Best Free iPhone Tracking Apps

Whenever you want to monitor the activities of a typical customer online, free iPhone tracking apps come in handy. Parents can get such an app to keep a tab about the use of their kids’ smartphones. There are, as you can imagine, many use instances. However, not all applications for spy are made fair.

Although some are extremely user friendly, others are far too complex. Again, some apps are rich in their features while others only have basic functionality. iPhone monitoring apps are the next-generation apps that track incoming and outgoing calls, send and receive SMS alongside a task the user is performing.

You may also monitor your target phone via apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook. Their locations can be conveniently identified. The apps you use to tracking your free iPhone are 100 percent undetectable by the user. Besides you can cover it easily from their screen sense.

In reality, most people including your loved ones are addicted to the online world. But, despite their addiction, it is their conduct toward you that disturbs you like their behaviour and attitudes toward you. To add a monitoring system to understand what the employees are doing on their computers.

Tracking would also allow you to locate your brand new €1,000 smartphone whenever you left on a train or robbed it. Many high-end cell phones can now monitor a missing device using the GPS receiver. These would also provide real-time, immediate updates of the phone’s exact location.

So long as the device is working and charged, it will continue to transmit its tracking signal until you pick it up. With this modern technology keep track of your good restaurants and events. GPS monitoring systems don’t only apply to people.

Also instaled in many new cars, they allow remote monitoring of a vehicle location. Furthermore, these systems can automatically call for help in the event of an accident and allow remote operators to unlock your car if you lose your keys or lock them inside the vehicle.

Many social networking apps also use location tracking to provide information about friends in the city, making finding and connecting easier. Google Maps, for example, has a service that lets you keep a record of your progress on a particular trip.

The Glympse app allows users to post their location for a limited period, potentially preventing misuse of the system by stalkers. And there Apple Find My Friends app that lets users permanently share their location with friends. As a parent, you must keep an eye on your kids. Shouldn’t forget that social media also has many benefits and inconveniences. Some of the risks include cyberbullying and other criminal practices.

As a parent, you must protect your child from all these illegal actions. Remember that these things can make your kid’s life worse. With a tracking app, you can monitor their location, and send and receive calls and emails. By keeping track of their activities you will be able to keep them safe from hackers and other forms of cyber-crime.

The quality of customer service has to be excellent. Only in this way will you beat the competition. That is why you need mobile monitoring software for the iPhone to track the behaviour of your employees throughout their working time.

Top 10 Best Free iPhone Tracking Apps and Software

Now I will discuss them one by one free iPhone tracking apps details.

1. FindMyiPhone

Finding my iPhone was an Apple Inc. remote location control software and service for iOS devices, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The program itself has been incorporated into iOS and macOS but it is possible to monitor compatible devices using a Cloud and iOS app website. The Apps can be downloaded free on iOS 8 and older from the App Store.

The software was bundled to the operating system beginning with iOS 9. For the Find My iPhone apps activated and Location Services turned on, it was important to help both the iPhone tracking free system and the system found, and both had to be connected to the same iCloud account.

The service offered three additional options, in addition to locating a device:

  • Play music: When the machine plays the whole of the sound level, it flashes the screen even when it is silent. This function is useful if the mobile has been incorrect as it appears like a broken telephone by calling it from another telephone.
  • Lost mode: (iOS 6 or higher) Flags the device as missing or stolen, allowing the user to lock it with a passcode. If the computer is an iPhone and someone can identify the app, they call the user directly on the smartphone
  • Erase iPhone: Eliminates all content and settings completely, which is useful if the device includes sensitive information, although it is not possible to locate a phone after that action. Starting with iOS 7 or later, after the erase is complete the message will still be displayed, and the activation button will be locked.
  • Searching for your missing mobile location is really simple.
  • Open Google on your Computer.
  • In Google search bar, type “finds my phone”.
  • You’ll be able to see your device location on Google Maps.
  • You will also need to have the latest Google App edition installed on your device.
  • Sign in to your device with the same Google account that you use on your desktop.

2. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a parental control program dedicated to telephone location for children, GEOPhones, monitoring, and blocking applications, filtering web content, and remote screen time control.


