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The Best Phone Plan For Single Line in 2021 Best Choice

A basic necessity of people that has made human life easier is a cell phone. The cell phone plan for the single line has made communication much easier these days as compared to the old era. Once considered a luxury is now an everyday use necessity for people. If we want to connect to someone in the world or we want to locate our friend, a cell phone provides us all functionalities to facilitate us.

The cell phone industry is growing day by day. These companies have engineered multifunction in the Best cell phone plan for a single line. that is demanded by their consumers, and they are still striving for excellence. These cell phone companies are associated with different service providers. These service providers provide you different data plans that help you to connect to the world. Each company offers you a number of data plans that include calls, messages internet buckets, and much more.

You should be careful before choosing your data plans. One must go through a cell phone plans comparison chart to look for the best option. After getting all the information, comparing different cell phone plans must go for cheap unlimited cell phone plans that will provide your best qualities at the lowest rates. This way you will be able to manage your finances easily and you will be spending the exact amount of what you have planned.

Cell phone carrier companies provide you these plans in a single line on a contract basis. The basic qualities one should look for in the carrier plan should be speed, coverage, reliability, and customer care at the lowest rates. If your company is unable to fulfill your requirements one must change the network to some other carrier.

However, it is difficult to change carriers without unlocking so one must go for the best no-contract cell phone plan. You can change your network any time you need, by using these cell phone plan for a single line.

The Best Phone Plan for Single Line

Best Phone Plan For Single Line

Choosing a cell phone plan is a big step and you should be careful and well informed before choosing a cell phone plan. These are different plans that include: high-speed plans, family plans, no-contract plans, single-line phone plans, and unlimited data plans. You can choose the best plan if you know exactly what you need and which plan is providing you the best package in fewer prates.

If you are tired of paying more prices for fewer services or you are stuck with some service provider or even you want to quit one service you must go all the available service plans. Here’s is a list of different best cell phone plan for a single line that will help you choose the best plan.

1. T-Mobile

T mobile provides you different packages, you can choose the plan according to your needs. T mobile offers you T magenta with unlimited cell data. If you subscribe to T magenta you can get unlimited data for usage including an unlimited call and text package. All these services will be available to you at $70 per month.

This plan can be more attractive if they provide HD video streaming services. One of the drawbacks of this plan is that you can watch videos in 480p. But you can update your plan to HD video by paying an extra $15 each month. T-mobile provides you one more plan for a single user.

In this plan, you can get the same services as magenta for $60, but you will not be able to enjoy special perks like inflight text, free Wi-Fi on flights and the ability to use data plan in 210 countries like you can do using the magenta data plan. This plan might save you $10 per month but you will be losing more services. IF you are not a traveler yourself then this $60 plan is the best to plan according to your requirements.


  • Low in price.
  • It provides more perks in their plans for individuals and especially travelers.
  • Best for international users.
  • Unlimited data plans.
  • Offer free Tuesday deals.
  • It provides a free Netflix subscription.

  • Bad coverage in specific areas.
  • Only provide3G services.
  • Charge you an extra $5 per line if you are not subscribed to auto-pay services.

2. Sprint

The induvial plane for sprint offers HD streaming for videos and unlimited access to social websites: Hulu. Sprint induvial plan might include some limitations for internet speed that including gaming to 8mbps and music streaming to 15mbps. Sprint costs you $60 or each individual plan each month and if you are good to go with these limitations, sprint provides you a lot of good deals in the plan.

This package involves unlimited calls and messages within the country. However, they cost you 20 cents per call for international roaming. There internet speed limits to 2G for international use and you can receive some special offers for international travels like 10GB LTE of a hotspot in planes. Moreover, you can always subscribe to unlimited data plans by paying more prices each month.

As compared to other competitive service providers, it provides the best network coverage in rural areas. So, if you want to save money or you live in a densely populated area spirit plan is most recommended for you.


  • Unlimited data package for call and messages in the united states
  • No excess charges are applied to bills.
  • Provide LTE hotspot for traveling
  • Let you buy a phone on lease.
  • International call roaming is available for 200 countries in the world.

  • Restriction to gaming up to 8mbps
  • Music streaming limited to 15mbps
  • Might cut off your service to 2G after data limit
  • Roaming is restricted to 100MB

3. Verizon

Verizon provides individual plans according to your needs. You can choose a plan if you want unlimited offers or you may choose a plan with limited data offers.

