How to Block Spam Calls on iPhone

Quick Summary: Avoid unwanted calls on iPhone

In the Phone app , do any of the following.

  • Tap Favorites, Recents, or Voicemail. Tap the More Info button next to the number or contact you want to block, scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.
  • Tap Contacts, tap the contact you want to block, scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.

To say that spam calls are very annoying is an understatement. Not only can it waste a lot of time, but it can also make you prone to scams and fraudulent offers. Either way, it’s something that you don’t really want to get on your iPhone or any other mobile phone at that. The problem is it can be hard to deal with spam calls since there are very few ways to detect them.

It also takes effort to block each number. Fortunately, the technology that we have now has made it possible to block spam calls on iPhone easily. It’s still not that advanced to totally prevent them, but there are tools and features that can greatly help in reducing the volume of unnecessary calls that one can receive.

That said, this article will walk you through the easiest methods how to block spam calls on iPhone.

How to Manually Block Spam Calls Numbers Through iPhone Settings

The first method on our list involves manually blocking numbers using your local iPhone settings. This is basically learning how to block unknown number, so if you already know how to do this, you’re one step closer to reducing the spam calls you’re receiving.

On the flip side, for those who don’t know the ropes in blocking numbers, here are the steps that you can refer to:

  • Open the Phone App. You will usually find this at the bottom of your home screen. It comes in a white telephone icon on a green background.
  • On the Phone App, tap the “Recents” tab. This will show you all the new recent calls that you made and received.
  • Tap the “i” button beside the phone number that was used for the spam call.
  • This will open a new menu. Find “Block This Caller” to successfully block the number for calling you again.

You can always unblock the numbers anytime you want if you think that there’s a problem, so don’t worry, and just head on to blocking whoever was sending you spam calls.

How to Block Spam Calls on iPhone Use the “Silence Unknown Callers” Feature

If your iPhone runs on iOS 13 and above, you can access a feature called “Silence Unknown Callers.” Turning this on will prohibit any unknown phone number from contacting you. This applies to all numbers that you don’t have a conversation history with or those that aren’t saved in your phone book.

To enable this feature, below are the steps you need to take:

  • Go to the “Settings App” on your iPhone.
  • Tap “Phone” under the Settings menu.
  • From the Phone menu, find “Silence Unknown Callers” and turn it on.

You will still be able to get the messages from the unknown numbers that will call you. Just won’t receive a ringing notification, unlike regular ones. You can find them in your voicemails and recent calls.

How to Block Spam Calls on iPhone Use Third-Party Blockers Tools

The third (and probably the most effective) method that you can turn to refers to third-party spam call blockers. These are tools dedicated especially to helping mobile phone owners in staying away from unnecessary calls.

Below are some of the best ones that you should consider using:

1. Robo Shield

Robo Shield is popular for providing a high level of privacy to its users. It enhances phone security by offering a spam call blocking feature. This is a paid platform, but it’s definitely worth it, considering that you will get other security-focused tools like automatic call filters, reverse phone lookup, automatic blocking, and caller ID displays.

What makes Robo Shield good is even if it comes with a lot of helpful features, you can still expect it to have an excellent performance in stopping spam calls from entering your phone. This means that you can say goodbye to wasting time on unsolicited calls and be able just to check your voicemail whenever you want.

2. AT&T Call Protect

For iPhone users who are using the AT&T network, you should highly check out AT&T Call Protect. This is a straightforward call-blocking tool that can either be free or paid. The free version is basic, but it’s still a good platform if your sole goal is to stop receiving spam calls on your iPhone. You will like this since this shows warning messages if the system detects a nuisance call.

On the other hand, if you want more advanced tools, then the paid AT&T plan will be the better choice. This comes with caller ID displays, custom controls, a personal blocklist, and more.

3. Hiya

If you liked the offers of AT&T Call Protect but you’re not using the said network, then you should definitely give Hiya a look. The latter is the same network that powers the former. This is also one of the biggest and most popular call blocking platforms internationally. Currently, this software is used by big brands, such as Samsung and T-Mobile.

In a nutshell, Hiya offers features like spam call detection, reverse phone lookups, caller ID displays, automatic call blocking, and a lot more. The best thing about it? There’s a free plan involving all the basic and advanced features that you’ll need to keep your phone number private.

4. TrueCaller

For those that are decided on sticking to a free spam call blocking platform, TrueCaller is one of your best choices around. This is one of the most used and trusted apps when it comes to the said function because it does its job well, even without charging extra fees. For an overview, some of the features that you will get aside from call blocking are caller ID displays, profile creation, extensive call history, contact requests, and so much more.

Of course, this still comes in an optional premium plan. The paid version will give you access to profile views, call recording, and incognito mode. Still, if you don’t have other goals in mind, you will already get the results you’re aiming for using the free plan.

5. RoboKiller

The last on our list is RoboKiller. Again, this acts as a spam call blocking tool. However, this is a little unique. The platform is reserved for those who want to have a little fun with these spam callers. It will not just block the spam call. Rather, it will redirect the caller to another network where a robot is programmed to answer the call. By using this, instead of wasting time on spam callers, they will waste their time on you (or the robot that will respond to the call for you).

How to Sign Up for the “Do Not Call” List

The US has a thing called a “Do Not Call” list for each region and state in the country. Signing up for this will enter your phone number in the restricted database, alongside other people’s phone numbers who don’t want to receive unsolicited calls. Note, though, that despite being a federal-based list, this alone is not effective in keeping spammers away from your caller ID.

There are still some telemarketers that don’t take the time to check if you’re in there or not, so you might as well use a third-party spam blocker platform to be sure.


If you’re looking for easy and effective ways how to block spam calls on iPhone, then you came to the right place. The methods we talked about in the earlier sections are proven to stop spam calls from getting received on your end. There are just a few things that you need to know just so we can set your expectations. First, the tools and features above will only prevent the certain number you blocked from calling you again.

This means that the settings won’t apply the new phone numbers that the spam caller may create in the future. Another thing, you can’t stop spam calls totally. The only thing that you can do is reduce them and make the calls as rare as possible. Keep this in mind when using spam blocker tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more things that may help you learn more about spam calls and blocking them on iPhones:

What is Considered Spam Calls?

Spam calls usually refer to the unsolicited calls made by telemarketers, sales agents, robocalls, and those with fraudulent agendas like phishing, scams, malware, and more. These are usually received in large volumes continuously for a long time unless controlled by the owner.

Can you Completely Get Rid of Spam Calls on your iPhone?

Spam calls cover a wide range of industries. Because of this, it can be hard to completely get rid of it. Even the best spam blocker won’t be able to catch each and every spam call that will come into your network. Hence, the only thing that you can expect is a significantly reduced level of spam calls.

Are Third-party Spam Call Blockers Really Effective?

Third-party spam call blockers can be effective. It will really depend on the specific platform you’re using. The ones we talked about in the previous sections, however, are guaranteed to be effective. You may, however, want to consider availing of their premium plans if you want to access more advanced features.