  • Real-time Location: Track your child’s location-sharing features. If you need to know your child’s location in real-time, simply turn on the feature and track your child inside the device.
  • Location history: Take a look at the past role and make sure your kids haven’t been to any “odd or dubious locations” in rare times such as late-night strip clubs or bars.
  • Detection of inappropriate photos: Reviewing images on apps for children will alert you of inappropriate images.
  • Identification of Youtube Content: You can connect to your child’s youtube account to check whether he or she has signed up or is looking for inappropriate videos.
  • Geofences: FamiSafe supports the marking as safe zones of many geofences. If allowed, you’ll get warnings when your kid enters or leaves any geofences. What’s more, the geofences functionality can be flexibly used with screen time or computer power.
  • Screen Time Monitoring and Control: Just how many telephones your kids use every day. Set screen time limits and ensure their phones are limited during research or sleep, or at sensitive places such as schools and bedrooms.
  • Online Content Blocking Filtering: FamiSafe maintains a vast database that allows you to easily pre-block dangerous content such as malware or porn. You can also block any website manually, if necessary.
  • Has a user friendly interface.
  • Gives data component results at a reasonable pace.
  • Position of the child for Parental Control.
  • There’s no need to get stuck in jail breaking iPhone or Android phones.
  • Too little information is collected for social handles.
  • Occasionally one may run into trouble loading revised information edition.
  • Lack of many other parental control features.
  • The iOS and trial edition have very limited features.

3. Glympse

Glympse is a fast, free, and simple way to use GPS tracking on your mobile device to share your real-time location with any of your family, friends, or colleagues! This is a sharing of locations on terms and conditions, you decide who sees the location and when.


  • Easy: no sign-up necessary.
  • Secure: share your location on your terms – you’re in control.
  • Open: share with everyone – no application needed to display.
  • Safe: your Glympse expires automatically after sharing has ended.
  • Live: share your location in real time with an interactive map.
  • Global: works anywhere you have GPS and a internet link.
  • View: Friends or family members in a private community or share with a public group.
  • Give your position to anybody who wants to ask.
  • Find out where key individuals are if they need it.
  • No registration.
  • Set up community views.
  • Occasionally, the exact position after updating is not seen.
  • Sometimes expires before you expect to.

4. FamilyLocator

It helps you stay related to your family throughout the day. It guarantees security for the children, even if they are far away.


  • Family Locator is the family connection that helps you to:
    • Warning when family members who are tracked hit destination points.
    • Develop secure GPS-based areas such as school or home maps.
  • Set up your own groups in the Family Locator app that keeps your family linked and secure:
    • Let’s locate your loved ones with Augmented Reality easily
    • Keep your family connected even if you are in touch with them.
  • The right to connect as many phones and to monitor all calls to the network.
  • Can track home devices, office computers, or ay laptop on the go.
  • The only drawback one can see is that children will opt out of this at any time by refusing to be monitored.

5. GPSTracker (FollowMe)

FollowMe GPS Tracker enables your iPhone or iPad to be monitored using a GPS app. By uploading this program to the machine you wish to track, you can control its position on the FollowMee website. This software helps you to track family members, company devices, or even your staff.


  • Data Privacy: They do not carry advertising in this mobile app or on the FollowMee website. We don’t distribute the data to third parties.
  • Monitor multiple devices: You can monitor various devices from other mobile channels in your account, including smartphones. It shows all of your gadgets on the same screen.
  • Always On: It runs silently in the background once the app begins and does not require contact between people. This will restart itself after the user reboots or terminates the machine. It stops only as the Stop button is pressed.
  • Location Monitor: Just sign in to the website with your mobile device or desktop. Connection to the last recorded location is safe. Geofencing, position monitoring, position sharing, and other tracking services are offered on the website.
  • With this app you can track a stolen or missing computer, too.
  • With this app, you can build geofences and track the position of the unit.
  • You can track several devices for free, and download the tracking report as well.
  • If the link to the server is broken you cannot get reliable reports of monitoring.
  • You would not be able to track the location of the mobile destination or control it without registration.

6. GPSPhoneTracker

This tracking app for iOS devices in the GPS family lets you track them using your iPhone or locate them using GPS. You can display their place history past 72 hours. That adds images to the charts to include the target computer proprietor. You are sent log reports about the positions every 2 to 60 minutes.

  • This secure device lets you find your lost or stolen iOS smartphone.
  • You can monitor multiple devices on a single map.
  • It provides timeframes for monitoring such movements via satellite or street maps.
  • It reduces iPhone battery rates.
  • The target user must activate this app to allow you to grant tracking authorization.
  • The app does not align with time, and minute-by-minute tracking does not function as expected.

