Best Free Second Phone Number App for iPhone

The free second phone number app iPhone is a dialer provider that offers you a second line. This line is behaving just like your number one. It lets you make outbound calls and people will reach you on this line too. If you have a second sim slot on your gadget, of course, you should just get another sim, and use that. But if you use an iPhone, this option may not be open to you.

When you decide that you need a second phone line, you’re able to consider a better alternative option than a second smartphone. For such a situation a second phone number app is your best option. Those Applications (also referred to as eSIMs for an electronic SIM) allows you to use a free secondary cell phone number, often referred to as “Temporary Disposable Numbers.”

Alternatively, you may also hold it for continuous use. It’s your decision. To function as they are VoIP (voice over internet protocol), you need an internet connection which may be the best virtual telephone network. Through using this secondary telephone number tracking app you can keep your primary telephone number private and send it to trustworthy contacts only while using the second number for the public.

So, you can easily differentiate your private and professional life. It is important to remember that there are free versions of certain services or a trial period. Checking out which second phone number feature you want to use before you buy it is a good idea. You can then avoid getting stuck with an app you don’t like.

Why do you Need an App for the Second Phone Number

But why does anyone need a second phone number first? Yeah, I can think of a lot of reasons and not just the dating sites. I’ll work out just a couple of these. i.e.

1. Help to Maintain Your Privacy

First and for certain purposes to get a second telephone number is because protecting your privacy is very beneficial. And when you sign up for a new program or app, you are always asked to share your personal information. Often it’s just an email, but sometimes it’s something more — mobile phone, mailing address, ZIP code, and even social security.

  • Online Shopping.
  • Activism.
  • Social media profiles.
  • SMS bots.

Therefore, preserving your privacy is a smart way to share secondary or temporary phone numbers with unknown individuals or new contacts. A second telephone number with a good privacy policy, your mobile number can be kept confidential to help ensure your total data is secured.

2. Gives You More Control Over Your Life

A smartphone is as much a business touch device as a personal one. Yet using a single number for both is unprofessional, and excessively difficult. Once you create a professional or autonomous identity, a second line helps you to distinguish your personal life from work-like and corporate emails.

So you can use your second phone number with many advantages for business, selling on craigslist or eBay, sign up for (more) freebies, etc. Just as you can set up another voicemail; you can also set your business hours open to access it. Whereas it clearly distinguishes the conversation between personal and business. Additionally, as it will be identified by the special line, you would not have to worry about finding out who is calling you.

3. Reduces Stress

Therefore, people are getting busier nowadays, things get really crazy sometimes and people get confused between them. Having a clear line between work and your personal time is vital to your mental health. When you mix work instead your personal life is a recipe for tension. So you can set your business hour by using the second line and spend the remaining time with family and friends. A second line is another good excuse to save you multi-phone pain.

Top 15 Best Free Second Phone Number App for iPhone

1. BurnerApp

Burner (award-winning app) is among the most popular android and iOS apps for secondary numbers growth. Burner Phone developed this device, which was initially intended as a temporary telephone number but is now available as a permanent alternative. When you need to be in touch, you can use it but detach when you need to. Like all other phone numbers, Burner is used in daily situations – in applications, orders, salespeople, and web-based transactions.

The burner can generate multiple telephone numbers. App developers have integrated sync features for Google Drive, Slack, and Dropbox to give you access to all voicemail messages, call history, and tweets. But it uses your phone plans, so make sure that you don’t use it for illegal activity.

  • Offers limitless phone numbers.
  • Allows you to view phone numbers at any time.
  • Provides text voice calls, messages, and MMS.
  • Offers automated reply service.
  • Available Only in Canada and U.S.
  • It does not allow foreign roaming.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice offers a free messaging service for all of its users. The service provides you with one number, an e-mail with a toggle does not interrupt function as quickly as it is. You would most likely want to call them from your cell phone. But there may also be routing calls to one or more additional lines: school, home, offices, or some other location.

It is a virtual number for telephone forwarding. The virtual number is linked to your Google Hangout, so you can use Hangout to call and send a text.

  • Direct contact through a single telephone number.
  • Transcription of voicemails by voice to text.
  • Free US Calling. Competitive rates for international outbound calls.
  • The service is free, available to everyone.
  • Flexibility of mid-call.
  • Many interesting features, including call conferencing, recording, etc.
  • Only for US users.
  • Lack of outgoing calls recorded feature.
  • No emergency call.

3. Hushed

Hushed also provides temporary usable numbers starting with various pricing schemes, which is a good free trial of three days and preceded by schemes of seven days, monthly, and lifetime. The software is working the same way as Burner but can be used in 60 + countries.

The app offers unrestricted voice and text in North America but with better functionality, you can also pick paid plans. The new number will not appear on the recipients ‘ accounts, so they can make anonymous calls.

  • Payment systems make it simple.
  • Simple to add additional numbers.
  • Numbers expire immediately, so you don’t have to try to block or delete them.
  • Potentially fewer features than the average consumer want.
  • Unlike other options, a little more costly.

