How to Hack Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hotspot

Straight Talk originated from a partnership between Tracfone and Walmart and is a carrier company that supplies users with the 4G data server via smartphones that are compatible with AT&T’s LTE network. If you use this network and wish to hack its Unlimited Data plan, multiple methods exist to help you achieve this goal. Upon cracking the service, you will have unlimited internet access, a high-speed data connection, and more.

Remember that completing this trick isn’t tricky but technical as you need to go through several APN settings to enjoy the long-term benefits. While other methods may grant your access to this service, they aren’t always practical, especially for networks like AT&T or T-mobile. Nevertheless, continue reading this article to acquire all the information necessary to hack Straight Talk unlimited data hotspot.

Is Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hotspot Worth It

Irrespective of your requirements, Straight Talk unlimited data is worth your while as it consists of 10 gigabytes, allowing you to surf the internet without paying much attention to your data amount. Additionally, this $55 unlimited data plan comes with additional benefits, including Unlimited Talk and Text. It’s worth noting that the internet speed is impressive, allowing you to stream and perform heavy tasks online with little to no lag.

However, although the Straight Talk high speed unlimited data hotspot comes with a uniquely fast connection, it tends to slow down after a while. Precisely, after you have consumed 5 gigabytes of data, your internet access speed will drop, thereby limiting your activities on the internet. Nevertheless, the speed doesn’t deteriorate to the point of disgust, and although it is observable, the drop-off isn’t exceedingly substantial. Ultimately, the Straight Talk high speed unlimited data plan is worth your while.

Why do you Need a Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hotspot Hack

Several reasons can make you require the Straight Talk unlimited data plan. however, the most prominent factor is the liberty to surf the web without fear of data exhaustion.

In fact, performing this hack can save you money as you don’t need to refill your data constantly. Granted, unlimited data from Straight Talk might seem like an unnecessary jump as you might not exceed 10 gigabytes with casual usage. On the other hand, if you play online games or stream high-quality content off the internet, then this hack is for you.

Essentially, this Straight Talk unlimited data hotspot hack will not only save you money on data plans but give you the liberty to surf the web and download apps without worrying about running out of data. It’s a worthwhile option.

How to Use Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hotspot

Although the data plan suggests the service provides you with an unlimited internet connection, it presents approximately 10 gigabytes of usable data. While this quantity isn’t infinite, it remains sufficient to surf the web with little to no worry. After completing the hack, you can use the Straight Talk unlimited data hotspot to download apps on your phone, stream HD internet content, play online games, and many more.

One additional factor worth noting is the freedom to share this plan with other devices via Hotspot. In other words, you can turn your mobile phone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and share the internet to multiple computers, phones, and tablets. Essentially, the Straight Talk unlimited data hotspot hack works like any regular data plan, allowing you to use it according to your preference.

How to Hack Straight Talk High Speed Unlimited Data Hotspot

Unlimited data plans are naturally expensive, and the Straight Talk high speed unlimited data plan is not an exception to this fact as it costs $55 to acquire. Additionally, this data plan doesn’t provide your phone or computer infinite access to the internet since subscribers cannot consume beyond 10 gigabytes. Suppose your job or monthly activities require you to consume 30 gigabytes.

In that case, you will spend precisely $165 to reach this goal. Fortunately, using this Straight Talk high speed unlimited data hack to acquire free internet access is a better option. Essentially, you don’t need to spend $55 repeatedly to surf the internet monthly since applying this method eradicates this requirement.

Therefore, you can save money and invest the extra amount in other productive parts of your business or life. Remember that the Straight Talk high speed unlimited data hack may cost you money and time because you will need to acquire specific items. The steps below emphasise these requirements:

1. Find the Right Phone

Unlike other options, Straight Talk isn’t compatible with all phones, and although the company possesses the Straight Talk’s Keep Your Own Phone program that brings the service to your current device, it still might not run. To have this service on your current device, you need compatible phones, and these devices include T-mobile Compatible phones, AT&T Compatible phones, Sprint Compatible Phones, and GSM & CDMA unlocked smartphones.

If these requirements seem complex or too technical to fulfill, it’s best to visit Walmart and purchase a Straight Talk Phone since it meets these criteria.

2. Buy a Straight Talk SIM Card

The next ingredient necessary to complete this Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hack is a Straight Talk SIM card. Currently, there are three ways to acquire this chip and begin the process.