7. Spyzie

Spyzie is definitely the best software to track your phone without them knowing it. The monitoring program can be used to enter the real-time location of the target device and also to create a database for its past positions. Since the app runs in stealth mode, you’ll be able to monitor the system without being detected. It also offers access to social media activity on the web, key logs, call logs, contacts, photos, browser history, and more remotely.

  • It has a web-based dashboard, which can be accessed from any laptop.
  • It gives the machine past history logs for the actual position.
  • The control program runs in stealth mode and is not detected.
  • Track your call logs, contacts, web history, social media and more.
  • Only compatible with iOS and Android and not use on Symbian phones and Windows.

8. Locatoweb

Is a GPS tracking app free for the iPhone, Ios, and Windows Phone that shows your location on the map in real-time? Family and friends can live to follow you.


  • Other Tracker Detail.
  • Not required to register.
  • Offer precision.
  • To protect secrecy.
  • Monitoring friends and other apps.
  • Real Time Monitoring.
  • No registration needed.
  • Allow users to quickly share their position in real time.
  • Good for business purposes, instead of other purposes.

9. MapMyRun

Whether you’re just starting your fitness trip or a professional athlete, you’ll find the features and tools you need to stay on track and be motivated to achieve your goals. Get tailored training schedules, personalised coaching tips, and more to make it easier to run.

The Features Include:

  • Track all
  • Train smarter
  • Get Social
  • Path maps.
  • Speed rate plus splits.
  • Track several different things.
  • Gps monitoring is not always accurate.
  • Contain adds 99-Cent pay to get rid of them.

10. FindMyFriends

This family GPS surveillance app is useful for tracking the GPS location of an Android target or iOS device. You will get reminders about an upcoming case, such as picking up your kids from school or getting over the working hours of your partner via the app.

  • Maps and contacts are coordinated over the network.
  • You can talk with other users of the Find My Friend App if necessary.
  • It enables AirDrop to briefly or permanently share positions with the other customers of the iOS app.
  • The 3D touch feature will sometimes act weird.
  • When you try to map devices where GPS is located, the app drains your battery.

How to Track an iPhone by Number Online Free

Many of us have several reasons to look for free monitoring of online mobile phones. In other cases where we would like to know exactly where there is a cell phone number. A few are listed below:

  • FreePhoneTracer

It is a fantastic website to help you track your online cell phone for free. If you would like to track your phone number location, simply enter the phone number you want to track.

  • McAfee Protection reported safe.
  • Working facilities are easy to understand.
  • Tracks both landline and mobile phone numbers.
  • Requires internet access at all times.
  • GPS Cell Phone Locator

It offers free tracking service for smartphones. The location of the target phone number can be identified easily with only a few simple steps.

  • User Friendly Website.
  • Use this website once it’s fully free.
  • You won’t have to download software from third parties.
  • Track only IOS, Windows, and Black Berry mobile phones.
  • OnlineGPSTracker

Wireless GPS Phone Tracker lets you track online phone numbers for free. This is going to make you feel a lot of warmth.

  • Internationally, it’s monitoring works.
  • Tracks the mobile phone numbers as well as the Landline numbers.
  • Often global usage works slower.

How to Find iPhone Number Location

It’s the easiest way to find where the person is and see where he/she is. Below is a couple of the strongest.

  • Life360

Life360 is a location tracking system designed to track members of the family. It’s a simple application with features minimal, but it does the job very well.

  • Records your favorite items.
  • Find location of unit.
  • This is not a stealth device.
  • Spyic

Spyic is yet another successful phone monitoring tool. You can use that to track a computer location and do so much more.

  • Stealth app.
  • Other individual location.
  • Provides full security.
  • If you tell them the other individual can’t know your monitoring.
  • Based on how much data you need, or your use.
  • TheOneSpy

The One Spy also made it possible for you to monitor text messages, record live phone calls, monitor cell phone browsing habits in social media applications, track GPS location monitoring, live screen recording and remote control of target device habits.

  • Provides you with all the important details.
  • Keep track of your person whom your tracking disadvantages.
  • When the person finds out your tracking results in loss of confidence.

How to Track iPhone Free

  • CellTracker

Let’s you check your phones regularly. Position information is not transmitted outside of the system. It’s all in the app itself and there’s not a lot of doubt about privacy issues. It’s having almost no impact on your battery capacity. It’s such a great device to have outstanding info to offer.

