How to Free Straight Talk Service Hack

Straight Talk is a telecommunication company owned by TracFone that is known for being one of the cheapest service providers in the United States with cell phone plans starting as low as $30. This company does not have its own cell towers so it offers no-contract unlimited and limited cell phone plans on major networks like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.

Straight Talk Wireless offers very affordable deals under no contracts, but these pros come at a price of reduced data speeds and zero family plans.

You can buy a discounted phone from Straight Talk, use Straight Talk on a phone that’s on any of the major networks, or you can also use your own devices through the Bring Your Own Phone option as long as the cell phone is not locked on a non compatible carrier. With Straight Talk, there is a plan for everyone and you can subscribe to any cell phone plan that best suits your needs.

Straight Talk offers a multitude of cell phone plans that support mobile hotspot connectivity, up to 100GB of cloud storage, international calls and texts, unlimited data plans, and other available add-ons. All Straight Talk cell phone plans can be purchased through the online platform or from Straight Talk’s retail partner, Walmart.

Hackers break into cell phone company’s systems to grant themselves free airtime, data and other services. It takes a lot of effort to hack these companies, but people have found a way to do so by developing USSD codes that will assist them in getting free data or airtime at no charges.

This article will explain the ways that you can access the different hacks that will help you get data, airtime and other services free of charge.

How to Hack Straight Talk Service for Free Using Codes

The most common method hackers have developed to gain free access to Straight Talk Wireless services is through used codes or promo codes that will either give customers additional top-up or unlimited data and airtime services. Some of these codes have expiration and validity periods, and others do not last long because Straight Talk shuts them down when they find out about them.

There are also codes called “15 Digit Pins” that allows you to add “5 Digit Promo Codes” to the end of the TracFone Pin to get free Straight Talk service hack. A simple Google search can get you access to these free codes.

There are also promo codes that are usually obtained from Straight Talk or some other companies. These coupons usually offer discount deals or free services to the subscribers when they are redeemed. You can get available codes by joining the Straight Talk Wireless rewards program. You can easily do that by texting “REWARDS” to “611611“.

By inviting a friend to Straight Talk, you get to receive bonus points by sending your unique referral code. Members of the referral program can get free codes by texting “REFER” to “611611“. You are allowed to refer up to 5 people per month to be awarded points, and you are not allowed to refer yourself.

How to Hack Straight Talk Service for Free Through Code Generators

There are various sites and softwares that gives you the chance to generate free Straight Talk codes that will give you access to free services like airtime, talk minutes or data. A lot of these sites are legit and actually do what they advertise but some are scams or clickbait.

It is important to separate the legit sites from the bad ones in order to avoid making your devices vulnerable to malware or viruses. The legit code generators are usually fast, easy to use, straightforward, require no verification, and offer different varieties. However, some sites might require you to do some survey before releasing the codes.

Example of these Straight Talk code generators include:

  • Straighttalkcodes
  • Freestraighttalk
  • Straighttalk reloadcodes

All these generators usually work based on the same principle, which involves a generator engine that will raffle the codes randomly when you prompt it. To use a code generator, you visit the website and select the value of the “Straight Talk Card” and click on “Generate”. You can then copy the generated code from there. You can redeem the code by heading to Straight Talk official website and accessing your account by logging in.

You should then click on the “Activate/Reactivate” tab and select an option called “Activate My Straight Talk Service”. Input the code you had previously generated into the bar and redeem it. If the code is legit, you will be able to top-up your Straight Talk account at no charge.

How to Hack Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Service for Free

Straight Talk has some really good data-only plans available for purchase and a lot of customers appreciate the affordability of these plans. However, only a few Straight Talk plans support mobile hotspot connectivity and you need to check if your cell phone is “Eligible” for Straight Talk “Tethering” by sending a “Text Message” to “611611”. There is a mobile hotspot hack that allows you access to connectivity on all Straight Talk data plans and this article will guide you through the process.

To get this service, visit the Straight Talk official website at and tap on “Activate/Reactivate” from the menu tab. Click on “Activate my Direct Call Service” option and “Continue”. Input your hotspot serial number into the “Serial number / MEID / DEC” box. You will also be asked to provide the postal code of the location you will be connecting from. Before you continue, you need to have a 1GB Straight Talk $15 data card to use the hotspot.

Input the data card pins into the “Service Pins” box. You should then login to your Straight Talk account and the mobile hotspot service will then be activated.

You can then set up your device to start using Straight Talk hotspot tethering by turning on the WiFi and locating the hotspot network with the last three digits of the “U.M.X.$” and hotspot serial numbers on your computer or tablet.

Now, launch your web browser after connection has been established with the hotspot and enter “” in the web browser’s search bar.

The browser will prompt you to provide your username and password to continue. Here, you should input default information with “admin” as username and the “Last Three Digits of the Hotspot Serial Number” as password with 12$ before the digit.

The activation process will take a few minutes or less and you will get a pop up message with the text “Instalation complete”.

You should note that the method described above is not an official method but it will still get you access to Straight Talk mobile hotspot and you can save your money because of that.


Straight Talk Wireless services are notoriously affordable and pride themselves on providing high quality internet and cell connections to subscribers under no contracts. This feature is very useful as it will give subscribers the freedom to activate or cancel their plans any time they want under no conditions. Straight Talk Wireless plans are cheap and easily accessible but they might be reasons that will urge a person to resort to getting free codes or hack solutions in order to top up their account.

These codes change regularly and can be found in a number of websites or softwares through a simple Google search. These codes, if legit, can provide you with Straight Talk services at no charge or at discounted prices through promo coupons. You can also generate free codes from websites that giveaway random top up codes to its site visitors. It is important to be cautious about going into random sites in search of codes to avoid making your devices vulnerable to external malware and viruses.

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