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How to Unlock Carrier on iPhone – Easy Ways

Buying a new iPhone can be expensive. Some consumers choose to buy locked phone sets from a specific carrier because they are cheaper than unlocked sets, however, it might not be the best choice for the long run. You may soon discover that you’re how to unlock a carrier on the iPhone might put some extra unexpected costs on your phone bill.

You might also discover other mobile plans from different carriers that are more economic than the plan you are currently using, but you are unable to switch to those plans because your phone is locked. It could be frustrating to be stuck to one carrier as long as you are using your current phone. After all, it is your phone and you should have more control over it.

If you are a frequent traveler, the problem could even be worse. Bringing a locked phone overseas means you will have to use roaming from your current carrier in any country you’re traveling to, and that could mean hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in phone bills due to miscommunications on calls and data roaming charges.

Or if you want to avoid the roaming charges, you can avoid using your current phone and get a spare phone, but that would also cost you extra. There is another way for you to avoid these extra costs associated with a locked phone. With technology nowadays, you can unlock a carrier on the iPhone with a few simple steps.

As an average person spends 3 to 4 hours a day on their phone, chances are you use a lot of mobile data every day. Different carriers have different mobile plans with different monthly data allowances, and there are a lot of choices out there for the plan that suits your needs the most. However, if you have a locked phone, you will not get to enjoy the competitive pricing that different carriers have to offer.

You will need to stick with the same plan and the same carrier even if you are tempted by other great for value mobile plans.

Why Should You Unlock Your iPhone

  • Be in control of your phone, your phone bill, and your plans. Unlocking your phone gives you the freedom to choose, plan, and be in charge of your own phone usage.
  • If you receive your iPhone from someone else or bought your iPhone as a secondhand phone and it is locked to a different carrier from the one you are using, you would have to get another SIM card and phone plan from the carrier the iPhone is locked to unless you unlock your phone.
  • When you want to resell your iPhone, an unlocked phone will be more valuable and is easier to sell than a locked phone. Selling an unlocked phone automatically limits the pool of potential buyers for your phone.
  • Save up on roaming charges when you go overseas. Having a local SIM card on your phone is much more economical than using roaming plans from international carriers.
  • Improving internet connection wherever you go. No matter how good your current carrier is, there are always some places that the coverage is not strong enough. Having the flexibility to switch SIM cards would ensure that you can have good quality connection anywhere.
  • Unlocking your iPhone is totally legal and safe. The process does not alter any software or hardware on your phone and hence you are not taking any risk.

How to Unlock Carrier on iPhone – Step By Step Guideline

If your phone is fully paid for, meaning you have completed the original installment plan, and if your account is in good standing, you can request your carrier to unlock your phone. Major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, EE, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, and Sprint offer phone unlocking for free. You can request unlocking by calling your carrier customer service or contact them on their website. Some carriers like AT&T have a separate device unlocking portal that is more convenient than calling customer service.

Unlock your phone through your carrier:

  • Contact your carrier and provide them the account information.
  • Once they have processed the unlocking request, back up your iPhone on iTunes or iCloud.
  • If you have a SIM card from another carrier, shut down your phone and insert the SIM card. Proceed to set up your iPhone.
  • If you do not have a SIM card from another carrier, erase your iPhone by resetting it to factory settings. Afterward, restore the device from your backup.
  • Easy and reliable
  • Usually free
  • Avoid the hassle of unlocking the phone yourself
  • Takes a few days to process, not recommended when you need to unlock your phone urgently
  • Does not work if your installment plan is not up yet
  • Does not work if you are using a pay-as-you-go contract
  • Does not work if your phone is a secondhand phone
  • Some carriers claim that certain models cannot be unlocked

How to Unlock Your iPhone Using a Third-Party Service

If you are not eligible for a unlock from your carrier, you can consider different third-party unlocking services. iPhone unlocking usually works by unlocking the device on Apple service, hence once your iPhone is unlocked, it will permanently stay unlocked even after you factory reset the phone.