4. FreeTone

FreeTone is another VoIP number app that defines itself as ‘the only true free call app.’ It makes free roaming calls and cell phone calls, as well as texts in the United States and Canada. You have to pay an upgrade fee to call somewhere else. We also sell in-app credits (you can either buy or receive credits), and you can call around the world.

They also keep your number long-term with recurring subscriptions, and disable advertising, among other apps.

  • Community messaging.
  • Video chat.
  • Quick sign-up method using email, Facebook or Google Account.
  • Select from a range of area codes.
  • Update international calling.
  • Multiple numbers choice.
  • Alaska, Hawaii and other U.S. territories are unavailable for free texting /calling.
  • Unlimited calling from the U.S./Canada is the only outbound – incoming calling has a cap of 500 minutes, to which a small extension charge applies.
  • Call forwarding is limited to premium users.
  • The software may not allow 911 calls.
  • Cap of one free number per account.

5. Dingtone

If you are looking for a free international call this is a wonderful app. Dingtone free call program allows you to send free text messages to anyone, allowing for unlimited free phone calls. You can call any mobile/landline phone numbers in more than 200 + countries, your friends don’t need to install the app, but just calling is free.

Throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands, subscriptions are available annually and weekly.

  • Send free text and Make free calls to Dingtone users.
  • Record your calls and send the recordings via email.
  • Convert your phone into some kind of walking talkie via Press to Talk feature.
  • Unlimited group calls and video calls.
  • No contract, no investment, no foreign roaming.
  • Link your new number to your telephone provider.
  • Needs bandwidth or WiFi.
  • Calls to on-Dingtone users charge credits.

6. Second Phone Number+

Second Phone Number+ is once again another successful app on the list. With this app, you’ll get a real US number for making calls and emailing to other US numbers.

  • You can even use the HD Voice app to save money on phone calls via 3 G, 4 G or WIFI.
  • The app provides free trial for 3 days, then costs $6.99 a week.
  • Accepts calls and texts for U.S. numbers only.

7. Telos

It’s another second Mobile Number app for iPhone and Android. You also share your location with relatives, families, and other telos users in addition to unlimited calls and massages but still keeps all of these items in a well-protected environment. Sound accuracy on Telos is typically greater than regular telephone calls.

It has a smooth integration with Facebook. You can never worry about calling minutes with your Facebook mates through this app on your mobile phone. Telos can also transform your machine into a Walkie Talkie. Cheap even international calls to any mobile/landline number with Telos eSim Virtual Number in over 200 countries.

As with other numbers, caller ID, call delay, call redirection, voicemail and many of our other great features are helping local carriers ‘Telos’. You will also be better off taking the telos number to other providers of mobile telecommunications, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

  • Voicemail.
  • Free foreign calls with Telos eSim Virtual Number in more than 200 countries.
  • Call block, Caller ID, auto-reply messages, and call redirection.
  • You may even pick vanity numbers that might not be accessible from AT&T or Verizon.
  • No coin included in the new update.

8. TextMeUp

The TextMe Up software is relatively simple. You set up an account and you can then create associated numbers (UK or US). Simple, clever, and straightforward. Before making a call or sending a message you must decide which number to use, all your calls, contacts, and numbers are stored in one location. It provides its services to more than 200 nations.

You will get 10 free credits but then you will need more credits to call and send messages. Wherever you call or email, the number of credits you need can depend. To gain credits, you can purchase a credit pack, or you can receive free credits by watching videos and ads. The credit pack costs depend on how many people you purchase at $1.99.

  • Super easy to use.
  • Easy to attach extra numbers.
  • Have your own private number.
  • Free customizable text signatures.
  • HD voice and video messaging.
  • All numbers stored at the same location.
  • Preview text message on a locked screen.
  • Credit packs may be costly.
  • Messaging may be difficult.
  • They have not the 911 service.
  • Free text offer limited to users based in the United States and Canada.

9. Sideline

It is another growing program that allows a second telephone number for users. It is commercial software designed for people who don’t want to use several devices. The software lists unique telephone numbers for the company name or product. Sideline also offers a business account which allows the client to monitor the client’s number. Since Sideline provides operators ‘reliability’, this is a go – to-phone choice for small companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Yet the long-promised option of auto-attendant (a potentially significant benefit for business owners) and international calls remain. It is also true that you can use your own carrier or Wi-Fi for calls from other facilities. It is advertised as free, but it is available for free testing now only as a paid service. In the Pro edition, a single number can be split between different tools. High-quality facilities such as auto drivers, along with daily calling possibilities, also cost the price of other businesses.

