How to Unlock a Samsung Phone to Any Network for Free

Unlocking your Samsung phone allows you to use it on other carrier networks, both domestically and internationally. This gives you more flexibility when traveling or switching service providers. With a few simple steps, you can unlock most Samsung phones to work on GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile for free in 2024.

Why Unlock Your Samsung Phone?

The benefits of unlocking your Samsung phone are manifold:

  • Network Freedom: Break free from carrier contracts and explore plans from different providers, often at lower costs.
  • Travel Without Borders: Swap SIM cards easily when abroad, ditching exorbitant roaming charges and embracing local networks.
  • Sell for More: Unlocked phones fetch higher prices in the resale market, maximizing your profit.
  • Futureproof Your Device: Stay adaptable to changing needs and take advantage of the best deals as networks evolve.

So, are you ready to unlock your Samsung’s full potential?

Determine if Your Phone is Eligible to be Unlocked

Before beginning the unlocking process, you’ll want to ensure your Samsung phone meets a few requirements:

1. Pay Off Any Outstanding Balances

If you still owe money to your carrier for the cost of the phone, you likely cannot unlock it until the balance is paid. Contact your provider to find out if your phone had an early termination fee, installment plan balance, or other charges that remain. Settle these to get your unlock eligibility.

2. Confirm Device Ownership

You’ll have to verify with your carrier that you own the Samsung phone. This usually just involves checking your account or device purchase records to confirm there are no pending payments or leasing plans attached to it.

3. Use Active Service for Certain Period

Most carriers now allow you to unlock Samsung devices after they have been active on your account for a set time, usually 40-60 days. This ensures they recoup any promotional credits or discounts given when the phone was purchased or leased.

4. Check Sim Unlock Status

Go into your phone’s settings to view if the device displays any messages about being network locked, SIM locked, or needing additional steps before unlocking. This status notification can confirm if it’s already unlocked or will need carrier assistance.

If none of these restrictions applies and you own the phone free and clear, you should be ready to unlock it.

How to Unlock a Samsung Phone to Any Network for Free (Step-by-Step Guide)

Unlocking your Samsung device allows you to use different SIM cards from other carriers domestically and internationally. This gives you more flexibility if traveling or wanting to switch mobile providers.

Follow this walkthrough to unlock your eligible Samsung phone to work on GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile at no cost.

Step 1: Backup Important Data

Before making major device changes, backup key information like:

  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Text messages
  • Call logs

You can copy data to a computer, use cloud storage services, or create local file backups in case something goes wrong during the unlock process.

Step 2: Request Unlock Code from Carrier

Contact your mobile provider’s unlock code department through phone, online chat, email, or account portal. Most major US carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint issue unlock codes for free once your device meets eligibility policies.

Provide identifying details like phone number, account number, device ID, etc. when submitting the request. Expect 1-3 days for processing.

Step 3: Turn Off Phone & Insert Non-Carrier SIM Card

Power down your Samsung phone fully once obtaining the unlock code. Insert a test SIM card from another GSM carrier like an AT&T or T-Mobile prepaid SIM.

Step 4: Input Network Unlock Code

Turn on your Samsung device and it should prompt for the network unlock code provided in Step 2. Carefully type in the exact code digits using the phone dial pad.

Step 5: Confirm Unlock Success

If entered properly, you will see confirmation that the device successfully unlocked from the old carrier ties and now allows any eligible SIM card worldwide. Reboot once more for changes to take effect.

Step 6: Test Unlocked Status

Verify the Samsung phone unlock worked by temporarily inserting different carrier SIMs like Net10 or Straight Talk. Make calls, send texts as normal tests.

You can also download second phone number apps to assign temporary digits as final proof of full unlock status.

Step 7: Transfer to New Carrier

With an unlocked device, you can now pursue transferring your phone number or starting new mobile service on any compatible GSM carrier like Mint or Google Fi for example.

Enjoy your newly unlocked Samsung phone! Changing providers is easier than ever.

Backup Important Data

Before making changes that could impact software or firmware, it’s wise to backup any crucial files, photos, or other information on your Samsung device. You have a few options to preserve this content in case the unlocking process fails or causes issues:

1. Copy Files to a Computer

Use a USB connection to transfer data like contacts, photos, videos, and documents to a laptop or desktop computer for temporary storage.

