How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Free

Virtual Phone Number Free Apps have changed the very idea of how a phone number is being used in the past. The idea behind the Free Virtual Phone Number is unique and wonderful. This is because it satisfies a side of human need. It works everywhere and anytime provided there is an internet connection. With a virtual phone number, you will be able to forward incoming calls to a series of phones at the same time as well as manage client communications efficiently and diplomatically/manner.

It is important to state that the number is real but it is unlike others. A virtual phone number is a number that is not bond to a specific phone line. It is independent of any physical device. Thus, it is everywhere you go. Calls made to phone numbers could only be sent to a specific destination. It is important to state; virtual phone number helps remove physical limitations that once existed in the race of human existence.

It is imperative to note that the virtual phone number is a very powerful tool that can help to communicate effortlessly with your clients as a businessmen/woman. As an entrepreneur, you need good and stable communication skills that will help you to navigate the minds of your actual and potential clients.

It is imperative to state that virtual phone number cause a progressive change in the universe, this change brought about the revaluation of the old value. Recall that there was a time when only you can make or receive a work call is simply by coming to the office, perhaps, you can choose to make such calls with your phone number which might not be healthy, however, virtual phone number app/software turned everything around.

You can now stay at home, make and receive calls, and send texts message with your phone number, yet the line will show office phone number, just because virtual phone number made it happened with the help of technology.

What is a Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number is a number that is not bound to a specific phone line. It is independent of any physical device. Thus, it is everywhere you go. Calls made to phone numbers could only be sent to a specific destination.

It is important to state; virtual phone number helps remove physical limitations that once existed in the race of human existence. It is imperative to note that the virtual phone number is a very powerful tool that can help to communicate effortlessly with your clients as a businessman/woman.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for free

  • Open the browser and with the network provided, then type the name of the site to display where to sign up.
  • Sign up by filling the boxes appropriately to create an account.
  • After the opening, choose the number like from the options and choose a country’s code, and submit.
  • The virtual phone number then display, copy and save it.
  • You are good to go.

Top 9 Best Virtual Phone Number for Free

1. Google Voice

Google voice is an internet-based service and a sensitive calling App that can be used on a special device. It is compatible with iOS smartphones and Android with the help of the internet server connected to the device. This specific App/Software help one make and receive calls, texts, and use call forwarding (use it to forward calls from one number to another) free of charge.

  • It can assign all devices under one single phone number
  • It is free and very affordable to use
  • With existing service(s) it can easily integrate
  • It is not reliable and it is limited
  • It has limited call flows

2. FreedomPop

It is an internet-based service used with devices like the iPhone and Samsung and performs better over Wi-Fi. For some plans FreedomPop free while some plans you will have to pay, however, of course at a very low cost. When your data usage goes beyond the definite limit you will be automatically charged.

  • It has a good user interface
  • It has a lower functionality

3. TextMe

TextNow is a service that allows all users to send text and make calls on any number in Canada & the USA. It provides the user with a unique and real phone numbers which can be to navigate its area on any mobile smartphone, tablet, laptop with a functional internet connection.

  • It can be signup easily
  • It can send large data
  • Its usually crash

4. TextPlus

TextPlus is equally an internet-based device to allows for making calls, sending the text, etc. Besides the mobile phone, with a functional Wi-Fi enabled device, calls can be made and texts can also be sent. It has so many free packages that the users. All voicemail and incoming calls are always free. US and Canada are the places where it is available.

  • It is a wonderful messaging service provider
  • It has a low Frequent Ad featured

5. YouMail

It is one of the Apps that provide services to the masses, it can serve as your second phone number with some basic features. You are at liberty to choose your phone number and as well enjoy its features. It is a private site that won’t let out your information Need to doubt because the privacy of its users is secured. All missed calls are forwarded from all your devices to YouMail.

  • Call filtration is Automatic
  • It has an enhanced Voice feature
  • It does not support Google Fi

6. Nextiva

Nextiva is a service provider option for businesses of any size seeking to improve their customer service. It would help to create a strong bond that will bring about strengthened communication within every member which in turn would lead to progress and expansion. Nextiva provides services that help to enhance businesses of any size to improve their customer service.

Also, their phone solutions help to strengthen communication within the office and switch to a unified platform. Nextiva ensures the provision of services to businesses of all sizes to strengthen their customer service.

