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What Cell Phone Companies Use Verizon Towers

In the United States, Verizon is one of the largest and biggest wireless network service providers. Among all the service providers, Verizon is the most preferred service provider. Considering its popularity, it does not mean that other service providers do not use the tower for their wireless, reliable coverage. However, some cell phone companies demand access from Verizon’s towers to provide their services.

Different mobile companies provide Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) which provide services to their customers. Every MVNO has different services, different rate plans, billing, and customer care services for its users. These cell phone companies rely on Verizon towers to provide good coverage to their customers.

If you are using a cell phone and that company using Verizon towers services, and you want to switch to any other provider without giving up your mobile because you like it and have paid for it. You can simply change services without giving up your mobile or good network coverage on Verizon.

You can simply go for other cell phone companies service providers that are compatible with Verizon or using their towers for their coverage. Also you can go for a different cell phone and have any of the cell phone using MVNO through Verizon.

What Cell Phone Companies Use Verizon Towers

1. Visible

One of the most different and unique mobile wireless networks that use Verizon for cover coverage is Visible. Visible provides you different services from other providers.

You can switch your services remotely from their website. Everything can be done from their website including paying bills, creating accounts getting subscriptions, and much more. Only one plan of $40 per month is offered by visible to their customers.

In this plan, you can get unlimited talk time, messages internet at the speed of 5mbps, which is considered to be quite fair to stream HD videos and mobile hotspots. Moreover, they don’t bound you to their company through any contract, you can get their plan according to your requirements and you can unsubscribe.

You can get a visible phone that includes the most common iOS in any model. You can also purchase the S series up to Galaxy S9 and S9+. Visible also facilitates you to exchange any old phone in return for a new one.

So, if you have any old phone that does not work properly, or even if it is in very bad condition that it can just turn on, you can exchange it for a new phone by the company. Most of the time the phone was given by the company is Visible R2 and that too for free.

  • Support iOS and S series
  • Economical plan
  • Good network coverage
  • 4G LTE internet is provided
  • A hotspot is available for international travel
  • Unlimited talk time
  • Only have one plan
  • Only Visible R2 is provided in exchange for an old phone

2. Straight Talk

Straight talk is one of the most talked-about MVNO in the United States. If you are living in a town having a Walmart, it is impossible for some to not know about straight talk.

It is also very popular almost everywhere because straight talk provides you plan with all service providers. Yes! You heard it right. Straight talk provides you plan with Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Straight talk has a different plan and these plans work with all service providers. These plans start from $35 per month providing 3G internet of 4G LTE. If you want to use extra internet you can get a plan for $44 providing 25 GB of 4G LTE.

Similarly, if your internet usage is even more than this, you can have unlimited internet of LTE for $50 per month. However, your speed might be throttled after the usage of the first 60GB. Straight talk provides you free talk time messages apart from the internet in this plan.

They also provide some international plans including unlimited Hotspot and data packages to their customers. Moreover, free talk time India, Mexico China Cana is also a part of international package plan providers by straight talk.

Straight talk provides you series of android phones for purchase. You can get the S series, Galaxy series, and many other android series.

  • Compatible with all service providers
  • Provide multiple data plans
  • Availability of International hotspot
  • Free talk time to different countries
  • Service available at Walmart’s
  • The plan can be purchased remotely
  • Not compatible with iOS generations
  • Only available for single users

3. Total Wireless by Verizon

Total Wireless uses Verizon towers to provide the best coverage to its customers. By its customer demands, Total Wireless is here with multiple plans. You can choose any of these plans according to your requirements. Total Wireless is one of the cheapest MVNO using Verizon tower It starts its plans from $23 per month without any data package.

If you want to use the internet you can get a plan for $33 per month with 5 GB of LTE data. But if you are an internet freak, like any of us, you need to jump on a plan of $47 per month with 25 GB of LTE data without any speed throttling. Total Wireless also has some family plans, unlike any other MVNO using Verizon.

These family plans range from $57 to $95. You can get Total wireless services for multiple people. They provide a package for 2 with 15GB shared internet, a package for 3 with 24GB of shared internet, and a package for three with 25GB of shared internet.

You can add 5GB of data to any of the selected plans for $10 and get unused data subscribed to next month’s package. You can also get added on data to your next month’s package using these plans. Samsung series and new generation S10 S10e stand out among all others and considered the best phones for Total Wireless.

If you have any other phone with Verizon carrier you just have to get a new sim to get a Total Wireless plan.