There are many online unlocking services that you can consider, however, some online services may not always work or claim to be free when they are actually not. Refer to our guide below to find a third-party service that is suitable for your needs.

1. CellUnlocker

An online web-based unlocking service that works for the iPhone and many other phone brands.

  • Unlock any model, even the models that carriers claim cannot be unlocked
  • Fast and easy to use
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Not free for some models

2. FreeUnlock24

An online web-based that provides iPhone unlocking within a few minutes.

  • Free for use
  • Works for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and most other models
  • Fast and easy
  • Currently do not support iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X

3. DoctorSIM

A software that allows you to quickly unlock your phone anywhere in the world.

  • Works on all iPhone models and other major brands
  • Simple process, easy to use
  • Need to download and install the software
  • Cost ranging from $20

4. DoctorUnlock

A fast and reliable web-based unlocking service that is highly recommended by past users.

  • Obtain you unlock code within a few hours sometimes
  • Reliable, guaranteed to work
  • Does not offer free unlocking for iPhone – cost from $28

5. iPhoneApprovedUnlock

An affordable unlocking service that works in many countries.

  • Guaranteed to finish unlocking within 2 days
  • Live order tracking and customer service support
  • Received great reviews from past users
  • Works on any iPhone model
  • Less established than some other services
  • Cost from $20 per phone

6. DirectUnlocks

A highly popular, well-trusted phone unlocking service that works mainly for Samsung and iPhones.

  • Unlock iPhones within 24 hours
  • Supports all iPhone models up to iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Cost from $20 to unlock iPhones

7. SimUnlock

Well-trusted phone unlocking service that works mainly for Samsung and iPhones.

  • Affordable, for some models it takes $3 to unlock
  • Works on all iPhone and many other phone brands
  • Claim to finish unlocking within 10-20 minutes
  • The relatively new company, not many ratings, and reviews

Prerequisites – Unlock Carrier on iPhone

  • Check iPhone’s eligibility for unlocking
  • Obtain carrier authorization
  • Backup iPhone’s data before unlocking process

1. Check iPhone’s Eligibility for Unlocking

“Checking iPhone’s eligibility for unlocking” involves determining whether the iPhone is locked to a carrier and verifying that it meets the requirements for unlocking. To check the eligibility, you can:

  1. Check the carrier’s policy: Different carriers have different policies regarding unlocking, so it’s important to check if your carrier allows it.
  2. Check the iPhone’s contract status: If you bought the iPhone under a contract, it may be locked to the carrier until the contract period is over.
  3. Check the iPhone’s blacklist status: If the iPhone has been reported as lost or stolen, it may be blacklisted and ineligible for unlocking.
  4. Check the iPhone’s firmware version: Some firmware versions may not support unlocking, so it’s important to check the firmware version before proceeding.

Once you have determined the iPhone’s eligibility, you can proceed to obtain carrier authorization and backup the iPhone’s data.

2. Obtain Carrier Unlock Authorization

“Obtaining carrier unlock authorization” involves contacting the carrier and requesting permission to unlock the iPhone. The process of obtaining authorization varies depending on the carrier, but typically involves:

  1. Contacting the carrier: You can call, email, or use an online form to contact the carrier and request unlocking authorization. You may need to provide proof of ownership, such as the IMEI number or account information.
  2. Submitting a request: After providing the required information, you can submit the request for unlocking authorization. Some carriers may require you to pay a fee to unlock the iPhone.
  3. Waiting for approval: The carrier will review the request and decide whether to approve or deny the request. The approval process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the carrier.

Once you have obtained the carrier’s authorization, you can proceed to unlock the iPhone by following the carrier’s instructions or installing a carrier update. Before starting the unlocking process, it’s important to back up the iPhone’s data to avoid losing any important information.

