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Can You Use Verizon Family Locator Without Them Knowing

If you probably needed a trusted carrier or needed a fast and reliable network, you may have come across Verizon which is the best network carrier in the United States according to signal booster. According to Toms Guide Verizon is the best value carrier if you can spend a bit more. Being the first company to release 5G across the United States (Even though it has still been a battle between their top rival AT&T).

About Verizon

Verizon has been in the system for quite some time. Verizon is an American mega telecommunication cooperation that is aimed at producing the best services for their customers. The company was formerly called bell Atlantic corporation from 1983 to the early 2000.

Verizon was then commissioned on 30 June after Bell Atlantic Corporation. Right now Verizon has become the most successful telecommunication company in the United States offering more and more services to their client and valued customers every day and having a net worth of $250 billion. They became the most sole owner of Vodafone after buying 45% of their shares in 2014.

  • Services

Verizon offers a wide range of services to their costumers some of which may include selling of phones in monthly installment these smart phones offer 4G LTE services to their users, providing internet coverage for costumers, FIOS TV, WIFI services. And within the service provide like Verizon family locator knowing of which we will be discussing more in this chapter. Verizon has been offering one of the most efficient and most effective services. They also offer wireless phone service which were introduced in 2015 which use modern technology called cellular network.

The Verizon Family Locator Without Them Knowing

Loved ones may not be always available or around by us, children may not also always be around us. Some may go out from time to time. If your children are not introvert, and like to party outside with friends and loved ones and you seem to have no control over them or probably want to know every movement of a spouse or beloved not for stalking but just to ensure his or her safety then you may be in for this service.

The Verizon family locator is very efficient in doing its job especially when knowing locating people. But some people worry about the privacy of searching for the location of someone because the locator may not want to inform his target that he or she is being watched or monitored or evening located. So the main question being, can Verizon family locator locate people without them knowing?

About Verizon Family Locator

The Verizon family locator is a tool that aids you to monitor the way one uses his or her electrical gadget and gives you access to their live location at anywhere any time. The Verizon family locator is mostly used by parent. In its latest update known as smart family, not only can you view location but also you can control data usage, content filters and also app activity.

Such premium services may come with a price and for this service has a starting price of $9.99. with as low as $9.99 one can be able to register for this service. Verizon family locator is just one of the many services offered from this mega cooperation Verizon. It is very user friendly fast simple reliable and very efficient

Which People Need the Verizon Family Locator?

Verizon family locator was made by Verizon to purposely aim on the welfare of kids. This means that this tool was made for parent to focus on their kids. It can be used for other alternative situation but this is the commonest reason why people sign up for this service. Verizon family locator can also be used by spouse to get to know their where about at any time. But as said early on the major concern about people who use this app is will their target be notified if their location is found.

How Efficient is Verizon Family Locator?

Verizon family locator can track and have information on 10 family members. This application also provides a variety of ways to monitor what your family members do on their phones. The efficiency of applications is normally based on the user friendliness, how accurate the application is when doing its job and how fast it is when doing its job.

When you have a tool that can alert you or let you block gambling sites and pornographic content and things related in this sphere, then it is not shocking to say that this service is very efficient in its work and is very good at what it does.

Getting Started with Verizon Family Locator

It is important to note that when getting started with this service it may require you to pay a specific fee. This fee is paid monthly. You may be able to pay online with a safe transaction on their site using a debit or master card. After this you will be required download the app from the android play store or apple’s app store. You then sign in if you already made payment via the site or signup from the downloaded app.

You may enter your phone number and your Verizon password and just click sign in and select your desired family plan. Then tap agree to provide consent to the smart family app for the app to start collecting data and other information from your child’s phone. Then you select the lines you would like to add and tap sign up. After all these process you will now have successfully signed in to Verizon.

Verizon Family Locator Without Them Knowing

What Verizon Family Locator Can Do

When customers pay for apps they expect the premium capability of the app. Let see what Verizon family locator can do.

