How to Unlock a Phone When you Forgot your Password

Are you having a bad day after forgetting your password, pattern, pin, or passcode and wondering how you can unlock your phone? You don’t need to worry; we all forget our phone’s password or pattern. Securing our phones and keeping our data private using passwords or patterns is essential. But forgetting it becomes one of the nightmares and a headache trying to remember. We are all used to our phones to perform various tasks, from checking on our friends, getting the latest updates, and managing our work.

You will feel you are in the dark without accessing your phone. You don’t have to worry much if you can’t recall your password or pattern. There are various ways to unlock your phone without a password or pattern.

Are you Sure you Forgot It

Before diving into the whole process of trying to unlock your phone, you should consider checking again. Are you sure you forgot it? If the answer is yes, try and exhaust various passwords, you can remember. Consider remembering whether you recently changed your password or pattern. We usually set our passwords using the names of our favorite stuff or our names, phone numbers, and specific unique numbers we can remember. Try all the guesses before deciding to try unlocking your phone. Depending on the phone or screen lock options, it might be a longer exercise.

What can I do if I Forget my Screen Lock PIN, Pattern or Password

You could try to do various things if you forgot your screen lock pattern, password, or pin. Before considering other options to unlock your phone, try to remember the most likely password, pattern, or pin you could have used. Make a few guesses as you try to unlock your phone. We have that password, pattern, or pin we have repeated a couple of times on almost all devices we have owned, time to try it. Remember if you recently changed your password or pattern. Double-check if your phone is asking for a password or pin. If all fails, it is time to try a couple of methods to bypass your phone’s password or pattern through the following ways.

How to Unlock a Phone When you Forgot Your Password

1. Using Google Account

It is one of the simplest methods to use if you had previously linked your phone with your Google account. Use the following steps to unlock your phone using your Google account.

  • Start by making several attempts by either keying in your PIN, Pattern or Password.
  • Make several attempts until it displays forgot password.
  • Tap on Forgot password option and follow the directions given.
  • Input your Google account details and click next.
  • Enter your password and click on sign in to continue.
  • Follow the instructions given on how to reset a new password or pattern.

2. Using Standard Mode

Standard mode is an Android Unlock software you install on your computer and use to unlock your phone. Follow the following steps to unlock your Android device:

  • Download and install Android Unlock on your personal computer.
  • Launch Android Unlock and select the option of screen unlock.
  • Using a USD data cable, link your phone to your computer.
  • On your computer, tap on Unlock Android screen and proceed to input your phone’s brand, model, and name.
  • Switch off your phone and simultaneously press the power and volume up buttons.
  • Select the option of download mode using either button of the volume and press enter.
  • After downloading the recovery package, you can remove your screen lock.

3. Using Factory Reset

It should be the last choice to consider if all others fail. Using a factory reset will delete all the data from your phone. But if you have no other choice, you can use this method. It is important to remember that this method may vary depending on your phone’s brand. But for most phones, use the following steps:

  • Start by switching off your phone.
  • Press the power and volume up buttons for at least 10 seconds or until a menu appears on your screen.
  • Scroll to the option of factory reset using the volume keys.
  • Press the power button to start the factory reset.
  • Your phone will lose all its files and settings. Follow the instructions given to start up your phone.

4. Using Android Device Manager

If you had previously enabled Android Device Manager, follow the following steps to unlock your phone:

  • On another phone or computer, visit Google/android/device manager.
  • Input your Google account details to sign in.
  • Search for the android device manager option.
  • Select the lock option; create a new password that you will use to unlock your phone.
  • A confirmation icon will pop up; tap on the lock option to lock your device.
  • Enter the newly created password on your locked phone.

5. Using Backup Pin

Your phone might have requested you to set a backup pin when setting your password, pattern, or pin. If you had set one and luckily recall it, it is time to use it. Use the following steps to unlock your phone using the backup pin:

  • Make several attempts keying in your password, pin, or inputting your pattern until you see the Forgot Password option.
  • Tap on the forgot password icon.
  • Select the option to use your backup pin.
  • After keying in your backup pin, your phone will be ready for use. Remember to set up a new password or pattern.


To Conclusion, it is usual to forget your phone’s pattern, PIN or password; most people do, and you don’t have to worry about it. Suppose you can’t remember after several attempts; try to figure out the best and most straightforward method to unlock your phone. I hope the above methods were of great help.

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