  • Easy to use
  • Cost-Effective
  • Provide single and family plans
  • Only compatible with Samsung Series
  • No Hotspot or international roaming is provided

4. US Mobile

US Mobile is not any of the popular MVNO among many others. But they have some good attractive packages to offer. US mobile works with multiple service providers. These service providers include AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If you are already a customer of Verizon or any of the other two networks you can subscribe to US Mobile Plans.

US Mobile ensures to provide you best ‘4G LTE Coverage’ using Verizon network services. US mobile provides you custom-made plans. If you are tired of wasting your free data and free mins or end up wasting up your internet data, US Mobile is the best option for you. You can tailor up your plan according to your needs.

You can select the amount of free talk time, free messages, free hotspots, free data, and much more. If you are good at customization and can plan for yourself, US mobile is one and the only thing for you.

Moreover, US plans provide you single plans, family plans. Different referral programs and free trails for their plans are also available to engage more users.

  • Provide custom made plans
  • The free trial program plan
  • Free referral programs
  • Individual and family plans
  • Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon
  • No international hotspot
  • Data roaming is expensive

5. Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity mobile was back in 2017 and is not very common these days. Though they provide a lot of services, they are limited to Comcast’s Xfinity internet service subscribers. If you are a subscriber of home internet service of Xfinity, You can have multiple advantages of using Xfinity mobile.

You can sign up for their services via the internet, or you can visit their office. Xfinity provides you unlimited talk time, unlimited free messages, and access to 18 million hotspots everywhere around you. Apart from that they provide 100 MB of shared data to all the lines connect to home internet service.

If you can fulfill your internet demands by using a hotspot or that 100MB, then it is good. Otherwise, you can add up more internet by upgrading your status to a premium package.

Here you can pay $12 per 1GB, or you can get unlimited 4G LTE 5G internet for $44. You can use this internet at a good speed up to 20GB then the speed might be throttled for both limited and unlimited data plans.

You can use your old phone after connecting to MVNO. They provide your cell phones from Samsung, Apple devices. You can choose your phone from Samsung Galaxy Series or Apple’s new generation at very low prices.

  • Plans can be upgraded
  • Unlimited talk time and messages are available
  • Provide connectivity to 18 million Hotspot
  • Compatible with Samsung and Apple
  • New phones are available at affordable prices
  • Only available for Comcast’s internet service subscribers
  • 100MB of the internet is available in the plan on shared data
  • Old phones cannot be used

6. Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobiles work like Xfinity plans. This services are only available to subscribers of their internet home services. Along with these home internet services, Spectrum Mobile provides free talk time, text data, and hotspot within the country. Spectrum uses the Verizon LTE network to provide these services.

You can upgrade data plans by paying $14 for each GD and $45 for unlimited data supply. Spectrum charges your one-time activation fee of $10, for subscribing to their services. The speed of their data is decreased after the sage of the first 20GB. Spectrum is compatible with a line of phones.

You can get a phone from Galaxy Series, Samsung Notepad series iPhone XS and many many more.

  • Plans can be upgraded
  • Unlimited talk time and messages are available
  • Compatible with Samsung and Apple
  • New phones are available at affordable prices
  • The activation fee of $10 is charged to new users
  • Only available for Spectrum Internet Home service subscribers
  • Less amount of internet is available in the plan on shared data
  • A hotspot is available within the country

Best No Contract Prepaid Carriers that Run on Verizon’s Network

List of Verizon Alternatives

  • Visible Wireless
  • Page Plus
  • Xfinity Mobile
  • Total Wireless
  • Reach Mobile
  • Greatcall

MVNOs That Use Multiple Networks

  • Straight Talk
  • Red Pocket
  • Twigby
  • Credo
  • Net10
  • US Mobile
  • Ting
  • Pix Wireless
  • Tracfone

Which Cellular Companies Use the Verizon Network

  • Different cellular companies use the Verizon network to get assistance with certain issues and cell phones to complete their requirements.
  • There are some solely Verizon-based operators. Different cells and MNOV use the Verizon network for their operations and processing.
  • Some cellular companies like Sprint provide their service in combination with Verizon to provide specific services to MNVO.
  • Some processing units also carry out the combination of AT&T and Verizon networks.
  • AT&T, T-mobile, and Verizon-based networks are also used by several cellular companies.


Different cell phone companies use different service providers to carry out these services. These service providers name Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Every service providers’ different packages and deals run on these carriers for increasing theory demand. These service providers make sure about the availability of their network using towers. Cell phone towers use headsets to set their range of frequency wavelength and much more.

Verizon provides the best signal coverage everywhere, including the rural areas Moreover, the benefit of going with Verizon is that they provide the best coverage of their network by transmitting the best signals and using reliable packages.

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