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How to Spy on a Phone for Free – Best 14 Spy Apps

We are living in a society where we are surrounded by technological innovations and advanced gadgets. It is very important to spy on a phone for free for us to track and monitor the activities of our loved ones such as family members, children, spouses, and employees to protect them from any future potential threat and risk. There are various types of spying apps for android phones that allow you to track or monitor the digital activities of targeted smartphones.

These apps are effective, untraceable, undetectable and of course free. Free spy apps for Android without target phone can bypass the end to end encryption technology and get access to social media apps. There is some other free spy app for android undetectable available into social media apps.

Some of the most interesting and useful activities of free spy apps for Android Phones are given below:

  • Live call
  • Text message
  • GPS location
  • Website and social media apps
  • Tracking on emails, documents, photo gallery phone book, etc.

How to Spy on a Phone for Free – Best 14 Spy Apps

You can’t deny the effect (both positive and adverse) of technological advancement on your children. It is dramatically changing our lifestyle habits and socio-cultural activities and also our way of thinking. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of these technologies. One of them is a smartphone, and social media sites and apps. In modern times every kid easy access to these types of technologies. But these advancements also come with the risk of potential harm and security breach.

In order to tackle these types of risks, free spying apps for Android without the target phone come into the light. Now it’s time for our in-depth review of the best free Spy App for Android without the target phone. These are the best of the best and specially selected for you.

1. Cocospy

Cocospy is undoubtedly the best spying app for Android without the target phone available in the market. It comes with plenty of features and functions. It is a very trusted and dependable app all over the world. This free spying app for Phones has a unique feature which allows you to access targeted smartphone without rooting them.

Also, if you can root the device you will access all the high and features such as geofencing, which allows you to create virtual boundaries of the physical area for the, particularly targeted smartphone. Whenever the phone owner goes out of the set boundary, you will receive a signal.

This is an amazing method to keep an eye on your children. You can also track social media activities of your children’s apps records and all the activities of your children on your smartphone. This app also records the deleted data and files of the targeted phone on your smartphone. If you want to spy on a phone for free, then this app is for you.

2. Fonemonitor

This is one of the most untraceable and undetectable spying tools which is based on the web. This app offers plenty of features and it can be used by anybody who can operate the computer. The main benefit of one monitor is that you can monitor WhatsApp activities, media files, and messages very easily because it does not require any type of additional special device. It is very user-friendly and easy to use.

This app includes a coded algorithm that is specially designed to be untraceable and undetectable. That is why this app works silently on the targeted device.

3. mSpy

It is another web-based spy App for mobiles. This app provides you access to GPS location text messages and calls records. It also allows you to view the sites and social media apps of the targeted smartphone. This undetectable android spy app for Android smartphones includes the unique keylogger feature to show, what is being typed on the targeted device keyboard.

It is a very effective and powerful spying app that gives you full access to the contact list. The main cons of this spying app for phones are is it does not give you full access to the camera and call recording.

4. AppSpy

Overwatch is one of the most versatile and all-purpose spying apps that will provide you all the activities of the targeted smartphone. You can even monitor the Internet browsing history in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It can take a snapshot from the camera without invisible. GPS location feature is not available in this app.

5. TruthSpy

This app is very easy to use and includes all the higher and advanced features. This app is specially designed for the parents because it provides you superior monitoring capabilities. With the use of this spying app, you can track all the call logs GPS location browsing history social media activities, call recordings media messages on the social media apps. This is very user-friendly and easy to use that even a novice can use it easily.

6. MobileSpy

This is one of the best-hidden Spy App that can’t be detected. This is my app runs on the Android operating system. It provides full control to the corporate executives and parents for tracking the activities of their employees and kids respectively. It gives you real-time GPS tracking capability.

7. SpyPhone

The spy phone app is a unique app that is specially designed for Parental Control because it gives you access to delete all the selected data on the targeted phone. It can monitor and access all the core logging activities of the targeted person or your kids and all the activities in social media sites.

8. PhoneSpying

The phone spying app is a great spying app without the target phone. It can monitor text messages, call logs, geo-tracking, browsing history, and other social media activities. The main advantage of this spying app is its functionality and efficiency. This is a spy app that allows you to hear voice calls very clearly without any trace. This app is specially designed for you if you love to spy on a phone for free.

