levels of tracking for free. This usually includes current location and very basic historical data. Enough for casual tracking needs.
  4. IMEI tracking via carrier relies on each phone’s unique IMEI number hardcoded into hardware. Websites like FreePhoneTracer perform IMEI tracking for free but with limitations – it can lack precision or historical data and only works if phone is powered on.
  5. Spyware apps often have free trial versions allowing comprehensive access to texts, calls, apps, location, etc. However this access expires quickly unless subscribing to fully utilize invasive monitoring capabilities. Exercise caution using spyware.

So in summary – yes, free options exist but come with certain caveats like limited history, less precise locating, or expiration of advanced features requiring payment to sustain over longer periods. The level of free tracking achievable depends on the specific use case.

Is There a Totally FREE Phone Tracker?

No, there is no app that provides completely free and unlimited phone tracking without any limitations. However, there are some apps and services that offer basic phone tracking capabilities for free:

  1. Apple Find My and Google Find My Device – These come pre-installed on iPhones and Android phones respectively. They allow you to view the current location of your phone, make it ring if lost nearby, remotely lock or erase it. Features are free and unlimited but basic.
  2. Life360 – A family tracking app that lets you view locations of family members who have also installed the app. The free version shows current and recent locations on a map. Some historical data is available for free but advanced features require a paid subscription.
  3. Spyzie and mSpy – These spyware apps offer short-term 7 day free trials to see all phone activity. After the trials expire, you must pay for monthly access to texts, calls, GPS, apps etc. They aren’t viable for long-term full usage for free.
  4. Carrier-based location lookups via IMEI number – Some sites can track current location of any cell phone via its unique IMEI number and checking registration location on carrier networks. Accuracy is less precise though and only works intermittently when powered on.

In the end, any app allowing continuous, unlimited, accurate and full access to calls, messages, apps, location history and other phone data will require a premium subscription for complete unrestricted monitoring. Free trials give short previews but ultimately have constraints around duration or breadth of surveillance permitted without payment.

Can I Track a Cell Phone Location by Number?

Yes, it is possible to track a cell phone location by number in a few different ways:

  1. Cell Phone Carriers – Cell phone carriers have the capability to track phones on their network registered to a particular number, usually only providing location to law enforcement upon verified request.
  2. Phone Tracking Apps – Some phone tracking apps and services allow inputting a phone’s number for tracking rather than installing software on the device itself. This can use various location data sources to approximate position.
  3. SMS-based Tracking – Sending an SMS message to a phone with embedded location tracking links allows gathering GPS or network-based location if the message is opened. Limited accuracy.
  4. Mobile Number Locator Sites – Websites exist allowing lookup of a phone’s general location based on the number’s registered mobile carrier and regional assignment. Provides approximate city-level locations.
  5. Bluetooth Tracking – Bluetooth tracking devices placed strategically in public locations can detect proximate phones allowing associated Bluetooth MAC address to be logged with GPS coordinates, effectively plotting location history through such encounters.

However, most phone number tracking methods offer limited accuracy or work unreliably compared to having a tracking app directly installed on the device. But in situations lacking app access, these alternatives can still provide a basic awareness of location.

Best Ways to Track a Mobile Phone Location for FREE

Here are the best ways to track a mobile phone’s location for free:

  1. Find My Device (Android) / Find My iPhone (iOS): These built-in tracking apps from Google and Apple allow you to locate, ring, lock or erase your phone remotely. The features are free and quite accurate, providing location, battery level, and options to protect data.
  2. Family Tracking Apps: Apps like Life360, GeoZilla, and Familonet offer multi-member family location tracking for free. Everyone can view all members on a map in real-time. Great for monitoring kids and elderly family members. Basic historical data is available for free.
  3. Carrier FamilyLocator Services: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon offer their own family tracking services that use precision location data from the carrier’s network. These offer location sharing among family members with reasonable accuracy for free.
  4. Mobile Number Location Sites: Websites like NumLookup, PhoneTracker, and SpyDialer let you enter any phone number to reveal approximate location at city-level accuracy based on registered carrier data. Reliability varies but aggregated data from these sites can help triangulate general positioning.
  5. Smartphone Device Trackers: Tile, Chipolo, and other Bluetooth & GPS tracker tags can be slipped into a phone case or attached to the device for monitoring. The companion mobile app shows location history when in Bluetooth range. Device compatibility and reliability of tracking range can vary.

The free options have limitations in accuracy or historical data, but can meet basic real-time tracking needs for personal safety and family coordination. For advanced monitoring and location history storage, paid solutions are more robust and consistent.

The Future of Phone Tracking

As device usage further ingrains into all aspects of life, tracking solutions help provide oversight when needed. Advances in crowdsourced tracking, behavior modeling and ambient signal detection will only make monitoring more unobtrusive yet highly accurate.

Soon parents won’t need to inspect locations constantly but rather define policies enforced autonomously. Similarly, lost devices may request tracking help themselves based on suspicious usage patterns.

Access to rich tracking data also raises deep personal privacy questions and invites the potential for misuse. It will remain vital that both tracker creators and users act responsibly when leveraging such intimate visibility into phones.

But by following best practices and understanding local laws, phone tracking technology delivered responsibly helps drive comfort, safety and understanding for families and employees across the world.

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