2. Upload to Cloud Storage

Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud allow you to store copies of files remotely, accessible again once phone issues are fixed.

3. Create Local Offline Backups

For offline backups, you can connect flash drives or external hard drives via USB-OTG cables or use the Samsung Cloud app to create a full system backup that includes app data and settings.

Having one or multiple backups gives you important redundancy in the rare case your unlocking efforts disrupt the software. Once complete, you can restore any lost information easily.

Obtain Unlock Credentials from Network Carrier

To start the actual Samsung phone unlocking process for free, you will need to get credentials directly from your mobile provider. Here are the steps with major U.S. carriers:

1. AT&T Unlocks

AT&T now issues needed unlock codes through an online request form. Simply submit the required device details like IMEI and account information, then check back in 1-2 days for your 16-digit network unlock code and instructions.

2. Verizon Unlocks

As of 2022, Verizon indicates they automatically unlock phones 60 days after purchase, allowing use on domestic and most international networks. Check your device’s unlock eligibility status in Verizon Cloud or through customer support channels.

3. T-Mobile Unlocks

Once eligible based on tenure and payment status, T-Mobile customers can generate unlock codes by calling 611 from the phone, using T-Mobile chat assistance, or requesting through your account holder page. Provides code via text or email typically within 2 business days.

4. Sprint Unlocks

After 50 days active on Sprint (now T-Mobile), you can request an unlock for domestic and international usage by calling customer service, visiting a store in-person, or applying via chat/email support to receive a six-digit code. May take 1-2 days for processing but code is provided at no charge.

5. Samsung Unlocks

For out-of-contract prepaid Samsung phones or devices not tied to a specific carrier, you may need to use Samsung’s official unlocking process instead. Contact tech support by phone or online chat to confirm eligibility. Samsung typically provides a permanent unlock code for a one-time $15-25 fee. Worth checking for carrier options first since they now provide unlock codes for free.

As long your phone has cleared any previous financial obligations and minimum device use policies, contacting your mobile company directly for network unlock codes should allow you to complete the process without paying any unlock fees or third-party services yourself.

Enter Unlock Codes

Upon receiving an eligible SIM unlock code specific to your Samsung phone from your wireless carrier, you simply enter a few sequences using your device keyboard to complete the unlocking process.

1. Insert Non-Carrier SIM Card

Start by powering off your phone completely and inserting a non-carrier SIM card from another GSM provider like AT&T or T-Mobile. This prepares some models to accept new network codes during reboot.

2. Input Unlock Code

Turn your device back on and a prompt should appear requesting the unlock code provided by your previous carrier company such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc. Carefully enter the exact code using your phone’s dial pad.

3. Confirm Unlock Success

If done successfully, you will see confirmation notices that the Samsung phone was permanently unlocked from the previous carrier ties and can now recognize any eligible GSM SIM card. Complete any reboot steps shown just to finalize access.

Be sure to enter digits accurately during the code input process. You typically get between 3 to 10 entry attempts before the system resets your unlock status again. With correct codes provided from the source network company, the unlock gets processed instantly.

Test Unlocked Status

Before fully migrating your phone number or usage over to a new carrier, test first that the Samsung unlock worked as intended. Swap different SIMs temporarily to validate permanent unlocking.

1. Insert Different SIM Cards

With the device powered off, switch between SIM cards from prepaid providers like StraightTalk or NET10. You can buy these for just a few dollars at electronics retailers to test with. Power on the phone and see if cellular, calls, texts all connect normally.

2. Check Unlock Screens

In your Samsung phone’s Settings or About device menus, you should no longer see any notices about carrier restrictions, network locks, invalid SIMs if the unlocked status processed correctly. All previous blocking warnings get removed permanently after entering valid unlock codes.

3. Use Temp Number Apps

If still unsure about your device’s unlocked abilities, download 2nd phone number apps like TextNow or Talkatone. These apps assign free temporary numbers that rely on data rather than carrier SIM cards to prove your Samsung functions fine across any mobile network.

By briefly experimenting with prepaid SIMs and phone number apps, you can confirm freedom to switch between domestic GSM carriers without limitations before porting your personal phone number over to a new long-term provider.