9. PhoneTracker

It is an amazing app for spying targeted Android phone. It includes many exciting features success social media access, Geo-tracking, and call log record. It only works on android 2.2 above versions. I will give you full access without being detected.

10. Spacing

spacing is one of the most effective spying apps on our list due to its amazingly advanced features and versatility. Spike is basically the phone monitoring web service that can monitor any device such as Android or iOS. For Android phones the spike offers plenty of features such as social media access, call monitoring call log monitoring, browsing history, etc.

11. SMSPeeper

SMS peeper is basically a phone spying app that is dedicated to tracking the SMS of the phone owner. SMS can provide crucial information about the targeted person. It also so help you to get OTP which eventually leads you to log in to their social media account. However, this is a little bit obsolete nowadays due to the emergence of WhatsApp and other Messenger apps.

12. OneSpy

Specially designed to provide you with monitoring for employees and kids. It doesn’t load with tons of features but it is sufficiently equipped with features to get your job done. It includes WhatsApp spy, call record, location monitor, and other important features. Also, you have to install this app on the targeted phone. This app does not work a hidden app like another App like a spacing.

13. SpyBubble

It is also one of the best spy apps especially targeted for the person who wants to do a loyalty test on their spouse. It is a highly dedicated app for their specific audience; therefore, it does not offer new and advanced features. It includes a web-based interface. It will work on literally any operating system iOS or Android.

14. StealthGenie

Stealth genius good monitoring app with decent features you can use to track your spouse or your children. This app is preferred by those people who want to track their spouse’s activities on social media apps if they suspect their spouse for cheating. It can steal data from the targeted smartphone and upload it to the stealth genie servers. You can also track every activity on the targeted phone via the stealth genie dashboard.

The Working Mechanism of the Free Spy App for Android Undetectable

Well, there are mainly two ways of installation of spying apps for phones without the target phone. The first method is to get access to the targeted smartphone and installation of free Spy App for phones. The second method contains the installation of the free spy app for Android undetectable without targeted phone and access to the site that offers full access to the target phone. It does not include installation.

If you choose these services, you have to accept the term and conditions for getting services from the service providers. When you provide the full information and details of the targeted phone, the service provider link with the target phone with the use of a link pinging code. You have to call or send a text message to the target phone. When the phone owner responds visit Secret Code is automatically generated. It will finish the link building process and you will gain access to the targeted smartphone.

You can monitor completely all the activities of the phone owner on the other side. Especially their calls, photos message text social media in a Facebook post, Instagram, message apps such as WhatsApp, we-Chat, Skype, Viber, etc. You can also check their browsing history on the internet without appearing visible to the targeted person. You can use a free spy app for Android undetectable for various purposes.

You can use this as evidence against the targeted person by call streaming and call recording. In call streaming, you can listen to the calls by the targeted person and on the other hand, in call recording, you have access to all the conversation and also you can record them.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using this spying system. Because it will lead to very different consequences instead of what you are trying to achieve. Adults and teenagers respond very differently in comparison to children. Little children usually, do not resist spying. On the other hand, teenagers and adolescent kids resist your strictness and control over their lives.

It can be very effective and beneficial for the business when the business chief monitors top-performing executives and other valuable employees in order to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Undetectable Android Spy App

There are tons of benefits of using the undetectable android spy app without damaging the smartphones.

Some of these benefits are given below:

  • Spy on the suspected spouse or partner for the cheating
  • Clone the android phone
  • Make backup or information with the spying apps
  • For monitoring of employees
  • Create parental control over your children’s mobile phones
  • Create virtual boundaries to find out where your children are going
  • Record the SMS and topics of targeted smartphones
  • Get access to the social media posts and data
  • Get geo-tracking

Bottom Line

In brief, nowadays we are living in a society filled with the latest gadgets and advanced technology. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to escape the internet and Smartphones. In order to prevent any future danger or threat to your loved one, children, and family members, monitoring of their activities is a necessity.

It is also an important and effective tool for the business executive to track the activities of their employees in order to boost their efficiency and profitability. These apps are undetectable, cost-free, and work silently. All the basic spine purposes of free hidden Spy Apps are widely popular. These apps are becoming increasingly popular among the people who suspect their spouse of cheating.

Mostly, women are the user of this kind of apps. However, men also use these apps for monitoring and tracking their loved ones. This app is gaining popularity for providing better control over the people you care and love.

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