3. Backup iPhone Data

“Backing up iPhone data” is an important step in the unlocking process, as it ensures that you won’t lose any important information if something goes wrong during the unlocking process. To back up your iPhone data, you can:

  1. Use iCloud: Connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi network, go to “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Backup,” and turn on “iCloud Backup.” Then, tap “Back Up Now” to start the backup process.
  2. Use iTunes: Connect the iPhone to a computer, launch iTunes, click on the iPhone icon, and go to “Summary.” Click on “Back Up Now” to start the backup process.
  3. Use a third-party backup tool: There are several third-party tools available that allow you to back up your iPhone data to a computer, such as iMazing or dr.fone.

It’s recommended to back up your iPhone data regularly, regardless of whether you’re unlocking the device or not. This will ensure that you can restore your data if anything goes wrong, and also provide a backup in case your iPhone is lost, stolen, or damaged.

How to Unlock the iPhone Carrier

There are 2 ways to unlock your iPhone: through your mobile carrier and through third-party services. It is sometimes more convenient to go through your mobile carrier; however, you need to meet the requirements of the carrier in order for them to unlock your phone. Each carrier has slightly different requirements that you should check before contacting them to avoid wasting your time.

To get your carrier to unlock your phone, you can contact their customer services hotline, or in the case of AT&T, you can use the AT&T unlock the portal to easily unlock your phone. If you do not meet the requirements, you can use third-party services to unlock any phone that is locked to any carrier, including phones that have not been fully paid for and secondhand phones.

Simply find your phone’s IMEI number by going to Settings > General and click on “About”. Alternatively, you can dial *#06# to receive your IMEI number. Next, choose a third-party service that suits you, enter the IMEI and current carrier, and your phone will be unlocked after the processing time. Some third-party services you can consider include Cellunlocker.net, DoctorUnlock, and Simunlock.net.

How to Unlock iPhone 6 for any Carrier for Free

Different mobile carriers have different phone unlocking procedures, and some offer free unlocking if you have finished your original installment plans. For example, Tesco will unlock your iPhone for free if you have finished your contract, or have been using Tesco for more than a year. Simply contact their customer service hotline to request for phone unlocking.

AT&T has a device unlock portal that allows you to easily unlock your phone without going through the hassle of call customer service. However, if you do not qualify for iPhone unlocking from your carrier, or if your carrier charges you for unlocking your phone, you can use third-party unlocking services.You can check out Free Unlock 24, or CellUnlocker for free iPhone unlocking.

They work on iPhone 6 and most other iPhone models, and they can unlock phones that are using any carrier. Using a third-party service is simple and fast, you only need to provide your carrier, your IMEI, and your phone model, and your phone will be remotely unlocked within a few hours to a few days. If you do not know your IMEI number, you can check it by going to Settings -> General and click on “About”, or dial *#06# to receive your IMEI number.

How to Unlock iPhone XS Max with the Xfinity Carrier

Xfinity will unlock your phone for free if you meet the following criteria:

  • The phone must have been paid for in full when you request for unlocking.
  • Your account must be in good standing.
  • You have activated your phone for a maximum of 60 days.
  • Your phone must not have been reported lost, stolen, or involved in fraudulent activities.

You can contact Xfinity customer service via chat or text at (888) 936-4968 to request an unlock. If you do not meet the requirements, you can use third-party services like DoctorUnlock.net or DirectUnlocks. Simply enter your IMEI number, your phone model and carrier, and your phone will be unlocked remotely once your request is processed.

How to Unlock iPhone 7 Plus for any Carrier for Free

There are third-party online services that allow you to unlock any iPhone model for any carrier for free. Check out Free Unlock 24 or Cellunlocker, two well-known free unlocking services that work on iPhones. To unlock your phone, you only need to know the phone’s IMEI number, the phone model, and the carrier it is locked to. If you do not know your IMEI number, you can obtain it by going to Settings -> General and click on “About”. Alternatively, you can dial *#06# to receive your IMEI number.


Paying a whopping phone bill every month can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be that way. Unlocking your phone gives you the freedom to take charge of your phone charges, whether you are at home or overseas. You can now unlock your phone with a few simple clicks, as simple as installing an app on your phone. Unlock your phone to explore more possibilities for your phone plan!

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