Understanding GSM vs. CDMA Networks

When researching the best new carrier options for your unlocked Samsung device, you’ll notice references to both GSM and CDMA network technologies. It helps to clarify a few key differences:

GSM Networks

AT&T, T-Mobile, and most international carriers utilize GSM technology for transmitting mobile calls and data. Unlocked GSM-based Samsung phones can switch easily between these operators by swapping SIM cards. Great flexibility for travel overseas or domestic carrier hopping.

CDMA Networks

Verizon, Sprint, and certain regional U.S. carriers currently rely on CDMA network infrastructure for voice and data. While Samsung phones can technically unlock from CDMA carriers, the devices usually lack the dual-mode hardware needed to also connect properly to GSM networks. Requires purchase of global-ready or factory unlocked device models instead for full cross-compatibility.

So when selecting a new wireless provider, double check to ensure their network utilizes GSM technology for the best odds of Samsung device compatibility after unlocking efforts. If unsure of new carrier network type, contact their support channels for clarification before switching to avoid issues.

Transferring to New Carrier Service

Once your previously locked Samsung phone can recognize any GSM SIM effortlessly, you’re ready to pursue transferring phone numbers or starting new service plans. A few tips for smooth transitions:

1. Order SIM Card

Request a standard or eSIM activation kit from the desired new carrier for your unlocked device. Provide device details like IMEI or eSIM QR codes to allow proper connectivity profile setup in advance.

2. Prepare Account Credentials

Set up your user account with the new mobile provider through their website or app. Have billing details, ID verification, and other basics ready to allow completing number port requests or activating newly assigned numbers when service goes live.

3. Port Existing Phone Number

If wanting to transfer your current phone number to the new carrier, start the port request through their porting department 2-3 days before your existing service ends. Ports can take anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours to execute, so avoid timing gaps.

4. Activate SIM Card

With accounts and details sorted with your new network operator, power off the Samsung device, insert the new GSM SIM card, and power back on. Follow any on-screen activation prompts and input new account PIN codes if requested.

5. Update APN Settings

In rare cases, you may need to manually adjust the device’s APN settings to allow proper connectivity to your new carrier’s data architecture. Customer support can provide APN specifications. Toggle these settings until showing connected status.

Once working reliably on the new GSM carrier network with ports completed or new numbers assigned, be sure to remove any old provider SIM cards and delete their service apps. You may need to contact your previous carrier afterwards to formally close legacy accounts as well. Enjoy the newfound freedom and savings potential with an unlocked Samsung phone!

Free Ways to Unlock Your Samsung Phone (If You’re Lucky!)

1. Contact Your Carrier

Your first stop should be your current network provider. Most carriers offer free unlocking upon fulfilling certain criteria, like completing your contract or meeting minimum usage requirements. Contact their customer service and inquire about their unlocking policy. Remember, free unlocking isn’t guaranteed, but it’s always worth a shot!


  1. Contact your carrier’s customer service department.
  2. Inquire about their unlocking policy and eligibility criteria.
  3. Provide your phone model and IMEI number (usually found on the phone box, settings menu, or by dialing *#06#).
  4. Follow their instructions if you meet the criteria.


  • Official, safe, and potentially free depending on contract fulfillment or minimum usage requirements.


  • Not guaranteed, depends on carrier policy, might involve waiting periods.

2. Check for Unlock Codes Online

Websites offering free unlock codes exist, but proceed with caution! Many are illegitimate, potentially harming your device or stealing your data. Stick to reputable websites with positive user reviews and clear guarantees. Always double-check the compatibility of the code with your specific Samsung model before entering it.


  1. Research reputable websites with positive user reviews and clear guarantees.
  2. Double-check your Samsung model and IMEI number accuracy.
  3. Enter your details on the chosen website and download the provided code (if not prompted on the site).
  4. Proceed with extreme caution! Only enter the code after verifying its compatibility with your specific device model and IMEI.


  • Potentially fast and free.


  • High risk of encountering scams, malware, or incompatible codes.

3. Utilize Third-Party Unlocking Services

Legitimate unlocking services exist, charging a nominal fee for providing your phone’s unlock code. Research their reputation, pricing, and success rates before entrusting them with your device. Ensure they use secure payment methods and offer clear warranties.

4. Flash a New ROM (Advanced Users Only!)

This method involves replacing your phone’s operating system with a custom ROM that comes pre-unlocked. It’s a technical process with risks of bricking your device, so only attempt it if you’re comfortable with advanced Android modding.