  • Access all records.
  • Check call duration.
  • Allows you to see massages on social media applications.
  • Cannot block calls and devices.
  • Unable to filter Internet content.
  • Lack of parental control.
  • MamaBear

Renunciation of one of the parenting applications established by Grom social. It is one of the best all in one parenting application built to guarantee family protection. If you are looking for open source applications, MamaBear can be your preference too.

  • Low price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Track text massages.
  • Social media track records.
  • Do not monitor call information.
  • Not available on all sites.

Best Mobile Tracker Free for iPhone or Android

  • PhoneTracker

The Phone Tracker integrates the iPhone’s efficient GPS capabilities with the internet tracking and new iPhone device functionality.

  • Find another iPhone user.
  • Easy registration method.
  • GPS solutions to minimize battery consumption.
  • See location for just 24 hours.
  • Enables you to find only 2 phones.
  • Update to see movements for 72 hours for more than two users.
  • iSpyTracker

iSpyTracker is such a family GPS tracking tool that can easily record GPS location of your loved ones. You can also restrict the screen time on your kids’ iPhone, and retain parental control over their device to protect them.

  • Verify whatsapp and GPS SMSs.
  • Tracking position often done with this device.
  • Easily show the app’s target position as well as the site.
  • Sometimes crashed.
  • It requires to have an i-key monitor account to monitor GPS location.

The Best iPhone Tracker IMEI Number

Here are a few of the best and exclusive websites where you’ll be able to monitor your iPhone using the IMEI number below.

  • IMEI24
  • iUnlocker
  • iPhoneimei
  • Info
  • Eimei24
  • Doctorunlock
  • Easily monitor your Imei number.
  • Locate your mobile.
  • Provide location.
  • When you need other services you have to take premium packaging.

When a Company offers Free iPhone Tracking Apps and Software for Employees

it can use the iPhone tracking apps for free information to see where workers are spending time while they are on the job. Business mobile monitoring systems have additional features such as the ability to show a warning when an employee travels faster than the registered speed limit which is useful for taxi and delivery companies.

The biggest downside to cell phone surveillance is reduced anonymity. “The location data gathered by mobile operators can provide a highly intrusive insight into the private lives of smartphone users,” Says the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Casual location tracking applications such as the “Find My Friends” iPhone application can be deactivated for this reason. Telecommunications companies and emergency services are however eligible to track details.

You may not know that, but you are already engaged in a non-invasive human monitoring system, whether you own a GPS or a GPS-capable smartphone. A GPS uses a satellite to assess where you are, and then gives recommendations for personal navigation. A GPS is an effective way to track your movements and ensure you get to your destination quickly if you’re lost or trying to find a spot. Free iPhone Tracking apps where a suspect was when a crime was committed could help police make arrests quicker and the false charges could be felt.

Tracking technologies, such as radio frequency identification (RFID), can enable law enforcement to identify repeat offenders and make it easier for the general public to do so. Losing your iPhone can be a nightmare, particularly if you haven’t recently backed up your personal information, photos, or contact list. It’s possible to track and locate your lost iPhone, but if you don’t already have a third-party tracking app available, you can need access to an iCloud account to find your phone.

The world is cruel, many people are murdered, abducted, killed every hour a day, these are all normal in a few days now. So for us to be safe and keep our families, friends safe, it is really important. To keep an eye on our family friends and check out where they are and what they are doing with these apps, we need the free tracking devices iPhone or apps to find the location of our family friends and check out the messages and social activity there to make them safe. We can also connect with our family members, our teachers, and share our live locations.

Spyzie is a flexible mobile web-based monitoring platform that allows end-parent users to monitor their children or business owners to control their staff. When used to monitor an iPhone or iPad, it is not compulsory to instal any program on the target iOS device but it requires iCloud passwords and two-factor code.

All of your mobile phone, desktop PC, or laptop can access the monitored data remotely as long as they are linked to the Internet. It’s the best monitoring website where you can quickly locate your family members and love one’s location.


Throughout this age of technology, these free iPhone tracking apps systems have made people live simpler by providing full access to tracking your cell phone and other electronic devices, it’s a big deal because with such an application you’re able to know the exact location of your phone if you’ve misplaced it with these systems, you can manage the privacy of your company and your employees and make them your own.

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