  • The First Methods: Is buying a Straight Talk Phone; the Mexican company promises to include a Straight Talk SIM card after you purchase their phone. This option is excellent as you can acquire the right phone and SIM card at once.
  • The Second Methods: Requires you to order the SIM card directly from Straight Talk without purchasing the phone. This method is financially convenient because it doesn’t contain any additional cost for the Straight Talk smartphone.
  • The Third Methods: Is to visit Walmart and acquire the SIM. Walmart is currently in partnership with Straight Talk, which gives them the exclusive rights to sell the phone and SIM cards.

Note: The SIM Card comes with activation instructions.

3. Activate Your Account

After acquiring your Straight Talk SIM card, the next step involves activating your account, and failure to do so results in your device showing “Inactive”. Inactive means that your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) currently doesn’t have a contract with a cellular service provider.

Without activation, the device will make no calls or connect to the internet, making it impossible to complete the Straight Talk high speed unlimited data hack. Fortunately, activating your account isn’t tricky, as it’s written on the instructions you will receive upon purchasing the card. Once completed, try making a phone since a connected line means it is active.

Note: Sim activation is not necessary if you own a Straight Talk Phone.

4. Install the Data Maximiser App

The last step is installing the Data Maximiser app, designed to steam videos at maximum resolutions automatically. This software is ideal for smartphones connected to a cellular network as it allows the user to watch high-quality videos and stream three times longer without running out of high-speed data.

It’s a must-have tool to perform the Straight Talk high speed unlimited data hack.

Can You Get Unlimited Data with Straight Talk

Yes! As previously mentioned, Straight Talk offers its users a $55 unlimited plan to ensure they have consistent access to the internet throughout the month. However, although this service plan is named “Unlimited”, subscribers are given 10 gigabytes to consume throughout the month. Fortunately, you can have proper unlimited internet access with your Straight Talk unlimited data plan via the APN’s settings.

This setting allows you to surf the web with zero additional costs continuously. Besides giving you unlimited internet access, the APN settings will rectify pre-existing internet problems, enabling a smoother and faster connection to the web. Nevertheless, you can get unlimited access to the internet by applying the Straight Talk high speed unlimited data.

It is Possible to Hack Straight Talk Unlimited Service APN

Below are the precise settings you need to activate this Straight Talk unlimited data hack. These changes involve your APN settings in your phone; fortunately, they work on all types of phones that support the Straight Talk SIM card.

Keep in mind that the settings below are compatible with the Straight Talk Service on AT&T Network. Nevertheless, create a new APN (access point settings) in your “Connections and Network” settings on your phone, then copy the information presented below into the appropriate boxes.

These APN settings for Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hack are:

  • NAME: StraightTalk
  • APN: att.mvno
  • PROXY: proxy.mvno.tracfone
  • PORT: 80
  • MMSC: mmsc.cingular
  • MMS PORT: 80

Once inserted into the new APN, ensure to save the changes and activate the setting when done.

How to Bypass Straight Talk Data Cap

Currently, Straight Talk has a data cap on all internet services, disconnecting users from the internet after they use up their 10 gigabytes. This factor is unfortunate as the abruptness can disrupt your work, ruin an unsaved process, and produce further discomfort. The company performs this cap by slowly lowering your internet speed, and before you realise the service drop, the connection ends, and you’re without access to the internet.

However, with the Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hack APN, users can have proper unlimited access to the internet with zero abrupt disconnections. Essentially, you can access the internet without any expensive plans, thereby saving your money and time. The APN setting presented in this article works for multiple devices and ensures you stay connected to the internet with zero drops in surfing quality. This solution is befitting of such an uncomfortable and disorienting problem.

Keep in mind that the APN setting operates flawlessly on all networks that support the Straight Talk Sim card, meaning it won’t exempt your current device. In other words, this Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hack is the ultimate tweak for all compatible phones.

How to Reset APN for Straight Talk Data Cap

Below is the APN for Straight Talk Data Cap Reset, ensuring you stay connected to the internet while your mobile data is active. Copy the options below:

  • PORT: 80
  • MMS PORT: 80
  • MNC USE: 410
  • MCC USE: 310
  • MMSC: mmsc.cingular
  • APN TYPE: default, MMS, supl


Modern society requires consistent internet access to thrive as the majority of transactions occur via the internet. Such a factor makes having an unlimited data supply necessary; fortunately, the Straight Talk high speed unlimited data hack is available. While this device requires you to spend $55, you can access it with zero additional cost. All you need is to insert the Straight Talk Sim card into a compatible phone and insert the APN setting given above.

Keep in mind that these settings are practical on all devices compatible with the Straight Talk Sim, meaning your current machine is sufficient if it could operate the card.

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