  1. Research custom ROMs compatible with your phone model and ensure they guarantee network unlocking.
  2. Back up all your data as the process involves wiping your phone.
  3. Follow the ROM flashing instructions meticulously, using reliable sources and tools.


  • Can be free depending on chosen ROM, unlocks bootloader and network restrictions.


  • Highly technical, carries high risk of bricking your phone, only for experienced users.

Paid Methods: Fast and Reliable Unlocking Solutions

While free methods are tempting, they often come with limitations and risks. Sometimes, a paid solution is the safest and most efficient route. Here are some reliable options:

1. Use Your Carrier’s Official Unlocking Service: Most carriers offer official unlocking services for a fee, typically ranging from $20 to $50. This is the safest and most straightforward option, guaranteeing genuine unlock codes and smooth execution. Contact your carrier for details and pricing.

2. Choose Reputable Third-Party Unlocking Sites: Several trusted websites specialize in phone unlocking. They employ secure platforms, offer comprehensive customer support, and deliver unlock codes quickly. Research popular options like UnlockBase, MobileUnlocks, and DoctorSIM, considering pricing, processing times, and user reviews.

3. Utilize IMEI-Based Unlocking Services: These services identify your phone through its unique IMEI number and generate an unlock code specific to your device. It’s a convenient option, but ensure the service provider is trustworthy and guarantees code compatibility with your Samsung model.

Important things to Consider before Unlocking

  • Check Your Warranty: Unlocking may void your phone’s warranty, so research your carrier’s policy before proceeding.
  • Backup Your Data: Unlocking might involve software resets, so back up all your important data before starting the process.
  • Verify Your Model and IMEI: Ensure you have the correct unlock code for your specific Samsung model and IMEI number. Entering an incompatible code can damage your device.
  • Follow Instructions Carefully: Each unlocking method comes with specific instructions. Read them carefully and stick to the steps precisely to avoid any complications.

Wrapping Up: Unlock Your Samsung and Embrace Network Freedom!

Unlocking your Samsung phone empowers you to choose, to explore, and to save. Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or a tech-savvy enthusiast, unlocking opens a world of possibilities.

Remember, prioritize safety and choose reputable methods. With the right approach, you can unlock your Samsung’s full potential and experience the true meaning of network freedom!

Bonus Tips:

  • Stay updated on the latest unlocking methods and carrier policies.
  • Share your experience and help others by leaving reviews on unlocking services.
  • Consider the environmental impact of phone upgrades. Unlocking your existing phone reduces electronic waste compared to buying a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions about unlocking a Samsung phone to any network for free:

What are the benefits of unlocking my Samsung phone?

Unlocking gives you more flexibility to use your phone with different carriers when traveling internationally or domestically. You can switch network providers more easily for better deals. An unlocked phone also has higher resale value if you want to sell it later.

Does unlocking a Samsung phone void the warranty?

No, getting unlock codes directly from your previous carrier does not void the Samsung device warranty or impact Knox security. As long as you use the official unlock process, warranty remains intact.

Will I lose data when unlocking my phone?

You should not lose any data or files when unlocking the device if following instructions properly. But backups are still recommended before making major device changes just as a precaution.

What info do I need to get unlock codes from carriers?

Typical details needed when requesting unlock credentials are IMEI number, device ID, account number, phone number, etc. Carriers need to verify ownership and locking status before issuing SIM unlock codes.

What networks can my phone connect to after unlocking?

Most Samsung phones use underlying GSM technology so can connect well to GSM carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Metro, etc after the unlock. Verifying network compatibility is still advised when switching providers.

How long does the Samsung unlock process take?

Getting unlock credentials from carriers takes 1-3 days typically after meeting eligibility policies. Entering codes into the device takes just a few minutes. Testing the unlocked status can be done in hours with temporary SIM cards.

Can I re-lock my Samsung to its original carrier?

No, the unlock process using carrier-provided SIM unlock codes is permanent. The device cannot revert to a locked status with the prior network provider once completed successfully.

Will Samsung unlock codes work across any model?

No, device unlock codes are unique to each Samsung phone. For the best results, contact your specific carrier for credential requests and provide your exact device details like IMEI, serial number etc.

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