  • Verizon locator allows you to view the location of the family or loves ones

This is probably the main reason why people use this application or service. When it comes to the wellbeing of family and friends it is very paramount to know their every location when something doesn’t seem right or maybe when it passed home curfew and a member of the family is still out. But with this service not only can you view location but you can actually view live location of friend or family member if the need arises. Where ever the phone moves or device moves you will be updated once it moves from one point to another the constant update is what is termed as live location.

  • See all phone and texting activity

Do you have this person you don’t want your child to talk to or probably you just want to know how many people a member of the Verizon family locator is involved with or chat with each day? You can use this Verizon family locator to view all details. How many calls he or she has placed during a certain time frame, the number of calls he or she has received within a certain period. And the name and number of the person your family member was chatting or talking to.

  • Managing the configuration, you put in place

When you sign up for the Verizon family locator you are required to put some measures in place of which some may include you restricting certain application access, restricting certain site like gambling alcohol pornographic and nude content can be managed via app. Even the calls that a member of this service make can be restricted to a certain number, the amount of data a device can use to can also be set by this application, the type of application that can be used on the device can also be set and restricted to a certain number. This application just gives more control over every setting and configuration made.

  • See internet activity

This is also a major concern of people especially parent. Some parent may suspect their children to be engaged in maybe some unaccepted social media behavior or may be indulge in the wrong act while using the internet. This application gives perfect log of internet history internet searches past history and alerts you when one has entered an unauthorized site. This is one of the reason why parent especially use this Verizon service to be able see and control the activities of their children and loved one friends and family.

  • See all app activity

Applications on devices can be tracked through Verizon family locator. When an application is downloaded the Verizon family locator takes control over the app because during the signing up process consent was giving to the application to be able to monitor and track usage patterns. People can then track app usage like the duration the app was used the name of the app being used at a particular moment and what the app is being used for at a giving time. You can also remotely lock and open apps at any time provided you have the necessary details to log into the account.

  • Commencing and stopping one’s internet usage remotely

Imagine if an unauthorized communication is going on between your child and an unknown stranger who can be a threat to your safety and the safety of your entire family and you need to cut that information urgently and quickly to prevent more harm from being done or maybe a family member’s data usage is abnormal and needs to be stopped to cut down cost, this may be the right service for you because you can actually remotely stop the internet connection from the service provider to the device especially if the phone maybe linked with Verizon.

  • Can Verizon family locator locate them without target knowing?

Under normal circumstance when the Verizon family locator locates it target device it doesn’t give any message or notification but rather will light up the phone screen and legibly have locating written there. So yes under normal circumstance it gives them an alert that their phone is being located by someone to at least them a fair idea that they aren’t being stalked.

How Possible is it Locating Someone through Verizon?

It is very possible. In fact, it is the reason why this service was made available. You keep track of people who are very close to you which may include family members and friends. You can search from your laptop, an iPhone device or even an android device. It is very possible to track people and it rate of tracking is 100% guarantee and efficient.

Is it Possible to Turn off Your Location from the Host?

This may depend entirely on the operating system being used. For example, if one is using an iPhone he or she may need to turn off share my location located in find my iPhone but an android user may have to disable it from find my device setting. Generally speaking, the most important thing is that sharing location between people is turn off this blocks the app from seeing or locating your real time location.

Disabling of Verizon Family Locator?

When you buy a Verizon product by default and legality the services are turn on and cannot be turned off. Their services have been authorized and backed by it necessary law or terms and conditions. Smart family is always turned on to offer it services at its fullest.

Does It Work even when Your Phones Battery is Dead or when it is Turned off?

The most amazing thing about this service is that it works without data connection. It can be tracked on iPhones and android even if they are turned off. This uses a special method that may not really need data or an active GPS. This is possible but rather a complex way of tracking.

What You Get when You Register to Verizon Family Locator?

When one does full payment of this service he or she becomes the account manager. The account manager can view when messages were sent and receive see all call logs among others.

Final Word

Verizon family locator is very good in general but cannot be used without notifying the individual because of their highly secured encoding making it difficult and almost impossible to bypass.