  • If you ever miss a call, Sideline instantly responds with a text.
  • All calls are wireless, so you don’t need WiFi to use them.
  • Get personalized phone numbers like “(555) PET-SHOP” or “(555) FLOWERS”.
  • Texting includes SMS, MMS, group messaging and more.
  • Calls use your current network plan. No need for extra calling points.
  • Several voicemails and you can get the right voicemail to any number.
  • You can assign one number to different devices so that more than one person can use the number.
  • You need a phone plan to use it now.
  • It’s only free for the first week after you need to buy a package for $10 a month.

10. Textfree

This, except for Wi-Fi, is somewhat similar to the TextNow program. SMS and other system users and incoming calls are at no charge. When you want to make an outbound call it costs money. It has various products to subscribe to. If you can not use your Textfree number at least once within 30 days, it will be deleted but you can still restore it.

Instead, it’s a little pricey because you don’t get any additional minutes of voice to keep it, which means $4.99 a week. Want to delete advertisements or add voicemail to the app’s text? Those options cost $2.99 a month. It is also worth noting that Textfree cannot be used in 911 calls.

  • You may choose a true U.S. mobile number.
  • You can pick the area code of your preference.
  • Group conversations,Limitless texts.
  • Cost around $2 for 100 outbound minutes.
  • You need WiFi or a mobile plan to be used.
  • Outbound calls cost credit but you can gain credits by watching ads.

11. Flyp

Another nice feature that lets you have up to five virtual numbers on your iPhone. This is a good alternative for freelancers or people who run several businesses. That line includes unlimited calls and text messages, along with the area code you want.

The software is limited in area and only works in the United States. Flyp allows for unrestricted sending/receiving of calls, photos, emails, and other media. Initially, people had some problems even though most issues were solved by developers; the framework itself has not been updated since December 2018.

  • Immediately offers new numbers.
  • First number free.
  • The annual cost for premium numbers affordable.
  • Works for US-dependent numbers only.
  • Does not endorse MMS, Virtual numbers, and Google Voice.

12. CloudAppSIM

Looking for an app that’s easy to use to fulfill all of your mobile requirements? With the Cloud SIM Mobile app, you can assign 4 real mobile numbers to work, fly, meet, or just for personal use-all keeping your real number private. Cloud carrier eSIM doesn’t need two phones. This gives you the flexibility from one program to access any single contact.

This simple app lets you switch between the profiles easily and keep track of your mobile identity by offering free text and talking to other Cloud SIM users, as well as low-cost SMS and calls to everyone. Want low-cost, international telephone rates? Cloud SIM is the lowest of any network provider. Cloud SIM would be the way forward towards opening a whole new network system directly from the phone in the mobile experience with in-app purchases and user-friendly interface

  • Lowest cost foreign calls.
  • 4 additional real mobile numbers.
  • Easily switch between profiles.
  • Unlimited calls and text to other Cloud SIM users.
  • Dedicated voicemail for each individual cell number.
  • Great for online companies and eBay sellers.
  • Doesn’t give users a free trial.
  • Data or WiFi is needed to work.

13. Numflix

These are the programs that didn’t receive the highest scores but nevertheless worth trying. Numflix is a related app that lets you use a second or third number to access your iPhone. You can mask and call your name, send text, search caller ID, voicemail, and even capture calls, and more. Numflix actually only operates in the United States and Canada, but developers will soon be expanding access to other nations.

  • Quick and simple.
  • Runs on smartphones as well as iOS.
  • Secure and user friendly.
  • Voice call, voicemail, text message, call records, etc.
  • Subscription will automatically reset.
  • Payment will be credited to iTunes Account after verification of purchase.
  • The account will be credited for renewal within 24 hours of the expiration of the current term.

14. VirtualPhone

Virtual Phone can send and receive calls and text messages via any telephone or SIP network. The software includes all the details the caller needs to keep track of, such as geographic location, time zone, name, and number. Advanced business call management and routing rules, automated voice menus, personalized greetings, and various voice mailboxes and more are also available.

  • Set up is free of charge.
  • Cancel Anytime.
  • Unlimited & Regional Toll numbers in 120 + Countries.
  • Respond to Calls Anywhere.
  • Respond to calls within 3 minutes.
  • Data or the internet is needed for its functioning.

15. WhatsCall

Using this popular free app you can call, email, share files and make video calls worldwide. To incoming and outgoing calls it provides a contact log, call block, and caller ID. There are various opportunities for the company to make free calls including ads, sports, and workflows, and meeting friends around the world. Most importantly, it can run well with restricted bandwidth or 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G connections.

  • Group chats.
  • No payments or subscriptions.
  • Gather messages even while offline.
  • Ability to send multimedia messages.
  • Ability to use all channels, including on your phone.
  • Unlimited text messaging and calls to friends and family with WhatsApp Calling, even if they are in a different country.
  • Can only access app users.
  • You need to use a phone number.


We’ve listed some of the best iPhone applications for the second number in the chart above. Though no one is optimal because there are some advantages and disadvantages to each. You will certainly find the perfect app after reading this article to replace your personal phone service, make video calls, or interact at no charge. As having a second phone or sim isn’t always fast, try some of the best second-number apps.

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