  • It has unlimited calls service and flexible to use
  • The pricing is the affordable pricing
  • The Pricing per extension is high
  • It lacks Consistency in support
  • Sending faxes to international numbers are difficulty

7. MegaPath

MegaPath is an internet-based service provider that offers internet services; network security options and phone bundles for both small and big companies that want everything from a single provider. They’re leaders in on-premises business phone system solutions. Megapath contributes a lot to offices’ high-tech devices, as well as giving employees and friends including family members access to their cloud phone systems.

  • No contracts and a 30-day guarantee
  • Unlimited national calling
  • Some features attract extra charges
  • It is slow in operation

8. RingCentral

RingCentral is an expert and a virtual phone system that enhances businesses’ growth, be it small offices, and home-based companies that have taken the market by storm. It has to do with the principle of the cost-effective package that comprises office phones, mobile services, and fax machines that offer a cloud-based platform for making calls and receiving calls in an automated and free-styled way. RingCentral is a smart communication service provider that help individual and group achieve their goal.

  • The user friendly and easier for beginners to learn
  • It keeps your users connected to clients wherever you are
  • It is very high to afford the premium

9. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a cloud-hosted call center. It helps to record calls and routed to the right agents. Because Agents are assigned to respond with answers that are more critical and contextual thanks to in-place editing and smart notifications used by the smart collaboration system of Freshcaller. It proves all the ability to access various information that is reliable and enables all operating systems and devices as a cloud-hosted.

  • It has good features
  • It’s reliable
  • It is easy to use and set up call-flow
  • The interface usual malfunction

If you Choose to Call Clients and Customers with your Phone

It will display your business line; only a registered member can experience it. It does not cost you anything to have a virtual phone number, it could cost you little or nothing. In this way, your phone number remains private. It helps you to keep off your workplace when you need rest without clients knowing you are not in the office except otherwise.

It will interest you to know that the virtual phone can be used in categories of sectors. Can be used for business purpose, so many companies in the past spent a huge amount of money just to get lines in other to communicate with their staff effectively, with the presence of free virtual phone number, companies need not pay huge amount of money to get their desired communication channel(s).

As a businessman/woman, having a virtual number will aid the growth of business and will enhance your control and flexibility with how you receive calls, send texts, and making calls. Individuals are not equally left behind, whether a foreigner, a local man, a migrant, and travelers have equal opportunity to own a virtual phone number.

A virtual phone system can always help to connect and collaborate with friends and family, the global team as well as actual and potential clients in any corner of the world. Free Virtual mobile numbers are not like other networks with sim cards you need to insert for it to function, they aren’t attached to any physical device to make and receive phone calls, but an invincible device.

With a virtual mobile number, you can make and receive calls using mobile devices like phones, tablets, computers with an internet connection. A virtual phone number is not the same as others that require a sim for its actual functionality, it is a cloud-based technological device that aids the mode of receiving and making calls.

It gives its users the liberty of not sharing personal contact numbers with anyone. Virtual phone number apps are accessible, they can be gotten from stores that can be downloaded on a computer or a mobile. Free virtual phone number apps have changed the mode of things, it led the realm of virtual phone number and enter the realm of a free virtual phone number.

Can I Use a Virtual Number for WhatsApp

Yes, you can. Below is the guide:

  • Open the WhatsApp application and configure the virtual phone number.
  • Make the virtual phone is Active and redirects to a sim card number for an incoming call/message.
  • Choose between the option provided you on the screen.
  • After deciding how you want the code; wait for it you will receive it shortly.
  • Take note of the code you received whether through call or text.
  • Fill in the code as you received inside space and press the send button.
  • Then, you can start enjoying a virtual phone number through WhatsApp.

Get a Virtual Phone Free

Ensure to get yours, it will do you good and you will enjoy it.


Free Virtual Phone Number Apps have metamorphosed the very idea of how a phone number is being used in this era. Phone numbers acquisition has taken a different twist and has added a new dimension of how it is being used today. It is important to state that when a person got a call, something must come to mind like a question; from which part of the world the call was being made, as the country code of the caller is not the same as the usual number.

But with the advancements in cloud-based technologies, there is a rapid change in the use of a phone number. Virtual phone numbers serve as an instrument that allows a business to extend beyond borders. It is imperative to assert that the impact and benefits of virtual phone numbers cannot be overemphasised. It has helped so many people to connect to family and friends when they had no money to buy airtime. A virtual phone number is a lifetime opportunity we need to embrace and appreciate as an individual and as a group.

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