Verizon Unlimited Data Plan:

Unlimited Data Plan Verizon provides you different plans for unlimited data plans for a single user. Verizon might not be winning the race with other service providers in comparison to the prize but they surely provide one of the best data plans for their users.

Verizon provides you ‘do more plan’ for $80 with 50 GB LTE and unlimited calls and messages. After usage of %0GB LTE, internet speed might slow down mostly in densely populated areas. One of the perks that are provided with the ‘do more plan’ is that you get 10 GB of the hotspot and 500GB of space on iCloud

Verizon provides you ‘Play more plan’ is the same price, you should get this plan if you are a music lover and more into streaming. You get free access to apple music using ‘play more plan’ and you can stream videos in HD quality. HD streaming of videos is not a part of the ‘do more plan’ as they offer video streaming at 480p. However, you may lose your internet speed after using 25GB LTE under the subscription of ‘play more plan’.

Verizon Limited Data Plan:

Verizon provides different plans according to different users. If you are not interested in an unlimited data plan you might go for limited data plans offer.

Verizon provides a limited data plan for $55 which is far less than its other plans costing $80 and $90 per month. This plan includes packages for call and text messages and 5GB of the internet for users which are considered enough for users choosing this plan. One of the main benefits is that Verizon applies the unused data to next month’s plans. So, this way you save a lot of money by subscribing to a limited plan and you get the leftover data added into next month’s plan.


  • Network coverage is strong in both rural and urban areas
  • Limited data plans are economical
  • 15GB hotspot is available for unlimited plans

  • Offer high prices than other networks for an unlimited plan
  • International roaming is not added in plan
  • Only applicable to CDMA phones.
  • Data speed is limited after a certain range in unlimited plans

4. AT&T

AT&T provides you with data plans for a single line based on their needs. Some of these plans are discussed as follows:

AT&T Unlimited Plan:

AT&T provides you two different data plans for individual users. You can choose a plan according to your needs. AT&T provides plans including ‘Unlimited and More Premium’ and ‘Unlimited and More offering’. Both these plans offer rates equal to other companies that are running in competition i.e. $80 for a premium plan and $ 70 for more offering plans.

Both these plans have some same characteristics to offer for user benefits. These plans provide HD streaming of TV with 30 Channels including ACM, TNT, and others. Moreover, the premium plan includes access to 15GB LTE hotspot data and Hd streaming quality of the internet on all the videos.

This premium plan also offers unlimited HD streaming to some more specific channels that include HBO and ESPN. None of these plans include a subscription to autopay neither you get any discount on these plans. AT&T is considered the second-best company in the United States that provides the best coverage in all the rural and urban areas. But they have expensive unlimited data plans for single users as compared to other companies.

AT&T Limited Plan:

Apart from the limited plan of AT&T, they provide you with plans with limited data coverage. These plans are introduced in accordance with the needs of the customers. These ‘ Mobile shares plus plans’ offer 3GB of data at the rate of $50 per month or you can get a generous data amount i.e. 9GB at the rate of $60 per month.

You can also avail of discounts on these plans if you subscribe to the Autopay package for AT&T Company. If you limited plan you get free messages and calls all over Mexico but you are restricted to 480p quality of video streaming and your data speed will break down if you use data more than the allotted amount.


  • Good network coverage in both rural and urban areas
  • Free calling perks for certain areas

  • Comparatively Expensive plans
  • International roaming is expensive
  • No hotspot is available
  • Internet speed breaks after exceeding range of 22GB on unlimited plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much is a single line at AT&T?

A: Different packages are available for a single line AT&T network. It costs you $25 for unlimited calls and messages with 5GB of internet. They also provide you service for a single line for $15, especially for Canada and Mexico. This package provides you 15GB of internet and unlimited calls and messages just in Canada and Mexico.

Q: Which phone company has the cheapest unlimited plan?

A: Both T-mobile and sprint provide you the lowest rates for maximum unlimited data usage for single line plans. However, in the long run, T mobile saves you more money than any other service provider including their inflight perk and roaming international data for data plans. T mobile also provides you the best cheapest plan for four lines that cost $120.


Cell phones are a necessity in our lives, they have improved the efficiency, speed, and effectiveness of activities in the modern era. All cell phone plan providers are making efforts to make their plans affordable, user-friendly, efficient, and effective, and for their customers.

Unlimited T-Mobile plans, cell plan is the most preferred plan because it is one of the cheapest unlimited plans, it offers international unlimited data and text and it is contract-free. Consumers choose cell phone plans according to their personal needs and one can prefer one plan to the other according to their needs.